How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2017 – With WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone.

– In this video I'm going to be showing you how to make an Amazon affiliate website using WordPress and ? The site we're gonna be building looks just like this

And I'm gonna take you through absolutely everything step by step from setting up the hosting through to installing WordPress, adding products and basically ending up with a fantastic looking website As you can see I've created a site all around boots, but you can do it in which ever market you like The site is really easy to customise, so don't worry too much about the colour scheme that I've chosen You'll be able to use your own logo, you're own colours and whatever else you like So let's roll the tape

(flowing winds and light piano music) (relaxing piano tune) Hello it's Alex here from WPEagle Thanks for watching So yeah, as I said we're gonna be creating an Amazon affiliate website today in this video This video is actually a remake of a previous video I did a while back now over a year, maybe even longer So I wanted to update the video to use the latest software and procedures, go through anything that's changed

Don't worry if you haven't seen the previous video, it's not important So before I go much further let me just explain what being an Amazon affiliate is When you sign up as an Amazon affiliate you'll then be able to promote Amazon products And when someone clicks on one of your links and goes through to Amazon and makes a purchase, you earn a commission And that can be up to 10% of the order value

So today the site we're going to be making allows you to bring down whichever products you'd like It's got a blog so you can add content about the products that you're gonna be sharing and it's really easy to set up and manage Great thing about the software we're using today is that it will keep your site up to date It syncs with Amazon every night to make sure that all the prices, descriptions and all that other stuff is up to date and correct Now before we get started with building the site I want to take you through a few important things

First thing you're gonna want to think about is what sort of products you're gonna be promoting on your website I've got a video on that in terms of how to choose a niche I will put links to all the things that I talk about in the description below So be sure to check that out If you have already a niche and sort of products you're gonna be promoting great, let's carry on

The next point I want to stress is that it is not good enough just to create a site and add some products and hope that that's gonna get some traffic and generate some sales It may do, but to really get a site that's really gonna fly and earn you some good income, you're gonna need to create some content Now when I say content I'm talking about blog posts, articles, videos, images, basically all sorts of stuff that you can add to your site to add some value around the products So it might be reviews, it might be top 10 lists of products You'll think of some great ideas but the best affiliate marketing sites are ones that add some good value through the content they produce

Again please do check out my channel and my Amazon affiliate playlists for videos and ideas on how you can do that The third thing I want to talk about is the money How much money can someone make with an Amazon affiliate website? Well it really depends on how much time and effort you've got to put into it I've spoken to lots of my viewers who have created Amazon affiliate websites and some have had great success I'm talking earning hundreds if not thousands per month from their site

And I've also spoke to a lot of other people that are just earning $10, $20, $30, $40 per month from their site and they're more than happy with that That kind of pays their beer tab and that's enough A lot of things are gonna effect how much money you're gonna make and that's gonna be down to the niche you choose and how much content you produce and the value of the products you're promoting I regularly put together some videos on the success stories that I hear about I've got another one that I'm just currently recording and editing that should be out very, very soon

And again I will make sure that that's linked too in the description and if not wire a card or something so you can find that But yeah, be sure to check out the channel for the success stories videos to find out the kind of sites other people have made and how much money they're earning, traffic and all that other exciting information that I'm sure that you want to know While I'm talking about money let's go through the money that you're gonna need to invest today to be able to get this up and running I'd love to be able to tell you, you can set it up for free And that there's not gonna be any investment involved to create this site, but unfortunately that's not the case

However I have tried to choose some products and services that are a great value and don't cost a lot of money So the only investment you're gonna need today is gonna be just a few dollars And like any business, you know, it does need a little investment just to get it going So let's go through those numbers now so that we can be clear how much money you're gonna need to spend today First thing you're gonna need is a domain name

Now a domain name is a com a net, a couk, a dot whatever

If you've already got one of them that's great If you don't already have one of them, then I know that you can pick them up for around $10 a year, something like that, maybe $12 I think with HostGator So not a huge investment and it does need renewing every year, but for the year, the first year I say you're not gonna be spending any more than around $12, $13 That's the first thing you're gonna need and that's the domain name The next thing you're gonna need is hosting

Now hosting is where your website lives on the internet But actually you hire a little bit of server space And a company will keep your website up and running and make it available to everyone on the internet So that's obviously quite essential Now today I'm gonna be recommending my favourite host, they're called HostGator

And I've got a voucher as well that I can give you to make sure that that cost is not too great So depending on which package you go for obviously the price does vary, but I've got a deal today for the first month that will get you the hosting for just a penny But in general you're not gonna be looking at any more than around $60, $70 a year The next thing you're gonna need is the theme And the theme is basically what gives the website it's look and feel

The cost for that is $33 And for that you get the quality theme, you get support and you get updates Well it's an essential theme because that's what I use in this video It works very well with the plugin and it's a one time investment and then you've got it And the final thing you're gonna need is the plugin and the plugin basically you instal it into WordPress and that then pulls down all your Amazon products, does all your affiliate link tracking

And does all the heavy lifting basically to help you set up the site really quickly and easily, as well as manage it on an ongoing basis As I mentioned it does the syncing and all that sort of stuff to make sure that your website's up to date And the cost for that plugin is just $42 So I've put up there hopefully (chuckles) all the things you need Not a huge amount of money just a little investment to get this up and running

The main investment you're gonna need is a bit of time to obviously learn this stuff and do this stuff But hopefully once you've put that investment in you will start to get something back in the way of affiliate commissions Now for those of you who have watched my videos before you'll know that I tend to leave stuff in a video, if bits go wrong or stuff doesn't quite go to plan Because I found that when you guys are doing your website set ups, you'll find that stuff doesn't always go to plan and it doesn't quite work So I leave all that stuff in the video so that you can see exactly how I fix those problems, my approach to it and all that sort of stuff

Hope you don't mind I've have some good feedback that people do like that If you find that I'm doing stuff and maybe it's gone a little bit haywire that's because I want to show you how to fix that And I hope you enjoy that That's the way that I edit my videos Of course if you do get stuck I would love to help you out

So if you get any questions or you get stuck, then please just leave a comment below or send me an email or whatever, Twitter Get in touch with me somehow and I'll do my best to help you out I will stress though that I do get quite a lot of emails nowadays and comments And I still do try and reply to all of them So there may be a little bit of a delay on that

But I'll try to get to your question as quickly as I possible can Anyway I think I've been talking long enough and I think that you've been looking at my face long enough Let's get on the computer and let's get this website set up The first thing that we're gonna do is set up our hosting and so add the domain name and all that sort of thing Let's get started

The first thing we're gonna do today is set up our web hosting So your web hosting is where your website lives You basically hire a little bit of a server off a company and they basically make sure your website's always available and they do all the technical side of stuff All you've got to do is pay them every month and you'll be fine My preferred host is HostGator who I'm gonna be recommending today

The reason why I like HostGator especially for people that are just starting out with a new website is their pricing They start at just $395 a month And for that you get your web hosting, you get a 999% uptime guarantee so that you know your website's always going to be available

You get a 45 day money back guarantee So if for whatever reason you change your mind and you decide you don't want a website anymore or you don't want to use HostGator anymore for whatever reason, then you can easily get your money back The technical support is 24/7, 365 And I found it very good They have a live chat system so you can just do it from your computer

Or you can phone them if you prefer, but yeah I like the live chat it works really well They've always helped me out with any problems that I've had Not that I've had any to be fair most the time I can just get on, set up my hosting and not need to speak to anyone Which is always good Now today I've got a voucher for you that you can use with HostGator

It's gonna give you a discount So we're gonna be able to shave some more of the already very low prices So let's get started and sign up So I'm gonna go into web hosting up here Now they offer a number of different hosting packages

You've got your web hosting, your cloud hosting, your WordPress hosting and all these other bits and bobs You just need the basic web hosting Don't worry about the WordPress hosting although we are gonna be running WordPress You can actually run WordPress on their standard web hosting just fine There's no need to pay extra for the WordPress hosting, in fact you have more control if you do it on the simple web hosting one

So that's what we'll go for Now within there they've got three different plans They've got the Hatchling Plan, the Baby Plan and the Business Plan Now, depending on what ambitions you've got for your website is gonna determine which of these plans is best for you Generally if this is just your first website and you're just kind of dipping your toe in the water the Hatchling Plan is gonna be fine for you, it's just a single to main, so that's just one website

And everything else that you need If you're thinking that maybe you're gonna create this site and then you're gonna go on to create other sites, then the Baby Plan or the Business Plan may be a better choice for you As you can have unlimited domains on those So yeah, it's a good one if you're gonna have multiple websites Of course you can upgrade, downgrade at any point so don't worry if you, you're not 100% sure which one you need

You can always change your mind later So let's go for the Hatchling Plan I'm gonna click sign up now So here's the sign up form And the first question is about the domain name

So a domain name is your com or your couk or your net,

org, dot whatever If you already own a domain name that's fine Maybe you've already registered one with GoDaddy If you haven't, this is where you're gonna need to register a new domain So just start typing whatever you like in there

So I don't know, obviously it depends on the website you're gonna be creating You put some words in there and then HostGator will go off and see if the domain is available Let me show you what that looks like So this is a test domain And then if I wanted that

com Oh, unfortunately that one is unavailable So I would have to either change the extension Dot online is fine, but whatever you like, tech

There's loads of domains Or you can just change the words here, you know maybe add some letters, country whatever Again it would go off and see if that one's available So yeah, choose a domain you like And then just make sure the box is ticked

You're probably only gonna need the one domain It's gonna obviously try to sell you all these other domains I don't think that's necessary in this case Now for those of you that already own a domain You've already registered one previously as I said at GoDaddy or Namecheap or something like that, you need to click this tab here, which is the I already own this domain

And then you need to enter your domain name in here, which is what I'm gonna do because I already own the domain that we're using today which is bootboutiquecouk So that's added And again it's gonna try and sell me some other domain names which I'll leave for now

So let's scroll down and here we get to choose our package type So we've already gone for the Hatchling which is fine, let's just keep it at that And then we get to choose the billing cycle Now when it comes to billing cycle if you can afford to go for 12 months right now you will get a great discount as you can see here The price goes from $10

95 a month down to $595 a month which is quite a big saving And if you can afford to commit for even longer, 24 or 36 months then you get an even better price Now obviously you don't know how long you're gonna want your site for Hopefully all being well you'll want it for a good many years

But obviously you don't know What I will say though is that you are gonna need the site for at least three months because it's gonna take you a little while to build a site and then once the site's built you're gonna need to promote it, add content, all that sort of stuff And that can take a little bit of time It also takes a little bit of time for Google to come in and discover your site and to start getting traffic and earning commissions and all that thing So one month is definitely not gonna be enough

Three months maybe just about, six months, yeah, 12 months at least you've got a better price And I find that it kind of adds a little bit of commitment to you If you pay for 12 months it means that you'll keep coming back to your site, you'll work on your site and you'll really put some effort and make it happen You know if you have one month, you know, you haven't really got that commitment and that pressure to kind of (chuckles) work on your site It's entirely up to you whether you want to go for one month, three months, six months or whatever

I would recommend that you go for 12 months because you get a great saving and I'm gonna give you a vouch code in a second which is gonna give you an even better discount But yeah, it's up to you So let's select 12 months In here you'd enter your user name and your PIN number which is the PIN number that you use when you're contacting HostGator for support Down here you enter your billing information

I'm not gonna fill in all this form right now, 'cause that will take too long and bit boring I think you can work out your billing info (chuckles) I'm sure you've filled in a form like this many a time You can then decide whether you want to pay with your credit card or with a PayPal account Section number four is all about additional services, which we don't really need any of these to be fair, so let's just untick that one, and untick that one We can do back ups and security with other things without having to pay HostGator

Do check out my channel for videos on those Let's scroll down So you make sure to untick all those things Here we've got the coupon code which is a very important box So in here if you enter the code Eagle30 you'll get 30% off your entire order

Let me just add that that is an affiliate coupon so if you do use it I will earn a small commission Thanks very much for that It's a great way for kind of saying thank you for these videos and it really encourages me to keep making more videos But it's entirely up to you So obviously make sure you click validate

And as you go you've got to be careful When you enter these coupon codes sometimes, like it has done just now, it will add the hosting add ons again, which I've just unticked So let me just go back up and untick it again You just got to watch out for that, little bit sneaky There we go so that's our discount, all done

Then you want to go through and tick the box and click check out now Now for those guys that have decided that they do want to go for just the one month, which (chuckles) as I said I don't really recommend, but if you have decided that money is tight and you're only gonna go for the one month kind of rolling deal That's fine, I've got a different voucher for you guys If you go for the code EAGLEPENNY and then click validate, make sure again that it's not added any of these additional services, you naughty form You'll see that you get your first month for just one pence, one cents, a penny

(chuckles) So you want to go for that if you're just going for the one month But as I said generally go for a longer term, you'll get a much better deal That's what I've got to say on it, really I'm gonna go and I'm gonna check out now, I'm gonna fill in this form, get my hosting account set up And then we will get on with installing WordPress and getting our website up and running

Okay so I completed the form, made my payment all that sort of thing And it's just setting up my account for me So what's gonna happen now is you will receive an email from HostGator with all your details that you're gonna need to be able to log in and start setting some things up Okay so I received my email, it didn't take too long It came through in just a couple of minutes

It's a very important email it includes all the information that you're gonna need to access your HostGator account and set up your website As you can see it's got a link to the control panel, user name, passwords and other important information Now the next step is just for people that already had a domain registered before starting So I'm talking about you've already got something registered with GoDaddy or Namecheap or Namester or one of those domain registrars If you just registered a domain name with HostGator then you can skip this step

Don't worry it's only gonna take a couple of minutes This is just for the guys that already had a domain name which included myself, so I'm gonna do this right now And I'll go over to GoDaddy who are my domain registrar and what I need to do is update the name servers And this step is pretty much the same across all domain registrars You just need to log in and go into your domains, so I'm gonna manage my domains here

And then you're looking for the name server or DNS settings Sometimes it's called DNS if it's not called name servers So here's my domain Boot Boutique I'm just gonna click it And you can see here we've got the name servers and they're currently set to this which I think is just the GoDaddy default ones

I'm gonna click manage And then I'm gonna go for custom and then click enter custom name servers And then in these two boxes if we go back to the email you'll see we've got our name servers right here So the first on is ns8415 Then I'm just gonna paste that into the first box

Then for the second box if we just go back to the email you'll find the second name server here, ns8416 Your name servers may be different to mine, don't worry about that just copy and paste them in I think I've scheduled quite a few different ones So don't worry if your numbers don't match up to mine Then if we press okay, that will save that

Click save And we're all done Now this could take a few moments to update, so don't worry if you go to your domain name, you're gonna go on to your web browser, type in your domain name and you don't see your HostGator, just give it a little while Sometimes it can take a couple of hours for these changes to be reflected So yeah, don't panic if you can't see anything

If you can't see anything after 24 hours, then maybe do worry a little bit, but generally it'll happen in an hour or two, sometimes only a few minutes And then we'll be ready to carry on setting up our website So I'm gonna close GoDaddy now, don't need that And I'm back to the email, now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna log into the control panel so that we can get WordPress installed and all that sort of stuff So, to access control panel there's a handy link within the email, just give it a click

And then it's asking for a user name and password Again these are within the email Just give it a copy and a paste And let's copy and paste the password, too Now when you're copying and pasting passwords, make sure that you don't kind of get any extra spaces and stuff, I've seen that a number of times where people, they grab the password, maybe a bit like this

You can see there I've selected a bit of space at the beginning If you paste that in it's not gonna work So you've got to make sure that you've got no spaces, just the letters and the numbers and the squiggles and all the rest of the characters and don't grab any of the spaces at the front or the back Let's paste that in here, click log in Okay now we're in

You're gonna get a few pop up ads you don't need any of them, let's just click the cross Now the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna change the password on this 'cause that password I'm never gonna remember that And plus all you guys have seen it so, I need to change it So let's just go up top here, click on my name and go to passwords and security I'm just gonna paste in the old one which I've already got on my clipboard 'cause I just used it and type in my new one

Like that Then I'm just gonna click change your password now That's done Close that, okay so now we're ready to instal WordPress, which is obviously gonna be the platform we're using to create our website today So let's go up and here and click on websites

Again there's more little pop ups, don't worry about them, click the cross Then of course top here we've got our WordPress installer So I'm gonna give that a click Then we can select our domain There's only the one there, Boot Boutique, that's perfect

Leave the directory blank and then just click next In here we give it a title Don't worry you can change this later In here you can get your admin user, this is what you're gonna be using to log into WordPress You give yourself a name

And an email address And we need to click this little box Click instal now Now this gonna take a second, there we go All done, didn't take very long at all

And it says all installed and the user name is the one I've selected and here's the password that we're gonna use to log into WordPress So let me just copy that into my clipboard I'm gonna click on this link here it's gonna take me over to the site And we've got this page which says website coming soon, which is good This is the HostGator sort of coming soon WordPress thing, which means everything's working and the domain name servers and all that sort of business have updated

If you don't see this page it means that your domain hasn't updated and all that sort of stuff, so you just need to wait a little bit longer So I'm gonna go to admin login The log in was wpeagle, the password I've got in my clipboard I just copied it Gonna click log in And there we go, you can save your password in your browser if you like

And now we're ready to start setting up our website So the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna change that password again because I can't remember these funny, long passwords So to do that I'm gonna go up to here in the top right and go edit my profile I'm gonna scroll down and go to generate password Then in here I'm gonna actually type in a password I can remember, I'm gonna click hide just for now

It says it's very weak, it's not particularly weak (chuckles) Click confirm use of weak password and click update profile, so this is the password we're using to log into WordPress which is the one you're gonna be using most of the time You're probably not gonna need to go back in to the HostGator control panel much going forward You're just gonna be doing all your work here in terms with the WordPress log in Which as you can see you can access, if you go to your domain slash wp-admin anytime you've gotta log into this dashboard

Now the next step is actually just a little bit of housekeeping When you instal WordPress with HostGator they add a few extra plugins which we don't actually need A plugin is a bit of software that adds extra functionality to your WordPress site There's loads of them available a lot of them are free, some of them are paid for We're gonna be using some today to create our Amazon affiliate website

But I say we don't really need the ones that are installed by default, so let's go clean them out so we've got a nice clean instal where we know all the plugins are running and we've got nothing that's gonna surprise us So I'm just gonna go into plugins and click installed plugins You see all this stuff this is caused by plugins So we want to get rid of all these funny messages So if I scroll down I'm gonna deactivate the ones I don't want

So I don't want Jetpack And I want you to go away I don't want MOJO Marketplace And I don't want OptinMonster right now In fact the only one I'm gonna keep is Akismet which is quite useful if you start getting blog spam

Which is basically where people are adding comments to your blog, which aren't real, it's kind of handy With that, again we don't need it right now The other ones I'm just gonna tick these boxes And I'm gonna go down to bulk actions here and I'm gonna click delete and then apply And then okay

And they're all gone! So now we've got a nice clean WordPress installation and I'm ready to go You may or may not get this message at the top which is telling me there is an update available for WordPress so it's probably a good idea to do that now The great thing with WordPress is that it does all the updates automatically for you it's a bit like your computer or your phone You don't have to mess around doing it yourself it does it for you so I'm just gonna click update now And simple as that, it's all done

We we're now up to date with the latest version of WordPress, too You'll find all your updates going forward up here You see this little twisty arrow thing that tells us that we got updates Couple of themes here need updating Again we're not gonna be using these, but I'll update them just to clear off those numbers and keep everything nice and tidy

Okay so, if we want to go and have a look at the website, if we go and click visit site Here it is! I mean it doesn't look much right now it's just running the default WordPress blog theme Quite boring, black and white Yawn So what we need to do is instal a new theme

And our WooZone plugin to start adding some affiliate products and all that sort of stuff Now the theme is what gives a WordPress site its look and feel You know all the colours, layout, styling all that sort of stuff So I'll say we'll add a new theme right now so that we can get the look and feel that we want So to add a new theme, first of all we need to go and download it

So I'm gonna head over to ThemeForest which is where we're gonna get the theme from It is a premium theme that we're using today and the reason why I pretty much always use premium themes is because they are of a much higher quality than the free themes And for what we're doing today I don't actually think there's a free theme available So it's gonna take a small investment to get the theme But for that you get support, you get updates and you get a generally a better quality of product than you do if you go for a free one

So the theme we're using today is called Kingdom I'm just gonna type that into search box and it's the first one that comes up I'm gonna put a link on the screen for you now And a card and all that sort of stuff so just click on the video or you'll find the links in the description below this video If you use the links, thank you very much, they are an affiliate link, so I will earn a small commission if you do purchase the theme via my link

Thank you very much The cost of the theme is just $33 So not a huge amount of money I've already purchased it so I'm gonna download it straight away I'm just gonna go back here and click download

You'll need to sign up for ThemeForest and deposit some money What I will say is that you get, let me just show you actually before I download With ThemeForest, which is part of the Envato Market, it's better if you deposit some money rather than just buying straight off, 'cause they kind of add an extra charge, I don't know why And what I will say if you are gonna deposit, you might as well deposit enough to cover this and the plugin, because we're gonna be getting the WooZone plugin from CodeCanyon which is right here As well and they're partners, you can use the funds across any of these sites

There's audio and graphics and PhotoDune and all these sort of stuff And the cost of the plugin as I already mentioned at the beginning of this video, let me just find it The cost of the plugin is $42 so you're gonna need to deposit at least $42 plus $33, which is $75, so yeah make sure you deposit at least $75 That way you'll have enough to cover the plugin and the theme Anyway let's go back and download that theme

So I'll just go back, let me just go back in my browser that'll be easier I'm gonna click download I'm just gonna click save And that's just gonna download now Okay so that's downloaded

Let's have a look at it on the computer So I'm just gonna go pop up the folder where it's downloaded to There it is, now what we need to do is extract this zip file that we just downloaded Within there they'll be a folder, called whatever the version is that you downloaded Right now for me it's version 2

22 But obviously for you guys in the future it may be a higher number Within that folder you'll find some more folders And we're looking for the zipped one, so this one here, theme zipped if we go in here

You'll see there's a kingdomzip And that's what we're gonna be uploading to our website to instal our theme So let's go back to the website And I'm gonna go back to the dashboard

To access the dashboard when you're logged in at any time you can just click up here, click on dashboard And then you're gonna go to appearance and themes And then we're gonna go to add new Then upload theme Then choose a file then if we find the folder we were in

There we go, 222 Then I'm looking for the zipped one, theme zipped there we go, and then kingdomzip

Click open and instal now There we go, that's done let's click activate to make the theme live And there we go Now You got this message at the top popped up saying that we need to instal some plugins to make the theme work correctly, so that's fine

So let's click begin installing plugins There's a whole load there If you go up to the top and click the very first little square that's gonna select all of them And then if we go to the bulk actions select instal and apply, it's gonna instal all of those for us in one go There we go

And they're all done So now if we return back to the plugin installer they're now showing as installed, but not active, or activated even So again let's tick the box at the top, go to bulk actions and select activate then apply There we go, they're all done! The following plugins were activated successfully Perfect

So now if we want to go have a little look at the website and see what's happened, what's changed, if we go back up here to visit site There we go, we can see it's changed, it's starting to look a little bit more like a shop Obviously there's still plenty of work to do But we're making good progress So in the next step we're gonna do is instal the WooZone plugin

Which is the bit of software that allows us to download all our products from Amazon, inserts our affiliate links and all the other good stuff So I'm gonna head over to CodeCanyon Then I'll find the page, it's Amazon affiliate plugin There it is, I'm gonna put a link up on the screen now and a card for you guys Again it's a affiliate link, so thank you very much if you use it

Hopefully you're already over on this site because you just got the theme and you've charged your account with the amount of money that you're gonna need And yeah, you're ready to buy this and download it So as I said a minute ago this one is $42 It's a great plugin, it's essential if you want to create the site 'cause it does all the stuff for you So it downloads the products from Amazon, it adds your affiliate link, it syncs the products overnight to make sure that all the prices and if a product gets removed from Amazon, it removes it from your site

And all that sort of stuff, updates if a product's changed So yeah it's a really great plugin Great value for $42 And not only do you get the plugin you get support from the developer if you get stuck at any point You also get future updates and all the usual stuff you'd expect from a premium product

I've already purchased it so I'm just gonna download it straight away I'm just gonna click download It's taking me to my downloads, let's see if I can find it (chuckles) I bought quite a lot of stuff, ah there we go So it's near the top

So I'm gonna click download all files and documentation Stick it into here again Click save Let's have a look at that zip file All we need to do is again extract it

And there you'll find a folder with the version number very similar to the theme Then within there you'll find a folder called plugin and that woozonezip is what we're gonna be uploading to our website right now So back to the site, back to the dashboard Then we'll go to plugins and add new

And then upload plugin I'm just gonna find that file which is in here as I just showed you in the plugin woozonezip Perfect And click instal now

So that's just gonna upload and instal that plugin for us It says that's done successfully, so let's click activate plugin There we go and that's done and installed And upon doing that we've got a whole load of messages pop up at the top So let's go through these and clear these off and do whatever it wants us to do

So first thing, would you like to activate your version of Revolution Slider? We don't need to do that we can't do that because it came bundled with our theme so don't need it So let's just click the little cross Next one, for maximum usability and best experience, blah, blah, blah, use Kingdom Hey we're already using Kingdom so that doesn't matter, dismiss this notice The next one is to do with the current memory limit

I'm gonna come back to that one in a moment You need to instal your default pages Okay let's do that right now So to instal these pages we need to come to this bottom one which is setting up Woocommerce which is the shopping plugin that we're kind of using to add products and stuff It's kind of a combination between Woocommerce and WooZone

So let's click, run the set up wizard It's very easy Let's click, let's go And then let's click continue That's all fine

Obviously you need to set that to match whatever you're kind of doing Let's click continue we don't need to worry about shipping and tax we're not gonna be doing that 'cause obviously, our visitors are going to be going off to Amazon to purchase their products, so they'll do all the shipping and tax Skip this step Payments again, we don't need that 'cause they'll be paying Amazon That's it we're all done! So let's click this little link down here return to WordPress dashboard

Okay so this message we got here, which is to do with installing a default set up We can just click this button here to do that It's just gonna make sure the plugin settings are all refreshed and new So that's been done we've just got this one message left which is to do with the memory limit Now you've got two choices on this one

The first thing is you can log into your HostGator control panel and you can go into support and into the live chat and you can ask them to up your memory limit for you That's the easy way What you want to ask, the actual question you want to say is, "Can you please increase my php memory to 128 megabytes?" And hopefully they'll just say, "Yup, no problem" And they'll do it If you don't want to be doing that and you wanna do it yourself I'm gonna show you how to do that right now

It does involve a little bit of techie sort of stuff, not too much But again if you're gonna ask HostGator that's fine, do that And you can just skip this next couple of minutes where I'm gonna show you how to do it manually So to do it manually you're gonna need to FTP up to your website So the first thing you're gonna need to do is get some FTP information

So I'm gonna head over to HostGator again Then I'm gonna click customer portal And then log in Then I'm gonna go into my hosting A quick way that's you could go back to your email and click on the control panel link, but hey I'm going the long way

Click Boot Boutique Then here I'm gonna go to files and folders across the top here and then FTP accounts Then I'm gonna click create a new FTP account Let's call it eagle, don't enter a directory name Then we need to create a password

There we go and then click create account And then we're done Now the next step is you're gonna need to get ahold of some FTP software I've got a video actually on how to do FTP in a little bit more detail I put a card up on the screen now

And go check that out if you need a bit more information But I'm on the MAC today and I'm gonna be using a piece of software called Fetch Here it is, let's close these windows Yeah, it's called Fetch It's a great FTP bit of software, it's free

If you're on a PC, do a search for Winscp, which is another free FTP client It should look very similar to this and basically allows you to connect your site via FTP So to create a new connexion on your FTP software you're gonna need to enter some details The host name is the first one So if I go back to HostGator it's gonna tell me all this information

There it is I'm just gonna call it server Server, host name, they're the same thing So I'm just gonna copy that again, make sure I don't get any spaces at the front or the end Paste that in there

User name is here And then the password is one I've just created And now we're in Basically what we're looking at now is all the files and folders that make up our WordPress and our website Don't worry you don't need to mess with hardly any of them we just need to look for one particular file which we're gonna make a slight change to

So if I go into public HTML there is a file here called wpconfig What I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna copy that down to my computer so that I can edit it Then I'm gonna edit it and then I'm gonna upload it back to the server via FTP So to copy it you can just drag and drop It's very similar to just using Windows or whatever

So I'm just gonna find the folder that I want to copy it to, just the one I've been working with for everything I'm just gonna drag it There it is Now you should be able to open this in any kind of text editing type software or if you've got Dreamweaver Which you probably haven't, but if you have you can open it in that

I'll just open it with my text editing stuff You know by default Windows or Mac has a text editor So what we need to do is add a line to this file I'm gonna have to blur out a few little bits on here because it contains some sensitive information, it tells the passwords and whatnot But the line we're gonna add if we, I'm gonna add it just here, so here's fine just where this space is

So I've got the line I'm gonna add in my clipboard I just copy and paste it I can't bother to type it it's too long And the line is define, and then brackets WP_MEMORY_LIMIT blah, blah, blah Spacebar comma 128 meg What I'm gonna do is I'll add that line to the description below this video and also on the blog post which you'll find on wpeagle

com and then you can just copy and paste it yourself So I've added that line, I'm just gonna save this file now, file save Close it Then if I pop up the FTP again and the folder that I've got that file in, I'm just gonna drag it back to the server And then we're all done! So now when I go back into here on our dashboard and if I just refresh the page, hopefully this message will go

And it has, whoo-hoo! So that means that we've increased our memory on the server It's 128 meg, everything's working, it's all good So now we can start setting up WooZone, adding our Amazon details all that sort of thing And then we can start downloading products and all that sort of stuff and get the website up and running So let's go through these WooZone settings and I'll explain everything that we're gonna need

So the item purchase code, if you go back to CodeCanyon you can find that on the downloads page So let's do this now Let's go back to CodeCanyon I find the easiest way to find the codes actually if you go back to the product page which is this one then go to support And then you'll find your purchase codes here

Let's just copy that one and go back to WooZone and paste it Click activate And that's done, we're activated and now we've got our options that we can now work through The first thing to set up is the Amazon config let's click on that Right let me just explain how it all works in terms of being an Amazon affiliate and all that sort of stuff

So if we go over to Amazon I'm gonna go over amazoncouk because that's my local Amazon And if you scroll down to the bottom on any Amazon site whether it be amazon

com, amazoncouk, you will find the associate's programme a link like that And if you click on that, you'll see a page like this which allows you to get started, sign up and all that sort of stuff Now there's a couple of things I need to stress and make sure that you're aware of

The first is, if you're gonna be promoting different country Amazons, so say you're gonna be promoting amazoncom and amazoncouk, you need to go to both of those and sign up for the Amazon associate's programme on both of those sites So you're gonna need to fill in a form on amazon

couk and a form on amazoncom and get approved by both those sites in order for it to work The second thing is basically a question I get asked a lot which is, "Huh, how can I sign up to be "an associate when I don't have my website?" Which is a common question, it's kind of like a chicken and egg situation Don't worry, fill in the form, apply to be an Amazon associate and get all the stuff that you need to be able to create the site

And then what will happen is once you start getting traffic to your site and start earning some commissions Amazon will then come back to you and have a look at your site and then approve you for good Don't worry about filling in the form before you've even built the site, that's fine you can just enter your domain name as the website and make a note that it's a work in progress and you'll be fine Now I've already signed up as an Amazon associate so I don't need to do the get started now thing I'm just gonna sign in in a second to get all my information that I need in order to set the website up Yeah, that's what I wanted to say

You need to go and do this right now if you haven't done it already Go and sign up because we're gonna need some information from Amazon in a second So let's go back to the dashboard The first thing is request type Don't worry about that you can leave that as auto detect

The next one is the Amazon location I'm gonna set this to UK because this site is bootboutiquecouk, so it's just gonna be a UK-targeted site Just while we're talking about different locations you've got a couple of options when it comes to location

You can create the one site and pull in products from loads of different locations, different Amazons to amazoncouk, de, whatever you like And WooZone has actually got a really cool feature where on those products that you import it will kind of have a little box and it will say the availability of that product at the different Amazon locations

So say you know, Amazon UK in stock, amazoncom out of stock, whatever And it allows the visitor to choose which country they want to purchase the product from which is kind of cool But as I said if you want to get affiliate commissions on all those different locations you do need to be approved as an associate on all those different countries The second option you've got is to create a localised site for each country

So for example I've got bootboutiquecouk here and I target this as a UK site and I, you know all the content is UK based and the products are UK based So that way I've got a good chance of, for example, ranking on Google, on googleco

uk for UK-based searches And then what I might do is then create another site bootboutiquede, for example which would be the German one And I'll pull in German products and all the text would be in German, all the content will be in German and it'll just be German targeted So you kind of got two choices

It really depends on how much time you've got, how much effort you want to put into it, all that sort of stuff Whether you want to have like the one site, which has lots of products from lots of different countries and people can select which country they want, or you have individual sites which are targeted for each of the separate countries And obviously you would kind of link between those and say you know, "Check out our German site," and link through to that from the couk

I hope that makes sense, if you've got any questions on that please just leave the comment below the video So let's scroll down So the next thing we need to add are our access keys Our access key ID and our secret access key This is how your website's gonna connect to Amazon to be able to get your products

It's basically an API, don't worry about what all that is, what that means But it allows basically (chuckles) it allows your website to talk to Amazon and get all the stuff that you want down So to get these keys, if we click this link there's a nice link here that takes us to where we need to go You need to log in You're gonna need to be signed up as an Amazon affiliate before you do this

Let's click continue to security credentials and then in here we've got our access keys, whatever So let's drop that down, I've already got some keys going because obviously yeah, I've already got some sites What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create some new ones now just to kind of take you through the process Let me just delete that one You can only have, I think a couple of sets

But that's generally fine and you can use the same keys across multiple sites Oh yeah, there you go you can have a maximum of two keys You know let's click create new access key And that's done, it's got a little tick And if I drop this little arrow down, click show access key there they are

So I'm gonna copy and paste them into into the website So there's the access key let me copy that Paste that I'm probably gonna have to blur these out again they are quite sensitive things You want to keep yours safe and secure

Go back and get the secret access key Copy that And paste And there we go, that's that bit done The next thing is the affiliate IDs

So if we go back to here and close that We can close that And if we go back to here the Amazon affiliate thing that we were just on a second ago And I'm just gonna sign in This will take me to my dashboard

So in here, this is your dashboard This is where you'll see your earnings, your clicks and all that sort of stuff It's also where we're gonna get our tracking IDs So basically you can have as many tracking IDs as you like I'm gonna click manage over here

And it allows you to kind of work out where stuff's coming from So if you're gonna have multiple sites you're gonna need multiple tracking IDs probably It just makes it easier in terms of tracking I've already actually got one for Boot Boutique because I was running a site very similar a little while ago So what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna copy that to my clipboard, go back to WooZone and paste it into the UK box

So again going back to the country thing, if you're gonna be having the site and you're gonna be targeting multiple countries, then you can put multiple IDs in here Now the idea is not the same as I said this is the UK one that I've just logged into As we can see I've got the market place up here Once you've applied and signed up for these other countries you should be able to just like click on that sort of thing and switch between the two I'm not signed up for the US one right now, so I'd have to join up for that one

And then you'll get another tracking ID and it's probably gonna be different to this one And you paste that into these other boxes so, yeah, if you're gonna go for US, Germany, France, Japan, you're gonna need to go to all the different Amazons and sign up as an associate for each one And get your individual affiliate IDs and paste them in for each one But for now I'm just gonna keep it with the UK 'cause that's all this site is gonna be targeting So let's scroll down set my main affiliate ID to the UK

And then let's click check and just see if it's gonna work Now we've got a message come up that says it was able to connect with the specified AWS key pair and associate ID, so that's all good news Let's click save settings And that bit's all set up So we're now ready to import some products if you want

But before we do that what I'm gonna do is, I'm just gonna adjust the look and feel of the site to kind of make it look a bit more boot boutique-y and then I'm gonna start pulling down some products So first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add my logo Because if we go back to the website, just got this Kingdom store thing So let's go through some of the theme options and add our logo, all that sort of stuff So back into dashboard, appearance and then Kingdom theme

So here's our dashboard for the theme this is, so the theme is all the layout and colours and all that sort of stuff So let's go to layout First option is the logo If you don't already have a logo please check my channel I've got a video on how to create a logo for free Or you might also want to check out GraphicRiver which is part of Envato where we were earlier with ThemeForest and CodeCanyon

On there you'll find a lot of templates for logos where you can buy one for just a few dollars and download it and adjust it to suit your needs And the other option of course is to go to somewhere like Fivver and pay someone a fivver, $5 to create your logo I say, I've already got one so we're gonna click upload logo Select files, find it on my computer, it's in this folder here There it is so let's just select that, click open

There we go, now you're gonna want to make a note of the dimensions here, 300×81, be whatever your logo is That's roughly the sort of size you want it, so about 300 wide and about 80 odd, also high It'll look best like that Just make a note of that because you're gonna need them in a sec Then you're gonna want to click insert into post

And that should be all good In here is where we're gonna type in those numbers, so mine was 300 by 81 And let's click save the settings So now if we go back to the site there's our logo whoo-hoo! The next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna set some colours And I'm gonna use the colours that are in my logo

And what you're gonna need is your colour codes for that If you've got a graphics package, like Fireworks or Photoshop, that's a great way of getting your colour codes You may already know your colour codes if you create the logo, whatever They're normally I think they're called a hex code, basically they start with like a hash sign and then some numbers, so I'm just gonna open up my logo and get the colours that I'm gonna need for this site It's often useful actually just to make a note of them 'cause you might need them going forward

But yeah, in most graphics packages there is a dripper, dropper tool like that and then you can just kind of hover over colours and it tells you what they are Yeah, mine is there, 932091 And I'm gonna make a note of that And then I've got this other colour here this kind of pinky colour, so again that might be useful, so let's just make a note of that Which is f 10679

Okay so yeah, they're good to know So let's go back to the site back into the dashboard And then back into appearance and Kingdom theme And then back into the layout And let's go to colours

So here we go we can set some colours So let's set the primary colour to be the purple Which was the 93209 091, that's better (chuckles) I forgot the one There we go

Then the secondary colour I'll use as the other one, the really sort of colour, so that was f10679 There we go So let's just save that and see what it looks like Now rather than keep going back and forth I'm gonna actually open the front of the website in a new tab, I find it easier rather than back and forth, back and forth Instead of going in and out of the dashboard

So, let's see what's happened there Uh, not so much right now But don't worry these colours will start to come through as we start to make some more changes Let's just go back, there's a few other settings The menu, colours and

We're gonna change the hover one to be the purple and leave that as it is for now, I think I can always come back and adjust these later that's the great thing Just gonna copy I can't, typing I'm so lazy

Let's put that to purple and save the settings I think what we need to do now is actually get some products and things onto the site so that we can kind of see the layout and then we can play with it from there So let's do that now So what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna create some categories on the site, some product categories that then I can then import some products into Now obviously this site is all about boots

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create the categories around the brands of boot But obviously it's gonna depend on what products you're promoting and how you want to lay out your site Whether you want to use brands, or I could have a category for leather, or suede or whatever you like But I'm gonna start with the brands So I'm gonna create a couple of categories and to do that I'm gonna go into products and categories

And let's just add a couple just to get started So I'm gonna add UGG Australia I think they're called You all have heard of an UGG boot And click add new product category like that

And then the next one I'm gonna do is Fly London which is another sort of boot And of course I can add more of these going forward if I like, which I probably will do because two brands is not gonna be enough I thought So now we've our categories we can start to import some products from Amazon So to do that we need to go into WooZone and insane mode import Then if we scroll down we can start to type in some key words and do a search for some products

So I'm gonna type in UGG boot, boots even women, that's perfect And you can refine it by categories, so I guess it's apparel, apparel? Apparel Women And what we got in here? Hm, it's not in here So maybe it's not apparel

Let's apparel, shoes, that's better! Shoes Well that's probably fine The other option we've got down here is how many pages of Amazon we want to go through So some of you really haven't any products you want to add, I'm gonna go for the first five pages That should give me plenty

Let's click launch search So that's gonna go off and do its thing Then if we scroll down we've got all these products 50 products in fact so I can click that and I can show products, just maybe check whether I want them But they look fine to me

There's nothing weird come up They all look like boots Sort of boots-ish That's a bit of a shoe, that's a flip flop I don't think that really matters too much

You may, obviously it depends on what you want to do, you can just untick the stuff you don't want Okay and then we're gonna scroll down And we want to get all the images I want to get all the variations So a variation is when you've got products with size a bit like boots, or colours or whatever

Generally you're gonna probably want all of the variations And the other option here we've got a spin on import So that's really up to you whether you want to do that or not So a spin is when it's gonna change the text from Amazon to make it slightly unique The problem with doing this is that sometimes it makes the text a bit gibberish-y, if that makes sense 'cause it uses like a thesaurus to replace words within the description

And yeah it can be a bit random, but it's up to you What I'd recommend if you've got the time is to actually rewrite the descriptions yourself But yeah, again that takes time I'm gonna turn the spin off for now I'm gonna keep the import attributes and then I'm gonna select the category to import it into

Now if you use the category from Amazon what can happen is that you're gonna get a whole load of categories coming to your website all over the place 'Cause Amazon has many, many, many thousands of different categories and different boots are gonna be in different categories, or different products are gonna be in different categories It can make it a bit of a mess and you loose a bit of control over the layout and structure of your site So I'm gonna import it obviously into the UGG, the UGG category And I want to do it now! So let's click that

So it's gonna go away and import all those products for me and my affiliate link and all that sort of stuff It's gonna take a few moments so let's just let it do its thing Okay so that's all done It took just one minute five seconds to do the forty seven products which is pretty quick So let's go and have a look at what these products look like on the website

So I'm gonna close this box And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create the menu Now the menu is the bit across the top, you know the navigation you get on websites, you can call it navigation, call it menu, whatever WordPress calls it a menu So if we go into appearance and menus, I'm gonna create a new menu

Then into here I'm gonna give it a name, I'll call it main menu that's seems like a good name Then click create I'm gonna tick this box here to add it to the main navigation There is some more navigation that we can add across the top which we'll do a bit later on And then down here I'm gonna go for, oh it's not here actually

We want product categories which is not showing, so to make it show you need to go up to the top here, go to screen options And select product categories And there it is And there's the UGG What I'll do is I'll actually add both why not? We'll add some Fly boots in a minute

So let's click save menu So now if we go back to the website We'll just close these tabs just to keep it tidy Go back to the website We can see that we've got our menu up here

It's working nicely and then if we click on UGG there's all our UGG boots That have come down from Amazon so if we click on one of them There's the boot, give it a review We can choose a colour Then choose a size

There it is Then we can click add to cart There we go This kind of text and stuff is a little bit big and messy at the moment so we'll tidy that up in a minute I just want to check this is all working

So yeah then sending it to a cart we can view our cart There's our boot And then we can click proceed to check out and hopefully we should be off to Amazon There we go, it's added it to our cart we can continue And then obviously if I checked out and bought this boot I would earn a commission, well actually I wouldn't because you're not really supposed to buy your own stuff on your own affiliate links

But if someone else bought this boot via my site just like that I would obviously get my Amazon commission Whoopie it all seems to be working So let's go back to the site I can just click on the back actually And let's have a look at how everything is looking

So the first thing I've just notice is I want to tweak these colours a bit more in the menu the blue's not right and just try and jazz it up a little bit So let's go back into the dashboard I'm gonna do it in a new tab again so I can switch between the two Go back in appearance and Kingdom and then go to the layout And to colours

And it's these menu things that I want to, want to change So currently the normal menu state colour is this kind of green-y colour But I don't know where it's getting that blue from Anyway let's see What I want to actually is I wanna try and make it some more purple-y

So let's change the background colour to the purple Like that Let's see what that looks like It doesn't seemed to have changed (chuckles) that's strange, let's go back and have a look Let's make all of these purple and see what happens

Just gonna refresh the page Okay for some reason that doesn't seem to be having any effect, that's a bit strange Now it could be because um, 'cause of the cache and all that sort of stuff that you have with browsers When you make your changes to things like colours you sometimes need to clear the cache in your browser So in Chrome, I'm just going to preferences

And where am I looking if I go advance settings, go to content settings, all cookies and then if I'm just gonna look up boot And then I'm just gonna remove all that it may log me out of the site, but hey ho, let's just see if it makes the colours come through No, not yet There we go it's all gone purple It's a cache thing when you change colours and it doesn't show them, so there I did a, I forced a refresh of the page I used on my MAC shift + command and R

I've also made it far too purple, so let's just go back into the Kingdom settings And let's change the hover state to the this one The kind of pinky colour And for this one I'm gonna make it white So there we go, click white

Save the settings That's done Let's go back, refresh Ah, that's looking better! Oh and these other colours have changed, as well So earlier when they changed it was through my cache

So you're gonna need to either clear your cache or force a page reload if you Google that, force reload and then whatever browser you're using it'll tell you the keystroke or whatever you need to do to load the page without the cache It's looking kind of on my colour scheme which is good so Let's have a look of the products again, all looking real nice, we've got the purple and the pink going on So here's our products Let me just have a quick look around

They're all looking good I find this as, of thing a bit a bit big Now you can't actually remove it I know, previous people have said, "Hey I want to remove this" Which you can't do from a technical point of view but an Amazon point of view they don't like you doing that for some reason It's part of the terms and services

So you need to keep it, but I'm gonna make it a little bit smaller and to do that I'm gonna need to actually add a little bit of code to our settings So I'm just using the inspect here, what I'll do is I will put this bit of code in the description again so you don't have to worry about it It's a bit of CSS that we're doing here But it's fine I'm just gonna adjust it so that it's a little bit smaller I think 12, 12 perfect

I'm gonna take this little bit of code And I can close that and then go back into the dashboard Then what we're gonna do is I'm gonna click on customise And then in here we got this additional CSS thing going on And then I'm just gonna paste it in like that

And click save and publish And hopefully if we go back and refresh this product There we go It's nice and small So it's all looking really nice and the boots are on here

What I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna go in the background and just add a few more products just to fill out the site and a few more brands And then what we'll do is we'll start working on the homepage, get that done And we're kind of nearly getting there So yeah, that's great news Give me a minute just to add some more products

And I'll be back in a moment Okay that took a few minutes but I've managed to get all of my products imported Add a few more brands, as you can see we've got Fly London, Gabor, Lucky Brand and a few others and all of these have got some lovely boots within them Some have worked, some haven't What you're gonna need to do is just go through your products after you've done an import

Anything that's not come through quite right, like this one hasn't got an image, either fix it manually or I just generally kind of just delete them off It's not really worth worrying about it to be to fair, especially when you're adding loads and loads of products so you can just come in here and move to trash See what I did there When you're logged into your website, let me just go back to the front When you're logged in you've got this bar across the top

So when you're looking at say a product or whatever, let's go into this one You can come up to the top and just click edit to make any changes you want to change the image or the text or whatever you like So yeah I've added all my products so that's good And what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna do the homepage I think that's a good place to do next

And then we can do the final bits and bobs like the footer, this header and I can show you how to add some blog posts and all that other stuff which is gonna be very important Because as I said previously at the beginning of the video it's very important that you not only add some products but you also add some valuable content to the site So I'm talking articles, videos, reviews And that sort of thing Not only will it help you in totally get approved with Amazon but it'll also help in terms of getting traffic and actually making a success of the site

Yeah, obviously adding blog posts and stuff is gonna be important But we'll get to that a little bit later on in this video So, yeah, let's do the homepage So to create a homepage I'm gonna go up to here and go new, and page And I'll call it home

You can call it homepage (chuckles) Call it whatever you like Okay And then what I want within the, within the homepage I want a slider at the top and then maybe a little bit of text that just says, we define the best boots, or something like that And then we can show off some products, as well on the homepage

Now I'm gonna reference a page on the AA Teams website They're the people that made the plugin and the theme I happen to have it to hand, it's dosAA Team blah, blah, blah, again I will add a link to this within the description of the video so you can find it, but yeah if you just basically go on the AA Team there's some real good stuff on there, the docsaateam

And what we're looking for is the short codes which are very handy So let's add this one first, which is the featured products I'm just gonna copy this and I'm just gonna paste it in What I'm actually gonna do is switch to the text editor It doesn't really make too much difference but when you're copying and paste stuff it's generally better to use the text editor

So let me just publish that and I'll show you what that, that's done Okay we've published that, what we need to do actually is set the homepage first Set this page to be the homepage if that makes sense So let's go to settings and general We just need to tell WordPress this is the page that we want to be the homepage

So your settings, I'm sorry it's not the general it is in reading And then we're gonna select front page displays a static page And I'm gonna select the home page We'll come back and set up the post page in a second that's basically your blog So now if we go back to the site

It says featured products but there aren't any products showing So to set some featured products and these are gonna be your most popular or your favourite, whatever you like If we go into products down here Then what we can basically do is just pick some products we want to add as featured So maybe this one here

And you're basically gonna tick this little star, very easy And that makes it a featured product So maybe that one I don't want them all from the same brand We'll just sort by name that might give me a little bit of a different different thing, that one looks quite nice

I can see that I've accidentally imported some stuff that's not particular good, that's okay What's that, some colour thing for the shoes? So I can always just delete these products I don't want And that one But yeah I'm getting distracted anyway, let's add a couple more featured you're gonna want to add at least four or five These are all Fly, but yeah, that doesn't matter I suppose

Another one of them You might want to obviously put a bit more thought into it and decide exactly which products I'm just obviously for this example just gonna pick some, some random ones Let's go I don't want them all to be from the same brand UGG, here, UGG, UGG, UGG Perfect

I think I did four then Let's do one more for luck That one I have no idea about boots (chuckles) There we go

So now if we go back, so we go back to the homepage There's our featured products, you see So that's good let's go, we can now click edit page up here if we need to make a change Within the short code you've got a few settings in terms of how many you want to show per page that sort of stuff you can just adjust these numbers But that, that's fine for now

So we've got our featured products, that's great Let's go back to the document and see what other short codes we got No it's not actually on here the short codes that I want to use which is a bit strange But not to worry, not to worry I know what it is anyway because I've got it on my other site

Let me just pop it up I don't know if you've seen any of my other videos, but this one is the very first site I did a couple of years back now I think The zombie one Basically what with boots when I want to get a similar kind of layout to this, so yeah, featured products at the top Then from certain categories

So I'm just gonna edit this page and I'll show you the other short codes I'm running I don't know why they're not in that document I'll send a message to AA Team and ask them to add it So The next one, and again I'll add all these short codes to the description and to the blog post on wpeagle

com So the next one I want is this one Which is basically just pulling products from certain categories if that makes sense Let's just copy that and go back to here And paste that in

And I'm gonna put latest UGG boots And then I'm gonna copy this again And I'm gonna put latest Fly London boots And then one more I'm gonna put latest, what other brand have I got? Rocket Dog

Okay Now, to, set the actually categories for each one of these we need to change this bit here obviously it's not zombie toys So to do that we go into products and categories I'm just gonna open this in a new tab so that I stay on this page See I'm gonna need to do come copy and pasting

And so the first one was UGG So I just need to copy this little slug here Which, it doesn't look like I can do that So let me just click edit Hm, that's strange

Let's just go back again I'm gonna click on it Hm, I don't know why it's not letting me edit that Oh, it works okay on the other brands, it's just something weird with the UGG thing Anyway I can read that

I'm gonna have to type it in, it's UGG-Australia So in there Ah, what's the next one? Fly London It's gonna be Fly-London, yeah of course it is And then Rocket Dog, it's gonna be Rocket-Dog I guess

Yeah, pretty straight forward Okay Well we're gonna add a slider in a second to the top of the page What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna turn off the post title, 'cause at the moment it says homepage at the top which is a filler okay Well nope

Let me just open that in a new tab and have a look Yeah, we don't want it to say homepage like that So that's why we're gonna turn that to no Okay let's click update Then if we refresh the page

We got the featured products, got the latest UGG boots, got the latest Fly London boots and the latest Rock Dog boots So that's looking really good So just above this area I'm gonna add a little bit of text So let's do that now, let's go edit page Then I am gonna switch back to the visual editor because we're gonna be editing text

I'm just gonna add a, enter there line space Then I'm gonna type in something like welcome to Boot Boutique Where you'll find the best selection of woman's boots Hand picked just for you from Amazon Something like that

(chuckles) Obviously you'll write whatever you want You want to try and include some key words that might be useful in terms of Google and stuff, so that's why I've got women's boots in there What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna send to that, so I'm just gonna high light it and then this works a bit like Word if you've ever used Microsoft Word So we can align that centre Then we can make it a bit bigger by setting it as a heading

Something like a heading three might be big enough Let's have a look, click update Let's view the page There's our text That's not too bad

Maybe make it a little big bigger Let's go back and see what it looks like as an H2, or heading two I can just highlight that, go to heading two, click update And then view the page The heading two is actually smaller than the heading three, that doesn't make any sense

Let's try as a, I don't know H1 that's got to be bigger Normally it goes H1 is the biggest, H2 is a little bit smaller, H3's a bit smaller still But that's weird, never mind Yeah, that's fine Actually I think I preferred the H3 to start with

(laughs) Hey, you're just gonna have to play around and see what works best for you You can make it bold if you like It's make a lot of difference Okay so, let's add one more short code while we're here So just below that I'm gonna add, latest blog post and things

Now this one is on this document, it's this here Just gonna copy that Haven't got any blog posts just yet, but I will add some later on in the video Let's click update And view that page one last time

Make sure our products, UGG boots and all the rest of the boots are there Then there's our latest blog posts So I'm happy with that we just need to add a slider at the top so let's do that now Just gonna go to the dashboard and then down here I'm gonna go into Slider Revolution I'm gonna click new slider

I'm gonna leave that as it is in here I'm gonna give it a name, we're gonna call it homepage The alias can be homepage too, that's fine Just gonna leave it a standard slider for now and leave all that as auto, hopefully it will just work, but if not we can tweak it a bit later Let's click save settings Then we're ready to create a slide

Now I have got some images and things at hand So let's go and set a background You're gonna need a nice big image for this If I go in here I've hopefully got some Let's see what we've got

Let's go for that one first There we go it's an image of some boots Let me just save that I want to see what it looks like first before I go too much further So let's go back to the homepage

Let me just get rid of that 'cause I need to know where we're at I've got too many tabs open again, that's always a problem with me (chuckles) Okay let's edit the homepage Scroll down gonna set to Revolution Slider down in the bottom here And then it's already selected the homepage for me

Let's click update Let's have a look Okay there's the image It's obviously far too big and not quite the right size, so we need to make a few adjustments So let's do that now

So what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna get back into Slider Revolution and just have a look at the settings again Homepage, click on the cog Now let's see Let's change it to full width and see if that makes any difference in terms of the slide layout Save settings

Got too many tabs, let me just close some of these tabs so we'll know where we're at Let's go back and visit the site Okay that's still far too big So back in again I think I might have to set some custom sizes

We'll try full screen why not I don't know Let's see what happens Just gonna open site in another tab It's not too bad, it's too big for me really I don't want it that high So let's make an adjustment

Set it as full width Then I'm just gonna adjust these sizes So in here I'm gonna type in 1720 by, let's go for 500 I think that's the size of the image I'm using so that might help let's Let's have a look at that Refresh Hey, that's looking a lot better I'm happy with that Okay so let's just go back in and I want to add a few more things to the slide

So I'm gonna go to slide editor again And probably have another slide as well It's good to have a couple of slides Let's click on the pencil to edit it Okay

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add a layer And it's an image Gonna upload an image I've got Or you can just add text it's up to you Sorry let me just show you, if you wanted to add text, you go add layer, add text and then you can just, add some text, drop it where you want to on the slider

But I've actually got an image that I want to use Let's have a look Is it that one or is it that one? Let me have a look and see what I've got I've got that one I think it's that one, isn't it? Well that one looks good to me

So yeah you're gonna need to get some images done, or just use a bit of text so you just get a nice photo and then add some text yourself over it But I've got this thing here that I'm gonna use Insert that And what I want it to be, I want it to be in the middle So if I click there, layer line centre, then layer line middle

That should be in the middle Let's save it and have a look So if we refresh It's a bit dark maybe that's not the right one Let's take it out and try the other image I've got which was white, which will probably look better

So add layer image Let's go for that one I think this will be better, yeah that will work better Then we'll centre that And then let's refresh

Looking good So let's just add one more slide So if we come back in here and then we can click add slide Add blank slide Then let's set the background image, load a file

We've got one here for Lever boots Let's see what that one looks like Looks quite nice These are just kind of stock images and whatnot that I found before And so GraphicRiver and place like that, iStock, they're great for these sort of images

We've got any text I've got quality let's see what that one is Yeah that's perfect So I'm just gonna centre that and save Let's refresh

So that's the first slide There's the second slide Let's cut that image off a little bit Let me just see if I've got a better image than that one So change

So we'll look at this one, no it's this one Yeah, I think that one's better So let's save If you want to reorder these slides I want to make that one first, we can just drag that like that Just click save again

And let's refresh There we go That's our slider done And the homepage is kind of coming together very nicely now indeed So just to finish off we need to do some blog posts and work on this footer and some final, final tweaks, but yeah we're getting there

But before we do that what I'm gonna do now is add some of the static pages to the site Now a static page is sort of like the about us or an FAQ page or anything that's not a product or a blog post basically just a normal webpage By the way if I sound a little bit different it's because after I'm recording this video the microphone I was using fell off the desk and broke itself So I've got a new microphone here Hopefully I sound a little bit better because it's supposed to be a pretty cool pro mic that I've got here

Let me know hopefully I'm sounding a little bit better Might be just the same, or maybe worse Anyway, (chuckles) that's a bit of a tension Let's go and do these pages So what I'm gonna do is go up there and go to new page

And this one's gonna be the about us, so I'm just gonna call it about us And I happen to have some copy to hand if I just go into here I've got those pages There we go Not a huge amount of copy if I'm honest, but you probably want to add a little bit more than this, but you get the idea Let me make that a bit bold

Take this big space chunk out And I'm gonna make, oop That's better I'm gonna make this bit a quote, like that And then publish, let's see what that looks like

That's fine we're gonna tidy up this, this footer And all this stuff here in a second That does look a little bit messy, but I'm gonna make that a little bit better in a second So that's the about us, let's do another one This one's gonna be an FAQ

Again I've got the copy right here I can not, not the biggest amount of copy but it's a start There we go So we're just gonna add a menu at once on these pages to the top to the site They're easily accessible

And the final one is a privacy policy, privacy, privacy whatever And I've got something here You can find a privacy, privacy policy online just do a search you'll be able to find one you can use Or maybe you've already got one, I don't know So that's our pages done

So let's add these pages to a menu, so we're gonna go to appearance and menus Then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create a new menu and I'll call it top menu Click create There we go then we can add those pages by just ticking the boxes, clicking add to menu I'll put that like that, like that

And then I'm gonna take top navigation for the display location and click save And let's go back and have a look at the site There we go we've got our links across the top there Perfect Now this bit of text up here that can also be adjusted if you like

To do that we need to go back into the dashboard And then go to appearance + Kingdom theme Now obviously you can add a phone number if you like You may not want to because obviously it's an affiliate site You can always get a phone number from Skype or something like that if you just want to have a separate number

'Cause it does kind of make your site look a little bit more legit if that makes sense, but it's not essential I'm gonna take it out just now Now just interestingly, even though that is obviously the header it's in the footer section of the admin Er, which is a bit weird Never mind

So what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna put the, the best woman's boots hand picked from Amazon That, this is the copyright text I'm gonna change that as well That's a link thing you can do I'm just gonna take it out and just go WPEagle And change the year it's 2017 now obviously

In here you can put some links through to your Amazon, and link to a money URL whatever all this stuff is I'm gonna leave that for now, don't need it That's all saved Let's go and take a look at the site Okay there's that bit done, there's that

It's coming together really nicely So let's get on and sort out this footer area First thing I'm gonna do is add some logos across the bottom for all the boots and things that the boot manufacturers that I'm promoting So let's go back into the dashboard I'm just gonna tidy up these tabs, let's just go back to the one

And go into dashboard Okay Then down here we've got this partners section which is part of the theme, the Kingdom theme I'm gonna add a new partner Let's start with UGG

UGG, UGG There we go And then let's find a, I've already downloaded some logos I'm organised today So you just find these logos on the web, obviously do a search on Google or whatever

There's UGG And then send it to post Down here you can add a link to either off to Amazon or to somewhere else on your website What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just link to somewhere on my website So let's just bring it up in this other tab

So I'm just gonna link through here to this, the actual UGG category, so there we go, just copy it and paste to that Actually before we go much further I want to change the addresses I don't like this indexphp I'm gonna take that out in a sec

So let's just get rid of that Click publish, we're gonna do that right now before I add any more logos But there's UGG See I don't like that index thing It just looks messy and whatnot

So to fix that we need to go into settings and permalinks We've got all this blah in there, we don't need that Let's just change it to post name And in fact I'm gonna change it to slash, percentage sign, category, percentage sign, slash Again you'll find this in the, oop, too many slashes just need the one slash

I'll put this down in the description if you want to copy and paste it but there you go, that's what I'm gonna go for You can have whatever you like really, but you either generally just gonna want post name or cast your post name It makes the URLS a lot friendlier Let's just have a look and see what change, what that change has done I'm just gonna refresh the page

So it's got rid of that index thing And then if I click on a boot It looks nice and tidy there's no indexphp, anyway Let's get back to those logos

Let's see the UGG has, the UGG's arrived, which is looking nice I'm gonna show you how to get rid of that weird white background that it puts Which I don't think looks very nice I think it's be better if it's just all grey So we'll do that in a sec But let's just add a few more of these logos

I'll close that, go back into partners, and add new partner Next one is, let me think off the top of my head, it'll be Fly London New logo, find it on the computer There it is Perfect, insert into post

Why did I close that other tab? That was silly Funny pencil is at the front and the back actually in different tabs you'll see, but not too many tabs otherwise I guess It gets too confusing So yeah, Fly London, copy that Paste that in

Let's refresh have a look at that one Oh, yeah But I think you get the idea I'll add the rest the of the logos, you don't need to watch me repeatedly upload the logos So yeah, I'll just do a quick edit

And then we'll crack on with the rest Okay so I've uploaded all the brand logos, there they are looking good If you have more than the one, two, three, five, you get these little arrows so you can just nicely scroll it So yeah, as I said I'm gonna get rid of the white backgrounds on them, 'cause that looks a bit rubbish So to do that we're gonna need to add a little bit of custom CSS again, don't worry I will put the code again in the description below and on the blog post over at wpeagle

com, be sure to go and check it out So let's just quickly inspect I've got some videos on adjusting themes and stuff with CSS and this sort of thing if you're that way inclined and you want to make some further customization So let's have a look at what's going on here There's gonna be a white background somewhere let's see where it is

Not there, not there, not there It's got to be in here There it is, look So that's what we need to change Let's just, to that to non

Or transparent even, that's better That's what we want Okay I'm just gonna copy this And similar to earlier when we adjusted that font size we need to go into appearance and customise Additional CSS and then I'm gonna just paste that in there

I'm just actually leave the bit that we need We don't need all this stuff, just the background colour setting and then, oh look it's there and it's working nicely I think they just look better but obviously in order for this to work you need to make sure that your logos are png files With a transparent background

Obviously if they've already got a white background and they're jpegs or whatever then, that bit won't work and you'll still have white, white backgrounds on your logos Just close that A little trick actually or a little tip When you're searching for logos, so say you go over to Google, I've just Googled Google, blimey

Got to be careful when you do that you can break the internet So say you're looking for, like me, an UGG logo And then you get a whole load come up If you go into Google images, and then over here you've got these tools Which is really useful when you search for images because you've got this colour setting here

And if I just select transparent there, it's gonna bring up all the logos that have got a transparent background So perfect for this particular usage application Another little thing going back to the sliders and that sort of stuff Say you were looking for some boots 'Cause you want a nice big image for your slider

We just turn off the transparent And okay so like in here there's some nice images When you're choosing images and selecting images from Google and other places you want to make sure that they're not copyright because you know you start putting copyright images on your site you could get in trouble Believe me I'm talking from experience there, that you will get scary letters from companies saying, "Oh you've broken our copyright, "you owe us thousands of dollars" Which is not what you want

So there's another little trick on Google When you go to tools there is a usage rights philtre so you can say like labelled for reuse And then all these, these images are fine These are good to go, you know you use them on a slider Problem is they're not always great quality, but you never know you might find something that's, that's worth using

Who knows? So yeah, just a little tip for you So let's go back to the site Close all that down That's looking nice now And it kind of adds a nice break between the top content and the pages up at these they're looking a bit better now

These static pages Yeah, they are looking better 'cause they've got that grey bar So anyway let's just tidy up this bit here This footer area So the footer area is made up of widgets

We just need to adjust these widgets I'll show you where the widgets are So a widget is basically just an element that you can place around your WordPress site either in footers or in side bars And you can get widgets for all sorts of different things So it's under appearance and widgets

So for the moment we've got just our footer content here and it's full of all this stuff Which I don't want, I don't want the search 'Cause there's already a search at the top of the site Recent posts is a good one, we'll have that So latest from the blog

That's gonna be the title let's set that to three We can adjust it in a minute Obviously we need to add some blog posts as well, we'll do that as well Recent comments, I don't want that, delete that The footer on this theme is made up of four columns, so four widgets is normally about right

So I'm gonna get rid of all them So we've got recent posts I want a, just a standard text one Kind of have like a little about us So call that about us

And then in here I'm gonna put something like, we're an Amazon powered boot ladies I haven't used the word ladies yet so I'm gonna get that in there, getting the SEO and all that stuff We're an Amazon powered ladies boot website We hand pick the best quality boots just for you So now that will be fine

So I've got two widgets now I want another one with kind of a menu again just linking to the brands I think Or maybe latest products Let's have a look at what we got So down here there's a whole lot of different widgets that you can use

What I'm gonna go for is, what do we got? So we got Woocommerce Products? Top rated products would be good We'll set that to three, something like that I think what I want as a final one is like a menu So let's add a custom menu

And I want to use the top menu And just call it like more information, because people might miss the links at the top of the page So I've put them at the bottom too they'll definitely find them Let's save all that So now if we go back to the site

Scroll down There we go, we've got our about us, the latest from the blog, the top rated and the more information So that's all looking fine I'll think I'll just drop that down to two, 'cause it's kind of made it a bit high So we can adjust that again, let's go back in

We go straight into widgets actually as a short cut if you go here And then widgets And top rated and I drop that down to two Obviously you can use whatever widgets you like Have a play around, there's loads in here to play around with and see which ones, what are the best for your site? Yeah, that's alright I'm happy with that

So I think we need to add some blog posts now and get the blog up and running So to do that I'm gonna create a new page And I'm gonna call it blog Don't need to add any content here just click publish Okay that's published now I think we need to actually set a template for this theme

So if we go down here and got to template there is one that says template blog, that's probably the one that we need Let's select that and then I'll just update the page Let's view the page It's got a blog post on it, that's good So let's go back and add it to menu and just configure it correctly as the blog page

So let's go into appearance and menus And there's the blog now I'm just gonna add that to the top menu again Save Then I'm gonna go down into settings and reading Remember we came in there earlier to set the homepage

And I'm gonna set the post page as blog Which is the page we just created That's saved, let's go back to the site and take a look So now we've got our blog link up here which is good Let's give it a click

Ah, looks pretty much the same but it's all working So I'm gonna add some posts now Luckily I've got some to hand So if we go in and, well actually the first thing I'll do is I'll delete this hello world default post, don't really need that Edit post

Move to trash So we've got no posts now and we can start adding some So let's do that So to add a post you obviously click add new So in terms of the kind of posts that you want to be adding you want to be adding some sort of value and obviously related to the product

We want to pull for my site I could pick the best boots for winter or the best boots, the best waterproof boots or the best suede boots, or the best red boots or the best boots for people with small feet Or the best boots for people with big feet And you know then just obviously create a bit of content, link through to some products on the site, maybe even insert some products into the post and then you're starting to add some value So I've got a couple of posts that I've very quickly knocked up They're not particularly of good quality and really just for this demonstration

What you want to do is spend a little bit of time on your posts They need to be at least 250 words ideally If you can include videos, images, all that sort of stuff you will do better than just putting any old crap up So I've got some posts on my computer here in this folder called blog posts This one is why we love Fly London boots

That sounds perfect Now let's just open that up So here's an article here I'm gonna paste that in I seemed to have missed the top there, hang on

There we go, let's select all, try again Okay This link here, you want to make sure is linking through to the right category Let' me just edit that link I think it's an old one

So let me just open the site and yes, another tab Copy the Fly London link I'm just gonna put that in there Like that, perfect Why we love Fly London boots

Okay and we need to add a featured image I'm just gonna add logo I think Let's see what that looks like, this one here If I could be bothered I might go and find a (chuckles) another better image but I haven't got one So let's just see what that looks like

It looks kind of funky So they're like a certain size and let's see what size this is to make it look good I mean you can adjust this size with CSS but probably better to, what is this size? Oo there, it pops up quite nicely, but I just want to know how big Oh, 1140×260 is the sort of image we want to go for So let me see if I can just knock an image up that is that size

Give me two seconds I'm gonna do a quick edit Okay so I knocked something up in Fireworks or whatever PhotoShop, whatever you like This will do, it's the right size anyway 1140×260 Which is the size of the featured images on the blog So I actually ripped off of Schuh here

But never mind let's go back to the site and I'm just gonna edit this post Let's remove this in the set That one I just did which is in here Let's see what it looks like By the way, oh yeah we need to add a category

So let's just put in a category Fly London That should be fine, click update You can have as many categories as you like And a post can be a multiple category as well If you want

So look at that That looks better Not quite sure what it's gonna look like on the rest of the site Let's have a look on the blog That's not worked, either, interesting

Think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna adjust this to be a bit bigger let's just, I'm gonna have to do some CSS again You'll find it in the video description What's going on with this? Okay that looks better It's got a bit of margin at the bottom Okay so let's just put this in first

Just copy and paste I don't need all this stuff it's just the, the width and height Okay So you'll find this code in the description and on wpeaglecom

Actually it might not be in the description Because YouTube doesn't let you actually post, paste or post code in the description So you have to be sure to check out wpeaglecom Okay let's just refresh and see if that change has taken effect, it hasn't let's just see why

This probably width needs to be 100% just that There we go I just need to adjust this image inside there Okay I had to do a quick edit there, I made some CSS adjustments just to make the blog look a little bit better You'll find all these again on the post over at wpeaglecom, be sure to go check them out

You'll find all the code and whatnot that you need to put into that custom CSS if you want it to look just like this So this is our blog and this is our blog post And let's see what I'm gonna do is I'm just add another one Let's go to new post And this one is, let's have a look in my posts folder

Oo I haven't got any more, maybe it's in Word Okay It's just here I know what it is It's how to spot fake UGG boots Paste that in here

Again I'm gonna link that, let me just check that that's okay When you're linking you can actually search stuff, so I could just do a search for UGG boots and it should bring up the category What's it called, it's actually called UGG Australia isn't it? It's not gonna bring up my category, oh why not? Oh, never mind Just have to find the link myself Here it is

Let me just close this, don't need this anymore There we go, copy that link and paste that into the URL just here, perfect Then actually I've got a video that I'm gonna add to the top, it's not one of my videos, it's just one I found on YouTube Which is fine, you know we can do that, share other people's content on your blog to help you make content It's all good so I can just, you can just paste the YouTube link in and it will embed the video for you in WordPress

That's pretty cool And let's add a category called UGG, Australia and publish So let's have a look at this one There we go Now I just need to add a featured image to this one

So I'm just gonna edit the post So we just need to add a featured image Lucky I've got one to hand I'm just gonna set featured image and upload And then I select a file on my computer

There it is Oh, come on What are you doing? Weird (Alex laughs) That's not, what the? Let's try that again There we go

Oh, that was weird, anyway So there's our UGG boot post And let's click update Okay there's our UGG post, UGG post, UGG boot post And you can see they're appearing here as well under the latest from the blog

So couple of other things you might want to do before the site's kind of officially done You can add your social media links if you go into the Kingdom settings So you're going to in here under appearance than Kingdom theme Then in layout Then under social set up you can enter your Facebook

So you just copy and paste it, you know Facebookcom slash whatever you are I've not set mine up yet, but I will be doing that soon And then all the rest are here as well You just type in your links

Like that and Twitter Oh see you need to make sure you get these profiles set up and then just copy and paste the links from the relevant social media networks Okay, let's have a look at the site now I've done that There we go we've got them across the top there, it's looking nice Looking good

So we're pretty much there What I'm gonna do now is I'm just gonna instal an SEO plugin and just very quickly do the basics on that Be sure to check out the channel for a whole load more videos on SEO, on getting traffic, making money and choosing an Amazon affiliate niche all that sort of stuff I've already got some videos on the channel and I plan on creating many more around those sort of topics So yeah be sure to subscribe and all that business to make sure you don't miss out on that

But for now I'm just gonna show you how to instal a Yoast SEO and do some basic stuff just to make sure that the website is friendly and ready for, for Google and that when it comes to visit So we're gonna go into the dashboard We go to plugins + add new Then in here I'm gonna type in Yoast SEO Which is my preferred favourite SEO plugin

There are others available but, this one's pretty good It's got a million active instals so it must be doing something right Let's click activate Okay You got a little thing up here, that says there's three issues concerning our SEO

We can have a look at what they are Okay So we can do this stuff First of all it didn't like our default WordPress tagline So let's just fix that

Just click on that link It's under site identity And it just line, it's just another WordPress site, let's change it to the best boots hand picked from Amazon There we go, so that's that fixed let's close that Perfect

The next thing I'm gonna do is I want to set the page title So at the moment if we look at the site, and if I just hover over this tab you can see that the page title is, it's gonna load, well I can see what it is It's Boot Boutique, just another WordPress site Now I've changed that strap line that's through changed Oop, now it's changed to homepage Boot Boutique

Which is not ideal Obviously you want to try and include some keywords within the page titles 'cause that's what Google's gonna come in and read Like I said there's a lot more videos on my channel about SEO and I go into a lot more detail But yeah, technical you want to include your keywords So for example here it's ladies boots or women's boots

If you're selling tools it would be power tools, screwdrivers, whatever Hopefully Yoast has already adjusted the page titles on the products So that they, it makes sense which they do So for example this one is Merrell SilverSun WTPF, Damen Halbschaft or whatever Whatever the boot is called

Which is perfect for the products because that's what people are gonna research, before they're gonna be searching by product name It's just gonna be the kind of homepage and other pages that you might want to adjust just to fit So let's edit this page which is the homepage And Yoast has now added this little box here which allows us to adjust how the site is gonna appear on Google So this little snippet is kind of an example of what it might look like if it comes up on Google

So let's change this bit, the title to the, to ladies boots, no women's boots hand picked, I'm gonna actually include some brands from UGG, Fly London, Gabor, what are the other brands? Lucky Brand and more That's good and then this description here we find the best women's boots just for you From amazing boot brands including, again I'm trying to include keywords like boots and women's and stuff like that Because Google's gonna take the words that you put in here as what the site and what the page is about So including UGG

I'm gonna put UGG boots because I think people actually search for UGG boots rather than UGG Australia UGG boots, Fly London boots Or even maybe just Fly boots Gabor and many more Browse, I'm gonna add a call to action, because people obviously are gonna see this when they search Google and you want to try and get them to click

So browse our amazing collection today! That looks good, happy with that You can even see what it looks like on the mobile He says Don't look a lot different really Perfect

In here you can set a focus keyword And that's gonna be, basically Yoast will go through your page and just see if you kind of optimise So let's go for women's boots Once you put that in you get this kind of score, I'm getting a good I'm happy with good that'll do

We've got a little green light on top of there So that's that done this That's Yoast You're gonna want to use this little panel whenever you're writing a blog post and even when you want to maybe want to adjust some categories or some products Just a word on categories I'll show you how to do that

So now we can see that that's changed you see Which is good So you say you wanted to optimise this category so that it was Fly London So by default it's coming up with Fly London archives 'Cause it's using a template

So you can either come in and change it by hand which would be you'd click edit product category And you got the Yoast box again down here so you can Yeah, just do it manually like this

So I'd go the folks do it as Fly London boots Then obviously we come up here and change that to Fly London boots Hand picked by Boot Boutique Or something like that Then obviously you make a description here

Large range of Fly London boots in a range of sizes We stock the, we stock only the best Fly London boots available Oh hang on That'll do, something like that Browse our collection of Fly today

So now that would be fine, so let's click update So let's view the category Now see that's quite long because you're gonna need to go through all the categories And if you've got a big site with lots of categories, yeah that's gonna take some time So I'm gonna show you a quick way on how you can set a template

So it kind of does it automatically In terms of these categories and this here, you're probably gonna want to add a little bit more text So to do that, if you click edit product category you can dump some text up here So all about the brand for example Fly London is an quality brand of women's boots designed in London, UK

Obviously you probably want a bit more than that And you can obviously do your research by going over to the whatever site of the manufacturer and you know just taking a bit from their site and adjusting it Obviously don't copy it straight off You want to rewrite it Sometimes it's a load of rubbish though isn't it by the look of it? I'm just gonna copy that

Just gonna fill it out Let's say you would want to rewrite that Ideally, but I haven't got time right now I'm gonna do it after I've finished this video 'Cause I don't want this video to drag on and be a super long one like some of my videos are where they go on for hours and hours and hours

Now if we look at the category now And you see all that bit of text up at the top there So it's good for our SEO and good to get some words on it So you're gonna want to think of doing something like that Now if you do do that for all the categories what you can do is then use that for your SEO metadescription

And let me just show you so this one is UGG Australia archives What I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna add some For some reason it doesn't like me editing that UGG one does it? That's a little bit of a weird thing going on there

So let's do Gabor instead And I'll find out what's going on with that a bit later Gabor, Gabor, I don't know how to pronounce it Gabor, Gabor Gabor, something like that

So I'm just gonna, I'm not gonna do the SEO stuff, but I'm gonna add a description in here about Gabor, Gabor Again I'm just gonna take it from, from their site and then I'll rewrite it later So there must be something on here about them, about us, there we go Oh, it's all rubbish again, I know Just tell me about the boots

We'll just do a search about Gabor boots See if there's anything on here I have to make something up, never mind I can do that Let's go back Gabor make high quality women's boots using contemporary design and manufacturing techniques You know just something (chuckles) some rubbish

But again you want to include keywords so you might want to then drop some of the leading styles in you know, popular Gabor boots include the, and then I'm just gonna quickly have a look, at some Gabor boots Let's go back to the site What we got? Nicole, Rayce and Sound Include the Sound, what was the other one, Rayce Juanita Nicole, Juanita

That'll do I just want to basically use this so I can show you how to set up a template using Yoast rather than go into each one and doing that Although to be fair if you are adding a description then you might want to take a couple of minutes just to do this But Okay

So now you can see that it's automatically dropped the meta description and from that description so that's fine It's just this page title that needs to be a little bit better So if we want to adjust that to follow a nice template If we go into SEO and then the dashboard Then if we go into general, features

What you need to do is enable the advance settings page Then we get some more options down the side here Let's go to titles and metas And then if you go to post types And find products

And essentially the custom post type archives product section just here, I want to remove the archive, the word archive And then I'm gonna insert the word women's boots And click save changes So what that should do is it should take the brands it'll say Gabor, women's boots, or UGG Australia, women's boots And let's just see if that works

So currently looking at this Gabor category and it's got the page up there as Gabor archives If I refresh it it still says Gabor archives Hang on a second let's just refresh one more time Let me do a hard refresh Nope, okay let me just go back and see what's going on with that

Yeah that should be the one Let's just see if there's something else I've missed Go to archives over here, is it in here too? Nope Taxonomies Ah it's this, it's gonna be this product categories one

That's weird it's two sections so again I'm just gonna change this one to women's boots It's probably best to do both 'Cause they probably appear in different places I know there's a save box down there somewhere there we go So let's refresh There we go

So now the page title is Gabor, women's boots That's gonna apply to all these categories So it means if you haven't got time to go through each one at least the page title is gonna be to your liking So now let's go back to the homepage and admire our work as it were I'm pretty happy with the way the site is right now

As I say I'm gonna be doing other stuff to the site and I'll be creating more videos around that I'll put together a playlist and include this video But yeah be sure to check out the channel anyway because there is already a lot of videos about Amazon affiliate marketing which I did around my earlier sites but it all still applies today anyway Well done! You got to the end of the video, congratulations! I hope your website is looking good and you're really proud of what you've managed to achieve Now I'm gonna be making a lot more videos around this website that we've just set up in terms of promotion, how much money I'm earning off it and all sorts of things to do with that

So be sure to subscribe Click there and you'll be subscribed and then you'll be the first to know when I upload those videos I also especially selected another video for you there from my channel I'd imagine after doing all that all work you're probably gonna want to go and have a lie down I hope your site works out

If you've got any questions as I've said throughout the video please let me know and I'll do my best to help you out Until next time, bye for now

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