How to make an AFFILIATE MARKETING BLOG website with WordPress without a Premium Plugin or Theme

– In this video, I'm gonna show you how to create an affiliate marketing blog using WordPress The site we're gonna be making looks just like this, and it uses one of the free themes that comes with WordPress

It's really good-looking, it's got a slider on the home page and it's very content-focused so it allows people to find all your articles and videos and whatever else you're gonna create really easily I'm gonna take you through the entire process step by step From setting up your hosting to installing WordPress, configuring the theme, adding your content and of course, inserting those valuable affiliate links So, let's get started Hello, it's Alex here from WPEagle

So yeah, in this video we're gonna be creating an affiliate marketing blog using WordPress For those of you that aren't familiar with affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is where you promote various products and services within some content, say an article or a review or a guide, and when someone clicks on one of your affiliate links from within that content and then goes off and purchases that product or not necessarily even that product It could just be something else on that site, you get paid a commission An example of this is where you sign up as an affiliate for Amazon and you might create a post all around books, you know, your favourite books to lose weight, for example and you include links then to Amazon for those books And then when someone clicks on those and purchases the book, you get your commission

So that's we're gonna be making today I'm gonna show you exactly what you need to do starting from absolutely nothing and ending up with a site that you can use as a blog to promote affiliate products I've tried to keep costs to a minimum in this video so I'm not gonna be using any premium WordPress themes or any premium WordPress plugins The only costs you're gonna have to pay out for today are your hosting and I'm gonna show you how to set up hosting with HostGator and I've got a voucher that gives you a discount And in fact, if you only wanna go for one month's hosting, it's gonna cost a penny

So hardly any cost there However, I would recommend that you go for something like a 12 months package because there's some great discounts on that and you can get like 12 months hosting for around 70 bucks so you know, not a huge investment to keep your website online for a full year The other thing you're gonna need is a domain name So that's the com or co

uk, net, dot whatever If you haven't already got one of them, I'll show you how you can purchase one of them through HostGator as well If you have already got one of them, that's fine I'll also show you how you can repoint it and use that domain for your new website

Now I've tried to keep this tutorial fairly straightforward so I'm not gonna go into things like finding a niche to promote or choosing products or any of that stuff You will find videos around those subjects on my channel so be sure to check them out This video is purely about creating the site and getting your content on there It's almost time to get on the computer and start building our affiliate marketing blog If you're brand new to affiliate marketing and to WordPress, I wish you the best of luck

I'm here to help you If you stuck at any point, please leave your questions below or head on over to wpeaglecom/forums and post it there and I'll do my best to help you out Now I know you can do this It's not that hard

Take your time If you need to re-watch any part of the video, just rewind and then watch it again so you get it clear in your head By the end of it, you would have created an affiliate marketing blog Now, being able to do this is a really valuable skill If you can start creating affiliate marketing sites and the content to go with them, you can start to earn some really good money and that's money, that's residual income

It doesn't require you to be there for you to earn it You're basically earning it in your sleep If you're interested in finding out how some of my viewers have done after watching previous tutorial videos of mine, do check out the channel I'll put some links to them in the description below but in those videos you better find out the kind of money people have been making, the sort of niches they've been promoting and all that kind of stuff So yeah, do check that out if you not already convinced that affiliate marketing is a great way to change your life for the better

So that's the end of the introduction I'm gonna get on the laptop now I'm gonna take you through how to build this affiliate marketing blog Good luck So the first thing we're gonna do is set up our hosting

Now, the hosting is where your website basically lives on the internet You need hosting in order to create a website and it's gonna be the one cost that you're gonna incur when it comes to setting up the blog that I've already shown you So I've chosen HostGator I love HostGator The main reason is they're great value for money

I wanna keep your costs to an absolute minimum so HostGator is a great choice on that front But just because they are good value for money, doesn't mean that the service suffers in any way In fact, it's the opposite HostGator offer a great service when it comes to hosting Their support is excellent

And the performance and everything you get from HostGator, I've never had a problem with it I find their sites for the money to be nice and fast You've got all the features that you'd like so it's very easy to instal WordPress and all that kind of thing As I already said, if you have any problems and they're raised, you get hold of via their live chat and there's a few other things that they guarantee for you You get 24/7 support, 365 a year, has a 45-day money-back guarantee

So if for whatever reason, you're not happy with HostGator, you can just cancel it, get your money back, get a refund, move on, no worries And they also promise a 999% uptime which is great because you don't want your website to to go down because I mean, you're gonna be missing out on traffic and possibly sales So I love them, I'm always recommending them and people that have used them based on my recommendation, tell me that they've always had a good service and nothing to worry about They've won some awards as well, so I am highly recommend HostGator

And as a little sweetener, I've also got a discount voucher which I'm gonna share with you in a few moments which will allow you to get a discount on the already low prices So let's get started We just need the basic Web Hosting, that'd be fine for us If we do need to scale up in the future, say we get quite a lot of traffic, we could then maybe move to the Cloud Hosting or even Dedicate if we get that big But for now, Web Hosting is just fine

You don't need the WordPress Hosting Though we are gonna be installing WordPress, you don't actually need the WordPress hosting, you can do it with the Web Hosting so that's a little tip there for you So here's the plans and the plan you're gonna choose basically depends on your requirements We're just gonna be setting up the one site then the Hatchling Plan is probably fine for you If you're thinking that maybe you're gonna end up having a nice portfolio of different affiliate websites or web sites in general, then maybe the Baby Plan or the Business Plan might be better for you because they offer unlimited domains

So let's go for the Hatchling Plan I'm just gonna click Sign Up Now! Starting at 395 a month but I'm gonna show you how you can actually get that cost down in a second So we're over at the Order Form The first question it's asking us is about our domain name

Now a domain name is a com or couk or something similar to that It's basically the address of your website so you're gonna need a domain name in order to create a website

You need hosting and you need a domain name Now, if you don't have a domain name already, you can just start typing away into this box and what'll happen is HostGator will do a search that's gonna show you, weightlossadvice Something like that And you pick your extension So we were gonna go for

org Unfortunately, that one's not available but then it's offering me the ones that are available So you can choose on them or you just go back here and start adding some extra words or something to try and find one that is available Obviously every domain name needs to be unique for it to work So yeah, someone's already registered a domain name, you better register it

There we go, we found one that is free, weightlossadviceblogcom So if I wanted that domain name, I'll then just carry on I've already got a domain name that I've already registered over at GoDaddy So I'm gonna be using that one today

If you've already registered domain name, what you need to do is not use this box but actually click on this tab over here which says I Already Own This Domain Actually just gonna refresh this page because I've confused it a little bit There we go, yes so, if you really got a domain name, click on the tab I Already Own This Domain and then enter your domain name in here Mine is rapidweightloss, I'm gonna type, losstoolscom

Let's just say it's a domain name that I've already got registered over at GoDaddy If you've already registered domain name, that's fine It doesn't matter if it's with GoDaddy or someone else I'm gonna show you how you can use that domain name as we go through the tutorial So that's the first bit done

So you're gonna register a new domain or you're gonna enter the domain you already own So the next part of the form is to choose our hosting plan And we've already selected Hatchling and Hatchling will be fine We selected that on the previous page So the next question it's asking is a billing cycle

So you can even just have a one month rolling contract if you're not sure of the commitment that you wanna give today However, I will recommend if you wanna get the hosting at a good price, try and commit for as long as possible So the price starts going down when you hit 12 months You're getting a 33% discount and I'm also gonna give you another code that's gonna give you another discount so that's really gonna bring the price down So if you can afford it today, do go for the 12 months because it's gonna save you money in the long run

If you've got even more cash and you do wanna save and you're committed to this project and you're gonna keep the site running for a number of years, then you wanna go for 24 months or the 36 months, but probably 12 months is fine Your site's probably not gonna start ranking and generating traffic for the first couple of months anyway while you're building it and adding content So you're gonna need at least three to six months, so you might as well go for 12 months, save yourself some money The next box is for the username This is gonna be the username that you're gonna be using to log in to HostGator

So enter whatever you like in there and then a PIN number in the next box and that allows you to contact support They can ask you for that PIN if you do ring them I'm not gonna fill in all this form right now I'm gonna do it in a second I'm not gonna bore you with all my billing details and all that kind of stuff which would be entering into this third section, so yeah, enter your email, your name, address, all that good stuff and of course, your payment information, whether you're gonna be using credit card or PayPal

Section four is the additional services Now, we're not gonna need any of these services so we can just untick these boxes and again, get the cost down on our hosting I've got other videos and I'm gonna show you how to protect your site from hackers and backup your stuff on my channel So yeah, be sure to check out my other videos where I can show you how to do this stuff for free So section five, very important, is the Coupon Code

So if we look, at moment, our subtotal is $7140 If you enter the code EAGLE30 and click Validate, now it looks like it's gone up but that's actually a little trick because what's happened is HostGator has ticked this again Let's untick it There we go

The price is now down You've got a really be careful with that because HostGator for some reason, try and it seems a little bit dodgy to me It's one thing that I'm not happy with them about They kinda try to add these extras without you noticing So be sure before you go on to the next page that you've unticked all of these and that they haven't tried to retick them again

So yeah, the code EAGLE30 is my code and give you an extra discount If you're gonna go for the one month plan, it will give you that first month for just a penny If you're gonna go for a longer plan, it will give you a 30% discount on top of any other discounts that you're already getting It is an affiliate coupon which means I will receive a small commission if you do use it It's a great way of saying thank you for these videos to me and I really appreciate if you do use the code

So if you are using it thank you, thank you, thank you And now we're ready to go So, it's all good we just need to tick this box down here which is that you've read the terms and conditions, which of course we always read all the terms and conditions And then just click Checkout Now! and it's now obviously asking me to fill in all those fields so what I will do is I will fill in these fields and I will sign up myself and then we'll get on installing our WordPress So, I completed the form, entered my payment information, all that kind of stuff

It's all done I've got this message here that they're gonna be setting up my account so I need just wait a few minutes and keep an eye on my inbox because I'm gonna get an email very shortly from HostGator with all my login details and everything I need to set up my website So, as soon as that's here, we'll carry on So the email has arrived It didn't take very long

This email contains very important information that we're gonna need regarding our hosting So the first bit is the billing information So if you wanna check your invoices, that kind of stuff, it's just your billing settings with HostGator You're gonna need this first link and log in with your email address and this password But what we're gonna need is the control panel and you can find the link to that just here so I'm gonna give that a click

Then if we just go back to email, we can see that the username is weighttools which is the one I actually entered into the order form and it will be the one that you entered into your order form and then the password is just here So I'm just gonna copy that into my clipboard by highlighting it and then pressing Control + C or Command + C on a Mac and then paste it in with Control + V or Command + V on a Mac and then I'm ready to log in I click Log In I can save that password in my browser Got a few messages popping up, I can just close those down

Okay, so the control panel may look a little bit overwhelming There's lots of things in here But the good thing is we don't actually need most of them What we're gonna be doing right now is installing WordPress and there's a link to do that right here at the top Build a New WordPress Site so let's give it that a click

And we've got this wizard that pops up So I'm gonna select my domain which is rapidweightlosstools This directory box, you can leave blank, let's just click Next Let's give the site a name so I'm just gonna call it the name of the domain which is a Rapid Weight Loss Tools Create the admin user

Just put wpeagle WP as my first name and Eagle as my last name Then my email address here which is eagle@wpeaglecom Leave this box ticked that says automatically create a new database for this installation and then tick the terms of service agreement and click Instal

It's gonna take a few moments to instal WordPress for us And then it's done Now, this page is important because it's showing us our WordPress login information So the login information that we just looked at was to our hosting control panel This login is to do with our WordPress installation

So make a note of this password I'm just gonna copy it to my clipboard I'll show you how we can change it in a second So the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna repoint our domain name So this is for the guys that have already got a domain registered, maybe at GoDaddy or Namecheap or NameStore or somewhere like that

If you just registered a domain name with HostGator, you filled in the box that said new domain name, then you don't need to do this step and you're probably good to go Although if your website's not loading up, it's because you just need to wait a little longer for the registration and everything to go through So yeah, if you've got a new domain name then you can skip forward a little bit You can find a chapter list with timestamps in the description of this video so you can just click forward to the next step if you want to or indeed join us and watch as we repoint our DNS So I'm gonna log into GoDaddy

Go to godaddycom You would go over to whoever your domain name is registered with I'm already logged in so I can go to Manage Domains Cool, it's gonna just ask me to login again, that's fine

Okay, I'm just gonna type in a rapid There we go it's found it Okay, so that's the domain name that we're gonna be using to the site I just need to adjust the DNS service So to do that, I'm gonna click on these little dots and go to manage DNS

Now, they're currently set to this one here Tsohost You also be set to probably the domain registrar's servers and we're gonna do is gonna click Change I'm just gonna take these out, and then I'm gonna go back to the email that we got from HostGator and in here, we can see our name server So the first one is this one I'm just gonna copy that to my clipboard, paste it in there and the next one is just here

Copy that to my clipboard, paste it in there and click Save So if you're not with GoDaddy, what you want to do is just log into the control panel with whoever your domain is registered with and look for those name server settings They'll be under DNS or name servers and you'll find the box within there that you can paste those HostGator name servers into That's all done Now this change is gonna take a few moments for it to go around the world and tell all the servers and all that kind of stuff

So we just need to wait a little while I'm gonna close GoDaddy Now, we know it's working when we click on this login button And something appears Basically a login screen for WordPress

At the moment, it's not there because I just updated the name servers Okay, that didn't actually take very long I just waited like a minute or two and now the WordPress login screen is coming up You'll find this login page if you go to your domain name, /wp-admin Now in here, we're gonna need that username and password from just few moments ago when we installed WordPress

Now, if you lost the password, for whatever reason you lost that page that was open with the password on while you were doing your domain name stuff, don't panic You will have received an email like this from HostGator that says your WordPress is installed and that's got your username, password in there So I can just copy that password I know the username wpeagle Password and then you click Remember Me

Makes it easy on your app to log in again in the future So here we are, we could save the password if you like I've got a little kind of wizard here but we don't need that so I'm just click I don't need help, thank you very much And we're good The first thing I actually gonna do is I'm gonna just change the password so that I've got a password that I can actually remember

So do that, I'm gonna go into here and into Edit My Profile at the top And if I scroll down, here is the the password, we can generate new passwords or we can type one in that we might actually remember I can click Confirm use of weak password, and there we go Now I'm using password that I'll actually remember So the first thing I wanna do is actually just clean up this instal because HostGator instal quite a few plugins and things that we don't really need right now

It's better just to instal your own plugin So I'm go into Plugins and Installed Plugins And I've got Google Analytics and things which is fine Actually that's not a bad plug-in for Google Analytics and let's leave that one there But we don't need this Jetpack

We don't need Jetpack and we don't need Hello Dolly So I'm just gonna untick those and click Delete and Apply They're gone Now, we don't need these other ones either The MOJO and the OptinMonster and WPForms Lite so we untick those

Go on this drop down down the bottom it and go Deactivate Then we can tick them again and select Delete Yes I'm sure, thank you So I'll leave the Google Analytics It's great way of tracking your traffic

I've got lots of videos on my channel about Google Analytics but basically you just go over to Google Analytics, create an account and then it's very easy to link it just by doing the settings in there, or indeed by clicking up there Okay, so we're good Let's have a look at the site If we click up here on Visit Site Here is our site

It's running the basic theme, 2016 possibly, might be even 2017 So what we're gonna do next is I'm gonna change the theme This theme is nice but I've got another one that I like It's one that comes with WordPress straight out the box So we're gonna change the theme and then we're gonna add some content

I'm gonna show you how to add some affiliate links and then you're good, we're all done I say this is a great quick and easy video If you wanna take a little bit more advanced, add the extra themes then do check out some of the other videos on my channel So yeah, let's do that thing first of changing the theme I'll just close my email, I don't need that

So if we go back into the dashboard, then go into Appearance and Themes So yeah, we're on 2017 And a theme that I actually want is 2014 which isn't here So to add it, I'm gonna go up to Add New Type in 20, and it should come up

And yeah, 2014, that's what I want And that's installed and then if we click Activate, and we're good to go So there are a tonne of themes in that libraries All of them are free Although I'd recommend if you wanna take your sites to the next level that you go for a premium theme and check out somewhere like theme forest and get something really nice from there

Okay, so let's have a look at the site now And yeah, we're good So what we need to do is add some content I think it's good to get the content on as quick as we can so then we can see what the site looks like and how its laid out and all that kind of stuff Now I've got free articles ready to go

They're in Word And what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna kinda copy and paste them in and then I'm gonna add some images and some links and that way Okay, so I've got some articles ready to go now I'm gonna recommend to you that before you kinda launch you're site, get everything ready You're gonna need around 10 articles, good quality articles, even write them yourself or you find a good writer on somewhere like Upwork

Be sure to check out some other videos on my channel, especially the ones with Doug Cunnington where he talks about this in more detail Now I've got free ready so far for this site and for this tutorial I've got this folder on my computer here Some free articles and I've also got a few images I'm getting my images from Shutterstock

When you're getting images, be sure to pay for them or at least get the correct permissions before you start putting images on your site, otherwise, you could get in trouble and I wouldn't want that So let's start with the first article which is this one here 10 Ways you can lose weight FAST Just give it a click Here it is

So it's quite a nice, long article You're gonna want probably around a thousand words, really to make it really work well for you And a few images and that kind of stuff So let's add this to the site as our first one So to do that, I'm gonna go back to site and look up here and go to New, Post

And we can start entering all the content here So the first thing is the title So I'm just gonna copy and paste and I'm gonna go back to the document Copy that to the clipboard, paste that 10 Ways you can lose weight FAST

And then I'm gonna get the rest of this content here I actually do it in chunks because I need to add the images myself, ideally It's best not to copy and paste them out of Word So let's just take that bit of text, and I'm actually gonna switch to the Text input Just 'cause I don't want any of the formatting and stuff to come over from Word, I want to do it all myself

So just paste that in I'm just gonna add a few spaces there between these paragraphs like that And I'll add some text effects in a second I just wanna get it on here for now So I just wanna add an image down here

That bit of steak or whatever it was Let's click Add Media and then click Select Files and then we can just browse around on our computer, find the right folder, hopefully Always having everything's in the wrong place today Rapid Weight Loss tools, Articles and yeah, right about there So that's some image of some food

I'm gonna align it centre There's some options down here And put it on Full Size, and there we go Insert into post That's good

We can switch back to Visual if you wanna just have a look at how things are going It's looking alright So let's carry on and add the rest of the content And at the end, we're gonna add some affiliate links I hate this layer on Word, just going to one, thank you

I think I want that little snippet there Okay, let's copy this bit of text Here we go That's part one In fact I'm gonna take these images out of Word, they're just in the way

And I can copy and paste the all lot in one big go Why is number one down there again? What's going on with my article here? Okay, we're good Let's get rid of that So I'll just clean up the article Depends where you get your articles from and how they come up, see if you write yourself, then I don't have a problem but if you bought them or whatever then, they may need a little bit of tidying up

So let's just copy all this stuff all the way up to number two Hey, I don't want you, woman There we go Copy all that and paste it and there we go We got it all in here

So let's go through and add some paragraphs In fact, now we can switch to the Visual because I've pasted it all in I'm ready to start formatting So that's good Let's make this a heading

So I'm just gonna highlight it, go up here and let's go for Heading 3, that sounds good And this one too, Heading 3 And a little bit of spacing here Oh, hang on, that's not right I'm just gonna undo that

Just gonna add a bigger space Sometimes that happens There we go Now it's good I think you get the idea

So I'm gonna carry on just doing this and formatting everything up I'll do a quick edit on the video so you don't have me painstakingly go through and formatting my content It's something that's worth doing and definitely spend a bit of time getting your content looking as good as you possibly can There's videos on my channel about using the WordPress editor and all that stuff But it's pretty straightforward

It looks basically like Word And if you can use Word, you'll be just fine You just add headings and boldings and all that kind of stuff It's also a little bit annoying like Word It just jumps around a little bit sometimes where you don't want it to

But I'm getting there so as I said, let's do a quick edit and then we'll get on to just kinda adding some more images and adding our affiliate links See you in a sec Okay, so I formatted all the content It's all looking good When you finish, just click the Publish button

And we can take a look at the post by clicking here, on the View post link So here is our lovely article I say lovely, it needs a few extra bits and bobs, it needs some affiliate links, of course, and it needs a few images So let's do that now, and we also need to put it into a nice category actually so that everything's organised correctly on our WordPress site So let's do a category

If you don't add any categories, it's just gonna put them in Uncategorized which is not very exciting So I'm gonna untick that, I'm gonna click Add New Category and I'm gonna just call it Lose Weight Yeah, Lose Weight is fine I'll maybe have another category on exercise and that kind of thing And also you'll choose categories that are suitable for your niche or niche if you're American

And yeah, make sure that you put everything into relevant category so people can easily find your articles The next thing is tags Now, technically they're useful in terms of grouping stuff together So for this tag, we might just put again Weight Loss, Diet, Exercise Just words that are about the content

Allows WordPress to group stuff together again, so it's more logical It's optional, later if you wanna remove tags we don't want to So let's now set a featured image Now a featured image appears around the site and sometimes at the top of the post So it's definitely worth doing

So I'm gonna click set featured image Upload another file from my computer I've got a lovely one here called Belly Fat So just a quick tip though I'm inserting into this video after I've actually recorded the bulk of it but I realised as I got to the end of the tutorial, that the best size for your featured image is 1038 by 576, or an aspect ratio of that

So if you've got a smaller image like this one, say for example, a thousand wide, then the height needs to be 555 and you can find these values by using an aspect ratio tool Let me show you what that is I'm just gonna Google it Ratio calculator will be fine I quite like this one

I actually like the old one, so let's go to the old one So you type in your original, the image size that we need which as I say is 1038 by 576, and if you type in the current width that you've got on your image and then do calculate, we can see that the height we need is 555 But usually, if you get it that shape, it'll look really nice on the site, otherwise, there'll be kinda space around it and it will look a bit weird So let's adjust the size of the image now The good thing is that you can edit images within WordPress so I've selected the belly fat there and if I click Edit Image and then if I just highlight, kinda rough, the shape and size that I want

I could then type in over here, where it says Selection, the actual real height and width, 1000 by 555 Then if I click this little tool here which is Crop, that's all done and then click Save And then set as featured image So now that should look really nice on the site So yeah, remember that size and you'll be fine

1038 by 576 Let's carry on There we go I've got a couple more images that I wanna just drop in here I've got an L-Carnitine

I don't even know what that is I've got one of them there, I've got an image which I'm gonna add Like that Gonna centre it, it's already centred, that's fine, insert into post Here we go

I've got another one down here on fish oils Let's do that There we go So let's click Update and just have a look at the post now See how it looks

Okay, looking good There's a featured image A nice big belly at the top of our post, looks really good If we scroll down, the post is like really coming together now It's got images, that kinda thing

So and there's our tags and people can leave a comment at the bottom if they like So the final thing we need to do on this post is add some affiliate links So for this example, I'm gonna be using Amazon as my main merchant that I'm gonna be promoting, but of course, you may be promoting many merchants Maybe you sign up for ClickBank or Affiliate Window or Commission Junction, any of those guys The principle is basically the same

You're gonna be generating a tracking link that allows the merchants to track the clicks from your site over to them and of course then, track the sales so that you can earn a commission So as I say, yeah, the technique is generally the same You go over to the merchant, you generate a link and then you copy and paste it into your content So let's do that right now If you're not really signed up with Amazon, let me just head over there now, as an affiliate, all you need to do is go down to the bottom of the Amazon site that you're promoting

Maybe it's amazoncom or amazonde or amazoncouk which is the one I'm on right now

And you go down to Associates Programme down here, and then you just kinda have to click that button, Join Now For Free and off you go You'll have them ready to start generating links I'm gonna log in And I'm ready to go Now, I'm just gonna manage my tracking IDs

This is a kind of Amazon only thing I'm gonna make sure that I've got one for this site, which I don't think I have Nope, so I'm just gonna create one I'm gonna click Add Tracking ID and I call it rapidweightlosstools and click Create and there we go And now, I'm ready to start linking to some products

So let's go back to Amazon And let's have a look at our article The first thing I'm gonna promote is one of those supplements The carnitine There we go

So I'm just gonna copy that and go to Amazon and paste it in search box Find a product that looks good This one looks good Carnitine Xtreme Perfect

Now of course, I could just link to this search page That'd be fine And to do that, I've got this SiteStripe across the top and I just click Text and I've got a link here which is the tracking link so I can insert that or I could pick a product specifically, like this Xtreme one And again, just click on Text That, there we go or we can even add an image

Like that Sorry, that's Text and Image So click on Image to get an image I need to select the right tracking ID which was that one, rapidweightlosstools Then I could just copy paste that in and I'd get an image on my site as well

But for now, I think I'm just gonna go for Text and I think I will just link to the search page because I don't know which one's best so people can make up their own mind So I'm gonna click on Text I'm gonna select the right tracking ID which is this one Click Get Link There we go and then I can just copy this link, go back to my content, click Edit Post and then scroll down to here

I'm gonna highlight that word there I'm gonna click on the little chain and then paste the link in I'm also gonna click on the little cog and just make it open in a new tab I'll click on this image Again, click on the link, insert the link, open in a new tab

The reason I do that is because I don't them to close my site As if I had just want them to go to Amazon but also stay on my site as well Maybe highlight that word as well Little cog Make the link in a new window

There we go I mean, I'm sure I could probably go through this bit of content and find other opportunities to link off to products Here's an obviously another way to do it Another product even I can link to It's the omegas

So let's search for a omega oil Wow, there's a whole load there That's perfect I'm gonna link to the search page again It's got the right tracking ID

Copy that link back to the post Let's link omegas like that The image too There we go So I think that's fine

There's a couple of valuable affiliate links in there Let's say I'll probably go and add some more if I really wanted to, but that's fine for now Let's click Update And it's gonna take a look at what the site looks like Actually one last thing before we do

I'm just gonna adjust the date on this post It's set to today's date which is the 4th October, but I sure want this to appear like it was done a little while back Just because I'm gonna be adding another couple of bits of content today and I don't want them all to be on the same date So you can adjust the dates here I set a date in the past back in September

If you set a date into the future, it will then schedule that post and will automatically publish it when it hits that date Okay There's View post Okay, there's a big belly, and scroll down So we've got our link there and if we give that a click, there we go, we're off to Amazon

And then if anyone makes a purchase, and it doesn't necessarily have to be a purchase of these supplements They can purchase anything They could buy a telly or some boots or whatever, dog food You still get a commission And there's other ones

That's looking good So let's just go back to our homepage Now, the homepage has, I think we might need to set up our homepage It's just showing post at the moment, so we'll do that in a few moments We'll do some pages and kinda tidy this bit up down here as well

And that'd be a good thing to do So what I'm gonna do, rather than put you through me copying and pasting lots of word content into the site, I've got two more posts I'm gonna add them now and once I've done that, I'm gonna show you what they look like with their affiliate links and their images and all that kind of stuff and then we'll go on adding a few pages and just tidying the site up after it's all done Not too much more to do, thankfully So yeah, I'll see you in a few moments

Okay, so I've added some more content Now we got three posts in total They're slightly different So we've got the nine of the best books to help you lose weight Obviously that's an easy one, really, for linking to Amazon

So I have lots of books By the way, I'll just show you how I did these images I've used the image option over on Amazon when you sign up as an affiliate and you're using the SiteStripe I selected a large image and then just copy this bit of code down here and pasted it in I'll just show you exactly how that works in a test post here

To paste it in, you will need, I'll just call this Test Post You will need to be on the text editor and just paste in the code, and I switch to Visual There we go, we can see the image And it also adds a link so that someone clicks on that image and goes to Amazon, it's one of your affiliate links, so you're gonna get paid Anyway, I don't need that post

Let's move it to trash So the site is coming together nicely I say we've got these free posts This Hello World post which is the default WordPress example posts We don't need that so let's click Trash

If you need to get to this section, it's under Posts and All Posts So yeah, we've got the free posts looking good The other one, sorry, is the best gym machines for weight loss So again, it's coupon for link into Amazon because I'm linking to expensive things like this this treadmill which is like a thousand pounds So good commission on that if you sell one

And and there we go, yes So, I bought these images, as I said before, from Shutterstock They look really nice So we're kinda ready to just finish off the site now We need to add a couple of pages

I'll show you how to do that I'll show you how you can customise these colours and we'll also set up the homepage so a little bit better Maybe add a nice slider or something to the top So let's do that now The first thing I'm gonna show you is the pages

So, at the moment, we got this thing called sample page It just shows a lot of pages So the page is different to a post because the page is more static It doesn't change as often whereas posts, you're gonna be adding on a regular basis Hopefully, fairly regular

A page is static So pages are great for things like about, as contact hours, any of those sort of pages where you wanna show off some information And what we could do is just simply edit this page That's a good way of kind of starting We can just change this to About us

When you change the permalink to about-us, there's a hyphen The permalink is basically the URL and then you can just add some text So we find you all the best products and information on how to lose weight quickly Now, you probably want to, obviously, put a bit more text than that but I think you get the idea You can also set featured image though that doesn't always show on pages so it's not always necessary

So let's have a look at our About Us page There we go, and it's changed to About Us up there If I wanted to add another page, we go up here in New, Page This one could be Contact us If you have a question, please get in touch

And then you'd maybe add your email address So like contact I actually not have an email address set up but you could enter a real one If you're interested in setting up a form, I'm not gonna go into that right now but you could add a form to this page where people just fill in the form and then get in touch for you Do check out my channel

I've got a couple of great videos on how to add forms I say great, I think they're okay I mean, I'm kinda bigger myself up there a little bit But yeah, there's a couple of videos on how to add forms using free plugins or paid for plugins Let's say I don't wanna clutter this video up with all that stuff, so if you wanna do these extra things like add forms, maybe a social media buttons, all that kind of stuff, check out the channel

There's stuff on there about all that stuff That's Contact us page Set a template if you want So maybe if you want it full width, you could do that And this is no sidebar, entirely up to you

Okay, publish And there we go And it's added it to the menu up there which is nice If you wanted to adjust this menu along here, you go to Customise And then Menus, then you click Add Menu, we'd call it Main Menu

Create Menu And we'll say appear in the top primary menu There is obviously another menu section down the left if you need it And then we could add some items, we can add the Home and the Contact us and the About us, and then we can just kind of reorder them like that by dragging them around Click Save & Publish

There's our lovely menu Looking good So while we're in here, let's go through the customization thing So I came into this section by going into Appearance and then Customise or by clicking on Customise across the top bar The first section is Site Identity and it's, the name of site is Rapid Weight Loss Tools

And we can change the tagline to helping you lose weight and quickly A site icon if we like The site icon is the bit that appears up in your tab I don't have on hand right now so I'll leave that Here, we've got the colours

So you can change the colour of the site title, there you go We can maybe have it red or yellow or oh, yellow is not bad, is it? Green, green, let's go for green Change the background colour That's not doing anything, I guess that's only visible on large screens so let's not worry about I should save and publish that

Like that We can add a header image if we like So that would fit across the top here Again, I don't have more time if I ever want to use one, but if you do, you set it in here It gives you a recommended size of 1260 by 240

Set a background image which may only be visible on widescreen so that will sit behind just the site if you wanted to do that Menus, we've just been in Widgets, right So the widgets are down here You've got the primary sidebar

So we got the Search, the Recent Posts, the Recent Comments, the Archives, the Categories and the Meta and you can just kinda drag these around like that You see how they're moving You can add new widgets if you like and there are tonnes of stuff that you can add here So if you wanna add an image or some text Let me just show you the Text, we could add a bit of text

Maybe call it About us We're here to help you lose weight fast and easily So that's handed that down there so you can add whatever you like It's just the same as page posts kind of editor and we drag that to the top and there it is, very nice Then there's the Content Sidebar which I'll get to in a minute, actually, when we do the homepage, I'll add something there

And then there's a Footer Widget which I guess would be down here somewhere if you needed it The one widget actually I don't want is the Meta, that one there's a bit, so you don't need that, so I'm just gonna click Remove and then we're done Save & Publish So that's the widgets and then we've got static front page and additional CSS which we don't need either of those right now Okay, so let's get on and do the the homepage

So let's just have a look at what we've got I'm just gonna click the cross to come out of this Go back So, the moment, the homepage is just showing us like all the posts in their full entirety which is fine but I think we can do better Be better just to show kind of snippets and maybe utilise the slider which is included with this theme

So let's do that slider Now, the way slider works is on tags Remember the tags I showed you earlier on the posts? So if we tag, post up with a certain tag, they'll be included in the slider So, maybe a good tag would be featured I'll just show you we could tag up the posts with the featured tag

Let's go into the dashboard Go in to Posts and All Posts And then I'm gonna just highlight all of them I'm gonna make all of them featured but I guess if you've got a lot of posts, you might just pick three or four Tick those

I'm gonna go to Bulk Actions, Edit and then Apply And I'm gonna add the tag, and I'm gonna call the tag slider It's fairly straightforward You know, just add a comma You don't really need to add a comma, actually

Too fairly, let's just put slider and click Update So they're all now tagged up with slider And if we just go back to the site, and go to Customise while we're on the homepage I've got this section here called Featured Content, So you can either have a grid layout And let me show you what that looks like

Let me just change the tag name to slider Okay, I don't know if it's actually gonna preview over here We might have to go and have a look at the actual site So just copy the URL I'm gonna go into this tab, just paste that in

So we look in the site, ah, there we go So there's the grid kinda layout There's nothing to show here now because the free posts are up there So that's good Let's have a look at what the actual slider looks like

If we go to Slider, Save & Publish All that is gonna preview Go back to this tab, just refresh Refresh That's not doing it, I mean

It did save Okay, that could be a do to cache There's a little bit of a caching system on the site so let's just see if we need to clear that I'm just gonna go back to the dashboard Go to Caching, Purge All

So if you make a change and it doesn't appear to have changed then that could be it Let's go back and refresh There we go So there's our nice slider Now, what I think I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take one of the posts out of the slider so that it sits below just to give you guys a bit of a idea of the layout, because I haven't got any more post

So ahead right now So I'm just gonna go back in to Posts and then All Posts And let's go for this one So I'm just gonna click Quick Edit and I'm just gonna take out the slider tag like that Click Update

Now let's go back to the site Okay and there we go So we've got the slider up top and then we've got the kind of other latest posts below So what we're gonna do now just to finish off the site, I'm gonna add a few other little bits of content I'm gonna add a few videos from YouTube

And of course ideally you'd be adding your own videos that you've created yourself but if that's not possible, it's fine just to add some videos that you've selected by other people That's fine, there's no problem doing that And I'm also gonna add a few inspirational quotes Maybe just one or two of those all around weight loss and then with those posts, I'm gonna show them down the side here on the sidebar, so it appears on the content It'll become clear in a few moments

So let's add a couple of videos First I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna head over to YouTube and just do a search for weight loss and see if we get anything good Yeah, they look good So all we need is the link So let's go back to the site and go New, Post

What's this first one called? It's called Before & After 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation Based in the title, that all you need to do is get the link I can do that by right clicking and going Copy Link Address, paste it into the content and the video should just appear like that Come down the right-hand side and select Video I'm just gonna set the date in the past sometime, August is fine

And put it under a category if you like Lose Weight And then click Publish So I'm just gonna add a couple more of these Let's do another one, Add New

Well that's what? My Weight Loss Journey The Honest Truth Again, copy the link address, paste it in, select Video

Let's change this back to a month ago Let's put it under Lose Weight You can even create a category called videos, in fact, that might be nice Let's do that If I could just spell videos, videos

And put it into categories if you like Click Publish Let's do one more for luck There's good old boogie2988 I actually watch his channel

He's quite an interesting guy But yeah, he is a bit overweight if I'm honest Yeah, he's losing it so that's good Not that I'm here to comment on weight loss, it just happens to be the subject to the site that I'm creating for this tutorial You might be wondering why actually and the reason is that I've had this domain rapid weight loss tools for years and years and years

I bought it, yeah, a good while ago off Flippa and add a site attached to it That was actually a little bit of money That kind of fell away and I've just kind of been stuck with the domain name so I thought, well, might as well use it So that's why I'm using rapidweightlosstoolscom

So here's a final video Let's just publish this back, again September 6th That'll do There we go So next thing I wanna add is some inspirational weight loss quotes

So let's do a search inspirational weight loss quotes There's some on Pinterest That's quite, I don't know though, I can't copy and paste So for sure, that's no good for me Let's try this one

These aren't very good Nine things to say when you fall off the bandwagon That's a good one Being defeated is only a temporary condition Giving up is what makes it permanent

I'm just gonna copy this quote Again, I think quotes are fine to use There's no copyright around quotes If we select quote down here, I'm just gonna paste that in There we go

I'm not quite sure what it's gonna look like so we'll have a look in a second Let's just put this back to July So I want a kinda broad range of dates on the content so that's why I'm putting them in the past There we go Okay so, I think we're ready to go now

I don't need any more quotes One will be fine for now Let's add them to the sidebar So to do that, let's just take a look at the site I'll just show you exactly where they're gonna go

Okay, the videos are showing up there I want this to be the top, this poster Let's just change the date on this Let's put it forward to September 26th But you could see that the videos and that was showing up

So yeah, I want that one to be the first poster then that's perfect Go back to the homepage There it is and then we've got the other videos which is fine So I actually put the videos to appear down the right-hand side as well as I said So let's go into Widgets up here

Let's start with the quote So in the content sidebar, we need to add the 2014 specialised widget I can't even say that word The ephemera, whatever that is Let's call it Inspirational Quote and I wanna show one 'cause I only got one and then I'm gonna choose the quotes, click Save then we're gonna add the widget again, below it and for videos, I wanna show three videos and then select Video as the post format, click Save

Let's have a look There is the quote And there are the videos So the site is looking really good now I think, personally, I think it's okay

I think it looks nice See, you could change that to the grid layout if you wanted and you could even add a static page here if you want to rather than having content, but I think context good because the site is all about content That's what a blog is for, content So I think we're about done There's one last change I want to do and that is the permalinks

Now the permalinks are the URL of the post So this one is /indexphp/2017 blah, blah, date and all that stuff, it is too much I wanna simplify it, which is good, not only for your visitors but also good for search engines So I'm back into the Dashboard

I'm gonna go to Settings, come on, Settings and Permalinks In a moment, we set to Custom Structure I'm just gonna put this to post name and then I'm actually gonna go back into Custom Structure and I'm just gonna add the word category, surrounded by percentage signs and then a slash So what that's gonna do is insert the category and then the post name So that's done, same setting then I'll show you what that actually looks like on the front

So if we click on one of these posts Like this one, Nine Of The Best Books To Help You Lose Weight URL is now /books because that's the category and then the name of the post and we've got rid of that index and all the other weird stuff, so Yeah, the site I think is ready to go I'm not gonna do any more in this video

I think I've got you to a point now where you be able to run with it and add more content and customise the site One thing I have actually done between edits is I've changed that background colour You remember earlier I changed it to white I didn't like it as white This is the background here

I'll show you again in the Customise just quickly Under Colours, you've got this Background Colour Now, you can actually see it when you're doing the preview but it is there It's over on the right hand side on my screen as I just showed you And I think a darker colour is better

And it was white when I was messing around but yeah, this is colour here I think it looks better as a dark colour You can also add an image if you want That's done within that settings area and the customise again if you wanna do that But yeah, I think let's wrap this video up

I hope you've got to this point Well done if you have Sure to subscribe and check out the channel for more videos I'm gonna be adding a few extra bits to this site going forward I will create some more videos

Like doing some SEO on it and adding some more plugins to jazz it up a bit But for now, you've you've probably got this far and you've got a great site and you're ready to add more content and get going and it will get, you know, it's a foundation that you can you can build on So, well done Again, congratulations These videos are always longer than I hoped it to be so well done if you got this far

You've done really well So let's got off the laptop and let's go back to me talking to the camera Congratulations Well done, you made it to the end of the video I hope you've got a lovely site set up and ready to go and you're in the process of adding content to it

The next thing you're gonna wanna do is generate some traffic and maybe add a few extra features to the site so be sure to check out my channel I've got loads of videos on that stuff including generating traffic and adding various plugins like social media buttons and forms I'd love to see your site so be sure to leave links in the comments below and I will take a look at those And if they look really good and if you have some success, I may even feature them in an upcoming video If you're not already subscribed, then please do click on the eagle up there and click the little bell icon to be notified when I upload

Here's another video actually, from the channel that you might enjoy and I've got a couple other channels Yeah, check them out Until next time Bye for now

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