How To Make A WordPress Website 2018

Hi guys, my name is Ferdy and in this video we are going to create a beatiful WordPress website using the premium theme Enfold In my opinion one of the best themes out there

Let me show you what we are going to make We will make a beautiful website using the Enfold Theme With a call to action over here We can have our social media links in the top bar We can remove this top bar with one click

Then we have a logo If you scroll down the logo becomes a color Right now the logo is white We have a nice menu Really clean with a submenu

Then we have the text of our company What we offer 2 call to actions And if you click on it you go there immidiately In the slider you also can have a link on the whole slide

If I click overhere I co immidiatly to the page 'Services' Photography Then we scroll down I will show my 3 services I offer Photography, film and webdesign Here I show some pictures

Here I show a video And here I show some websites I have made Since we can not view autoplay video's on a smartphone I decided when it is viewed on a smartphone, you will see a link like this, instead of the video So everything will still look okay So if I make it bigger again you will see the video

Here I showcase my latest work Our latest blogposts And here we have some footer widgets A facebook likebox And Instagram overview

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