How to Make A Business Website Using WordPress & Elementor Page Builder & Astra Theme 2018

In this video we are to create the website that you see right now it is ideal for any type of business and the best news for you is that all of the tools that we are using to create this website do not cost anything the only cost to complete this website is just basic web hosting that you will need let's take a quick look at this website on the homepage here we have this beautiful full image here in we have this contact form in the be lots of spots for you to put information about your business and the exact services that you provide and at the bottom we come back with another contact form and contact information for the business including a map and then we have this services page right here which you can highlight the various services in this beautiful format that you offer for people that we have a frequently asked questions page here were were using this very flexible accordion style design and we have this contact form here on the bottom you have an about us page that will show some of the information on your business and then we also have this tab section here that you can communicate more about your business to your website visitors each page organ and have this contact form on the bottom and then we have the actual contact form page here that is already preformatted for multiple office locations and then we also have this contact form in the header you can see right there we have this large area that people's eyes are drawn to to to show your phone number so whenever someone comes your website there is no question where is your phone number for them to be able to contact you directly hi my name is Adam from WPCraftercom where I make WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies and I'm excited about this video now this is a longer video than most of the videos I create have already put on YouTube over 250 tutorial videos all about building websites and this probably will end up being the longest video and it's not that building this website takes as much time it's that I go over every single detail and I try to leave no stone unturned in this tutorial video I try to just lay it all better for you and give you all of the information on how to create a beautiful but practical website that you can actually use today now throughout this video I'm going to reference the video description box if you're watching this on YouTube and just you know verse eight video of mind and when you scroll down this area right here is the video description box and when you click on show more it will show you all of the information in that video description box so throughout the video when I'm referencing this video description box that is where the information is hey if you find the information in this video is valuable to consider clicking on the subscribe button and if you want video notifications of future videos that I make there's a little bell off to the right of that subscribe button you can click on that and you too will let you know when I've uploaded new videos so let's not waste any more time let's get to making this a beautiful website right now so now let's review everything that you are going to learn in this video first thing you learn is how to choose a domain name and set up a web hosting accountant that is where your websites going to be in the cloud the annexing order to learn is how to install an SSL certificate now if you're not familiar with that is it's called a security certificate and it's you know when you go to the website and you look where the web address is they'll be a green padlock off to the side you get that green padlock with an SSL certificate and you have to have an SSL certificate I don't know why more tutorials don't cover adding an SSL certificate to your website in fact if you do not have an SSL certificate not only will you do it not say that green padlock and say secure it's going to say and not secure this is how the work of some comes to your website starts entering anything in it will say not secured now I don't know about you but for me I to not want someone coming to my website and have it a message that says not secure that's why it's absolutely crucial that you install an SSL certificate in your to learn how to do that in this video Mexican learn how to create a logo and also tell you where you can go and order logo if you wanted to do that but I'll give you some tips on how to create one for yourself and will also learn how to select a color scheme or a color palette for your website and also choose some fonts that you want to use on your website these are the three things that when you add to your website it's going to make it unique it's gonna make it stand out and it's going to represent you and your brand next you are going to learn how to use WordPress that is when everything's going to be built on and you're also going to learn how to use Elementor now Elementor is what's called a page builder and that's our to make all these beautiful pages on your website and lastly you are going to learn how to do on page SCO all of your website you're gonna learn how to fully set up your site from an SCO perspective so when Google comes to your website the information is going to be there to communicate to Google what your website is about and they Google could take that information and show your website to people that are searching for various things and working to go through SCO in this video and were also going to go through creating automated backups of your website so you'll never be having to worry if something happens if you're going to have a backup you can have off-site backups and working to cover security how to secure your website so now let's talk hosting and more importantly web hosting and I want you to know that this is gonna be the most important part of any website is the Web hosting company that you choose to go with it and it's going to determine how fast your website loads and that's actually very important crucial ingredient to ranking well with Google from an SCO perspective and just from a user experience perspective speed really is everything in support for you is really everything as well some and give you some tips right now on how to choose a good Webhost so injured and to want avoid EE IG and Go Daddy companies EIG stands for endurance International group and essentially it's a big conglomerate that buys up web hosting companies fires all their support staff consolidates everything and what ends up happening is the quality of the web hosting service tanks the quality of the support tanks everything just tanks and see what avoid these E IG based companies and I'll give you some of them all I'll try to put a extensive list on my website but some of them are Bluehost Hostgator there's our Vic see there's probably about 50 different DIG owned web hosting companies and you really just want to avoid all of them and you can read some reviews on people of had really bad experiences with TIG-based companies and also with Go Daddy now Go Daddy a lot of people get Go Daddy hosting because they think I'm just can go to Go Daddy and get a domain name there and then they get the hosting as well I will tell you their quality of service is extremely extremely poor with Go Daddy websites load very slow before something on your website called caching which will cause all kinds of problems with your website and they don't really give you an option to use something different so I'm struggling and urge you to avoid DIG and Go Daddy companies for web hosting and you also want to avoid the other extreme which is these small mom and pop web hosts and the reason is is because of your tiny Webhost you don't really have the money to invest in the best hardware but more importantly something called DD OS mitigation and so DDO is mitigation costs equipment costs tens of thousands of dollars and mom-and-pop hosts they simply don't have that they don't have the depth of support to really be able to provide the best web hosting experience next you want to choose a web hosting company that gives a free SSL certificates and will allow you to upgrade to something called PHP seven I know this is a little technical let me just make it simple for you a free SSL certificate is very important I just explained prior that you have to have an SSL certificate on every single website will if your web hosting company doesn't provide one for free they could cost between 50 and $100 per year per website if you're not getting it for free from your Webhost so you can get very expensive very quick and that's why I will always go with the web hosting company that offers free SSL certificates and the single PHP seven on the Nate show you what it is it really takes two seconds to upgrade it but when you upgrade to this version 7 of it it's going to make your website so much more faster and you really need to go to the Webhost that gives you the option to change it so I know those two are technical things when actually show you how to do them in their very simple with the hosts that I recommend so right now I want you to visit a website I've set up its order new hosting

com you could just visit order new hostingcom it's gonna take you right over to this page right here and it's going to have three Webhost that I recommend that meet all of these criteria there to give you free SSL you can be able to upgrade your PHP they are reliable companies are not small mom-and-pop companies but there also not owned by these big conglomerates and these three web hosting companies are pretty much universally regarded as three of the very best web hosting companies that you can choose to go with so there's InMotion hosting A2Hosting and Siteground hosting now if you go through the link here it says click here to order service from any of these three web hosting companies I also throw in a bonus of some of my paid training courses and the reason I do this is to make your WordPress-based experience as awesome as possible and as smooth as possible so instead of having to purchase these courses to get this training I will give this to you for free so for InMotion hosting though it's going to be the best value your and get the biggest discount when you sign up and it's going to give you the most courses with it but you can come here and see the different packages that I have now also keep in mind I will probably add hosts to this list as time goes on so when you visit this link order new hosting there might be one or two extra web hosting companies here listed now let me share with you some of the pricing of these three web hosting companies and kind of what differentiates them all let's first start with Siteground hosting here is their website Siteground is going to be the most expensive of the three web hosting companies let me go ahead and click on the web hosting plans here so the least expensive plan is $395 per month but you have to pay for one year or think they might also offer a two-year term now here's the biggest negative is its metered hosting which means it's gonna limit you to the about 10,000 visits per month to your website and then they have these other plans here that will L allocate for more website visitors to your web sight but look at these pricing here so this is the first term discounted price so if you go with the most expensive plan it's 1195 but the regular price is $30 a month which I find a bit on the high side however they are going to give you a phenomenal experience in terms of support and speed of your website the next one is A2Hosting they are pretty good as well they are kind of in the middle of the cost of InMotion and the cost of Siteground and they also have a really good performance for your website if you choose them for your hosting and they provide the free SSL certificates like some of things A2Hosting is doing their putting together some really neat solutions for people that have their website on their service and lastly is InMotion hosting right here and I have a special deal lined up with them were your to get 57% off your web hosting and they have these three plans right here I'll explain the main differences between these three plans the launch plan is can allow you to host two websites the power plants can allow you to host six different websites and April plans can give you additional resources for your website and it's can allow you to host an unlimited amount of websites so you can choose which of these three that you want now what happens is you take your mouse and you hover over the order now button and then you get this little panel that reveals and you can choose the term that means you want to order it for three years two years or one year you get your greatest discount the longer the term that you purchase it so inexpensive to get three years of hosting here so out of the three different hosting companies they provide the best SSL certificate it's the easiest to implement and they have just a fantastic service you can call up for support when you need help and they also have live chat and all of that and they also have the best pricing out of these three so let's go ahead and go ahead and order the launch plan I'll order it for a year it's gonna take me on over to the shopping cart and then what you're going to need to do is you need to choose a domain name that's gonna be your website address however if you already have a website Avenue address that you may have registered someplace else you can use that as well so I'm going to go ahead this is just things you want to get the other plan that might have additional resources on the just choose no things right here the first thing is we choose a data center Washington or Los Angeles now here's the thing before the Internet was as mature as it is you probably want your web hosting company to be near you but it's not like that anymore there's gonna be essentially next to no speed difference going across seas between UK the United States Canada Australia Asia Europe it's going to all be really fast so if you were in the UK or Europe I would choose the Washington DC East Coast location so I personally have mine at the Los Angeles location right here the next option is right here and we can have it automatically install WordPress for us this is going to skip a step for us and allow this whole process to go faster so what you go ahead and click on install WordPress and then go ahead and click on continue now here's were working to choose a domain name and we can purchase a new domain name or we can use one we already own security own a domain name you would go ahead and choose this box right here enter the Dumont domain name in if you don't own a domain name on this first option right here you would enter the domain name choose whether you wanted to becom that or biz info or US and then do a search for an available domain name you do that we already have a domain name right here someone to go ahead and enter that in and then I would go ahead and click on continue then it's gonna take you right here and it's can it ask if you're returning customer or a new customer so working to do new customer go ahead and click right here and enter a email for you make sure this is entered correctly because all of your receipts in your initial set up organ to be sent to this email address or go ahead and pop and email address in right there okay and then go ahead and click on continue and it will take us to the next step okay so right here you're going to essentially put in all your billing information first name last name your address and right here I want you to do something for me words is referred by if you would enter WP just like this that way they know that you came to their website through my website and that's going to make it so I'm able to give you access to those courses all three of these web hosting companies when you click on the link and you go there new order service they give me a small referral fee and that's how I'm able to make these videos were I don't show you advertisements in the front of them and I don't charge people to watch these videos and I'm able to give them for free it adds nothing to the cost and in exchange what I like to do to make it nice for you is to give you access to those premium training courses that I put together so just go ahead and words is referred by put in WP just like that and you can scroll down here enter in your credit card information now on their check out they don't take PayPal however if you want to pay via PayPal you can contact there live chat or even call them up if you wanted and they you could just let them know you want to pay via PayPal and they'll set you up to be able to pay via PayPal just make sure to let them know that you were referred by WP and that will be fine and adult Dell such up with the PayPal right there then go ahead and click on review your order and you can process your order and then right after it's all processed you're going to receive a few emails let me pull up those emails right here so you can see with her and you look like this will be the first email you get right here it's essentially going to be your receipt and it has your order number now if you wanted those core access to those paid training courses for free this is the email you just need to forward off to me my email is adam@wpcraftercom I also have instructions on my contact page of my website I just need to see a copy of this receipt in order to verify everything and so you can just file this offer your records but this right here is really the email that you need it's going to be your welcome email and there is a going to be a button right here that's is to get started set your password here now when you click on that it's going to take you over to InMotion hosting's website and that's where you're going to create a password for your account this new account that you just ordered you will be able to create your own password so go ahead and click on this right here go to InMotion's website and set up a password okay now after you set up a password for your account just go ahead and click on AMP login and it's can it take you to the login form here for InMotion hosting so now you can pop in that email address and you can put in the password you created and then click on this I am not a robot now if for some reason you didn't receive those emails I would recommend giving InMotion hosting a call sometimes people have maybe entered their email address wrong and a simple phone call to them will resolve that somebody go ahead and log into my account right now and that's pretty much all there is to ordering a domain name and a web hosting account so now that the web hosting account is set up I want to go ahead and show you how to enable this thing called an SSL certificate and do a few other housekeeping items that are very important for your website now if you want with one of the other web hosting companies no fear the control panel for most of this is going to it's a standard thing called cPanel now each hosting company might make their cPanel visually look a little different but the same items that we need to go to there going to be the same for pretty much all of these different web hosting companies and so here it says cPanel so I want to scroll down in the first thing I want to do is click right here it says manage free basic SSL some going click on this and what this is for is with InMotion enabling the free SSL certificate for the domain name that we just ordered show the demo

com so the first thing is right here we need to see which domains are eligible and so obviously just showing the one that I connected to my account might go ahead and click on the checkbox and click on check eligibility and what this is just making sure is that if you didn't register a new domain name through that order process and maybe your domain names with the different web registration website domain name registration company that is properly pointing to InMotion hosting Summit go ahead and click on check eligibility Artie know it's going if it's going to be eligible and it's can further confirmed with this checkmark right here so I'm in a switch it from off to on like this and here is some additional information is basically saying that it might take 10 to 20 minutes for this new SSL certificate to go into effect I'm sure it's gonna be a lot less, go ahead and click on run a check now so this is just gonna verify if the SSL certificate is working so when I go ahead and click on this it's gonna do the check and it says right here that the scan has been initiated and this can take 20 minutes to complete so okay so it's checking to see if it's working and that's okay because we have some other things we could do while this security certificate is being issued so what I meant to do is go ahead and click on AMP again right here in the top right and it's good to just take us back to that control panel now what I want to do is click on where it says cPanel and this is that industry-standard control panel where you essentially manage everything before your web hosting account create email addresses and all of that someone go ahead and click on a cPanel right here and it's can open up in a new tab now this is the way that InMotion a hosting made their cPanel look and it's gonna essentially look a little different with every host but like I said these options like email account for all these types of things that they're going to be the same for all of these web hosting companies so a lot of them right here you can actually just enter what you want so if I wanted to create an email address I would just type email like this and it's going to show me everything that matches that that's the easy way to jump around and find things so first what I want to do is upgrade the PHP version and that was that little technical thing that I was talking about in the prior segment of this video so I'm going to just manually scroll down to where I have that option and so I actually already past it so for me it's underneath software and it's right here where it says PHP configuration now I'm sorry I know this is kind a little technical but it's only time you need to do something like this and the benefits are huge so I'm in a click on PHP configuration and it shows right here that I'm already on a PHP version 7 this actually must be a new thing with InMotion hosting where they're automatically putting people on PHP version 7 because the benefits are there and there's all these prior versions like if you go to Go Daddy you might end up on this really old version that's four years old and I saw a lot of the web hosting companies are in a by default put you on an older version because there's more compatibility and things like that less problems for them however your to get the best and fastest experience with WordPress if you're using PHP version 7 and all of those web hosting companies that I recommend on order new hostingcom dear good have this option to go in here and choose the PHP version that you want and connect so I wanted to cover that some to go ahead and click on go back because there's one more thing I want to do right now and that is create an email account that will really use a later so when your website needs to send an email out it's going to use this email account so medical here and click on email accounts and this is where you can create any number of email addresses for your domain name so if your business add some better to have an email address that uses your domain name versus Gmailcom or yahoocom it's better to use a proper email address from your domain name so all you have to do is enter the front part of the email address here enter a password right here put it in again here you can choose how much storage you want the mailbox to have and then you would click on create an account to so I'm in a go ahead and fill this out now right now I'm in a click on create an account and it shows that the email address adam@showedthedemocom was created now what you're going to want to do now is get the actual email settings that you can use in say your email program or your cell phone your iPhone or your android phone if you want to load up this email address in there and what you want to do is click right here with this set up mail client so when I click on set up mail client it's going to give you the instructions for each of these different programs that you might have I don't do that I usually just scroll down here and I get these manual settings and right here the settings that you're going to want so it's going to be the username the password you set that up here is going to be the server and you would most likely be choosing IMAP working to use all of this stuff right here later in this video and we set up the email sending for your website so the contact forms when people submit a contact form and all of that they all make sure that they get to where they need to go so if you wanted right now you can just maybe highlight copy and paste this into a notepad or something else on your computer so later it'll be easy to highlight copy and paste these settings into the email sending program phenomena go ahead and click on go back and you can keep adding as many email addresses as you would like right here and so if you're accompanying you have 10 different employees you can easily go in here and set up new email accounts now also you can set up email forwarders and that's where you say want to have an email address called info@yourdomain

com and but you don't want to separate mailbox that you have to check you want those any email sent to that email address you want them sent to a different email that's easy to do by setting up a forwarder so let me go back and click on home and it's gonna take us back to the home of the cPanel and you can set those up by clicking on the forwarders so a lot of these different options you have here in your cPanel there are pretty basic and they make sense you will really only use like four or five of these different things email accounts may be forwarders and you know use one or two modules are ready that you see here in your accounts so now the last thing that we need to do is to make a couple modifications to WordPress and we in the ordering process when you set up your order for a motion hosting you chose for WordPress to be automatically installed but we need to make a couple tweaks to that so scroll down here to where it says a word press to go ahead and click on that it's gonna take us into this application installer called soft calculus only scroll down a little bit right here it's gonna show us that installation right here now I didn't mention this but right here in that welcome email that you received from InMotion hosting where you clicked on the link and then it took you over to create an account password if you scroll down a little bit more in the email right here is that WordPress login information so I created this username and he created this password so you we are going to basically make a couple tweaks to this right now so let me go ahead and minimize that so here is the installation that it did so let's go ahead and click on right here where it says edit details someone go ahead and click on that and we need to change a couple things so right here where it says the URL well we added that SSL certificate so now when people come to our website they're not going to type she TTP 30 and instead type HTTPS because it's a secure site now so I need to modify the URL to save HTTP's so this will be the address when someone comes to my website next I want you to scroll down just a little bit here to where it says admin account so first thing we need to do is change the password and in order to actually have these changes going to affect we have to use the admin account that was created and sent in that email so if I put that email again and I go right here and I highlight the username that was created and I copy it into my clipboard you can do control see your command see on your computer keyboard or right click and put it in the clipboard and then paste it right there then right here we can choose a password that would be easy to remember some go ahead and enter a password and now okay once you've entered in the password you wanted changed to scroll all the way down and click on save installation details and it's going to go ahead and make these changes change the password and add DS so that security certificate will work by default with WordPress right now which says to me that the installation it details were edited successfully so this is good now I can go ahead and click on cPanel right here to get out of cPanel now I'll tell you we pretty much done everything that you needed to do to install an SSL certificate and optimize your web hosting account for speed now what you should do is visit the website go to the URL but type in a HTTP as and then your domain name and this is what you should see this is the default installation of WordPress don't worry working to change this all completely and make it look beautiful but what you want to see right now is that if you're checking this in Google Chrome then you should have this green a padlock and it should say secure actually here let me move my web browser down just a little bits you can see that it says secures this is kind of what you see sorry it's kinda scrunched on the top left there so essentially if it's a secure that means your SSL certificate is installed it's active when people visit your website via HTTPS it's going to be encrypted and secure which like I said over and over you gotta do this for Google it's easier if you do it in the very beginning and if you're in a have any kinda e-commerce on your website or have anyone fill out a form and encrypts a connection and allows you to use your website for those things so we've actually got a ton done so far getting the domain name the web hosting account getting everything optimized but this big hurdle of getting this SSL certificate installed and activated now let's log into WordPress for the first time so to do that I want to click back into the cPanel and let's take a look at the URL to log in to your WordPress website to scroll back down to where it says WordPress and we were just in here a moment ago and here is that current installation we have so if I go ahead and click on edit details again and scroll to the bottom of that page this is the URL the link to your website and you can see now it's HCT and right here is the link to the admin URL this means essentially the backend that you're going to log into to make all the magic happen in WordPress and you could see its HTTP's the domain name and then right here it says WP-admin someone go ahead and open that in a new tab right now and when I click over to it you'll see the WordPress login now right here we can use the username but it's that real weird username or we can use the email address and then that password that we changed it to just a moment ago so let me show you my email so here is that email again and when I scroll down here is the login information here's the link but this isn't the right link is it doesn't have that S right there but here is the email username and Artie change the password so what is nice is you could leave that username or what it is if you want and just always use the email address to log in so I'm in a go ahead and copy this email address right here and I'm at a pace that right there and then right here I'm going to enter that password that I changed the password to then what I like to do is click on this checkmark here that says remember me this is so you don't always have to login every time you want to get to the back end of your WordPress website it'll leave you logged in for quite some time so go ahead and click login and now you are logged into the backend of your WordPress website now initially when you first log into WordPress and if you're not familiar with WordPress it's like oh my gosh look at all this stuff you have got all these menu things here on the left and I've got all this information showing up here on the right and I will be frank with you yes WordPress takes a little bit of getting used to I don't feel like it's a steep learning curve because if it was you wouldn't have nearly 30% of the websites on the Internet being powered by WordPress it's it's going to take a little bit of getting used to but you will and I'm a try to explain some of this and give you just a basic overview of WordPress right now and go over some of the things I like to do to WordPress right after I do a fresh installation of it so let me show you my website to kinda give you an idea of what the structure of a WordPress-based website is so were back to this page and this is how any webpage is structured you have something called the header and that's the area from the very top of the screen just below the logo this is called your header and it's the same pretty much on every page of your website and typically in your head or Juergen have a logo and you're going to have a menu now the most common way to have this laid out is your logo on the left in your menu on the right but usually you'll have other options as well may be the logo in the center and then the navigation just beneath it so that is your header it's typically the same on every page number to scroll all the way down and right here is your footer and this is also pretty much the same on every page and in this footer I have these three columns that have various links I've got this column this column in this column now every page you click on on my website it's typically going to have this same footer now what's left is everything in between K from top to bottom in between that is usually just unique to every single page of your website that you're on it's going to be different so for each page you are essentially going to be putting the content in that is underneath the header and above the footer and what we do to create these dynamic layouts is we use something called a page builder and that's the tool that were going to use to help us lay out all the content below the header and above the footer sets your basic structure of every page of every website now let me just try to show you how that translates when you're logged into the backend of WordPress so the main thing powering a WordPress website the visual look of it is called a theme and if we go to appearance there's this option here that says themes now these are the default themes that are installed when you first install WordPress but there's an option here that says add new and this shows you thousands of WordPress themes that would pretty much dictate the style of your websites you can see how this one right here looks totally different this one looks totally different from a color scheme from a structure perspective so you have all these themes that kind of allow you to take care of a lot of that structure in any of these themes you can click on and click on install and switch that theme and of course were going to install a theme in this video now underneath appearance we also have widgets and menus so I explained what the menu was right that was that navigation menu on the top right and we would create those when we click on menus are right here we would create a menu and we put menu items and we can have that look how we wanted to look and I'll do that later in this video the footer is something called the widgets so those three columns that I showed you on my website right here these are different widgets I know it's of some odd terminology but it's widgets and there are these widget areas so the default theme I have installed on this site right here has two footer area is in you just drag and drop these things called widgets in there and that's how you get the various comp bits of content into the footer number to demonstrate all this right now I'm just trying to give you an overview of all of that so that is where we do our header in our footer now if we want to create a new page all we do is we go right here to pages and then we click on add new now since this is a fresh installation I only have this sample page right here but if we wanted to create a new page of content we would just click on add new and we would give it a title and we would put our content in here and then we would click on publish and then that page is now part of your website then at that point you can decide if you wanted to create a specific link to this page in your menu or have some other way of making that page available to the people that are on your website so your WordPress site is going to be basically a bunch of different pages of content and there's also something called the posts and posts are similar to pages however there kind of date specific and what that means is you typically if you would put your content that isn't your cornerstone content into posts and these are referred to as blog posts let me show you what I mean by that so far back on my website right here so say for instance I click right here and I have my contact page okay and this is a page it's not a post so my contact page will be that my help page will be that my homepage will be that my recommended page these are pages okay but when I click on my homepage right here these are all pointing to posts and so here's a blog post about this particular thing in about this particular thing and I organize those in posts so there separate in their organized separately from my pages that I have in WordPress so your typical business you would have your homepage or about pager services page your contact page those you put as pages but if you wanted to post current information may be business updates or something along those lines you would add those two posts where you can categorize them and organize them and just keep them separate so that is this difference between pages and posts now whenever you upload an image to WordPress it's can end up here in the media library it's completely empty right now and so were going to be adding some content there let me show you some of the administrative stuff with WordPress so when we first go to settings we have these various settings right here your general settings this is where you would enter in a site title for your site you would set the administrative email address so any kind of notification that you would get from WordPress you would enter that email address right here you would set your time zone here so say someone left a comment on your website and it gets emailed to you the the timestamp there are the date and times that would make sense to you because it's sent using your time zone and then we have these various other settings right here and I'm in actually go through setting them here in a moment we have our users area right here now we only have that one user that was set up when the WordPress installation happened and here's the username and there's the email so you can actually click on this knowing you click into it you can't change the username there's a plug-in but I can show you how to change that username later in the video right here you would want to enter your name if you wanted to and a nickname this is what would show on the front and talk about this kind of stuff when I get to the point of talking about SCO for your website and is so this is also where you go to change your password and put any kind of biographical information you can depending on the theme you use this information can be pulled and when you're writing a blog post about the author so let me go back to all users and you can also have multiple users for your WordPress website so this would be useful if you're going to have different people adding content to your WordPress site and then here is the main thing that I think it makes WordPress what it is today and that is a plug-ins a plug-in what it does is it adds features to your WordPress website so for example say you wanted to have event listings on your website we would add that with a plug in a moment ago we talked about work and use this thing called a page builder to create our pages that is a plug-in so plug-ins are ways of adding features and functionality to your website and it's the same as the themes were you just go to plug-ins you can click on add new and there are I think about 50,000 different plug-ins available to enable you to do some really neat stuff with your WordPress website so no one may go through some of the things that I actually you know it let me back that up you see this right here on the top left and it has a circle and the one that lets you know that there is an update available for something on your WordPress website so what happens is WordPress itself gets updates themes get updates and plug-ins get updates so it's an automated thing where your WordPress site looks for updates each day and if there is an update available you're gonna see it right here and it's pretty good practice to keep everything updated for security purposes and also later in the video show you how to make backups you don't have to worry if you update something and it causes a problem you can easily revert back to a backup but when you click on this is going to tell you what there is an update for and it says right here so if there is a WordPress update it's good to be here if there is a plug and update it's good to be oops it's going to be right here and if there is a theme update you will see it here and to update a plug-in or theme or anything you just check on it click on update and then it would go ahead and download and apply the updates and you can see right here it says successful so that is how updates work in WordPress so now let me show you some of the things that I like to do when I first install WordPress and this is going to get the site ready for us to start building so I go to posts and there is a default post I like to go ahead and put that in the trashcan by clicking trash and then I'm in a click on trash right here in the number click on empty trash so whenever you delete a post or page it just puts it in a trash bin but I like to empty it out of the trash bin to do the same thing for pages on the click on pages and then here it is a sample page on the click on trash and then right here I'm going to click on trash again and I'm in a click on empty trash so now we've cleared out any posts or pages that we had in their next I like to go to settings and then permanent links and we need to click right here were it says posted name and I'll explain this a little bit more in the SCO portion of this video go ahead and click on save changes then I like to go to general settings and I like to go down here and set my time zone so if you click on the drop-down if you know it the GMT is you can do it like that or if you scroll up you're gonna see a bunch of city names so you can go here and find your country and then choose the city name this way if you have any kind of a daylight savings type of situation it will always change so for me I will choose a Los Angeles like that and I want to go ahead and click on save changes the next thing I like to do is click on users click on my user account I like to go right here and I like to put my name in so I'll do that now and then there's this area right here that says nickname and you can have this be whatever you wanted to be and if you say write a blog post and it says who the author is working to set it to show the nickname so I'm not feeling super creative soldiers enter show the demo just like that and then right here it's his display name publicly as I'm going to go ahead and choose the nickname it is right there and then I want to scroll down and I'm in a click on update profile so these are pretty much the things that I like to do when I first install WordPress whoops I forgot one thing I like to clear out all of the plug-ins it comes with these two by default I don't use those some of the click right here to select all of them versus bulk actions on when you choose the delete enema to click on apply and I just need to confirm it like that and I've gone ahead and done that and just for good measure I like to do the same thing with themes so I clicked on appearance and then themes I'm gonna delete these two out and what you do is you just click where it says theme details on the bottom right it says delete I'll go ahead and choose that and then confirm it and I'll do the same thing for this theme when it deleted to confirm it and now we just have this one theme installed now lastly working to do one last thing before that SSL certificate there is a plug in that organ install so many click on plug-ins and new in this plug and what it's gonna do is it's going to force any traffic to your website to be via a HTTP as so what I want to do is where it says search plug-ins I want you to enter really simple SSL now when you enter it you're gonna see the first plug in right here you can see this is one thing I like the transparency of WordPress to let you know exactly how many websites this is being used on and the overview of the ratings there's a review system so if there's a plug-in that's junk you could go and leave it a review and say it's junk in a broker site and all that and the opposite is true you can go in a put in effort worked for you and this is a very good plug-in so we need to install this this is going to make sure that everything we do on this website when someone visits the site and types in HTTP it automatically redirects them to HTTPS so every time someone visit your site the be using a secure connection so to install a theme you would just click on install now and what this does is it downloads it and then you can click on activate and then that's going to go ahead and activate that particular plug-in now this plug-in popped this up right here and added this alert where it says what we need to do is click on go ahead activate SSL like this and I think that should have done it it says SSL activated and so what this means is whenever you now try to visit your website and you go HTTP it's gonna automatically put them where you want him which is the secure encrypted connection so now that that is done it's going to be time to oops I forgot when you enable really simple SSL it's going to the next time you click on something if you're logged in you're just gonna have to re-login this one time someone to go ahead and re-log in to go ahead and click on this remember me click on the login button and then we are in SSL is an able to so we have done a lot so far now it's time to get our team for this website installed and get everything going right so now it's gonna be time to install the theme were going to use and a few plug-ins that were going to need for the website so first ring go to appearance work and click on the themes were to click on add new and then right here it says search themes work and enter the word Astra AST RA don't hit enter just type the letters and and it's gonna pop right up and here it is so good to go ahead and click on install is just gonna take a moment and then were going to go ahead and click on activate right there so now we have our Astro website and we can go ahead and leave this or delete it I'm going to go ahead and delete it so I clicked on theme details in a minute click on delete and do my confirmation just like that and then there it is I've got Astra installed this is the theme that were going to use and not what we need to do is install a few plug-ins some of go to plug-ins and I'm in a click on add new and the first one I'm going to enter is called Astra Sites so just enter Astro like this Mary go Astra and here it is Astra Sites click on install now in the morning to go ahead and click on activate and now we have Astra Sites and their assorted and repeat this process on the click add new and right here I'm in a do a search for SM TPC can just enter SMT the scroll down just a little bit right here to where it says a WP email SMTP by WP forms let's go ahead and install that this is a plug and that is going to allow us to take that email account that we had created maybe 10 minutes ago and put that information in here so every email that goes out of WordPress will be using that email address it's for deliverability so going to click on activate and renew the same thing Obreg'f3n add new and right here were him enter the word updrafts and when you enter updrafts we get this right here a minute click on install now now on this when I'm not can activate it just yet I just want to install it and that's because working to configure it later in this video okay now that that is installed like I said let's don't activate it next working to enter in iThemes Security when you could just enter iThemes like that and here it is I themes security now this is another one were working to click on install and were not going to activate it and this is the plug and were going to use to keep your website secure now the next plug-in enter it's a funny word it's a Yoast bio ASC think they actually change the name there it is Yoast SCO when this is the tool were going to use for the the SCO portion of this tutorial and I actually use all of these plug-ins by the way so go ahead and click on install now but this is another one that we are not going to activate so now let's go ahead and click on installed plug-ins and we can see everything we installed and activated so you can see this is activated this is not activated and you can tell the ones that are activated just have a little bit of a different color and typically when you activate a plug-in or theme it might add new menu items over here and if you don't see it it might have tucked it underneath settings so you see when I hover over settings we have this email option and that's added by that plug-in and we have SSL and that was added by the really simple SSL plug-in we installed when we activate Yoast it's going to put a menu option here in iThemes will as well and when we activate updrafts it'll be a new menu item here underneath the settings and this is going to get us where we need to go to have a rock solid website that is backed up and is secure and SCO optimized okay so now let's go ahead and go to appearance and because we activated the Astra Theme there's this new menu option right here this is Astra so go ahead and click on Astra and what we want to do is click right here where it says Astra Sites now what this is going to do is it's going to take the website it's going to simplify the process of everything that we been talking about in this video so it's going to create the pages for you if it's going to create the menu for you it's going to set up all the various settings for you and it's a timesaver and essentially all you are going to have to do is change out bits of text may be a few images and some colors it makes the process so much faster now when you're doing this you might see some different options here some different complete websites and that's because they're adding more and more websites to this thing called Astra Sites so they want working to use for this video is this one right here for an electrician so I'm to go ahead and click on details and preview and it's going to pull up the preview of the site right here and all of this and what we need to do over here on the left it gives us the instructions and it's essentially saying to have this website we need these two plug-ins we need the contact form seven plug-in and this is going to add the ability to create contact forms and you can see right here on the right here's a contact form and then here is going to be that thing that I was talking about called the page builder and it's called Elementor so let's go ahead and let CM and install one by one, click on install now but I think if I would've click this big install plug-ins button it would've done it for me and for Elementor, click on install now and it's going to go ahead and download and in stall Elementor and now Astra Sites knows that these two required plug-ins are there now all I need to do is click right here it's is import this site so go ahead and click that now and working to get this menu this this confirmation right here it's basically letting us know that this website is going to be downloaded imported and set up on your website and it's recommended that you have a fresh installation of WordPress and this is partially why you saw me clean out WordPress you know the default post in the default page and said some things that's why we did that so all you have to do is click on okay this is not recommended if you have an existing WordPress-based website because it might mess some things up but were using a fresh clean slate so right now it's importing everything and setting it all up and it's actually done already so you saw the button change to save done view site so now when I click on this it's going to open up my new websites on the front end in here it is so this is the homepage and look it created the menu for me it put the pages together for me and everything already works so pretty much all we have to do at this point to start customizing it for how we wanted so you can click on these various pages and it's all set up for you I can click on services it's all set up for me so you can see that this is really the easiest way to get a practical website that you can use in a practical situation that works it's the easiest way to do it in now really what the remainder of this video is his organ to learn how to use this page builder tool work and learn how to change fonts and colors to learn how to change text and images and that's pretty much what is left in this video of course were also to cover SCO and all that kind of great stuff that you're definitely going to want to know but at this point we've already accomplished so much with us setting up our hosting getting our domain name getting WordPress getting this entire website all built and getting our SSL certificate all loaded in so now what I wanted to is go into choosing some of the things that we need to customize this and what we need to do is we need to choose a color palette then we need to choose a font that we want to use her a pair of fonts that we want to use on this website and we need to go and get a logo that we can replace this default logo here with to really start customizing this website alright so first were going to figure out what colors that you want for your website now typically you're gonna want to or three colors so your first color you're going to want identify is going to be your primary color and this is the color that's going to be predominantly used on your website and this would probably be used maybe 60% of the time or 70% of the time on your website and the second color is going to be your accent color so sometimes you might want the the color of a headline to be a different color and so this could be your accent color and there's various times you might want to use an accent color and it would be just different than your primary color and then as an option you could also choose 1/3 color which I like to call your pop color and this would be the color that is going to be different than your primary and your accent and it's good to be a color that would would attract someone's eyes to when you would probably use this on to where you want their eyes to go so typically like a button right so you would make your button this color because you want people's eyes to gravitate over to that button so they know where they need to go next so here is a website called colors and that spelled COO L ORSco and you can go here and they've got a lot of great color pallets so if I click on explore it will show you a variety of color pallets now the way colors are interpreted in WordPress or pretty much anything that is design oriented is with the hex code so every single color has a unique hex code and this is the code you would copy in your to paste it in certain locations in WordPress and that's how it's gonna know the exact color that you want to use is it with these of various hex codes while look at this like every color seems I have that that yellow on it that's interesting look at that I wonder what's going on there so for example I can go ahead and click on save this color palette right here and I would go ahead I would click on view and you would see the colors right now, go ahead and click on okay this is new let me get rid of that okay here we go so here is the colors in that color palette you see how you have this #and then in these six characters that is going to be your hex code and it's can be numbers and letters and so if I use this code right here in WordPress in certain locations it's going to show this exact color and so what we need to do is get these various hex codes actually like this color combination this right here with this but if you use this color as your primary color this as maybe your accent color and then this is your pop color and be really interesting color palette so what you would do then is you just copy these hex codes into your clipboard and will be using those momentarily now there are more websites than just the colors in order to find color pallets you can go to Google and do a search for color pallets and you can definitely see the many different websites for that another tool that I use I'm using Google Chrome and I recommend using Google Chrome if you're doing any kind of website stuff because there's a couple needed tools in it in the first one I want to introduce you to is a right here it is called color Zillah now if you go to Google and do a search for color Zillah the first result will be this right here and what chrome does is it allows you to add these things called extensions that allows your browser to do more stuff so you would go ahead and click the button right here and it will add this to your web browser and this is what you'll see it's right here it's kinda hard to to maybe see if I hover over to Cisco or zealous when I click on it and it allows me to identify any color on a particular page so for example let me go back to that color palette right here so I would say I know what the color pallets are but say you're on a website you really like a particular color or shade of a color and you thought maybe I want to use a very similar color though you would take color Zillah you would click right there choose pick color from page and now you have this black box that showed up and you can the hover over different colors on that page and you'll see in that black box it will identify what the hex code is and so all you would have to do so say like this little blue right here I can hover over it there I have the blue if I click on my mouse now it copies the hex code in to the clipboard of your computer and you can paste that into a notepad so this is how you can go to a website that you like and you might like the color scheme that they've chosen and you can use a similar color scheme or test out a similar color scheme so I want you to go ahead and pick out a primary color and an accent color and gives in consideration of the pop color that you may want to use now since you're new to web building you might want to just stick with the default colors that we restored you might want to just use black or something like that and then later on is your thinking about doing more with your website then you can start playing around with these of various colors but it's the process of choosing different colors is what will really make your website unique to you and your brand next we need to look for fonts and so here's a great website I like it's called font peridot CO I love this site so essentially with your WordPress-based website you're going to be able to customize the fonts now the way this works is you'll typically have a two or three it's kinda similar to the colors right you're typically in 1/2 two or three different fonts so you can have one font that will usually be for your headline and you might also want use that same font for your menu and then you're in a happy body font so that's the body of the website you can have a different font for that you have the same font to the same font family that's fine but you typically have the the opportunity to have two different fonts there and then sometimes you might want I actually don't have it I'm going to quote a phrase for it yet but that said third Fontan lead times when you're on a website and you see a certain section of it where it might be cursive or something that would be a starkly different font and I can be your third font I guess I I coined the term pop color maybe that's your pop font has well so what I like about this website is it shows you all these different font combinations that work well together that are immediately to be available in your WordPress site and it's just a matter of choosing it from a drop down so when I scroll down this is what each one will typically say don't say the name of one font and the name of another font so the headline here is cabin and the body text right here is old standard TT so you'll just want to find a font combo that you like and then remember the name or maybe write it down in a notepad because will be configuring WordPress with that so here's another fun combo and you can just scroll down this is a really classic one Joseph and Sands that's the headline you don't have to go with how they are pairing it you can feel like one headline in one body font that aren't necessarily paired here that's fine this just gives you an opportunity to see what they look like Montserrat this used to be very popular but it's lost its popularity right now it's really popular it will Meriwether is a very popular and that's for the text right here that actually looks good I might change my font my website to that another very popular one is this Playfair display let me show you if I can find that here as a headline let's see I'm just scrolling down so you get the point you can come here and see what you like and the different things with the different fonts how they look together I'm not seeing Playfair maybe if I just did a search on the page but you get the point want to come to a site like this and go ahead and pick out a pair of fonts that you really like now let me show you another way of identifying fonts that you like and that is that it's similar with the colors there is another Google Chrome extension called what font ice to say what the font I don't know why I was say that but it's just called what font and you can go to Google and search for what font and it will take you here and you can add this to chrome and it adds this little font option right here so if I go back to this page I can click on that and what it does is now when I move my mouse cursor over any font it tells me what it is so it says right here this is Montserrat and when you click on it it shows you the name of the font if it's bolder normal and then it's going to tell you the size I don't know why it's not showing me the size right there so let's scroll down this one showing the size so I can click right here and I can see it's the average font that's the name of the font and I can see the size and this is helpful when you're on the various websites and you think man I really like that font or that font combination or you can use this web browser extension what font and Cohen NC with the names of these fonts are so that you can test them out on your website so you definitely gonna want to choose a font I think choosing a color combination and a fun combination that's unique to you and your brand are the two biggest things you can do to really make your website your own and really make it stand out so your assignment right now so go pick out some colors and to go pick out some fun pears now the best thing is none of these are set in stone so when you're setting them up on your website if you change your mind later it's going to be super easy to change later as well I know for me I'm in the process of changing some of the fonts on my websites but it's pretty fun and it's very powerful to be able to very easily change these fonts and I'll be showing you that here in a moment okay now it's time to talk about getting a logo for your website now a logo is not a requirement but it's certainly something that is going to make your website and your brand more memorable now I went to Google and I did a search for free logo and I spent some time going through some of these websites and actually a lot of them are really bad they're either not really free or their very low quality now I did find one that is interesting and I do want to talk about it and it's canvascom you probably already heard of camber some go ahead and open this in a new tab in but before I go into cans I'm going to go ahead and show you some paid options for getting a logo now one of the places that a lot of people go to I actually don't like the service personally but I do know a lot of people that have have gone there for logo designs is 99 designs in the way this works is you're not hiring a designer to design your logo directly you're actually starting something called a logo design competition where you say here's the requirements of my logo arms clicking on pricing right now here's their requirements of my logo and if you are interested in making this logo go ahead and make a design submit your design and out of everyone that comes up with the design I'm to choose a winner and I'm gonna pay that winter 299 for this plan for 99 for this plan so essentially the higher you guarantee you're going to pay the more people that are going to be interested in taking a risk of their time in coming up with the design and submitting it and you work back and forth with them to get it perfect for you so they essentially have these three packages here you have the 299 and they're saying you can expect to get 30 designs and each planet goes back like that they do have this money back guarantee I would read up on it before if you're interested in this I don't really think it's quite so simple to get your money back from one of the services I haven't personally used 99 designs and I've seen people get seen plenty people had come up some really does this lousy web designs using 99 designs but it's so worth a shot that interests you another marketplace for design work is a fiver now fiber is also very risky there seems you could do to minimize your risk essentially if you're not familiar with fiber it started out as a website where people could say I will do this for five dollars now it's grown way past that since then for sure and it's a marketplace for now people can charge what they want to charge even though it still called the fiber so when you go to fiber and that's with two ours F IV ERM and a link to it in the video description box into a search here for logo design think I scroll down the it should give me an option up here it is a logo design so or you could just search for logo design actually like this they recently added this where you can thinking try to find the right designers that you might be interested in so it's kind of reduced logo design into three different choices so first you would choose one of these so if you wanted a cut of a flat design you'd click on here then you choose what you want to pay or what your budget is the 5 to 25 to 3200 or greater and so this is going to this is going to filter out the designers that don't offer design work in that price range and you can start seeing some of the designers here so let's choose the $3200 and then the last one is the speed at which you wanted so if you need it fast in up to three days go ahead and click on here and so it's going to show you all these logo designers that are in meeting these requirements that you just set up so you can click on any one of these I'll just go ahead and click on this one I'm not endorsing this person I've never seen it before I'm given the pop up to join I don't want to join let me get away okay there you go so typically right here the logo designers can show you some of their work now you have to be careful when you're looking at someone's work because there's no proof that it's someone's work right they could be putting any logos here and you wouldn't even know now once you start getting here you see how this pop-up came it's like someone's review and how off how long ago it was reviewed six days ago this is when you actually get to see their real work so if I scrolled across and I saw what they're actually creating for people then you can decide if this is a designer that you want so far I'm not really impressed with this designer now let's scroll down so typically all of these fiber sellers are going to have multiple packages and they tell you what you get in each package and each package is going to have a different price and all have a break down a lot of times it involves the source file you're gonna want this thing called the source file and so with most designers the first and cheapest package will not get you that source file but the middle or the most expensive package will typically the difference between the middle and the most expensive package people are typically going to have this social media kit which I don't think is really that necessary these days and especially a stationary design that's not really that necessary here's another big differentiator in people's different packages is how many design concepts will give you 12 and four and here is the delivery time you want to pay attention to that and what you want to do is you want to go with a designer that is going to say something like this hundred percent satisfaction guarantee so essentially what there that means is one of two things either one they're going to stick with you in with all the back-and-forth communication in order to make sure they make the design for you that you want or it could mean that if you're just not happy though go ahead and kick you out a refund so I do like it when people have some kind of a satisfaction guarantee that they'll offer you a refund if they are not who they say they are now here is the biggest problem that I have experienced with five or yeah you can get some some designs kicked out but what these people are not is there not like branding people so they're not sitting there because they're just grinding through these designs right there not sitting there thinking okay let me get an understanding of the brand let me get an understanding of the business let me get an understanding of who they are and what they are doing this is something that that you don't usually get in one of these fiber gigs are just taking a word in the name or word and what you say the description of the business is in there just trying to crank out a design as fast as possible that's not to say you can get some really nice design work done on fiber I'm just saying that that has been my personal experience and lastly for designer you can see right here how many orders they have in their cubes so this designer right here has 17 orders ahead of you so this just gives you an idea of their workload and how long you can expect to wait for your work to be done but for me I'll tell you you can probably get some good results just make sure you know the package you're getting and go with people that have good ratings a lot of ratings have recent work that you kind of like their design style people that will stand by their work and offer you a refund if you're not happy and also communication is pretty important as well you want someone that will understand you and understand your business so that is fiver let me go back to canvas now Kent is a web based service for making different graphics and designs and I was actually surprised when I went to canvas and I saw that they also have logos there and I thought well it's been a great way to get an inexpensive logo now there's pros and cons with it so for free you can use any of these logo designs let me see if I can scroll down if this is the page that actually had him so look at some of these logo designs and use these as a starting point and I'm like man this audit is nicer than what is just saw on fiber right I mean these are great news would be kind of like starting points and they've got a lot of them these are just a few of them they've got tons and tons of these logos that are starting points the only thing is it when you want to export that logo if you're not on a paid can for plan you don't get the high-resolution logo that you may want and you also more importantly don't get a transparent version they want you to get this thing called Canon of a pro which actually is kind of worth it it's I think like 10 bucks per month let me see if there's a link down here for X I'm not seeing it I think it's $10 per month and they will let you have the first month of for free so technically you can go in and start designing the logo if you like it and then maybe sign up for the Pro and then you can cancel it before you have to pay for it that's a thought so let me just log in here with my account it's free to create an account let me log in with my account and go ahead and show you this logo thing okay so I logged into my account you can see I was already playing around with some of these logos here so when I first login I see this year it's as created design and these are the different things that you can design and I'm a go ahead and click on the logo right here and it's can open me up in a new tab just doing this to show you some of the designs so you can see right off the bat that some of these designs here there are actually very nice I mean you can get something that works just perfectly for what you're trying to do and it's very inexpensive it's free or if you wanted that transparent version you can go ahead and pay your sign-up will soothe the cost is here in a moment so I'm in a scroll down and let's just choose is something real quick you can also do a search so I'm just going to do a scroll like this and see what I can see to see something that fits the space now it's also important to note with logos if it's going to be a wide logo you you typically don't want really tall logos you want a more wide logo something like this right here it's can usually fit better in a website header then something really tall like this let's add another thing you definitely want to keep an eye out for alright so so far I haven't seen something I like Texas right here is pretty cool we probably would want to change that image right there this is actually really cool right here as well I like the topography this is nice it's the go ahead and choose one here and get started with it so okay, choose a basic one and it's this one right here I go ahead and click on it and then what it does is it places it right in here and then you can literally change this to whatever you wanted so I can click right here on the letter let me highlight it and change it to his see their ego and then right here I can highlight this and type crafter just like that so if I want him to do that I could and then for this I can go click on it and then off to the right I can kinda tighten that in a little bit or let's see maybe I need to just move it over there you go it's moved and then I can change this text to whatever tagline I may want and then for the color I think I can just go ahead and click this box and you can see here's the color and if I click on that I can choose a different color and then that's kind of like my green and you can see I almost already have a really nice looking the logo here so probably one of things I should do is come out with some kind of a longer tutorial video on using canvas up now we have this design you can see how quick it was to make them get rid of this Realty group I'm in a highlighted and let's see how minute click on it and then here's a little trashcan on the top right and there ago I got a nice looking logo I'm happy with it so now what you would do is you go ahead and click on download and when you change this is the option you want this transparent background and you you can get it and this is what I was saying that you need the paid version in order to get that some to go ahead and click on this and learn more and see okay so here it is it says right here you would need to sign up for the Pro version of Campo but look at this you get a 30 day free trial so you could literally come in here make a beautiful logo and then you know decide to keep it or not keep it you don't end up paying anything summit click on that okay so here you go this is the pricing that I wanted to see so I guess you need a credit card but you'll have to remember to cancel it but I bet you don't have to call you can cancel it in the web-based interface she could literally go here sign up for the monthly 1295 and then you know cancel it if you don't see yourself continuing using it you can still have your logo with the transparent background and it even says right here that they will remind you three days before your trial ends so this is something to think about if you want logo and you definitely need a transparent background for it would be to go here some skin to go ahead and download it right now it pops this up but there are so many beautiful logo templates in here I think the logos templates and here are better than the actual logos that we saw moment ago on fiber and what it does is all your designs it saves them all and you can at any time go and change them or reuse them or do whatever you want okay it downloaded I'm closing this but you can do this just be fun and I like looking in your just for logo inspiration I mean you can get excellent logo for a restaurant for any kind of a local business for religious organization and you can come in here and they probably got a template that's almost a perfect starting point for just about anything I mean these are really nice designs and they've really nailed it and so that's why when I went here and I searched for free logo and I came across can file which I've used before I was really impressed that they do logos now on probably most people are unaware of that so anyways take some time and figure out what you can do with the logo whether you have a designer you already have a logo where they're going to go the inexpensive route and use canvas or just hire someone on five or you definitely gonna want to go ahead and have a logo created and a lot of times the color scheme that you your designer comes up within the logo would be the colors you use on your website or vice versa if you're using canvas on your own and you have already choosing some colors for your color palette you might want to use those in your logo so this is all I have for you on creating a logo okay so now it's time to start customizing this website so I just move back in that tab were we restored the entire site I left this open you can go ahead and click on the little X in the top left to make that go away and now were back into the back end of WordPress now there's one little thing I didn't show you in the introduction to WordPress and that's his thing we see here that says customize now WordPress has more than one way to do the same thing so this is typically referred to as the backend of WordPress but there's also this thing called the customizer where we can also set up menus and create pages and do different things so bullying when you're in the customizer you're in a set your colors in your fonts of on these global settings that I was talking about the structure the header the footer and all that kind of stuff so let's take a quick look at the customizer right now so it's under appearance and then customizer you can go ahead and click on that and it's going to take us into the customizer here it is and we have this panel here on the left in these organa load our logo organ to be able to put colors and topography everything we did in the last 20 or so minutes of choosing colors getting the logo prepared and fonts were to be able to set all that stuff here in this customizer alright so now the first thing curates is get more with Astra Pro I'm in a show you what that is in a moment essentially it's an add-on package for the theme or using Astra that will allow you to have a lot more options here in the customizer to really pinpoint more items that you want to customize and assess also adds a bunch of really neat features so first let's take a look at the site identity in this right here is working to choose a logo now obviously it has this logo in here right now if I click on remove it's going to go ahead and remove the logo right there now if you didn't have a logo we can still put something in there so right here it says site title fight check this box it's essentially going to show what the site title is and there it is so you can just put the name of your business in right there if you didn't get a logo but I do have a logo I went ahead and created this logo and how do you like it Adams electric service only reason French both electric service is because is like an electrician going on right here so I may named it Adams electric service and you can see right here is the logo I did it and can file and then I downloaded it and let me get back to where I was in the customizer and let me get back to the logo so I went ahead and up opened it up in the default program on my Mac for opening up images and you could do this as well on a PC I need to get rid of all this whitespace so usually what I'll do on this app is a click and the like maybe the top right corner and then kind of highlight everything like that and I just want to get it as close as possible to but not cut anything out so I've highlighted it like that and then when I want to do is I want to crop this now on my Mac there is an option if I go on the toolbar and I choose tools there's an option that says crop and when I click on it it basically gets rid of all of that other stuff insists what I'm talking about with the whole transparent thing if you pay for canvas you can get a transparent version it wouldn't have this white here it would just be the lettering and everything but working to work with this for right now which is good to be fine working or go ahead and put that in right there so you need to be able to crop this is somehow you on your PC I'm sure the different photo app there will allow you to crop it if not there is a website called pick monkey perhaps I'll make a video on how to use pick monkey but essentially you can upload in crop an image there as well so let me go ahead and close that so many go ahead and choose my logo on the click on select logo and then I'm going to drag and drop the file right here and it uploaded my logo there it is in a minute click on select and I'm going to click this skip cropping I hate this is a WordPress thing were it's offering you to crop it but we don't want it it's already cropped perfect lamina click on skip exit I could've been a great way of cropping whatever logo was uploaded alright let me get rid of that my blog thing thereby check unchecking this right here and then we will have my new logo there it is Adams electric service and it's right there actually I should've shown you how to crop it in the WordPress okay so there you go we've got that there and I'm not using the site title and the tagline really customize those in the SCO portion of this video now on the layout there's a variety of settings remember I said the header area there's this is your typical way of doing it with the logo on the left in your menu on the right if I click on header here there's these other options so if I wanted to choose the middle option it's going to rearrange the whole thing and now I've got my logo on the top and I have my menu on the bottom and I guess for some situations you might want your menu on the left and your logo on the right to go ahead and stick with this way right here with the logo on the left in the menu on the right now there are also various other settings here to tweak things a bit but I can like how this looks so meant to go back and were still looking at the layout so there's a various options here for the layout I want to go back and now want to look at colors and background so for the base color my click on that it's this a blue and that is the blue that came out of the old logo and you can see it's being used in lots of different places, go ahead and change it to this orange now I use the color picker that I talked about earlier I want to go ahead and I want to take that hex code and this is where you choose the color code that you chose to click on select color and him and to replace it with that orange and then it should match and there it is so now you can see it starting to come together so I took this orange and now when I highlight on any of these menu items it'll change to that orange and then when I click on one of these it'll then make it orange for that and so various places will change the orange and all this blue working to change that when were using the page builder so there you go and I think for my text color I'm going to make it match the words as atoms that color and that is a different color Mona go ahead and put that in my clipboard and paste it in here and I'm in it do it's actually very similar Mona pasted in there and so now it'll perfectly match so this dark color perfectly matches with that our branding is really starting to take shape or someone go ahead and then go back and then here are some options to change the color of the footer area so here's the footer if I wanted to change the color of this or the background color I've got these options there as well so these are our colors and backgrounds I'm not going to go with different topography but if I click on topography you can see here you can change it so I clicked on base topography this is where you would choose the font family and you can see right here it is set at Montserrat and then for your various headings you can choose a different font if you wanted to and thus let's go back and also for the content you can set your various sizes for the various headings to go back and let's see single post are page you can choose the page title size okay someone to go back a little bit there and for buttons here is where we can change the default button color I am going to because I don't want that blue woman to go ahead and change it to that orange just like I did prior and want to change the color code and now that's going to be orange as well okay so when we go back menus so we can rearrange the menu items here if we wanted to so if I went ahead and click the right here it says top now I can rearrange them through this drag-and-drop interface so I wanted the about us to come out right before contact I can do that and I can see it move from here to right there and I can also add items so I wanted to add a new page I can go ahead here in this customizer and added to the menu there alright let me go back let me go back same thing goes for the widgets if I go here now this is one of the things I really love about this theme is right here is the menu and then you have this area right here and it's essentially a widget we can put a button in there and in this situation you see there's actually a phone number in there which is actually really nice so what that is is a widget so if I click on widgets and it says header because it's a header widget and here it is it's just some text if Ike's expand that here is the phone numbers you can literally go here and change this to your phone number if you wanted to have that be your phone number or you can remove it entirely and then this whole menu would push off to the right so there you have it that's hiring a change that phone number so it actually gone through customizing this whole topic area here doing the logo changing around the menu the menu items and the various colors let me go back now there are obviously a lot of settings here I didn't necessarily go through in this video but I do have an in depth tutorial on this theme that I'll put a link to down below so you can find out what each of the little settings does but I just wanted to show you how to change the things that were seen in this website that we've already built so when you make any changes here in this customizer you just want to go ahead click on save and publish and then those changes go into effect so if I'm here on the front end of the website and then I click on the refresh button to see a change announces Adams electric service and now we have these orange options here as well and you can see various other little options there is been a change as well to the colors so now let's go ahead and click right here and see what comes with the Astro Pro package now I have a link in the video description that's gonna take you straight to the features page so if you want to see what features come with Astra Pro go ahead click into the video description box and then click on the link to go to the Astra Pro website so here is the page of for Astra Pro and what it is a WordPress plug-in that you would install in it will extend what you're able to do with the theme called Astro that were using in this tutorial now it's going to add these features right here so it can give you first the transparent header option now if you're not familiar with what a transparent header is this is a perfect example here of a transparent header where we have the menu and all of that behind this color or can be an image or a video that is what a transparent header is and it's super easy to add these transparent headers using Astra Pro next you have the option of having a sticky header that's when you're scrolling down the page in the header kinda shrinks a little and sticks to the top next is various page headers you can see this on my website when you look at the various courses that I offer here are the big features that you would most likely want will mostly want that transparent header so right here it's is more color controls and what this is going to do is when you're in the customizer it's pretty much can give you an option to change the color of anything in the theme this is a very good thing to have enabled on your site and we also have better topography what this means is it's better in the sense that you have the options to change the fonts pretty much on any element of your website and so this is going to be pretty huge right here dynamic cooks this is a little on the technical side it is very slick I'm not generally covered in this video but if you watch the review video I made on Astra Pro I go over this dynamic hooks advanced a footer this will give you more options with the footer layout of your site the scroll to top link you could see it right here on the website were on and it's also on my website this scroll to top so essentially when someone clicks on this it basically scrolls them to the top of the site it's very good for longer pages and also on mobile devices to have that there were some can tap it and scroll all the way back up to the top of your website now they are also adding additional add-ons to this package to extend the functionality even further so chances are when you click on the link in the video description to come to this page that there may be more extensions here there's only a few that I know of that are coming out that are on this list let's take a look at the pricing and this is just the pricing for right now and so you can purchase the add-on package it's $49 and you can use it on unlimited websites and it's very much only $49 some frequently asked questions that you might be thinking about their refund policy and is it a plug-in or theme some of these really common questions that people might have you can find them right here now I am not using the add on on the website that we've been working on however I will say that the add-on package is being used on my websites and I use pretty much all of these extensions here and they're fantastic and I know that more and more features are coming to this add-on package and it's just been incredibly generous of them to have the theme being free and just if you want to add little features here or there you can go here and purchase this add-on package I know if you were to hire a web developer to say add the ability to have a transparent header you're probably looking at $50-$75 just to do that you get all of this all of these amazing features in this one an expensive package now also put in the video description box a link to a full video review and tutorial for all of these add-ons if you're curious about getting it but it's just nice to know that if you wanted to do more with your website you definitely have the option here with Astra Pro which is a very affordable and easy way to extend your website and what you can do with it and all the extra polish that you can put in it so now what I want to do is give a tutorial and an overview of this page builder called Elementor so so far we've accomplished so much we talked about this theme the customizer we got color spots we got all of this stuff now it's time to learn how to use this tool called Elementor which is also what's known as a page builder and that is what were getting used to create all the content in between that header and that footer of your website so actually jumped off into a test site just for this portion of the tutorial and I just want to show you some quick fundamentals of Elementor before we actually start editing the website that we just restored so first let me show you the traction of Elementor if I go to plug-ins and then go to add new and then I do a quick search for Elementor here it pulls up and at the time that I'm actually making this recording you can see that Elementor is currently active on 200,000 websites and it has tons of amazing reviews it is really a powerful tool that also happens to be free to allow you to do some amazing things with your website and pretty much have full control over the placement of everything there is also a pro version of Elementor that wasn't used in the website were working on but I'm also going to in a little bit show you what comes with that Elementor Pro package right now just talking about Elementor so you have got the back and menu settings right here for Elementor and when you click on it there's just some various settings it back here and here some style defaults in here some advanced settings that it gives you if you chose to go with the different Webhost and you're actually having a difficult time getting into Elementor you're gonna want to click on settings advanced in word says switch editor loader method go ahead and enable that now if you're using any of the three web hosting companies I recommended you won't have this problem there is a my library option essentially we can save things and reuse them in Elementor I have a ton of videos on that actually there's also free page templates a ministry that as well when you click on tools here's where if you ran into some issues you can go ahead and click on this option here and a version can control is really neat what this means is if there's an update to Elementor and say something starts acting weird on your website you can come right back here and you can go back a version so you just go ahead and click this button and it would take you back a version I really love this feature maintenance mode I actually have a video on this where you can put your your website in a coming soon or a maintenance mode using Elementor it's pretty amazing I'll put a link to this video in the video description box this is a very powerful tool system info is actually quite important if you are going to need support at some point you come here click on system info and then right here if you scroll all the way down it basically has it all in a nice copy and paste format you go ahead copy and paste this if you're trying to get support that way the support person would know everything you're running on your website all the versions are hosting all of it and be able to best help you resolve any problem that you may have so now let's actually get into Elementor and see what it's all about him and to go ahead and click on pages and here are all the pages I have on this demo website right here and so here's the homepage I'm to click on that and to start creating this homepage using Elementor, to go ahead and click on this big blue button that says edit with Elementor when you click on that it's going to pop up into this interface and now we are in Elementor here is the canvas of the website and here are the things that were to be able to drag and drop into their now before I start doing that let me show you around the user interface here so we have this hamburger icon and when you click on that it takes you into the settings while you're in the editor was all the backend settings these are the settings while you're in the editor and when you click on this dial pad looking icon that will always take you back into the various elements you can drag and drop and use okay so these are the two things there and at the bottom of this interface we have this little X when you click on this you can go back into the backend of WordPress or you can view the page this right here to view this what you're creating in the different how it would look on these different devices so if I wanted to see how it would look on a mobile device I would click on mobile tablet I would click on tablet next is a really cool feature essentially whatever you do in the page builder if you want to go back you can do and undo so on a Mac it is the apple key and then is he on a PC it's the control Z to go back so you can actually undo any kind of changes you make and you can go ahead and click on this history I don't have any yet but if you clicked on this history would show you a list of every single minute change that you made so you can easily go backwards and forwards this is a very powerful tool and I am so grateful that they include this ability in this page builder the next is where you have this folder right here and there's a template library where there are templates that are included for free with Elementor so when I click on this it pulls up the template library now you have templates that Elementor provides for you and there are some free ones and there are some paid ones a paid one will say Pro in the top right corner just like that and the ones that are free to not have that little Pro badge now I do have a link to take you over to check out the Pro version but I'll talk about it here in a moment but as you scroll down there's just this wide variety of templates that you can choose from there very nice learning tools and starting points now you also have this option here for my templates and this is things that you save and some to be showing you how to do that here in a moment so let me get out of that so here are our settings the specific settings and let me just talk on them briefly so for some to click on global colors and let me demonstrate this so if I go back into my elements and I drag-and-drop a headline right here you see by default it goes in it's pulling this blue color and it's pulling it from somewhere right so we have this blue color will let me show you where it pulls from so if I go back here with the hamburger icon click on gold global colors you can see it's pulling this primary color now I might not want to use a primary color I might want to use maybe this orange instead so I can go ahead and click on that I can change the color code and now it's that orange and I can go like that you saw it changed immediately now I can override this color directly but it's better if I'm using the colors right out of the color palette so it allows you these four colors primary secondary text and your accent color so let me go ahead and click apply I'll go ahead and keep that orange color and I'm in a backup I had in the the hamburger icon here knows take a look at our global fonts and we've talked about colors and fonts so far in this video so I click on primary headline right now it's using rubato but if I wanted to use something different like Montserrat I can scroll down to the ends or I can just start entering get MON scroll up a little bit here it is months a rod I can click on that you notice look it immediately changed if I wanted my headlines to maybe be a little thicker or thinner so if I went down to 300 it makes it then if I increase this up to 900 it's super super thick so that is the fonts that we can choose in side the Elementor editor and we also can choose a font for the secondary headline the body text as well as the accent text so let me go ahead and click on apply and minimal to go ahead and click on the hamburger icon now we also have a color picker and so what this is as we can replace these colors let me show you this this is one of my favorite features so let me go ahead and click it back in here whenever you click on something it's gonna take you into the specific settings for that so I just clicked on this I can change the text right here if I want let me going to where you would actually change the color I would click on style and then this is text color and I can click right here and here are these predefined colors right here when you can set these predefined colors to be whatever you want so say I'm not going to use this balloon what I want to maybe change it to that orange well that's pretty simple so let me go back into the color picker so I gotta click on this hamburger icon click on color picker and this blue is what I didn't want someone to click on the blue and let me go ahead and just change that with the orange there it is so if I click on apply now when I go into the element and I click on it and then I click on style to change the color and I click on the color that blue now has orange so what this does is it makes it better and easier for you to have a more consistent design on your website because you can load your colors that you're going to use the most right here in the color picker I really love that so you want to go into the color picker and load up the colors that you are going to use the most on your website this is such a time saver and you should already have those hex codes now to take a look at these specific pages settings so a lot of these there are also in the backend of WordPress like the page title and the template in the status but what's needed is if you go to template right here and you go to the drop-down there's this feature called Elementor canvas what this allows you to do is turn the page sort of into a landing page when I enable it it's going to remove this header and it's gonna remove this footer and all working to see is what we are going to create an Elementor's when I click on it check this out it's all gone this perfect for landing pages where you don't want someone to come to the page and then click off into one of the different menu items you just want them to focus on the content that they are looking at right there so I'm a switch that to default and there we have our header and our footer right back okay soma going to click on style there some more settings here you can set the default background color if you wanted right here okay back to the hamburger icon we also have some global settings right here having to do with fonts but a lot of this was in the back and settings that we already looked at for Elementor and then we also have this a lightbox option this is doing is giving you the option of's if you put an image into your page of someone making it so someone can click on that and the image can pops up is like a light box in its larger and they can look at the picture and that your settings are right here okay and last we've got the lead on content it's going to clear things out so let me just show you if I click delete all content like this it gives me this confirmation I click on delete and what everything I Don is now gone click Elementor settings it just keeps you back into the Elementor settings panel so let me just give you some quick instructions on how a page is structured any webpage any webpages that essentially just a series of section in a section can have a background color it can have a background image of background video and then you have this section and then incited that you'll have columns and it can be one column I can be five columns it could be to column so there's gonna be a series of columns no columns can also have a background picture in a background color then what you do is you take these elements you see here on the left and you drag and drop those into those columns and you style them how you want them so the first step is always to add a new section so what you should do is click right here which is add new section when you do that it reveals these various section layouts so this would be a one column a two column three column you get the idea now what I was like to do is start with one column like this and then if I want to add columns to the section just drag and drop right here where it says columns I could just go ahead and drag and drop it in there and then it would give me more columns let me just demonstrate that I have more columns just like that and what I can do is I can go here and I can move my mouse cursor there and I can click on this little plus and it's going to add additional columns so right now I have to click on that now I have these three columns and I am good to go so let me show you the settings for a section so I need to go right here and click right there and now on the left it's his edit section and then these are my settings for this section so mainly you're going to find yourself in this style spot right here and in your section you're going up put some background colors in her a background image or background video so if I wanted to do something with my background here is my background option so I can choose classic and this would be just a picture or it can be a color I can choose a gradient or I can even choose a video so I'm a choose classic like this and then it reveals some options so let me go ahead and throw a color and I can click right there and I can choose that very bright orange color just like that and that's how I set a color for the background and you notice that everything in this section is going to now inherit that background color while that's going to just blind me right there so let me get rid of that now let me choose an image so I can go ahead and click on the plus right from the click on the media library this can show me all the images I have on this website so far here's one that looks pretty wide let me click on that and there we go I've got an image now in the background now as I add content to these columns it would stretch out some keep in mind if you can use a background image it needs to be large enough I usually like my background image to be 1600 pixels wide but you also have this position option here so this is the default how it looks but if I wanted to have the position of the image B center center I do this kind of changes it so whatever you're looking at is the center of the center of the image and that's what that does now most of the time you don't want to just have an image because if you laid text on top of it it would be very hard to read let me give you an example of that going to my elements drag this title right there, let go and you can see while it's good to be very hard to read this on top of that it is going to be very hard and that's when you use an overlay color for your image so me go back into the settings for my section by clicking here when I go back into the style when I scroll down we have the background overlay option now when I click on that it's going to show me the classic or gradient so I can put a gradient in the background or I can put just a solid color summary click on classic let me choose a color like this and And let me say go with black and you can see how it is sealed automatically darkened it up there now what is happening is you can choose your color when you collapse that you also have this opacity setting so when you choose a color you can use the slider to set the opacity to see how see-through it is going to be on that color so this is up to the far right you can see through it all if it's on the far left you just see the image of straight up so we can set that to a different number to make the text a lot more visible and readable okay and you can set a gradient color if you want as well it's a little bit more advanced I do have a specific video on that another only thing with Elementor is this a shape divider and this is a really really cool so let me expand on that and so essentially you can put a shape to the top or the bottom of a section so when I'm in a do is show you the bottom sheet divider some may choose bottom and then words this type we have all these different options so let me just show you what it looks like so if I choose the mountain option you can see we get this way EV effect right there and you have full control over the strength of the effect right here and there's various options here here's drip drops clouds there is all of these different options here it's a pretty amazing tool this is shaped divider some go back to none because it doesn't really fit with what were doing and their ego sets are style settings and we also have some advanced settings and were talking about something called margin and padding margin is the space outside of something padding is the space inside so if I was to increase the padding it's going to stretch this image in the inside container out if I said some margin it's going to push this away from the top and push it away from the bottom let me show you so I can just start increasing it like this and you'll see how it's getting further pushed away from the top and bottom that is margin now if I did the singing thing with padding here let me unlock these four and for the top and to put that same 100 like that you see how it's the spacing inside just like this so margin is your space outside and padding is your space inside and you will be using margin and padding for sure because there's no reason to have everything so scrunched up together so those are our section settings like we did right there now these are individual columns and so when I'm in a column like this there is this little settings option here in the left of that particular column so this column has it this column has it in this column has it and so each of these columns will have its own settings we demonstrate that so if I go right here and I click on it now it says edit: but this is just to be for this one column so I can go here to style so let me demonstrate this for you now if I tried to change the style setting it's not going to show anything so I was to choose say this blue it doesn't show anything because there's no not nothing really in side the column but the minute I put something in that column it will show the color so here is that headline now what is really cool in the top right of any elements there's this little editing icon but in the middle there is a duplicate icon so I click on duplicate I just duplicated it and I can keep duplicating it if I wanted now I can drag and drop these into these three columns so I can drag and drop it like that and there you see the style now comes out of that column and I can drag-and-drop a headline in the middle, I can drag and drop a element in the final column in each of these columns have their own settings so in this column in the middle if I clicked on this I can choose an entirely different background color if I wanted so I can choose the green and then even on this when I can choose an entirely different background color go ahead and choose this color right here have at this darker green now I know this looks pretty ugly I'm just using it to demonstrate how you do things in Elementor so far we talked about sections sections can have one or more columns and in these sections can have background images and they could have background colors overlays and all of that and when you look at websites now just look at it through this same framework of, every bit of a webpage is broken down into sections and columns just like how were doing right now in this video so now let's go ahead and take a look at some of these elements because now I think you understand sections and we understand columns now we have all of these elements right here so we have the columns one which we demonstrated right here we have the heading we have an image element right here you just drag and drop that there and then right here you can choose any image that you would want and then you could go and insert and there is your image in you have different styles settings most of these elements are going to have a style setting that has settings specific to that element so we have a text editor this would be more like paragraphs of text if you wanted to put a video in drag and drop this in and then just use a URL to your YouTube video video the button module is very very powerful it's one of my favorite modules you can essentially style this button anyway you could possibly want to write here by clicking on style the color everything you can do some really amazing stuff with the styling this button and we have a divider we have a spacer or Google maps is really cool I'm see if I can Dragon start using this without having any kind of map information up there it is so right here you'd essentially just pop in and address and it will show that's pretty pretty cool feature so we've got the Google map we've got icons so an icon is pretty simple you just drag and drop that in there and then right here where it's his icon and click on this and you can change it to any number of icons now this there is a search option here which makes it easy so I wanted a magic wand there is my magic wand if I wanted to change the alignment or if I wanted to change the color right now it's pulling that primary color but I can change it to any color that I want and it will change for me so that is the icon we have some general elements here in image box so this is essentially what an image box looks like right here it's an image headline and a bit of information you'll find that you're using stuff like this the image box often so we have our image box icon boxes the same thing except you will be using an icon instead of an image you have an image gallery and this is really nice you have an image carousel we have an icon list a counter I think you've seen counters before if we just drag and drop it so you can set this to whatever you want there's various different style options here okay so that was the counter we have progress bars we have a formatted testimonial so let me just add a new section and drag and drop a testimonial in there and you can change the text of the testimonial you can put a picture right here of may be the person for the testimonial just like that and you can see it's already looking pretty amazing name and job you have full control over this I love the testimonial element that is available we have tabs and accordion we have toggle switches social icons alert SoundCloud short code HTML menu anchor and all of that so this is a pretty extensive list of elements that you can use for your webpages that you are building with Elementor now let me go ahead and wipe everything out so Michael click on the hamburger click on delete all content click on delete now I'm a dues I'm going to restore one of those templates so if I click on add template right here it's gonna pull them all up to go ahead and choose one of these templates are use this homepage agencies sauna click on insert and it's gonna download this template from the cloud and here it is so this is a section and it only has one column and I have a headline and right here I have a paragraph of text right here and if I wanted to go into the settings for the section I can click right here click on style and you can see there's the image for the background and then there is a background overlay color right here and that's a section in the when I click right here this is a section as well in the element in it is the image carousel where you can choose your images and it will rotate them or scroll them across as a carousel this right here is another section but it is a using the testimonial which I showed you a moment ago here is a section with two different columns one column has an image in one column has some text some more text and a link and that's pretty much the same for here the same for here in the same for here so this is a huge larger section and it has a one column headline but then also and it is these two columns right here word has essentially three features and three features let me guess this is probably using the image box when I click on it it says edit image box where there's an image a headline in a little bit of text so when I scroll down here is another section and this time we've got a button and you can see how this is it's all just sections with columns and those sections will share something like a background color or image Melanie show you how to save and reuse elements so say I I've put this section together for testimonials and I am love it it is it is formatted exactly how I wanted to be formatted so when I'm hovering over the section there's this icon right here that looks like a floppy disk if you even remember what that is in it says save sections when I click on it I can actually save this entire section and reuse it is much as I want so I can just go ahead and give it a name on name and testimonial section click on save and there it is so now here are those templates that are included but when I click on my templates here is that saved section that I just saved and I can insert and use it anywhere on my website I hope you start to see the power of Elementor here so now all I would have to do is click on the save key and then a minute click on this little acts in a minute go to view page and you can see it's perfectly formatted so it's sandwiched right underneath this header and when I scroll down it is right above the footer just like that and that's as simple as it is to creating webpages now let's take a look at Elementor Pro now here is the page for Elementor Pro I have a link in the video description box below Mount Elementor Pro is an add-on for Elementor that's can add some new templates and a lot of new features and a lot of new modules and it is a very powerful and what it does so let me just show you from the page right here first pulse can allow you to create grids for your content so if you have blog posts it will allow you to create a beautiful grid to show off your various blog posts that some but are probably really need to show you global widgets are cool now what this is is see you put a widget on one page and allow you to use the same widgets on other parts of the same page or other pages and they will all become the link to together so if you changed say it had your phone number in it in you change the phone number in one location it will automatically change all across your website it's pretty neat and then we have live CSS this is more of a developer feature in bed everywhere is really neat okay so let's get into the features that are going to matter to you most likely number one is a slides if you want to create sort of a slideshow and you see these a lot when you go to someone's website and they have their called sliders well with Elementor Pro you get this feature for your website the ability to create these sliders and you can overlay your text in a button and then it can slide often they can show another image with some more text and a button and that is a slider and if you're going to do any cutting e-commerce with your website there's lots of WooCommerce which is the main shopping cart that people use for WordPress's can add a bunch of features for that you get these pro templates now let me scroll down here here's a list of the widgets okay so there was the post I just mentioned that it also adds the ability to have a portfolio on your website the slider the slideshow that I just showed you second ago now here are the main features that I think a really huge forms it allows you to create beautiful stylish contact forms and EI tell you this is the most powerful form builder I've ever seen it is very amazing and that is included in the price the urine to get an element to create pricing tables it's pretty much the most powerful pricing table options I have ever seen you get a countdown timer that's great a price list is very good if you offer any kind of services over if it's a menu or anything like that a pricelist is going to be able to present that in a very beautiful attractive way a flip box that's when you have an element and someone hovers over and it kind of flips or some kind of animation happens you get the flip box option that is a very nice here's the various WooCommerce options that we talked about advanced to share buttons the ability to have different template options you get advanced Pro templates you can create very nice login forms this one is really cool I'll have to install it on the site were building to demonstrate it because I think it's pretty darn amazing that's this animated headline so essentially you can have it be work so I say out of nowhere and underline happens on a particular word or sets of words of the whole thing or maybe a circle an animated circle goes around it it's a very very nice especially if you use it well it can really draw your visitors attention to where you wanted to go and they keep adding features to this Pro package such as see how much it costs real quick for one site it's only $4903 sites $99 unlimited sites 199 I actually owned the unlimited sites and I also on the personal I just bought it twice but that's okay for me I just wanted to support Elementor because they make being free page builder in their so generous with that they provide support but I both of these packages and II think Elementor pros and incredible value because essentially each of these things that it does normally would be a separate plug-in that might be $50 each so you really get hundreds of dollars of functionality packed into this one package and the beauty of it is is once you get used to using the Elementor interface so when Pro came out I bought now it's good to be you not to have to learn multiple interfaces multiple ways of doing things is this will just extend what you already know and allow you to do more with it so what when you've already mastered and feel super comfortable in Elementor now you to be able to make forms but if you had a separate form a solution then you have to learn how to do that and have to learn how to do this where with with it being built into Elementor it just reduces that learning curve so anyways I don't want to go on and on about it I'll actually install this at the end because I really want to show you this really cool advance headline and maybe even show you the advanced forms of the pricing table on the actual site that we are building but I did want to just show you that Elementor pros out there is a great way to support the developers of Elementor who have made an amazing page builder that they are giving us to use for free so okay I know I just thought you about the basics of Elementor I just the just showed you Elementor Pro let's take all of this knowledge and start unleashing it on this website that were building alright so now I am back on the site we are developing a been developing this on showed the democom I'm back into the WordPress dashboard so let's take a look at what we have I think I showed you the front end of where were at I went ahead and put a different logo in and I change that color in the customizer but we haven't touched the Elementor stuff yet so let's go ahead and do it so all of the bits of content on this website are in pages so when I click on pages we have a homepage frequently asked questions contact about us and services you can see them here they're all linked here in the menus if I click on services it's going to take me here frequently asked questions and about us and contact soma to show you how to modify all of these to make it how you want but using Elementor so go ahead right here click on home and that is where were going to start, click on edit with Elementor and it's gonna just jump me straight on into the Elementor interface right now and what I want to do is I was showing you how if you click on the hamburger icon you can change the colors of the color picker and you can change some your global colors some to change some of these global colors so for the primary color them in a put that orange now I don't know how this is gonna look hopefully it's not obnoxious so let's go like that and see if anything changes I think I need to apply it to see that looks like a changed see if there's other things that have changed let's go ahead and put it in for the secondary color and see what happens and since I have it on the accent let's just see what happens among go ahead and click apply and let's scroll on down so looks like a lot of these colors aren't really pulling from that and that's okay let me go back to the hamburger icon click on color picker only just change out one of these with that orange because I'm in a have to do some color picking go ahead and click on apply alright so first is this a blue background overlay on this image summit going to the section settings right here in the click right there I'm in the section settings in the click on style here is our image in I think when I scroll down to background overlay organ to see that blue now you can choose to put this whatever you want here's what happens if I did make it that orange it's actually kind of people right so let's see if I reduce the opacity some there he goes so it's not looking too bad let's go ahead and collapse this just by clicking there that's okay like that we can go ahead and keep that warns like that if we wanted to maybe reduce the opacity just a little like that alright so we've changed that color next we have this button when I'm not hovered over it it's white and blue and then when I hover over it it's black and blue some to go ahead and click on that and I'm a click on style and I'm in a change out the colors some so the text color is this blue to go ahead and make it this softer black like that in one week however it's blue there to make the hover, to make it white some of the way we do that is we click right here it says cover and the text color is blue but working to switch it to white just like that so now when I hover there ago it has a really nice transition like that that's perfect so we got that taken care of this we will deal with later the contact form get it make sure it goes to the right email address when someone submits their info so next we have this blue headlines let me click on it like you said you can go right here and change the text to whatever you want but I'm going to click on style and I'm in a go ahead and clear out that setting of the blue and now we have our orange and I should probably do the same thing here on this blue headline click on it click on style click on the text in clear the blue that it was set at so now when I collapse this we can see our orange coming through okay soma to go ahead and change the color on this button here going click on that hoops let me click on the button click on style and let's see there is the background color I will go ahead and maybe just choose that lighter gray or something like that that's fine like that you can make your hover color and your text color whatever you want so here is some colors we want to change so first we have the button right there so let's see I guess I could make that my orange summit go to style and change it from the blue to the orange that that's kind of bright but let's go ahead and stick with that and then we have the whites for this I'll just change the font color someone to click on that style change my font color to the orange just like that and then the hover version I will make that whites just like that so now when I hover it goes like that and that's fine and so for here I'll get rid of the blue as well I'll click on it and then right here I will remove the blue go with the orange now let me show you whenever you click on a button you can change the text of the button right here and this is where you can change where you get you send someone actually click on the button and so right here it set to when you click on it to take you over to the contact form and here's this little icon which is the arrow you can change that right here or just get rid of the icon altogether it's certainly up to you how you want that to be next is this a blue color right here now this is an overlay color and it applies just of the column so if I move off to the top left and click on that it's going to show me just the settings for this column some to go to style and I want to scroll down click on background overlay and you could see there it is so I wanted to make it the orange I could do that that were just going to kill me actually need to reduce the brightness out that then is little hard to see so you can play around with that I probably wouldn't go with the orange I'd probably just maybe go like that and that's fine for me scroll down if you these right here are actually images so if I click on that it's an image you can either get some new icons and change these images or you can even change it to an icon so let me show you how to do that if I go into the elements of Elementor here's the icon option and if I drag and drop it there we have an icon now let me get rid of this little lightbulb and there's our icon when I click on it I can go ahead and choose any icon that I want so I can try to find something that looks like lightning or whatever that would reinforce what I'm saying there I just typed lights and there's actually a lightbulb option there it is that's cool and I can actually increase the size if I want by clicking on style and then it right here is the size so I can make it larger so you'd obviously want to make them all the same size so maybe I will reduce this down some to like say 70 and you can even cut or rotate a little bit so if you want to make it just a little more unique you can cut or rotated some just like that you have that as an option as well and you can also go here and change the color if you wanted it to be black to kind of match what were doing with the other ones there you could do that and you can even have it change colors when you hover over it I just click on icon hover and I can make it orange so now when I hover over it panel lights up like that and you can even add an M animation so right here if I wanted to maybe have a pulse I go like this in a pulses a little bit that's a kinda cool so anyways with all of these right here you can see it's just the section and it has three columns just like this and we have this bit of information okay and the same thing goes here with this image you can click on it and change it to whatever image you might want that's fine like that okay so here we have some text and we have essentially four columns but you can see the first column has a different spacing than the other three columns you can click in it and change the titles in the text whatever you want now this right here this separator is actually in image so if you are going away from this blue color there really is no way to change the color of it unfortunately so what you have to do is what I would do is probably just get rid of it highlighted and click on X and maybe I wouldn't put a separator in there that we actually get our divider that comes with Elementor we have this divider option drag and drop it there and now we have this let's see I can make it a little thicker like this and let's see I can make it less wide maybe like that and then if I go into the color right here I can make it that orange so that's kinda what I would do in that situation and so these three icons here are their images as well so you might want to replace it with an icon that might make sense okay and right here we have a section with a contact form and we have some contact information and the background is this blue I would go ahead click on the section settings I would go to style and I would definitely change that color this is a tricky one because I just went to the section and right here and I want to change the color and I looked and I see that there is no color set and that is because if you look closely the color is set you could tell by this little bit of spacing the color is actually set in the column and it is one giant column here so I go right here and click on column settings and then style there is that blue so I can go ahead and make this whatever I want this orange already knows going to just be very difficult so I would probably go with a softer color like that and that looks pretty good actually for the section they can change these titles you can change the address information right there so right here is a another section that we have and this is just containing the logo some social icons and some text now we can swap out the logo by just clicking on the leads and then putting your logo in now this is a problem I was talking to about earlier with using the free logo from can fund that's it's not transparent it has this white background so if I click on insert media you can see the logo just, looks a little cheese ball that's why you might want to if you're going to use Camtasia to make a logo you might want to just get the service for a month and download the transparent version of it and so that is the logo right there is really cool the social icon so if you click on one of him here is the social icons module so it is showing all the various social icons you can add as many as you want you can even duplicate them and if you want to change the specific a link for each one all you do is you click on it and right here you put the link to your Facebook page see that and then you click on Twitter and you would change the link to go to your twitter page and the same for all of these if you don't use Google plus I don't think anyone uses Google plus specially not anymore just click on the sex and watch it's going to go away that's going to go away X and it's gone you can have it be how you wanted to get even center it's that looks better left aligned like that you can even rearrange these so you get this little bit on the left so say I am more active on LinkedIn I can put LinkedIn first and you see it immediately changed right there then we also have this hover color issue where it's going to that blue I just go to style and it is all right down here icon hover and it's changing to that blue's a be good spot to use the orange there we go just to put that orange branding in like that so here's a column we just have some links when you click on it it's that same list right here where it's actually an icon less than when you click on it the icon is this angled double right where it's essentially looking like a link and then here's the text and then here is a link to whatever page you wants you can want to update the links for each of these if you wanted to keep it so home needs to be updated the about page needs to be updated to whatever pages you want or you can remove it and enlarge the size of this map pack should actually do that okay so here's the map you click on it just pop your address in a and you are good to go and you have these various other settings so go ahead and get rid of this and enlarge the map some might mess up the spacing a little bit but that's okay so I wanted to just get rid of this middle column I would go hover night click on the X and it just removed that column right there and then I can even resize the column some dynamically by just clicking right here and dragging it to where I wanted so we can go like that and it kinda fills the space up a little better let's see maybe move it in I think there's a setting that we have on this map that is setting the height to the 180 so maybe we might want to increase that a little bit to maybe 220 maybe tightness in Oracle there we go that's actually perfect so we've got the logo we've got the social icons and then we have our map all right there so I'm going to collapse the Elementor settings scroll to the top and you can see we've already pretty much customize this whole page here we change the color of the background color of the image here we changed a lot of our colors on the buttons and the headlines and it is looking pretty customized here we change this color and we got rid of that column in the middle and we made this map a little larger I start to see how easy it is to work with Elementor I just love this tool okay some opening this up, go ahead and save my page now when I go to the front end of the site and I click on refresh you can see it's already starting to look fully customized okay now let's move on to just one of these content pages and then I'll probably end up leaving the rest to you, click the XMI go right here to back to the dashboard and number click on all pages and now I'm going to go to let's just go to this services page that you can click on edit with Elementor but there's also another way in if I was to click on the services page right here I've got a button here that says edit with Elementor I can click on that and it's gonna take me straight into Elementor let's do it that way okay here is Elementor there's not so much to do on these content pages I have to get rid of that icon there we just remove that and so that's fine I'll just leave it like that I'll click on this blue and I'm going to go to style and I will just change that to exit when I was in a clear its window like that or make it our oranges up to you and there's really not as much going on on these content pages here we have the alternating services and you can see our icons are still that blue's if I click on this pulls up that icon Listify click on settings and I click on icon that's probably where the blue is cleared out and we've gone to our orange and so you could just customize these various bits of information that you want to add in and here is that features a grid again and if you wanted to use this I would fully this is a perfect scenario for you to want to save and reuse something so on the homepage you would perfect to swap out the images make the text how you want it and then you would go here click on save and just save that whole section so you can easily reuse it wherever you want on your website and that is one of the power features of Elementor that are included for free and here is that contact form in the footer again where we change the color in the column by clicking here and changing the color to this or this so that is this a page in all of our limited just to get quick look at all the various pages just to make sure we've covered all our bases alright so we got our homepage we've got our services page you know I would actually probably on this homepage probably wouldn't go with this orange is looking a little too much for me so let me just quickly headed that I know it's going to bother me if I don't just quickly edit it so that's my section here click on it go to style and that was the background overlay let's go ahead and choose something like that that looks fine and something I didn't show you what you see how you have this kind of a glow on the edge here of this contact form that's actually a drop shadow so need to show you the drop shadow real quick and looks like it's coming out from the edges of the column so it's probably good to be in the column settings so if I cover right here I go into my column settings let's see I think I'm going to see that in the style right here and it's going to be around borders let me click on border and here it is it's his box shadow now if I wanted to get rid of that I can just toggle this off and then it just kind of flat I do like a box shadow let's turn it on and see if we can tweak that a little bit now the color of the box shadow is this blue we can change that and see if that's all we really need to really see what white looks like there goes White's a little nice there we get these various colors go ahead and choose this color maybe and darken it up a little bit and that's actually fine for me some he turned back on that's actually fine for me you can tweak some of these settings of how the box shadow will work let me collapse it gets it's already looking a little better there now what I would recommend is on you so that when the page loaded there is an animation where this this form just kind of slides up your fine animations pretty much for any of the elements I'm not big on animations you can find them in under the advanced tab and when I scroll down it's his entrance animation it's doing the fade up here's what fade in looks like that's okay I guess you can also play around with the duration here is what a slow fade and would look at like so when someone visits your site you'd get that slow fade and I can like that actually more than the sliding up did okay soma to go ahead and click on save and let's see let me get out of here when I go ahead and view the page and you can see it's already looking better I think it's Artie looking a lot slicker and a lot smoother and here we are let me go ahead and click on the service pages so now me to go ahead and click through the various pages and see if there's anything specific that I want to talk about you know how to get rid of this this is essentially just an accordion you know how to change the blue so that is the FAQ the about us it's the same thing this is just a tab module I can actually show you if you want in here are three different images and get rid of the whole thing I showed you how to change the color buttons and these are just four images you can remove that as well a signal to the contact form okay so we have this you know how to change the color we know how to change images and I think you are fine with that as well just recap on how to change this a phone number if I go ahead and click on the 60 going to the back end of WordPress I showed you earlier in the customizer but it's also under appearance and then it widgets and we see our widgets for our header when I expand that we have a text widget in there and that is our phone number she can go ahead and change that phone number right there and that's pretty much all that you need to do in order to fully change the look and feel of this website and I think you'd agree this is a very professional looking website that would really impress your website visitors I can't tell you how many times I've went and hired some kind of a local service whether be a plumber error anyone that would come to my house and these sites are a complete and utter disaster and you can immediately see the difference with this website here it looks beautiful it looks absolutely beautiful and it's perfect for any kind of a local service were right when someone comes your website there is a contact form and all the information about the services that you provide so now we need to talk about some of the technical aspects of your website I want to show you how to secure it with the security plug-in we downloaded how to set up and configure backups how to SCO optimize your website for what's known as on page SCO let's get into that part of the video right now okay so first thing I want to do now is to properly configure the sending of emails and also the contact form to get that configured as well so let's first let me actually show you I left it up and that is where I created the email address right here and I clicked on the settings so if you go into your cPanel click on email addresses and then click on email settings I cover that earlier in the video and I said let's copy and paste these into a clipboard will now were actually going to use these settings and copy and paste them into WordPress and just to make sure we can send emails out and receive emails properly sorted and go to settings and then click on email now right here you want to choose the from email and so this would be the from email that is on every email that gets sent out of your WordPress website and then put in name here and then when I scroll down we need to configure the actual email account so we need to put the host for sending emails the importance on that other page and then we need to choose a for using encryption and authentication and all this good stuff someone to go ahead and put all the information in here right now okay so I filled this out the from email I put that email address that I created the from name I put Adam at WP craft for Miller we will leave it right here were to send all WordPress email via SMTP now done here for the options let's take a look at this so for the host it's in mail

your domain name and I just got that from right here which is outgoing server and then the port number 465 that I put in right here it was just from that and for encryption you would want to choose use SSL Morgan attested I'm pretty sure it's use SSL and then for authentication you have to say yes you have to put the username and the password the username is always going to be your email address and the password will be that password that you set up so, go ahead and put my password in now when you enter your password it's can it visually show it but it says right here it's just showing it but then it's going to be stored encrypted so what you save it it will be stored properly some to go ahead and fill that out right now and then click on save changes okay I've saved the changes and it still showing me the password and a plain text oh I really don't like that but that's okay so I would go ahead and just put your password in any way and then right and blurring line out and right here to send a test email go ahead and put in the email address in there I put my normal WP craft email in and then go ahead and click on a send test and it is going to send the email and it's going to give me some info back here whether or not it was successfully sending our rights and it says right here are the result was true and it was sent successfully so here's a bunch information you actually don't need to really pay attention to just go ahead and check your email and I'm looking at my email right now and here it is I just pulled it up and so this is what your test email will look like in this just confirms that it's sending email properly now here's the from email and it pulled that name I configured and here is the email address that I configured as well so this is a working email set up now so I am sending the emails this is good news now let's take a look at that contact form and is so you can have multiple contact forms just click on contact and contact forms in the right here now they're all set up for you and for each one working the need to change some things so for right here it's his hero section let's go ahead and click on that and here is just kind of the code to make the form work but what working to do his work and click on mail right here and we just need to change this information right here so further to this is where contact form emails are going to go see Republican want to put your email address in there and then here's where you put where there being sent from so right here you can just change that and put your name if you wanted to say from you and then put the email address you want as the from email address just like that here you can change the subject so you could say website contact form and then this would just be the subject that the person entered in and then right here the message body it's an essay from and this is the info from the person and this is the message from the person and then right here is a little bit of text that goes at the bottom of the emails that are sent and so you can change this as well or you can delete it it's all completely up to you something to go ahead and fill this out right now okay so I've gone ahead and fill this out I change the to to send it to my BP crafter email from the from you really want to use the email address for that email account you created this is going to pull the name of the person that sent you the contact form I change the subject to this now what happens is when you click reply it's gonna swap out this email for the persons email that actually submitted the contact form there some deliverability issues why you wanted set up this way and I got rid of that little footer at the bottom of the message body so now that I've done that I want to go ahead and click on save like that and then I'm the click right here it says validate contact form a seven configuration in a minute click on validate to contact forms now and so the one that we just configured it is passing the one that we didn't configure yet it didn't pass so this is now a working contact form you can go to the front end of the website and test putting a submission through and I am sure it will work so this is all that there is really to configuring the email now everything's in a send properly out of your website because it's such a pretty huge this is a step that most people overlook and they wonder why people are submitting contact form submissions and they're not actually receiving it is because they overlooked this step which is very important whenever you're going to have a contact form or be in a situation where you need to receive emails and this is how to set it up properly okay so now I'm back in the installed plug-ins because we're going to activate and configure our security plug-in and our off-site backup plug and now I have specific tutorials on actually both of these plug-ins I highly recommend him they are so fantastic so go ahead and first activate iThemes Security and this can add this new option right here that's a security now when I click on it right here it's going to first it take me to this easy set up wizard where I can literally just click on secure site and it's going to enable all of these features and it's gonna put you in a pretty good spot for securing your website so go ahead and click on secure site and right here it's going to ask you to enter your email address because this plug-in has this feature called network brute force protection what that means is if someone tries to hack into my website and you're using the same security plug-in iThemes Security your website will automatically be protected from that person trying to break into your site and that's why I strongly recommend iThemes Security it's the only free security plug-in that has this network of users that are all keeping each other's sites protected together so go ahead and click on activate network brute force protection and there we go all of the settings are already enabled and so someone's trying to hack into your website via the login form it's going to automatically block them out after so many failed attempts it's much in a good spot right now going to click on close now here are all the various settings that are available for this plug-in if you want to get deeper into all of these various settings and I recommend you do at some point a go ahead and watch my video specifically on configuring this plug-in now they also have a paid version honestly this is one of those plug-ins where the things you get for the paid version aren't really super crucial so it's up to you if you ever wanted to go and do that the free version is perfectly fine but that's wiry to see this little bit here about get iThemes Security Pro but this free version is very fantastic now there is one setting that I want you to change and that's under global settings so if I click on configure settings there is this option here for your notification email I want to strongly urge you to just go ahead and clear that out and not have a notification email because you really don't want notifications from this plug-in there are going to be emails that it sends you that it just might get a little irritating after a short bit if someone has a failed login attempts and you get a notification email every time you just can all get a little annoying so I wipe that out then I click on save settings so I can receive any of those email notifications so next let's go and back into plug-ins and working to activate updrafts and this can be our backup plug-in go ahead and click on activate now updrafts is going to add a settings option underneath settings and it's right here updraft plus a backup so go ahead and click on that now what we want to do is the best backup so that you can have off-site backups this is where is the backup occurs and then it's pushed off site someplace so it's going to settings and first try configuring this plug-in the first thing we want to do is set these two options the schedule for backing up your files and the schedule for backing up your database because your WordPress website is a is a group of files and it's a database in their separate so files don't change that often the database will change regularly so what I like to do for the files I like to change this to back up once per week and then right here it's configured to keep the last two backups I usually reduce this to one so this is going to back it up once a week and it's going to replace that backup with a new backup each week now for the database I actually like to back this up daily and I want to retain seven database backup so the last prior seven days in case I need to go back in time now it's nice as is automatically going to maintain this so once there are eight backups it's been and delete the oldest backup and that's one of things I like about this plug in now right here we get to choose the off-site remote storage location and I want a recommended dropbox most people have a dropbox account I haven't use the Google drive I think it's a little more complicated to set up but you have all these various options I would recommend choosing a dropbox so what a Mexican to do now is first to scroll down and click on save changes and now I'll go ahead and click on dropbox like this and then I'm in a go ahead and click save changes again and now what it's telling us is you have to click on this link it's gonna take you over to dropbox or to login authorize the backups to be stored there and then it's gonna kick you back here so much as to together some go ahead and click on here I recommend having a dropbox account already created and you just go to dropboxcom and and set one up so I want to go ahead and log in right here okay hopefully I remembered my password I'll go ahead and click on sign in and let's see if I did hopefully yes I did all right so it's just telling me to complete the set up for dropbox press the button below all I have to do is click on complete set up right here and then it takes me back into the WordPress website back into updrafts and I get this little confirmation here that is set up correctly it says I have authenticated with dropbox and it even shows me my dropbox name and the quota vessels basically saying I've used 51% of the storage I have available to me on dropbox so now I can make my first backup if I wanted to by just clicking on backup now and just get a quick backup now again and it's good to make my backup and it's good to push it off into dropbox for me and what it's going to do is now it's going to and moving forward it's going to back up according to this schedule right here summary click back to current status you can see it's making backup files and then you'll see that it's pushing those backup files into the cloud all right it is now done in creating the backup if I click on existing backups it's showing me all of the backups that were created and it's showing right here is a backup of my plug-ins my theme my uploads and other files and my database now what ended up happening with the databases they just was going it was making a backup according to the schedule so that's why I have these two database backups now I hear what's nice is you can see this is the amount of space that's being used on your web hosting account you can see it's pretty much next to nothing and that's because what happens is it makes the backup pushes it to dropbox and deletes it off of your web hosting account which is actually a good thing to not use that as a file storage now if I wanted to restore any of these backups I pretty much have to just click on restore and I can go ahead and restore that backup and that's pretty much how easy it is now if you want more in depth tutorial using updrafts I do have a tutorial video on how to create an off-site backup for your WordPress base website but this is pretty much all there is to it going ahead and configuring it with dropbox and you're pretty much set now there's also a paid version of updrafts you really don't need it it is a crates plug-in so if I click on premium extensions it's going to give you some information here to try to sell it it's basically a bunch of additional features for updrafts that you may find valuable I think the only one that I really find a valuable is the ability to take this backup and migrate your website to a different domain name so that's the only time I really find it really helpful I do have the paid version of it however the free version is going to be perfectly fine for probably 99% of you just that free version is fine so anyways this is updraft so we've just as she secured your website and we have the ultimate security which is a great backup and now what we need to do is move on into SCO whoops let me get rid of this little message there okay so now let's scroll down and activate Yoast SE0, go ahead and click on activate and it adds this little menu notice here and we have the new menu item here on the left it's as SCO soma go ahead and click on that now I use Yoast SCO I love it using on all of my websites there's a few good SCO based plug-ins I I find that I like Yoast the most it's funny that rhymes I like to Yoast the most so here's this notification center and you can go ahead and click on X and that's canoe X out these loops them go X and then X going to remove those notifications I can find that little annoying sometime so let me just tell you what search engine optimization is okay there's lots of different levels of search engine optimization the one that you have the most control of is something called on the page SCO and that is to make sure that you have all of the information kind of set up right on your website to effectively communicate to search engines what your websites about and what your pages in your individual pages are about and what your content is about that's pretty much on page SCO and there's some other strategies of interlinking content creating silos were not gonna really get into too much of that in this video so one thing that we need to do for every piece of content is add a descriptive title and description for each pays page of content so let me show you what Google does with your title and your description for each of your pages so say you go to Google and use a search for the phrase Irvine plumber so obviously I'm looking for a plumber or a plumbing service in Irvine a lot of people will also search plumber near me or plumber in Irvine or plumbing service or buying all these various keyword phrases but basically that is the searcher communicating to Google hey I'm in Irvine I want a plumber or plumbing service and this is what your results page would look like today this is always changing so you got the top area these are paid advertisements and then these are local SCO has doesn't have a whole lot to do with your website but then here are the organic listings and there's usually 10 of them and then we got some more ads here so this is where you want your website to show now you notice in the blue you have a bit of information let me go here so for pristine plumbing Inc this is the page title you can see there putting some of these keywords and right like Irvine plumbers in the name of their company and then the name of the county and then you have this description right here and so what we need to do for each page on your website is write a descriptive title and write it description that Google will then take and pair up with the various pages on your website so let me show you how to do that in the morning to come back to this page in a moment so what we need to do for each page is we need to go to pages and then we need to choose the page somata click on let's just say the homepage right here that is fine and I'm going to scroll down and right here is this new box of information that Yoast adds to every page so here's my edit with Elementor button and this wasn't here just a moment ago so what happens is if you don't put anything in there it just cannot pull whatever from the page that you're on so obviously he wouldn't wanted to say this you would want to have control over what it says and how it looks and you notice how you get this nice preview here and it looks very similar to what you see here on Google so it gives you an idea of what it's gonna look like so in here click on edit snippet and then right here you can write whatever you want for the title and you can write whatever you want for the description and this is where you want to describe what it is that you do and that's when you kinda want to naturally put in some of these keyword phrases that you would like for if someone was searching that Google which suggests your website so what we saw here and what these people did right here this is what he put for title or what they put for title Irvine plumbers pristine plumbing Inc orange county so if I was to say put something like that in there you can see it automatically reflects their's you know how it's gonna look and what this is is a visual indicator of how many additional letters you could enter in so if it's showing green that means you're in that safe zone now if you keep entering letters you see how the green keeps going and eventually it's going to turn red and that means you whatever you're putting in her stocking the show anyway and the opposite is true if you put too few letters watch is going to turn right at any second there it is a returned orange so this is just to let you know that you have too few letters and you might want to put some more information in there and the same thing goes here for the meta-description and here is the same bar here that is going to let you know if you put enough information in their so this is a great thing that you can do to tell Google and communicate to Google what you are doing with your website what your web sight is all about another thing we want to do and we probably should've done it earlier but it's necessity are related and I mentioned it when we were in these settings and then the general settings right here and I said here's our site title and our tagline will this is where you would also want to put something similar similar information about what you're doing so essentially if you are going to create pages and maybe skip a step and leave out some of that important SCO data well what's gonna happen is WordPress's just in a poll pull from this from your site title so I always recommend getting ready your tighten your tagline and then put a good site title in there that would communicate to Google what it is that this website is about and make sure that you have some keyword phrases in there that you want to rank for next let's go back into SCO right here and what we want to do is click on it features and then right here it's as advanced the setting page let's go ahead and enable that so essentially one of the things that Yoast is going to do is create something called a site map for you you always always always need to verify that when you click on that site map that it actually works I can tell you how many people have used Yoast in the site map just they never made sure that it worked and what a site map is is a page that has everything kinda categorize and organize in a surgeon and comes your site in the first thing they do is they look at your site map so they can know where all your content is someone go ahead and click on save changes to reveal some of those advanced features and you can see here on the left we now have more options in wholehearted these options weren't there just a moment ago so now go ahead and click on XML site map like this and right here it says you can find your site map here then I want you to click right here where it says XML site map and I guarantee you it's going to say page not found and I don't know why this is such trouble with Yoast SCO it's a really simple fix but the thing that stinks is people don't really realize that they need to make sure that when they click on this they actually see the site map it's luckily it's a very simple fix all you have to do is go into settings go into permanent links now we already set this earlier very early in the video you just need to receive it by clicking on save changes and then now you can go into SCO XML site maps and then when you click on this now I guarantee you're going to see this your XML site map you didn't see this a second ago you saw big old page that said page not found but now it is found in its working perfectly fine so that's one little thing that you learn with lots of experience some to go back here back to the dashboard you can get rid of this notification here's another notification saying hey if you liked the plug-in please leave us a five star rating on WordPressorg and I do recommend that you do that so there we go and I got rid of that notification single through some of these options here so there is general and there's featured there's your info but the fill this out I mean there's instructions here on how to do it you can just go ahead and put your website name all of that stuff their click on Webmaster tools you would click on this link to link it up with these different Webmaster tools are definitely going to want to do that as well and that's pretty much the main things that you need to know about how to add on page SCO for your website obviously there's a time that more of things that you can do to further optimize the on page SCO for your website I do have some resources on my website on doing this on page SCO I'm fact I even have an entire course on it but I wanted to share with you some of these basics that you can get up and going right now because I know there's this whole thing might seem overwhelming right you're learning so many new things and how all of this works together and I'm trying to avoid all of the information overload so that pretty much is the end of this video tutorial I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it for you if you did find value in it please consider clicking on the subscribe button and if you like video notifications when I put out new videos there is a bell off to the right of the subscribe button make sure to give this video a thumbs up as well if you enjoyed it now I'm sure you're going to have questions and I want to answer all of your questions there is a comment form down below in this video but I also in the video description have a link to my website where I'm going to have all the information from this tutorial and all the various instructions and there's a comment form there and you can ask me there and that would semi-probably an easier place to find answers to questions because if someone asks me a question and I answered there you can easily find it when it's on my website versus the YouTube comment system but you can leave a question either place I would just ask if you do your best to maybe find the answer first because sometimes I find myself answering the same questions over and over and over when someone could just scroll up and see someone just asked that if you days ago so if you could just help me out in that because I deftly want to help you in every way that I can that would just make it more efficient I just wanted thank you for spending all this time with me and trusting me with your time in this video tutorial and I hope that you found it valuable enough to share with your friends and share on different social media that would really help me out and if you did want to purchase any of the products I talked about or services in this tutorial video I do have links in the video description many of them I might earn a small commission and those are really a good way to say thank you to me for putting in all the time and effort in all the support I'm going to give moving forward with this video tutorial so anyways thanks guys for watching and I will see you in the next one

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