How To Make A Blog Step By Step – Magazine WordPress Theme Mag WP – 2017

Hello everybody In this video I will get you a review of the new magazine WordPress Theme MagWP and I will also give you a step by step tutorial on how to install and customize MagWP as you wish

If you don't know where to get the theme, I've put a link in the description You can also find some other useful links in the description of this video MagWP is a great WordPress theme for magazine, newspaper and blogs There're 10 different demos for all kinds of blogs, magazines and newspaper All the demos are one-click-install so it won't take you too much time and efforts to install the theme

The theme also loads very fast on both mobile and desktop There is an AMP version of the theme which both helps it load faster and improve the theme's SEO score It has so many functions and since it's for magazine and online newspaper it has a variety of ads placement where you can put Google Ads or any Ads type to increase your revenue Before installing the theme, please pay attention to the theme's documentation and the Forum support Documentation is the place where you can learn how to install the theme, how to customize the theme and learn about many different settings of the theme

If you have any questions, feedback or if you see any bugs, you can just go to our forum support and create a support ticket so that our developers can help you deal with your problem Now I will get to the Installation Part As you can see here, I have a Fresh Installation of WOrdPress Please go to your WordPress Admin Go to Appearance, Themes and Click on Add New to add a new theme Click on Upload theme, Choose File and browse the Zip Package of MagWP that you've downloaded from ThemeForest and click on Install Now to start uploading and installing the theme

Now that the theme have been installed successfully You can Live Preview to see the changes or Activate to start using the theme Please click on Activate to start installing demo Now you will see a Notice that the theme is successfully installed You must Install and Activate ThimPress Core

There will also be link for you to start reading the documentation or visit the FOrum You could also Visit Site to see how installing the theme have changed your site But there won't be anything there yet since the demo are not installed Now please click on Install and activate ThimPress Core It will send you to a new window where you will actually start installing Mag WP

It is a step by step setup guide, so don't worry, it's very easy to use and understand Please click on Next Step Now you should type your website's name and its description Now we will start installing Required Plugins It's all chosen for you so all you need to do is to click on Install and Activate

It may take a while Now that All required plugins are correctly installed, you will start installing Demos Please choose the demo that you liked For example, I'll choose The Main Demo, which is very attractive It will import the content and settings of required plugins

It will take about 5 minutes Just take a cup of coffee in the meantime 🙂 Okay now it's successfully installed You can go to your website and see the result Now you're all set Your website is as beatiful as the demo we've designed

Now we will start exploring some other settings and learn about how to customize the theme Come back to the previous tab Or if you've shut it down, you can just go to the WordPress Admin, Look for Getting Started under the tab Mag WP and choose step 5 (Updates) It will help you setup automatic update You will need to login with Envato so that whenever there's a new update, it will automatically update the theme for you Just click on Approve

After that will be the Customize step You can do a lot of customization to edit your website If you follow the documentation, you will know where to edit what For example, in general settings, you can change your logo, Styling, typography, etc After the Customize Step, there will be Support and Ready

You will read more on how support works, where to get support etc But since there's no setup in these steps, I'll just skip them So now you've installed your Magazine WordPress Theme and you've learnt about how to install, how to get support, how to use Documentation and also how to customize the theme Congratulation on your new site and good luck with your project

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