How To Make $150 A Day Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

This is the whole blueprint on how guys you can make $150 a day what's going on YouTube Matt Johnson coming at you guys with a quick video and in this video I'm going to be showing you guys how you can make $150 a day using the Amazon Associates program and the best part about this is you can do this at any age you don't have to have a certain skillset to do this to make money and it's also 100% residual income that you can make completely passive with no upfront costs Besides buying the product definitely going to be well worth it with your ROI if it's done correctly so without further Ado let's get on into this and before we jump into this content make sure you guys like, And subscribe and hit the notification below because I'm going to be providing a tremendous amount of value to you guys on each one of my videos and I will be doing a giveaway on the channel in the near future so let's jump right into it so the program were going to be using for this video is Amazon Associates this is probably the biggest affiliate program Anyone can sign up to all you need is literally YouTube channel to sign up you can use the website you can use your social media it's super simple to sign up guys you know you guys can literally follow this step by step once you sign up for the affiliate program but let's jump right into it So I made simple steps that you guys can follow to make money with this program so we're just going to go to the Whiteboard and this is the whole blueprint on how you guys can make $150 a day it's super simple but we can dive too deep into it right now so the first thing you guys want to do is obviously review a product on YouTube when you're figuring out what price you want to use you don't want to promote any product out there the two steps I would follow is considered your passions one which is products you believe in because in order to create a successful YouTube channel with Amazon you have to think long-term so you know you don't want to promote an offer that you don't really care about what has a higher payout because you know long term I'm going to have to stick to that Niche and you're not going to really enjoy promoting products in that nice long time because you don't enjoy doing it and your audience is obviously to get noticed that as well so we have to make sure that you were viewing a product that you're already a passionate about and something that you believe in and the next thing you want to touch on is making sure that the product is actually profitable so I use a little guideline here for Amazon Associates so they keep products you need to consider is 1 / 5% up so I would stick to these right here because let's be honest Promoting a product with these kinds of conditions then they're going to be pretty much doing the work for no reason right so I mean if you're doing like a video game you know earning 1% of what say you get a $10 video game you want to make sure that you're sticking to you know products at the 5% level one up because that is where you're going to be able to profit off of it and you're going to notice a difference in your Amazon Earnings so make sure you guys are sticking to products under these categories right let's do like Electronics i’m gonna show you guys an Example on how this actually works on YouTube so What's the weather like in Amazon Echo example so you're going to see here that you know there's a ton of different reviews on this one product and you'll see hear that this is one specific Channel based on a certain nice try and he also has his affiliate Link Link in the description that we look more into like his channel you're going to see that he specifically reviews Electronics in one specific niche right so you guys can see here we’ll just click a random video from 4 days ago you know he still gets almost 900 views an hour

You know your videos stay up 24/7 365 and most of these people are searching for you know products reviews This shows just how powerful Youtube is with using product reviews Results obviously you're not going to get him overnight but you know overtime this is something that builds up kind of like a Snowball Effect where the more content you post the more views and division of the audience you're going to get it so let's just say if you were a complete beginner New York and you were to do this you know the first thing I would do is find the product that they're using you can use q words that they use in their descriptions but the words that are already looking to buy a product so if we were to do like an Amazon fire stick this is a method that not many people are using but If you put an underscore right here in a space are you going to see that these are all the Search terms that people are using so you know I would add most of these it's the part that you were doing and that's how you're going to be able to drive traffic to your affiliate offer without even having to pay for ads because you know the key thing that goes on YouTube channel is mostly suggested views and recommended thought that so make sure you guys keep that in mind also you can use that IQ which of the two I was using right here that is what you can use to use what your competitors keywords and if you want better conversions for people to buy your Amazon Associates product so let's say you were too purchase a let's do like an electronic for example So we did a fire stick the one thing I noticed you know for the best conversion is mentioning that you have a link in the description for people to purchase it right because that's going to incentivize people at subconsciously to you know take a look at the link and purchase the product right cuz if you're not giving a call to action in your videos most people are going to click off your video if you don't give them incentive and if you really wanted to make the result I would give something free of value maybe Annie book maybe it's at Oriole so let's say if you're doing Electronics like a Fire TV stick you could just give you know that my guide on electronics the first in 2018 that's just a quick example but you know something along those lines were people actually benefit from what you're giving them Valley and that's going to give you guys so much competitive advantage above your competitors and obviously the next step is You're going to earn commissions and yeah I got it that's simply how you're going to do it so obviously the more product you post the more money you're going to make it so you want to make sure that you guys actually believe in the product you're selling right you know don't sell products in and you say you can't focus on long-term because I guarantee you guys are not going to want to stick with hand people are going to notice that you know you're not really passionate about the product you're promoting so yeah What's the price of what I wanted to show you guys in this video with an Amazon associate especially if you're a beginner starting out because I get so many questions from people that are trying to make money without having to spend money this is probably one of if not the best methods to go when making money with affiliate marketing so also there's other income streams that you can benefit from YouTube videos as well but I can touch on that in another video so I hope you guys learned a lot from this video please make sure you guys like comment subscribe and yeah guys take care

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