Hello Everyone! This is Jyotisman and you are watching Tech Trox YouTube channel So in this vidoo, I will be showing you how you can legally use any adobe photoshop cc software for free

From the term "legally" I mean to say that I am not going to use any fake license to activate the product nor I am going to download any cracked version of the software It is because the latest adobe products are too secure to activate it through a fake license and here I am using the 2018, that is the latest version of the software And it's unsafe to download any cracked version of the software as this may include many highly infecting malware or viruses which can harm your computer unknowingly So first things first, after you have downloaded the product from the adobe clouds or from their website you get access to a 7-days free trial of the software You can clearly see that I have only 1 day left in my trial period

Now what I will do is I will renew the trial period of 7-days and I can use it for more 7 days Similarly I can keep on doing this and I can add 7 days everytime For this you just need to follow my steps You just saw how I added a period of more 7 days to the product without any license Moreover this is the original software so you are not getting any sort of problem in terms of their services unlike the cracked versions of the software

And make sure you always keep a copy of the 'applicationxml' file because in case you forgot to perform the trick on time and end up with the trial period, you can simply paste the backup-file into that particular folder So that's all in this video Hit the like button if the video was helpful for you and share the video as much as you can And in case if you got any questions regarding my video, than don't hesitate to ask it in the comment section below

Also, I will love to see feedbacks from you in the comment section This is Jyotisman signing off Thank you! Peace out!

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