How to Install Themeforest WordPress Theme & Other Purchased WordPress Themes

This is a tutorial about how to install WordPress themes into a standard WordPress website Up here on the left we have the WordPress website we’ve created, which is blank from our last video

In fact, there was a sequence of three videos One showing hosting through GoDaddy Another showing how to buy a domain name or URL through GoDaddy and attach it to the hosting And the third, once you’ve done that, showing how to do WordPress install using that GoDaddy account That leaves us here

On the left-hand side, we have the front of the website that the public sees – timlevyandassociatescom, in this case, which is all empty and looking pretty basic And over here we have Login to WordPress, which known as the back-end This where everything interesting happens Let’s login

When you first login to a WordPress website, it has all kind of interesting options here I’m going to get rid of them all I’m not worried about all of that automatic stuff This is a good base point here What we want to do is install a theme

So where are they actually? Click on this button so we can see the left-hand navigation a bit more clearly What you’ll see here is under appearance, you’ll see Themes That’s where we’re going What you’ll see is that the standard themes, which were written by WordPress over the course of the last three years, are there And this one here 2015 is active

But we want to upload something new You click on Add New When we do that it starts to show us all other things, which are all available to you But in our case, we actually bought one from the website called ThemeForest and I just want to show you this We have another tutorial on this, feel free to go YouTube

Type in the ThemeForest tutorial, you’ll find it there Or click on a link in the description below The reason I like ThemeForest themes is I know that they’ve been worked on over the course of time and improved and improved In our particular case we’re using a theme called Avada which is the number 1 top selling WordPress theme of all time You can see that if you want to buy it, that’s $58

And you can install it which we’ve just done offline So we’ve got that Avada theme ready to go and download it as zip file We go over here on the right and we click on Upload Theme We hit browse, we can go find the file and here it is And that file gets installed

Now amazingly, that is it That theme is now being installed With the Avada theme in particular, there are a few more steps to go through because it’s got some additional plugins and bits and pieces I’ll show you that briefly Installing a theme is as quick as that, no matter what theme it is

Let’s pause for a moment while this continuous uploading, I’ll come back in a second That was probably 20 seconds which shows you how impatient I am Now we got this thing, we hit activate As soon as we hit activate, that theme becomes live What it’s also telling you here is, it wants to install some extra plugins

So in this case, let’s allow it To do that, we go into a system We add this thing called Fusion Core which adds basically quite dramatic functionality Then activate it Then we’ll add this one here called Layer Slider which is one of those sliding systems that allows images to slide and move around and do fun, animated thing

We’ll activate it too And then the last one it wants us to play with is this one here which is another slider called the Revolution Slider Certainly, this is one that we use all the time at the top of most of our homepages and some of our other pages too So once we got all of those done, now Avada is happy Then we go back to the dashboard

We see that’s done and wants us to activate the Revolution Slider because I forgot to do that, my bad And then click on Activate It really does walk you through what’s meant to happen Now if we go over here to the website, which you’ll recall if we reload that it’s now going to look totally different Same data but it looks different

Now it’s got that Avada theme going From this point you can start to go in and customize the theme, and background, and colors and logos, and all those other fun things And that is as simple as it is to upload a theme to WordPress If you like this video, please by all means click on the Like button Always love your comments and questions in the comments section below

Please subscribe to the channel, if you haven’t done so Other than that, we’ll see with our next video, coming right up

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