How To Install SSL Certificate On Your Localhost Using NGROK For FREE

In this video tutorial you will learn how to install SSL certificate on your localhost so stay with me Heey what's up Source Hackers, Senaid here from codingpassiveincomecom The place where I help others to become a web developer much easier and faster than they will do it on their own, so if that's something that interest you consider subscribing ->> Recently I have got a lot of comments on how to install SSL on your localhost and mainly it's because in all of my tutorials where I'm showing how to implement Facebook log in to your login page now Facebook requires SSL certificate in order for you to be able to make tests so let me show you where is the problem so this here is basically the code from that tutorial and now when I click log in with Facebook and redirect there I've got this message it says insecure login pocket you can get an access blah blah blah try reloading the page as HTTPS which means that you will need to have SSL certificate on your localhost now there are so many different ways on how you can achieve this but I have decided to create you basically a two-step process that will that you can set up in two minutes so let me show you what am I talking about so first thing that you need to do is go to the ngrok

com and basically this website or their app will provide you SSL URL that you can just use but basically it will turn out it to your localhost okay so all I need to do in order to download is just to go to and here you will have an option to download and also you will have step by step how you can apply it to your local host so for me I am using a Linux and my option is already selected here so just click on download for Linux save it to my desired location and that's it so I already did that and this is what I have got so on a Linux I will need to run it from the terminal so all I need to do is to say /ngrok http 80 and then I will say port 80 ok and now in a few seconds I will see a screen like this and basically here they are just showing the version of the ngrk for how long it will run the current status etc etc and basically down below you will have any requests that you have made to this URL but what is the most important for us is this here URL so for example if I now try to copy paste hit enter as you can see now it will open my default xammp server and when we go here you are able to see what is happening through this and ngrok and basically and ngrok you can use for many other different ways but for our case needle this is what you are going to do so for now I will just use this URL okay go to my application that I have earlier created I will change domain to the one from the NGRK I will change this here okay I'll hit save changes and then I will go again to the settings you know sorry Facebook login settings okay and then here we need to change this redirect URL so I'll paste this and say Facebook Log in so this is just from the tutorial if you have already watched okay I will hit save and then of course in the code instead of this localhost I'm just going to change to the new one okay say and pretty much that's it so now when i refresh here and go log in with Facebook you can see now that the problem has gone and now I am able to just accept the permissions that I am asking in the code and everything else will work just as supposed to be so pretty much that's it it's very simple very fast to do but very effective so if you have any questions please ask in the comments below and also if you like this video please like it and share with your friends take care 🙂

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