How to Install SSL Certificate on WordPress (2018) | Add Free Bluehost SSL (HTTPS)

In this video, we’ll show you how to install the free Bluehost SSL certificate for your WordPress website, and explain why HTTPS matters HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, and HTTPS is the secure version of this protocol that leverages encryption to protect the data captured on your website

In this video we’ll cover the following: What is an SSL certificate? Why HTTPS matters?, and The steps on how to install the free Bluehost SSL certificate for WordPress We’ve created a post that accompanies this video on the ohklyn website (there will be a direct link in the description below) On this page, you’ll find the step by step instructions that you can follow along with, as well as any links mentioned You can also review the timestamp in the description below to skip to the section you’re most interested in So, let’s get to it! Prior to the start of 2018, Bluehost updated their hosting dashboard where you manage your domains, DNS, and install WordPress

This video will go through the steps of how to add an SSL certificate to your domain via Bluehost’s new dashboard So what is an SSL certificate? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a protocol that leverages cryptography to create a secure connection between a client and the server, allowing the transfer of sensitive information This is achieved through a process of authentication, which leverages an encryption algorithm and cryptographic keys Why does HTTPS matter? As mentioned previously, an SSL certificate secures the information on your website, which enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of your site Similarly, by leveraging data encryption, your website is also less likely to be targeted by hackers

From an SEO and indexing perspective, Google has favored secure or HTTPS websites for quite a while now However, in late 2017 they made an announcement that the Chrome browsers would now display a ‘not secure’ warning against a website that isn’t utilizing HTTPS where a contact form or information capture is present So, if you intend to include any type of form, newsletter signup, or any other type of information capture, it would be wise to ensure you’ve enabled your SSL certificate Ok, so let’s go through the steps on how to install the free Bluehost SSL certificate for WordPress One of the great features of Bluehost is that you get access to a free SSL certificate for your WordPress website

If you haven’t set up your hosting account yet follow the link in the description below, or click on this bottom on the OHKLYN post to get access to discount hosting and a free domain Log into your Bluehost dashboard Select ‘My Sites’ from the menu on the left Click on ‘Manage Site’ for the domain you want to install the SSL certificate on Navigate to the ‘Security’ tab Turn ‘On’ the free SSL certificate The status will change to ‘In Progress’ while your SSL certificate is being installed This typically takes about an hour Once your SSL certificate is installed, the status will change to ‘On’ Enter HTTPS to the front of your domain, and you’ll notice that you’re SSL certificate is activated and your website is secure And that’s how to install the free Bluehost SSL certificate for your WordPress website Please leave a comment and tell us if you found this guide useful We hope this brings you another step closer to creating your perfect website

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