How To Install Plugin To WordPress

Oh Tommy Wilson every profit with Thomas on this video I'm gonna show you how to install plugin to WordPress so here we are in the back office of my blog what you do is you go to plugins here to install plugin to WordPress click on plugins here you see installed plugins add new install plugin to WordPress and editor and we're gonna go to add new so here we see the future plugins you can also check out a popular recommended favorites to install plugin to WordPress and if you have a plug-in on your desktop in zip format you can click this and upload the plug-in there I'm not going to show that it's quite easy to follow the step you just click on that plug-in then you choose the plug-in on your desktop and then you click them up boom but here are the features as I said but but we're gonna get go to the recommend so here we all have their recommended plugins but I'm gonna tell you about something first or name of a plug-in that you want to install you just go and search for it here and go from there but I thought I should show you how to install a plugin and for instance I'm going to choose this element the page builder so when you wanna install something oh let me tell you something first beneath here you will see if is the plug-in is compatible with your version of WordPress and it's more faster for my worship and here you see the rating of the plug-in in the 5 star out of 5 so that's good so when you want to install it you just click this install and when it's installed you simply click on act here we find the plug-in named Elementor and you can check out to see the activated if you only want it to be active and when you have deactivated you can choose to remove it if you want and here's a pro option if you want to upgrade your plugin but other that is simply how you do it's quite easy to install the plugin and some are free some you might have to pay but many are free now did you know that you can make money blogging and if you want to learn exactly how to do that I highly recommend that you click the link below thanks so much for watching bye you

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