How to Install or Update a WordPress Plugin you have purchased from CreativeMinds

In this video we're going to learn how to update or install a new version of your plugin So the first thing you're going to need to do is access the customer dashboard on the cminds site

Click on account, customer dashboard Here you can register for an account When you register you can choose a user name, provide your first name, last name and the email that you used during checkout Go ahead and register and then log in to your new customer dashboard account Okay so now you're on the customer dashboard, navigate to my download history and you here will find a list of all of your downloads

And the files on the right hand side are the most up to date versions of those plugins or extensions You can easily click on the file to download the plugin This will download a zip file to your computer, the next thing you're going to need to do is visit your dashboard and deactivate the current version of the plugin if you have one You can't run for example the free version and the pro version of the plugin at the same time It's won't work

After you deactivate the plugin you will need to delete it Don't be afraid when it says are you sure you want to delete this you're going to lose all of your files and data When you update with the new version all of your data will be there So go ahead and click yes and completely ignore this message Then you're going to go ahead and click on add new and then navigate to upload plugin

And you can simply upload the zip file that was downloaded from the customer dashboard, and install it on your site And don't worry all of your information from the previous version of this plugin will transfer automatically to the newer version when you install it So after you install that new plugin file, you're going to go back to your plugins list and go ahead and activate the new plugin The next step is to activate the license for the plugin You only need to activate the license if you've installed the plugin for the first time

So when you're updating to the most recent version of the plugin, don't worry about activating the license and move ahead to the next step So you can find the license back on the customer dashboard if you navigate to my purchase history Click on view licenses for the order in which you purchased that plugin or extension Here you're going to click on that golden key for the particular plugin and get access to that key number Copy that key number

Also here if you click on manage site's you can deactivate licenses that are activated on certain websites, directly from your customer dashboard Then navigate back to your dashboard, to your new plugin and down to license On the license page you're going to take that copied license key, paste it in here, then click save and then click activate So you need to go to save, and then activate the license key in order to get this to work And then you're done

Now we're going to talk a little bit about troubleshooting Users can often get 404 errors when they try to get to the plugin pages and they have not set up permalinks for their website yet So what you need to do is from you dashboard navigate to settings and then permalinks And here you need to choose a specific permalink pattern, other than the default, and save that configuration and this should solve the problem if you're getting 404 errors The second way to troubleshoot is to visit the server information, found in the settings of the plugin

And just make sure that all of these are coming in as okay and here you can pinpoint the issue with the server If you get a fatal error when you try to activate the plugin, this a common issue involving php You need to have php enabled with mbstring sometimes in order for this to work so on Google, you're going to search for mbstring installation and then you should be able to solve the issue And if not, send a support ticket to CreativeMinds Thank you for choosing CreativeMinds

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