How To Install Lightroom Profiles. Instructions for Photoshop or Lightroom. Get Free Sample Pack.

hey I'm Tim from Tim's photoscom and I'm going to show you how to quickly download and install your Adobe profiles into Lightroom and Photoshop

So your starting point for this is at Tim's photoscom slash profiles which is where you can get your free sample set of the new Adobe profiles And if you've already done that then you would have ended up on a download page and you would have clicked that download files button and this would have opened up a link within Dropbox when you see the file within Dropbox you want to click up in the top right corner the download button and then click on direct download so for me this just dropped this new folder that's all zipped up down into the bottom left of my browser bar there and I want to click open when done and what that did because it's a zipped file it opened up my unzipping program so I'm going to click extract and then I want to create a custom folder location for where I'm going to be saving this I like to extract folders where I know exactly where they are so in this case I'm going to create a folders called Tim's photos profiles and I'm going to click OK and then I'm going to click the extract button and it's going to push all of those folders all of those files into that location so after they'd been unzipped this is what it's going to look like now this is a PDF file with instructions then there are five raw files for you to practice on these are the same RAW files that we're in the sample pack video if you only opted in for the free sample pack you'll just have one folder here it's called Tim's photos sample pack but if you bought the whole collection you'll have about 15 or 16 separate folders here so what you want to do is select all 15 or sixteen folders in this case I'm only showing the one sample folder and then I want to go control C or command C on a Mac or right-click and copy and now that's being copied to the clipboard so next I want to open up lightroom and i'm going to go to on a Windows machine edit and preferences and if this was a Mac machine I would hit the Lightroom button over on the left and then preferences but I'm on a Windows machine so it's edit and preferences and it opens up this preferences dialog box this is the button here you want to look for its show Lightroom presets folder I'm gonna click on it and it opens up an explorer window where Lightroom is highlighted already I want to scroll up to the Camera Raw folder double click on it to open and you'll see settings so I went up to the Camera Raw folder and then settings and then I just want to right click on settings or sorry left click on settings but now right-click and paste and what that does it pastes my profile folders into this settings folder once that's done you are done all you need to do is restart Lightroom and restart Photoshop and then check to make sure that your profiles have been applied so the way that I check to see that they are applied is I make sure that I'm in the develop module of Lightroom and you want to make sure you can see those four squares there and the word profile if you don't see that and you're in the develop module then you need to update your Lightroom but I have updated my Lightroom so I'm going to click on the four squares and it opens up all the profiles I have so you're going to see down here the one that's called Tim's photos sample pack or if you purchase the whole collection you're going to see all of these cityscapes dark foreground dark forest green moss sunsets sand dunes etc and now let's just jump over to photoshop really quick it's the same deal with Photoshop except you're not going to see them unless you're in the raw editor so this happens to be a JPEG and I'm going to force the raw editor open by going filter and Camera Raw filter that forces the raw editor open and they're the four little squares again to browse profiles you just have to make sure that this basic tab has been selected and not one of the other tabs so the basic tab and then you see the profile four little squares so if I click them it forces me to browse profiles and down lower here here's all of the Tim's photos profiles that are purchasable and if you only installed the sample pack then you'll only have the sample pack so if I open up on one of these you can see the various the various profiles there's five in the sample pack and I would just scroll through and find the one that I want to use now of course this photo here is already being completely adjusted so there are no profiles that are going to look good on it because it's it's already color corrected and it's got the right amount of saturation that I like so I would just click the one that I want and then click on the percentage that I wanted see now I'm at 26% a hundred percent one hundred and fifty percent so I would choose the percentage that I actually want to see then click close and now all my sliders are at zero and I have a fresh start so there you go that is how you install the Adobe profiles into Photoshop and Lightroom

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