How To Install A WordPress Plugin For Beginners 2017 | Quick & Easy

Hey guys, Bryan here with WP Cupid and today I'm going to show you how to install plugins into WordPress There's three different ways that we can do this and the first two are going to be really good for the WordPress beginners and the third way is going to be for the more advanced users

But all three are generally pretty easy and I'm going to go through each one Alright, so as you can see we are in the WordPress dashboard Go over to the left and we will see plugins We are going to click plugins And up at the top we are going to see plugins and add new

We are going to click add new Over here search plugins This is where you can search for the plugin that you are looking for I'm going to put in a random one here Alright, so this is the one that I'm looking for

You will see install now Go ahead and click that Once it's done installing your going to see activate here Your going to go ahead and click activate to activate the plugin Another thing that you could do

And I'll show you here Just click plugins again and scroll all the way down to the bottom Yoast SEO You'll see activate You can activate it here as well

So i'm going to go ahead and activate it That plugin is now activated and you'll see the different links here at the bottom Every plugin is different So you might see different links for different plugins down here Alright, so now moving on to the second way

This way is really is as well Disregard this part right here I'm going to go ahead and de-activate this plugin so I can show you the second way and delete it So the second way up here at the top we are going to be at the plugins page You'll see the plugins and add new

Click add new And up here we will see add plugins and upload plugin You'll want to click upload plugin and at the top you'll see if you have a plugin in a zip format, you may install it by uploading it here What you'll want to do is get the zip format of the plugin that you have and download that to your computer and you can just upload it right here in this WordPress dashboard

So we are going to click choose file I already have mine saved We are going to click on the zip file and click install now And right here you will see unpacking the package, installing the plugin, plugin installed successfully, and right here we can activate the plugin So I'm going to click this to activate it and it'll take you back to the plugins page

Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see all the links down there and it has been installed successfully Now we are going to go over the more advanced way to upload a plugin into WordPress This will involve using a FTP client and connecting to your WordPress site through your FTP client For this example I'm going to be using Filezilla An open source FTP client that is free to download

As you can see I'm logged into Filezilla here and up here at the top left is going to be all the files on the computer You can see the WordPress SEO I already got that folder in place Over here on the right hand side you'll see public html folder and then you'll want to go to wp content folder and under that you'll see the plugins folder and this will list out all the plugins that are active on the site currently You can see I got several already activated

So over here on the bottom left hand corner where the plugin folder is go ahead and right click it and you'll see upload Go ahead and click upload and this will upload the plugin to WordPress You could also drag it over below that indexphp file if you'd like too I'm going to go ahead and just upload it and this will actually take some time so I will come back here shortly

So once that plugin is successful in Filezilla and the FTP client go ahead and go to the WordPress dashboard Click the plugins and you will see down here the Yoast SEO plugin that I've been working with You'll want to go ahead and activate your plugin When you upload a plugin in an FTP client it will not activate it so you'll want to go to the WordPress dashboard to the plugin page and click activate Alright guys, thanks for watching

I hope this video was helpful I provided all the text for you in the description below and it's going to list it everything step by step that way you have a guide to go by Be sure to subscribe to our channel and give this video a thumbs up so we can keep spreading the word

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