How to get the Best WordPress Website Security

Okay, so what is the best WordPress website security you can imagine? And why do I even ask this question? Well, my site got hacked recently or actually the server of my host got hacked And I had some serious problems with my websites after that

So, first of all, I changed host, obviously But then I also started looking into, you know, like, WordPress website security and some WordPress security plugins And then I found a very interesting article which I want to point out to you Because it's an awesome article It is very simple, it is very short

And it tells you why you should NOT use WordPress security plugins The main reason being your website gets really slow, which is very bad for your ranking So, how do you provide the best WordPress website security for your website without losing speed? This article totally shows it It's from my new host, which is A2 web hosting I also put the links there

I also put a link to a page where you can find all kinds of articles on how to secure a website It's really awesome, it's really simple It's exactly what I wanted It's exactly what I've been looking for And finally, I know how to secure my website really tight

Because the simplicity is – and they actually give you a plugin how to, you know, like, set this all up, so it's not a security plugin but it's a plugin to set up your website so it is very secure and you have good speed And one of the things they do is they give you a different admin login path, which is sort of you know, like, if a hacker tries to find your front door he just can't find it That's the simplicity of it Really simple They provide you with all the tools necessary to set up your website so that it is secure, fast and it is very hard to hack

Let's put it that way They don't use any htaccess file method This is not an SSL certificate method It's extremely simple – you have to have that host because it's only on that host that it's set up, but that's why I will also provide you with a link so you can check out this host and what they say about security and how they can help you make your website really secure

For me it helped a lot That's why I made this very short video, because I had so much trouble with, you know, the security, lots of issues I got hacked several times because my host never told me these very simple tricks This host does I hope you like the tip and I hope you like the article and you can set it up yourself – if you're – with this host you can even set it up very simple, because you get a plugin and you push a button and it's getting set up automatically

Hope you like the tip and I'll see you in the next one

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