How To Get Started On Your Content Calendar – Content Marketing Calendar Planning

If you want to implement a content calendar with a team, then you will need to ensure that everyone understands the importance of using and following the content calendar A content calendar that doesn't get used isn't valuable to your business

When you talk to your team, you should highlight some of the benefits of your entire team will enjoy including: One, better visibility across projects and campaigns Everyone knows when each piece is being published and who is responsible for it Two, the ability to finally get organized Reduce frustration and lack of productivity A content calendar can help bring all the pieces together and get your team working as a single unit

Three, reducing a number of missed deadlines No one likes missing deadlines and with a content calendar, you can track each piece of content and understand when content is supposed to be published Four, spending less time planning, and more time executing Spend less time planning and get organized and save you more time and money as you develop more content for your business

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