How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website Or Affiliate Link

hi there guys Emanuele here from empowerment teamorg and today we're How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website Or Affiliate Link going to be talking about how to get free traffic to your website or your affiliate link okay but before we get into the content what I love you to do now is to just press the subscribe button cuz I'm constantly putting out value I'll be constantly putting out videos that's going to help you on your journey help to empower you and help to make you a better marketer so what your so what I need you to do just click on the subscribe button there might be a barrel beside it just click on that Bell because what that will do is every time I put a new video you'll then get notified that plus a new content alright so we're gonna move on now we're going to talk about how to get some free traffic to your website or your affiliate link and to do that I'm gonna shoot over to the computer so let's go so hi again guys yes so we're over on the computer now so I'm gonna be showing you how to get some free traffic to your website if you have a website you know if on your website I'll be showing you how to get traffic over there how'd you get people to read the articles that we're going to be talking about and then how to click on the link that sends them to whatever you're promoting this is one of the things that I promote and I have my own personal link for it's what we call the affiliate link and so if I don't have a website I want to then get people to click on that link to somehow get people to click on that affiliate link and come over to this so either way you either get people over to your website and get them clicking on the links there or if you don't have a website you want to get just give people your raw link and get them over to whatever you're promoting so this is one of the things I promote and I have a link for this which you get when you've joined the opportunity and then you can send people wherever you want but so one of the best ways then is to get some free traffic is to white articles now you know writing articles take some of your time and that's the thing about free traffic that's the only kind of downpour with free traffic it takes time you got to put your time in so you got to put your time in to write the articles one or two things you either put time in or you put money in but if you say you don't want to spend any money and you just want to do it all for free then you're gonna have to put some time in writing articles people say to me but I don't know what to write about what do I write about well then I'm gonna give you some ideas now today as to what type of articles you can write things that are gonna rank quickly on Google and it's gonna get you some traffic quickly one of the places I would go if I was looking for articles to write I've got to this place here called Google Trends what this is it's where people like go to find out what is trending now what is it what is trending like right now today sort of thing you know what people are searching for regularly and this here shows you these are the things that people are interested in sort of now to date guns in America prom 2018 Britain's royal wedding there was a royal wedding here in the UK only two days ago so these are the things that are high up in the searches things that people are interested in now it might not always directly link to what you're doing like for example I'm gonna predict Mach 2 but I've done this before where I saw that say here I saw it was here tennis and Serena Williams she had just won the US Open and so it was she that was one of the top things that was trending so I wrote an article about Serena Williams how but then I linked it to affiliate marketing just think outside the box a little bit I thought you know to be a champion you need to have the similar traits to be a winner and to make money online that you need similar traits need consistency you need you need dedication you need to have the right mindset all these sort of things that Sarina William has so I wrote about Sarina William but then I tied it into the things you need the things that she has that you need to become a good affiliate marketer you see a knight and I got that actual idea from someone else called John Chow who was a top blogger and he done the same thing with bikers again he found it on Google Trends it was number one on Google Trends there was something about bikers he and he spoke about the kind of personality you have to be to have to be a biker and how that fits really well with affiliate marketing so it's really what it was really clever and I actually got quite a lot of traffic from that so let's just have a look at somebody soon so whatever you're in somehow you can tie it in so here look if you think number one here what's this here let's just click on that one let's have a look so that's trending number one you can see when it says trending that usually you have a graph here and it shows that lots and lots of people are searching for this there we go golden Knight so I don't know much about Goldeneye so it's very easy to go and do a little bit of research and then probably you'll see that you know they're constantly winning maybe they weren't winning before you can talk about the winning mindset had I changed things around and how you need that to be a top affiliate marketer you write an article about this and more than likely it will rank because this is what people are searching for now so that's one way you can use Google Trends and next thing is you can actually just use Google itself which is what I did I went over to Google and my niche is affiliate marketing so I thought what would people search for if they were coming into the affiliate marketing field and I thought affiliate marketing for newbies I thought that might be a term people search for so I put it in a search what I like to do I put in Sochi and I click on the actual term like I just clicked on it and these things here are what people are actually searching for this is what I thought they'd be searching for but this is the actual terms that people are typing into Google so I looked at their mental okay that's fine and I took this one here Philly app marketing for beginners 2017 you can see I like to see some videos here cuz I'm a video marketer like to see some videos but even if you're just going to write articles when you see things like this you think to yourself it doesn't seem too hard but how I know for sure whether it's hard or not as I go over and I use a talk yes the name of the tool is called Jack C and this is Jack C here and you can actually get access to this tool for free I'll believe in a link below you can actually get access for nothing and you get 30 free searches using this tool so you can definitely use it to find out what what type of articles would make sense for you to write and I'll show you how you use it I put that term in affiliate marketing for beginners 2017 into the search you set you do a search here find keywords and here the key words came out fill it marks with beginners so what this does it tells you the average amount of searches that that people are putting in and their average searches every month in Google so here there's not tons of searches but what you want to do you want to go when you're writing these articles you want to go for what we call the low hanging fruit the these types of articles would be easy to rank and how you know for sure is you click on this here says get Q SR and that basically just tells you how we if it says great which it does here it means it's not gonna be difficult to rank for it so you write an article and you'll end up probably ranking somewhere here on page one and that's going to be getting you some free traffic you know I just click on another one you can find another one that is affiliate marketing for beginners slightly different just a slight variation but look a little bit more traffic let's see if it's working after getting here great so there you go there's two articles you could already write so you can go through this you can just look at the terms and write you know write an article well I will look at another one so when I clicked on this as well another term I found I liked was this one how to start affiliate marketing for beginners we know people are searching for it because it came up in the Google suggestions there's videos again let's have a look in Jack's see let's see how difficult it would be how to start putting multiple beginners so the search is if you get this traffic means if you rank on page one the total amount of searches you could get per month amount of clicks you could get let's see how easy it is to rank again great so you can go through this and you can find articles you could find you know an article you could do every single day and you write an article and then there's the chances of them ranking as high if this is great rank and page one on google is quite high so this tool is really really good and like I said I'll give you free access to I'll leave a link below this now if you don't have a website so like if you wrote the article you put it on your website if you don't have a website then you can write an article and you can take it to a site like this an article directory and this one's called ezinearticles

com you can see here submit your high quality original articles for more exposure credibility and traffic back to your website and it's completely free to get to start now have a look at this has got tons of terms that you can go for so whatever your niche is you'll probably find something in here that you can write an article and submit to this site I went for this one home-based business because that's kind of my Nisha affiliate marketing home-based businesses so these are articles that people have written so I just click on one of these all right so this is the article that this person wrote wrote and you can see at the bottom here they've left their links so this here would be a link to your affiliate products to to whatever your affiliate link is what we're speaking about the beginning or you could even use this to send to send people back to your website you know again because this is a big site ezinearticles people are searching for that they'll probably find this may be easier than they find your website and then you can have your article linking back to your website or to your whatever your affiliate link is now you might say to yourself well why would why would you even bother why would people bother writing things on here the reason is other big people that own big websites How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website Or Affiliate Link you know they don't always have time to write their own articles they might pay some article writers but you know it might get very expensive for them to keep paying new and new people new your new article writers and they want nice fresh ideas so some big sites they just go on these sorts of things and every day they get a new article for their website you know because they want to keep their website full up with content because the more content you have on your site the more Google gives you love the more you go up rankings such as why I'm saying to you write articles for your website if you have one you keep writing articles Google will give you love and stop pushing you up the rankings but yeah so they come to these sort of sites to get articles so if you wrote an article you put it on there maybe a big site would would get it and put it onto their site now the good thing about that is what they they do get an article up here they have to take the whole article including the links they have to take the whole article so imagine they took your article there may be getting thousands of Lee and of links of click sorry everyday some people are gonna see that article or gonna read it they're gonna like it and they're gonna click on the link and that's gonna be some free traffic for your affiliate for your website or your affiliate link so if you don't have a site that's another way to do it all right another method I could you would users may be using this here is called Quora queue you are a comm and this is just a site where people come to get answers to things so if you came up with it I came over to here and I put in the search term affiliate marketing affiliate marketing we do a search on that you know this is the type that's kind of questions people are asking what is affiliate marketing how can I start a fillip marketing how do I earn in affiliate marketing how much money do you make doing affiliate marketing no you just come along and you can help answer these questions and you can put your links at the bottom of the answers I'll show you one of them I just click on this what is affiliate marketing now what you would do is you'd click here and you can put your answer in here but as always with these things make sure you give value you know don't just come and spam it like put just come here and put yeah affiliate just put one line and then put your link what you're gonna get reported you won't be allowed to use it you'll get banned from these sort of sites so give some value yeah write a few paragraphs two or three paragraphs you know at least something that's giving a little bit of value I mean look just have a little look at what other people have done on here just for an example this guy here he's wrote this long article you can see all the way down this is all the stuff he's given and then at the bottom he's put his links down right right at the bottom so you can see you know he's given loads of value before he's given any links he hasn't just blasted it with links do you know um and III done one here which the term was I think it was I'll show you here it was how do I earn in affiliate marketing which was this one here so I clicked on that win over and I clips on the answer thing and I wrote something out I put there are many ways to earn in affiliate marketing but before you do that you need to know the basics of getting traffic and sending that traffic to an offer that converts I discussed these topics in detail in this course again that's a link which is free if you want to have a look now yeah and probably if I if I really want to do this properly able to give a lot more content than that we'll talk a lot more about getting traffic how I get traffic arrow can help people get traffic I talked about offers that convert offers that convert that I've used before in the past so I would spam it out a little bit spammy out I'd push it out a little bit but I'm just doing this for the for the purposes of this video to show you that I would put a little something there and then I'll give a link and again this link is for free so again this value giving some value another thing when you join this it's completely for free to join you do a little profile and here on the profile you can put your link there as well I put here this is my profile helping people to find freedom and empowerment in their lives learn more about what I do here there's a link so you can add links to this as well yeah so those are the main things those are the main sort of ways I would I would get started doing one of those to start giving you you start giving you some free traffic the more you do it especially with the articles the more you do it the more like I said Google will show you love because you're putting content out there and then you'll start to rank so I hope you got some value from this and if you did please take the time to like it give it a little thumbs up and share with anyone else you believe got some value from it as well you know if you have any comments or any any questions then you can leave it in the comment section below and I'll answer it as soon as I cannot get around to answering it myself we can have a bit of a conversation if you have anything you're struggling with I will try my best to help you alright another thing like I said if you want to get access to that Jack seed I'll leave links below as well as that you'll get access to to that completely for free like I said you'll also get access to three free websites it's not easy to say three free websites in this in this opportunity as well as completely for free and using those websites you can start to put your articles on there they're good websites because because they're linked to the this opportunity they the articles run quite quickly so it's at least worth having a look and see if it's for yourself like to save completely for free may may or may not be for you but worth having a look I'll leave links below if that's something you want to be in it might be of interest to you all right once again thanks for listening till next time guys take care and I'll speak to you soon all the best How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website Or Affiliate Link

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