How to Get Free SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Site With Cloudflare

hey guys what's going on over there this is conceived from basic blog talk calm welcome back to the tutorial in this video tutorial I am going to show you how to get free SSL certificate for your WordPress Rockridge CloudFlare guys in the previous video I saw you have to install that in Krypton Juventud server so that we can get the SS certificate which over wordpress blog and however in some case you might not able to install or compatible your wordpress blog which let increase for instant in some case and here is as you can see here I host my blog on hot get the hosting and my hosting provider not compatible with letting creep so and what is more they did not provide a 30 program SS so that I need to buy the private SL in order to sexual my word precise so that I use a cloud layer to sexual that size and another example is that you you don't have a full control to your VPS or your server so you not able to you don't have the permission to to install an e SL certificate so that it is the good reason that reduce the cloud layer SL so here we go I'm not talking much about that so let's go into in deep into that and as you can see here is my blog and it's an example blocks that we going to use in this tutorial and it's just a fresh installation and I did not integrate it with ASL and if I assist with HTTP and yeah it would be assessed through the broken peg and as you can see I have a certificate not really not readable already install all on my server so in order to use the to Annable CloudFlare as a certificate you need to go to Claire CloudFlare is a free CDN service so it provides you it provides you the feature to store your resource file on multi server and it help you to to make better performance of your WordPress and also it provides you the SSL feature that allows you to to to secure your WordPress site and I don't know how to explain that with gruffly a hassle feature but for more information you can find on CloudFlare calm and it's show you the detail in show you the detail information about that so it is highly recommend to create CloudFlare feature for your WordPress site ok guys so I will login to my account and if you don't have class play account you can feel free to register that it's slow over here so again okay I will login my account once you log in to your side you see a list of your website over here and I did one before so I might need to delete that because it's on the wrong DNS so just delete it and you just keep that skip this and because I only did one before one you log into CloudFlare just hit on outside to add a new sign just input your domain name it would be gymnast though Akagi and Beacon sketch and CloudFlare will scan your DNS setting such as cname record and the other information of your DNS record so just wait for Claire to finish the scan okay I now CloudFlare finish the scan so I just hit continue setup and as you can see and I didn't have a many coach of my DNS setting so as you can see it Ling my server IP to CloudFlare account and I linked ww2 it okay so that's what I want so just click on continue to continue and one you can hit continue CloudFlare ask you to select the package and as you can see here and SLE is the method browser for free turkic and if you go with growth and SL is compatible with all browsers so you can feel free to go with free turkic in this case just hit continue and one do hit continue class I ask you to change the server name and point to CloudFlare server name so in this case I will go to go the day because my domain is on GoDaddy Jacque in my account okay guy here is my domain name the net dot XY Z so I hit on DNA to setting up server name and what I had to do is copy this surname and King nice over name just yeah and save it okay guy want you save your surname to your DNA record just hit continue and you might need to wait around 24 hour but actually we don't need to buy it that too long just actual guy and I will back after the DNA record taking place so see you soon hey guy I'm back and now the DNS record for Shane and us over all of us and actually it worked for own yesterday at the afternoon guys but I got a problem I I just got a attendee contact from my client so I need to work with my clan and cannot finish the tutorial so with that it took me a day to wait for the DNS change and I'm sorry for being late ok I let's back to the tutorial and the DNS record watching for Cliff Lee and as you can see and my website over here and if I input HTTP over here and it's going to be working and however there is some problem over here as you can see it was look I broken starts it and something like that the problem because the is eight blocks and sexual resources GS and CSS file so there is something you need to infringe on on what you need to confer on CloudFlare so just go to CloudFlare and when you log in your account you see your domain is this over here just click on it and cluster it a little bit Chiang and in the previous setting and I has as good a deeply set to full and so make sure it checks it's set to flexible just click on it please click on it again to go to SL 13 know again okay here I am and as you can see is now active and option is flexible mid so it's set to flexible and here is your domain record and over here and you also can generate the ASL okay see the is okay and for your original server you can hit on generator to create certificate to create a certificate key for your original server but in this case I'll let me turn on HTTP rewrite so I just turn it on and let me refresh the page make sure it work yeah and as you can see one you turn the HTTP rewrite and is working great on your throne and size and however one I try to log into my back-end yeah it's not with HTTPS so I just lock it in yeah I can properly login my my back-end which not an HTTPS wasn't and however if I Drive it HTTP yeah I think it is no we still can login with that let me try again just back maybe some cash I just back to homepage let me hit ctrl f5 and let's start with HTTP slash wp-admin yeah I just lock in no it's really reracked to so what I'm going to do is have it back to cloudless and I turn all the way HTTPS on so I just turn it that on let me refresh through the peg okay now the login with HTTPS so let me lock that in yeah that is the problem guys and as we use the proxy HTTP so we cannot assess through the back end with that so what you have to do is to add some line to your PHP configuration file so we need assess through my server I just FileZilla this wait a little bit okay head count I just assess to my server and if you don't know why I have had user name and you can't find the previous tutorial okay guys so I just do the is H fresh password what I have to do is I go to 1ww and HML folder and I'm using voice Clow hosting so that it is a liner hosting and if you use the other share hosting or something like that you can go to your public HTML folder and your wordpress folder and I need to find WP config dot PHP the head is I just added it and I should open it with notepad plus plus and it is ease for me I'm looking down there for no title applause and yeah I need to add this line of code and using the reverse proxies so here this for more information you can find on codex with brace comm administration / ASL and I'll leave the link down there you can find it down there and to learn more about why you should place that code to your WP config and you can place wherever you want but make sure it over this land and so yeah I should pass it over there okay here it is so let me save the file and so here okay and over I it holy shit I cannot override that folder I don't have permission to override it so what I have to do is what I can do here and need to chain that omission because I said it more secure so what I have to do and it will edit it from police it should be the wrong idea I think let me go to voice control just check my IP address to save it okay guy I love went into my server using sa so there's something I need to add it on to do nano well ww HTML and WP config dot PHP and I give the producer the password okay I need to scroll down to find where I want to edit the dead pig okay here it is and let me copy this line again and I right click on the terminal to pass the large control H Y and enter to save the file and then I need to refresh the page and make sure I can log in okay guys so after I add the line – I don't need this lunch after I add the line to the wp config file so that I can assess with ATT Pai so on my back-end and as you can see here let me log out and as you can see the do I'll become greens it means that my web tag is sexual but if I go back to this page okay everything is sexual but if you see this peg is not green I just want use WP DB replacement and through to rewrite the database change HTTP to HTTPS guys thank for watching the widow and now you can have an fully-integrated or I sell your WordPress SSL with krafla and I hope it always helpful and if you have a question or I try you around and make you confuse with the tutorial you can further command below the below this video and I will respond to your question as soon as possible and also guys and if you want more video you can click on the link and on right here and I left the tutorial to voice VPS latest WordPress installation all sexual your server and most on the ads just click on the video on the the left and also a soon already subscribe my channel when I don't you hit the subscribe button and join me and so I will find the useful tutorial for use so same for watching video and see you in next tutorial bye guys

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