How to get a FREE SSL Certificate in 2017

hello everyone this is justin i'm back for another episode of ZTYT Today, we are going to be finding out how to get a free ssl certificate If you don't know what an SSL Certificate is, it is like when you go onto youtube or gmail, there is a HTTPS:// www

youtubecom and some people have HTTP://vizenexcom vizenexcom So you want to get an SSL Certificate for many reasons One, because they know that your site secure ensure you that you're not going to hack them but as the sort of certificates cause around seventy dollars a year but you can actually get 43 not going to be a top quality of the necessary again it'll still work and it's a very good way to make sure that people trust your website the topic was very good with the free by hosting and one dollar godaddy domain so stay tuned and you'll find out how to get a free SL before I start how to get a free ssl certificate i want to emphasize the importance of having google from one of the largest web browsers in the entire world is releasing a feature mid-2017 giving this huge warning message saying that this website is not secure just because it won't have an ssl certificate just take their warning it's really unbelievable but google chrome is doing it so that means that you should really get your associative get right now so as you know ssl certificates can be very costly but some of them are actually really cheap for example summer six dollars in some more over a few hundred dollars some people think that they're exactly the same religious five six dollar one even if it's for a massive business three different prices is due to the difference in levels of ssl certificates such as the difference between one that's supposed to be used to ensure the security of customers credit card informations to make sure that your connection is just encrypted so use the expensive one for the customers credit card information and if you just want to make sure your connection is encrypted and avoid the google from morning and just get the cheap one or get the free alternatives so yes there are some free alternatives that can offer you the lower-end ssl certificate that of course encrypted connection and doesn't like from make that huge warning message that will really annoy viewers also having an ssl certificate allows you have better SEO rankings as google has stated so really google is trying to promote having an ssl certificate and this is why you have to continue watching to get a free ssl certificate without paying the large amount of money for them ok now go ahead and go into this website here is called sl4 3

com not typing your website name and hit create free ssl certificate now Manuel verification the one in the middle not the manual verifications your dns but the one that says upload verification files manually to your domain to verify ownership now just go ahead and hit manually verified domain and now you will be prompted to download these two files hit download and file1 and downloaded file to as well now click these files and open them through notepad if this has some txt and hit the other one and also open that through notepad is that also has text it doesn't matter if they're the same but if they also if they all have text then it's all fine and you can use it and all of that now going to filezilla or your ftp manager which could be in your domain cpanel now go ahead and connect and now you're in there going to public underscore HTML and now right click create directory thought well dash known it ok go into that folder right click create directory NEC me dash challenge c8a ll en e it ok now go into that folder go back to the chrome and draggin these two files that you downloaded from the website now go back into chrome the download ssl certificates and go back into godaddy get your name is my talent for posting it managed and you will be brought to cpanel in there scroll down and find SL / pls it would be under security now hit manage SL sites select your demand now go back here certificate ctrl a ctrl c that taste out there go back in the private key put that here and foresee a bundle put that also here now hit install certificate go ahead and hit OK and now she go to https colon slash loss of vision xcom you'll see that it loads in the site and it has the secure badge and it doesn't show the warning which is going to completely destroy your site but anyways thanks for watching and please continue to watch my videos compete on the top right to watch another video or look at the end card subscribe like the video and comment about why you need necessarily certificate and anyways this is ZTYT and i'm signing out

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