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What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today guys I'm gonna be showing you how to generate leads for your online business in 2018 because guys every single business in the world needs leads it needs customers customers are the life source of any good business so with that being said I'm gonna show you guys exactly how to get them today we're we get into that though guys if you're new to the channel then please subscribe right now because I blow brand new videos just like this one every single day just to help you guys out with that being said let's hop into my computer right now so I can show you guys how to generate some leads all right guys we're now in my computer as you can see on the whiteboard presentation that I've set up just for you guys and of course the first thing you guys are gonna see in the big box is gonna be traffic because of course guys to generate leads number one thing you're gonna need to do is to generate traffic you need to do that some way I listed both freeways and paid ways let me go over these really quick some freeways of course a lot of these are gonna be like social media social media is definitely one of the easiest ways to generate free traffic very quickly so guys Facebook Twitter Instagram pora and snapchat those are all great ways if you know how to use all it utilize them correctly so Jenna made a lot of free traffic very fast and then of course guys some paid ways Google AdWords Facebook Ads Bing ads solo ads and then of course Instagram ads so guys if you actually generate traffic using paid method it'll definitely happen faster you'll definitely be able to generate more leads more quickly just because they're paid so you're able to send a lot more traffic to the next step a lot easier it's completely fine to use free methods guys but it's definitely gonna take a little bit longer pay traffic always just converts faster because you're sending so much more traffic to your to the second step with that being said guys once you figured out exactly how you want to send traffic whether that be using free methods or paid methods then once you choose a few I definitely recommend that you Matt try to master one or two of them don't try to go for all ten because it'll be very confusing and you'll end up wasting a lot of money very quickly if you decide to do all five paid ways I would definitely recommend sticking to one or two my favorite is personally Facebook Ads but you can choose whatever you want with that being said guys I'm not gonna move this big box over a little bit it's the second thing your dream is sending traffic to an opt-in page and of course guys if you don't know what an opt-in page looks like I'm gonna give you an example of mine really fast me pull that up for you all right guys this is an opt-in that I actually use on one of my funnels to generate leads of course guys a landing page an opt-in page still the same thing it's basically just a simple a one page set up where people can either do two things they can one they can X the page out and leave or two they can see this they can like it and then they can enter the email address and press get free access now and then you're now with my lead guys I bought this opt-in pages and click funnels I use click funnels for all my landing pages all my funnels pretty much everything I do my business is through click funnels but definite recommend you guys go ahead and sign up for click funnels as well if you don't have an account with them yet there will be a link in the description to get two weeks free so definitely go ahead and do that sign up for click funnels and then make your opt-in page because it's something you're definitely gonna need you guys are gonna need a nice-looking quality opt-in page to send that traffic to because if you send your traffic to a bad ugly-looking landing page then it's not gonna convert very high it's not gonna convert well and you're gonna be sending traffic for no reason you want a nice landing page that converts at a really high rate I'm gonna make another video just on how to build any pages using click funnels but for right now guys get click funnels make your own little landing page it's not difficult at all it's made me a cook funnels makes it extremely extremely easy you go ahead and do that and then I actually know once you have that all set up guys once you have your opt-in page all made I'm actually with the Box over again because that's the next step guys after you have your opt-in page all over he was send traffic to this page have them enter their email address press get free access now and that's new collecting emails also known as generating leads so guys I put you'll need these two things here you're gonna need an opt-in page builder like I said I already recommended if you guys see it click funnels it's definitely the best one out there right now in my opinion and then you'll also need an email autoresponder I recommend get response through a rubber because of course guys when somebody enters the email list here you're gonna need some you need some sort of platform to actually keep all those emails in order and then once you have all your email once you have all your emails on a big list you're gonna want to be able to send them out email the only way to send them out email like that is to get an autoresponder get responses like $15 I like the very basic starter package that's the one I recommend it's nothing like the cheapest and you get the most for your money with that being said guys this is pretty much the entire set up here I broke it down into its most basic form I wanted to keep this video as simple as possible for you guys that way make it extremely easy to understand all you need eyes is an opt-in page once you have your opt-in page built out then you're gonna send traffic to it sent as much traffic to it as you can guys whether that's freeways paid raise all you're really trying to do here is generate leads and the best and fastest way to do that is to send a ton of traffic your opt-in page that way you'll be able to generate a ton of email addresses really fast and you'll be able to grow a big healthy list of emails you can easily sell to market to because guys you want to build up a big healthy email list here the bigger the email lists the better a lot of people will say that for every single email email you have on your list for every one person you have on your list that will equal a dollar in mint and monthly income if you guys have 500 people on your email list that should equate roughly to about a dollar per person and then 500 dollars in monthly recurring income otherwise of course some people will get $2 some people and get $050 per person it really depends on your list and how quality the traffic is how quality your list is but guys this is really it is as simple as that if you have any other questions comments or concerns drop a comment I'll be more than happy to help you guys out but I broke it down as simple as like code guys all you need to do is send traffic to an opt-in page collect emails and guys once you have that was emos collected that's when you start to do your email marketing as soon you start sending them value you stop sending them email offers start selling them affiliate products that's when you do that guys if you want a video just on how to email marketing I'll link one in the description down below or in the card somewhere because I have a video just on how to do email marketing that should definitely help you guys out that'll probably be kinda like it that'll kind of be like a part two to this video once you find out how to generate leads and collect a bunch of email addresses go over to that video and then watch how to do email marketing correctly that's pretty much the video guys you'll only really need those two things an opt-in page builder I got I already recommend it click funnels two week free trial in the description and then you also need some sort of email autoresponder I'll link get response a sign up for your response in the description as well so go ahead check both those things out sign up for both of those and then the only thing you need to do at that point guys is actually build your opt-in page and then start sending traffic guys the more traffic you send the better because guys sending a thousand people to your opt-in page is gonna generate you a lot more emails than always sending 100 you want to send as much traffic as you possibly can now guys don't go blowing all your money on paid methods either definitely try out both them do some testing first before you just don't blow your money with that being said guys that pretty much wraps up this video if you're new to the channel then please subscribe right now because I upload brand new videos every single day just to help you guys out if you enjoyed the video if you got some value out of it and please leave a like and I will see you guys in the next video peace

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