How to Find Which WordPress Theme a Site is Using

Are you trying to figure out what theme a website is using? Well keep watching I'll show you two methods that you can use to figure out what theme a website is using These are great methods to use if you're trying to come up with a new theme for your website and you've stumbled on a site that you like so you want to see what theme they use

The first method you can use is, use a website called IsItWP It's a great online tool that can show you what theme is being used as well as some of the plugins that are on that website So the first thing you want to do is grab the website address that you're curious about what the theme it is I'll right click and copy then we'll go to IsIitWPcom and just enter that information and we'll paste it there

Now we'll click the analyze website and we'll let it do its magic and you can see from the details that it is a WordPress website and scrolling down we see that the theme is the 2015 theme and if you notice down here it's still scanning to see what plugins are being used as well When that's done if there are any plugins on the site it'll show them here So this is great it shows you the theme details it gives you a picture, probably what you can look for when you're searching for the theme So that's a great way to see what plugin details a site has as well as the theme that it's using now sometimes website owners change the name of the theme so it makes it a little difficult to use a tool like this so the next method is a little bit more of a manual process So we'll go to the website that we're looking for and from here you just want to right click anywhere on the site and do view page source

From here you'll see all of the code for the page and what we're wanting to find is we're looking for the style sheet that the site uses You can either do a ctrl F to find stylecss and this is what we're looking for so you can click on that and it'll open up the stylecss page in a new tab and from here you can see the theme URI, the author, most sites use a child theme and if it is a child theme you'll see something over here called template that would be the template or the parent theme that it is working from So those are two very easy ways to find out what a website is using for its theme

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