How to Find a Niche on Amazon for Affiliate Marketing

hey what's up guys Jeff here from amzaffiliatetoolscom and in this video I'm going to be showing you how to find a niche on Amazon for affiliate marketing this is one of the most important aspects of your entire Amazon affiliate business so it's very important that you pick a good niche to start out with okay because if you pick a niche that's too competitive or there's not enough products or something like that then you could find yourself getting off to a little bit of a bumpy start because you know you pick the wrong niche so this video my goal is to show you how to pick the right niche that's full of products that your visitors will be hungry for and will buy without even thinking about it from your Amazon affiliate store okay so what I'm going to be doing over here on the computer today is I'm on the Amazon website and I'm going to show you exactly how I go about finding the niche that I want to promote products from okay so you can get this information in my free training course in the description of this video there's a link down there it'll take you over to my free training course and you'll be able to learn step by step by step how to make your first $1000 with the Amazon affiliate program in your first 30 days so make sure to check that out and while you're down there in the description make sure to hit the subscribe button so that you'll be notified every single time that I post a new video right here on my site and also there's a link that goes over to the shows page where you'll be able to get access to every single show that I do right here on this channel with extra notes included and resources included that will show you give you some extra information some extra tips some extra tricks and all that good stuff to get you going alright alright so over here on the Amazon website when I first want to start out doing is clicking on this departments button okay so what that's going to do is it's going to open up all of these niches okay say to see your home gardening tools homemade echo and Alexa Amazon Music sports and outdoors pet supplies all this good stuff okay so what most people do and this is what's going to separate you from everyone else because most people they could just stop at toys kids and baby alright and that's why some people gripe that any of this don't work hey I'm not successful blah blah blah it's because they went after a NYX that was too broad what we want to do is focus in on the niche that's inside of the main Ajoke a so like if I wanted to promote home audio and theater okay so that's hunger electronics computer and office so I wouldn't go after that niche I would go after home audio and theater and what I'm going to do is break that down into an even smaller sub niche okay so this is called a sub niche because it's a sub niche of the home audio and theater products okay so here you have different categories so if I wanted to set up a big home audio and D major products site I would use these as my categories right here okay but I want to take it a step further and I want to do let's say home theater systems okay so I'm going to click on that category and that's going to bring me up a whole set of other categories sambars home theater systems receivers and amplifiers speakers equalizers and phone no preamps okay so now you can see that we're getting even more zoomed in alright we're getting even more focused on our target market alright so now that we've narrowed it down to home theater we have these to use as categories on our site now this is probably a good place to stop but let me show you an even more detailed more focused example let's just do whose sound bars okay so now that we're in the sambars category this is what our Amazon niche affiliate site is going to be about is soundbar speakers okay and this is just an example you don't have to obviously rush out and create a site about sound bars or anything I'm just giving your example of how to really break it down how to really focus on your target market and have the most success with your site because when it comes to ranking your Amazon affiliate website you want Google to know that hey my site is about this one topic right here so rank me for this rank me for sambhar speakers okay and then ranked me for the different types of sound bar speakers all right so here you can see that there are a lot of bestseller products let's see let's go through them alright so you see that this is just what they have listed in the bestsellers you've got some hot new releases you've got the top rated most ways for most gifted all that you can make those categories on your site okay you could say bestsellers hot new releases top rated most ways for and most gifted all right and then list all of these on your Amazon affiliate website okay so let's take a step back and let's go back to that home theater example that I gave before so if you were going to use all of these as your categories then you can you can see that this is the type of products that you had to work with you can and you can work with any of the products on the Amazon affiliate website but you want to make sure that people are actually buying these products okay so the number one test to see hey are people actually buying these things and if so how do they like them when they buy okay so you can see right here by the number of reviews each product has and the number of stars each review average stars they have okay so so for example right here this $75 vizio sambar has 20 377 reviews now you know just as well as I do that not everybody leaves a review for every product that they buy so these are people who actually took the time to come back to Amazon once they purchased this product and leave a review letting other people know hey this is a good product this is why I like it this is what I bought it for this is the size of a room I have it in pet cetera et cetera okay so you want to find niches that have plenty of products that have plenty of people buying those products and plenty of people who are in love with those problems okay so this niche passes all of those tests so I'd be able to find plenty of products between sambars home theater systems receivers and AD speakers equalise there's all that good stuff I'd be able to find plenty of products to put into my Amazon affiliate store I'd be able to find plenty of products that sell really good that have really good reviews and actually have a pretty decent price so that we can make a good Commission and that's another aspect that you need to be looking for when you're choosing your niche you need to make sure that not everything in that niche cost two dollars okay because you're gonna have to sell it come on a product at a two dollar level in order to make any kind of decent commissions what you're looking for is a niche that has low medium and high range products okay so what I mean is like it has this $28 Bluetooth transmitter receiver product here and then you also have over here a 263 dollar surround sound speaker system okay so you'll be able to get people in that in any area that you choose okay so low medium and high you'll be able to bring all the customers through the door in that niche so no matter what niche you end up choosing you want to make sure that there's plenty of products that there's plenty of people buying those products that there's plenty of people in love with those products and that it has a low medium and high price range and that way you cover all your different aspects so these are the things that you need to think about the most whenever to decide what kind of Amazon affiliate website or store that you want to set up so before you do anything else what I want you to do right now is head over to Amazon click on the departments tab go under the mix that you're the most interested in okay and this is the fifth factor that you really need to consider choose products that you are interested in okay because whenever you're interested in the product then you're going to be able to market it in such a way that other people are interested in the products as well which will make them way easier to sell okay so choose something that you have lots of experience with something like a hobby that you have so if your hobby for example is woodworking choose a tools website so that you'll be able to talk about woodworking either in videos of blog post or Instagram or Twitter or wherever you plan on marketing at ok and we'll get into some marketing stuff a little bit later on but just choose something that you're very comfortable with ok and one of the questions that I get asked all the time is hey do you actually have to own the product that you are marketing and the answer is no you don't have to own the product however if you do own the product then you'll be able to increase your conversions because you know like let's say I have this dry-erase kit right here that I'm going to be painting on the wall for my kids to draw on or something like that I'm actually holding this part of people trust me more because I've actually got this problem all right now there are a telling the products that I don't own that I market but I'm very comfortable with those products I'm very comfortable talking about those products I'm very comfortable writing about those products and other ways that I'll market ok but no you do not have to own the product however if you do you will be able to increase your conversions and make more sales and commissions just simply because the trust factor goes up and you're able to really convey the message that trying to get across to your okay so like I said go out and start looking at different niches that you have interest in that are full of products that you can promote and meet all the criteria that I explained in this video all right so make sure that you're subscribed to the channel make sure you turn the notification belt on that way you can catch the next video because the next video we're going to be talking about how to build an Amazon affiliate website that will help you to get to your first 1,000 dollars in your first 30 days alright if you want to skip ahead go ahead and get access to my free training course in the description of this video all you got to do is click on the link it'll take you over there to the free training course you just sign up for it and you'll have instant access to it be able just start putting that information to use for yourself right now today and get your Amazon affiliate marketing business started right away alright so that's all I have for now like I said in the next video we're going to jump into actually creating our site and you'll be able to follow along as we go through every single step step by step like I said I'm trying to keep everything beginner friendly because I really want you to learn this stuff and I really want you to succeed okay so if you have any questions comments anything like that be sure to leave your your replies in the comment section below I will try to respond to every single comment that I get so don't feel like your questions too silly to ask just go ahead and ask the way if you're uncomfortable asking it in public head over to my site amz affiliate tools comm and I have a contact page over there where you can contact me in private ok so that's it for this video I hope that it has been helpful in showing you how to find an Amazon affiliate niche that can really explode your sales and commissions all right I'm gonna see you real soon where we're going to be building our Amazon affiliate website I can't wait and I hope that you can either see you then

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