How to Evaluate a Website’s Privacy and Security

Websites are grabbing your personal information all the time, whether you like it or not Ever wonder how they're handling it? Let's check out some quick privacy checks

So the first thing we want to check for is encryption Go up to the URL address in your on your site Two things you can look for: One is the lock The other is the "S" right here in HTTPS These tell you that the site is secure

Just so you know, on some sites you can remove this "S" and still login In that case, it may not be secure If a site's secure, then your personal information is hidden The second thing we can look for is the privacy policy You'd surprised how many sites don't have a privacy policy or it's really hard to find

With a privacy policy it lets you know how the site collects and shares your data It's really important that wherever on a a site you provide personal information — including when you log in — that the privacy policy is somewhere on that page The third thing that we can check for is when you actually do log into a page, is the site geared toward kids If it is, kids can't create content on their own Instead, they need parental permission

So take a look at the site Is it asking for kids' ages? If it is, they probably have privacy in mind When it comes to privacy we're just scratching the surface We have more resources that can help at commonsenseorg/education

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