How to Download Photoshop CC for Free

One of the questions I get all the time is where can I download Photoshop for Free Unfortunately, there is now way to legally download a free copy of Photoshop

Adobe does offer a 30-day trial but that's it I also get some questions referencing the following website This option was provided by Adobe for the people who originally paid for CS2 The original activation servers had to be shut down for technical reasons, so this option was provided to give the people who originally paid an option to reinstall the software if needed However if you were to get CS2 to install, the program is 11 years old There are some many features that has been released since CS2 such as: Select and Mask Quick Selection Tool + Refine Edge

Content-Aware Smart Objects Smart Filters Camera Raw Filter Just to name a few You would be better off using one the of Free Photoshop Alternatives, which would be much more powerful than CS2

I have a video with some of these free alternatives, a link to the video is on the screen I know this might not be the information you are looking for, but unfortunately, it is the answer to the question Thank you for watching this video

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