How To Download PHOTOSHOP CC For Free (32/64 Bit) 2018 GUIDE!

Hello guys this is Miljus Tech and today I will show you How to download Photoshop CC 2018 Guide This will be compatible with both 32 and 64 Bit Operating System

If you dont know do you own 64 or 32 bit Windows Operating System you can check my video about that Also if you want to download Photoshop CS6 you can check my video too Before we start I would ask you too live a like, share this video, subscribe to my channel and follow me on Twitter as sign of support So without futher ado lets get started First what you need to do is to come to this site which will be in description

If you scrool down a bit you will see Photoshop CC system requirements Scrool down a little bit more and you will see Download button for both 32 and 64 Bit Windows version Choose wich one do you need I personaly need 64 Bit version so I will go with that Wait a bit until download starts

When Photoshop CC is downloaded, you will need WinRar to open and extract it You can find link of WinRar download page in video that I maded Extract this folder to Desktop When extract is finished open Photoshop CC folder, go to Build, right click on Setup and Run it as administrator Wait for creative cloud to install

If you didnt have successful installation try turning of your antivirus Do not worry, this is not virus Somethimes antiviruses can give you fake alert Also I have Photoshop downloaded from this site at least 2 monts and I didnt saw anything unusual After that navigate to Crack and then to AMT Emulator folder

Right click on AMT Emulator and run it as administrator Click Install and find Photoshop CC installation folder For me it is in Program Files, Adobe, Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Select this file and click Open When it says Working Done, exit program

Then open Universal Patcher Patch folder and run Universal Patcher Patch as administrator Click here and scrool down Select one of this that suits you system Click Patch and Yes Then again find Photoshop CC Installation folder and select this file

When it says Working Done, exit program After that find Photoshop CC Installation folder and create shoutcut Make sure to run it as administrator If you find this guide helpful, give me support by clicking like, share and subscribe button and also if you dont mind following me on Twitter Thanks you for watching, have a nice day

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