How to Download and Install Photoshop CS6 for Free!(Working 2018)

Hey legends whats up its me legendary matroix are back again with another video today I'll be teaching you guys have to get Photoshop cs6 for free on PC And the reason I'm making another video on this because the first one They changed to set up and everything so now it's different before it was an exe file now they have actually put in a zip file as you can see and And I'm going to teach you how to install that so let's get right into it stick till the end of the video if you want a shout out Over here, you can see when you click the first link it will take you to crohasitcom then just scroll down Till you see this big red Download button click on it

It will take you to uploadhavencom there you have to wait 5 seconds before downloading I Already have it downloaded, so I don't need this, but you download it and once it's done Find it and put and like put this on the desktop Then now you will need winrar or if you don't have it second link in the description right click on this and click extract to Photoshop now You'll see another folder on your desktop called Photoshop click double click on it Then the other folder called Photoshop and double-click on setup Click yes and Select your language Click next click on I accept this agreement click next next Click on create a desktop icon Next now as you can see it asks for license key Go to the text document called serial And copy all of this And paste it in here and click next and install And wait for Photoshop to install Once it's done click finish And now you're almost done as you can see you have Photoshop right here Right click on it and go to properties Compatibility and make sure run this program as an administrator is checked click ok and double click into Photoshop now As you can see Photoshop is opened up Right over here now as you can see it's the full version with all the tools If you want me to do another video on how to Do something in Photoshop, please come that below in their description I? Would love to read your ideas and what you want me to do also the shoutout for today goes to Algorithm his link will be in the description below, and if you want a shout-out in this video Comment down below in the comments #Photoshop2 if you comment that click the bell icon After subscribing you will get a notification the next time I upload and You can get a shout out You have a chance of getting a shout-out in there So please do that Hit the like button subscribe follow me and all of my social media I'll see you guys next time peace out!

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