How to Double Your Affiliate Commissions Using The El Bandito Method [Review + Bonus]

[Music] what's up what's up you guys is Sherisse the afropunk entrepreneur coming at you with yet another product review so today's product is called el bandito which is Spanish for the Bandito anyhow so before I get into that if you haven't already run off of my channel< because of my corny ass joke I'm basically an affiliate marketer electric bassist on Broadway and an SEO SEO is basically the ability to rank videos in blog post on YouTube and Google and I'm pretty good at it so I have some videos on the topic coming out in the future anyway so if you're new to my channel consider subscribing hit the notification bill and then drop me a comment just let me know that you're a new subscriber and I'll just write I'll write you back just a little thank you anyway so what's Elbon detail all about I'm going to show you the sales page I'm gonna talk to show you the membership area and I have some bonuses to help you guys out in your online marketing career if you choose to get it through the link in my description so I'm gonna jump right into this the sorry this is the sales page real life case study shows <font color="#000000">how how we made $419 per</font> <font color="#000000">how how we made $419 per hour with just one hour of simple work</font> um here's my thing with affiliate <font color="#000000">marketing and the more I'm more of these</font> <font color="#000000">reviews I do them more it's slightly</font> frustrating you're not gonna just you <font color="#000000">can't think of this as $419</font> <font color="#000000">can't think of this as $419 per hour as if you had a regular job she</font> worked eight hours in it's kind of more the average of what you would have made over a couple days using methods like this or during a seven-day launch or something like that so I don't I don't want you guys thinking that all of a sudden you're going to be making you know three thousand dollars a day or something like that that's not the case this is an easy method it's it's I wouldn't say new but it's it's it's relatively easy no tech skills or softwares that's true newbie friendly I would say if you don't know what affiliate marketing is no it's not newbie friendly because you have to know what that is and you have to know the basics but this course will give you a good place to start now this is a case study of this guy named Anthony Mancuso this guy right here and I'll show you his little video in a minute of how on his proof on how he basically knocked it out of the park with one of his very first reviews like what similar to what I'm doing the first one of the first reviews that he ever did like making something like two thousand dollars and the method that he's using is something that I think a whole lot of people don't don't think about doing it's basically gonna allow you to double your affiliate commissions if you already enter involved in silly Marketing and if you're starting out how to make double the Commission's kind of from the from the jump so let's see what else is in here three simple steps I don't I don't know about the three simple steps but anyway like I said I try to be honest on these reviews I mean I really do like this course and this is something that I'm actually going to start doing going forward as far as my affiliate marketing career because you you absolutely can double your commissions if you have normally a $100 commissions if you have normally a $100 day then you can have a $200 day and so day then you can have a $200 day and so forth and so on but you do need to put in the effort so so these are some of his screenshots of like he was able to make 6868 sales and this is how much he was able to come away for a go multiplier came out a couple weeks ago this is got 119 sales this is how much he made so the guys doing the guy is doing pretty well his very first one that he did this is the one 114 sales 2000 that amount of money so the guy knows what he's doing so I'm going to basically in addition to this proof I'm gonna cut to a portion of his his video where he shows you basically his proof of the back-office so you know that what he didn't just take these from somebody else and stick them on here so I'm gonna cut to that and then I'm gonna cut back to my review and talk further about what we got going on here I was able to make two thousand three hundred and twenty-five dollars and forty-five cents okay and I was able to make that money and build my list at the same time okay so I'm from doing this I built it almost 800 to 900 subscribers on my email list as well alright so not only can not only gonna make this initial money but I can also send them promotions and make money from my email list after this as well hey what's up you guys so we're back I hope watching Anthony's case study and proof kind of enticed you guys to want to learn a little bit more about this course so we're gonna dive into the membership area now and then we'll talk to you about some bonuses so basically like I said the course is called El Bondi syllabus guys Anthony Mancuso he's a super cool guy I think you start got started with affiliate marketing I feel like eight or nine months ago I think we started well he started before me and I think I was still learning about affiliate marketing but the point is it's been less than a year and he's starting to do really really well I think this is our third course that he's put out and he's starting to really be able to grow his business but this video is all about basically what how much money he made in that video that she saw when he was basically a newbie or like a little bit you know maybe a month or two into his into his business which i think was pretty impressive that he had those kinds of results with this case foot study video so I only edited a snippet of this video into my review so you want to go ahead and watch the whole thing and he's gonna give you a little bit more about the background of what he did so if the first video is kind of an overview of the method that you're going to be using and he does his kind of little screen drawing approach that a lot of people do now to kind of visually explain the the product the sorry the process for you and he's going to in this next video he's going to show you how to find affiliate offers like the one I'm promoting and like we all do when you see these YouTube videos because there's a lot of offers out there that you can promote and some of them you met you're gonna have a better chance of doubling your income which is essentially what Anthony did and essentially what this course is about just if you don't know a lot of these courses that come out the affiliates people like myself will make roughly 50% of the total commissions so like the say the product is ten dollars my commission will be is five dollars but Anthony is going to show you a way to make the full ten dollars yourself and he's going to show you how to determine which one's out of the courses that come out every day the products that come out of every day are the best ones to choose for that the deep funnel section and slack adjusters and squeezing the lead the deeper funnel section and slack adjusters are all about basically how he's tailor making his uh basically it's for it's going further into his process I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm having trouble talking well if you see the sweat on my face right now my apartment is so hot and I'm trying to like keep it together but my brain is just it's hurting so I mean I keep saying that but I'm I'm trying to not seem too crazy in this video anyway so he's going to talk about creating an email list so if you're a new to affiliate marketing the thing is the money is in the list and I've learned that myself that not having a list is really going to hurt you in the long run like for example I used to have a YouTube channel I got shut down I was at 500 subscribers and I had no way to reach those people and let them know about my new channel this channel because I didn't have an email list so make sure that when you shut up with affiliate marketing you're creating a list so he's going to show you how to do that with Aweber but you can use get response or other things he's going to be showing you how to create a squeeze page which is like a page that you'll see that'll get you to put your email address in he's going to show you how to create bridge pages squeeze pages and the rest of the stuff is kind of going through his whole process with emails and then how to get traffic and so that's kind of the course in a nutshell I didn't want to make this review too long because there's so many reviews out there for it now and it's been out for a couple days my focus right now is on just kind of getting you guys to to realize that this is something that you can you can do as a newbie and this thing that I I've been making money from doing these review videos for a while now it really does it really does work you really have to put in the work but it really can work for you so I'm gonna give you guys talk to you guys about the prices and then I got a couple little bonuses for you if you want to grab it through me and let's go go ahead braids noticing so Al Bundy tall so let's talk to you about the prices the prices like the way these courses come out they're really cheap and you know like a typical a course will go from nine ninety five to twelve ninety five this one is twelve ninety five so if you happen to have thirteen dollars lying around that's like two Starbucks coffees and where I live in New York City you can kind of get started on your way of learning how to make money online now the rest of this stuff that's I'm not going to tell you to buy these things like a lot of other affiliates would because I don't know if you have thirty seven dollars you're seventeen or one hundred ninety seven dollars or whatever I will say that making money online is very difficult if if you don't have if you're only doing three methods so the moment that you start making money my advice to you is to start using money that you make not to buy coffees and jeans and t-shirts but to put back into your business like what Anthony is doing in this course he absolutely had to start with a free method and then when he started making money like you make in these videos doing what I'm doing then you take that money instead of you know like I said buying things and you you put it back in to put it back into your business so the course is 1295 I'm sorry to ramble up cell number 3 episode number 1 is basically done for you campaign so he's going to instead of you having to figure out which offers to use and to promote he's gonna do that for you so that's a 37 and then the down sale you always want to click through the down cell if you didn't know whenever there's an upsell there's always a down so so if you go to the first page and it's $30 then you go the first page and it's $30 then you go to the next page and to probably be $15 to the next page and to probably be $15 just always do that just so you know you guys and I'm going to get in trouble for saying that probably but it doesn't really matter so a 197 is lifetime affiliate campaign so that's going to be basically all the campaigns that these guys are doing Brendon and his crew you're gonna have lifetime access sorry access to promote those campaigns sorry about that licensed upsell number for its $97 in licensed upsell number for its $97 in this license rights if you don't know what license rights are it's basically the right to sell that course as your own so like if I bought the license rights to Elba and Ito then I could sell this course as my own and not be not be infringing on on on Anthony's course because it's now mine so I get I would get a hundred percent Commission's on the product because it's now mine it's not Anthony's anymore upgrade number five is two thousand dollars s Brendon maces personal one-on-one coaching Brendon maces the guy who's behind all these courses Brendon maces I think he's I think he's like 32 the guide was around the world all the time full time he makes crazy money every month doing these launches and being you know it's so basically the guy is a young guy and he knows what he's doing and he makes serious money so if you're able to afford his coaching go for it because he doesn't do a whole lot of coaching anymore he just kind of travels and does this thing but if you got $2,000 I'll this thing but if you got $2,000 I'll coach you for one hundred ninety seven which is you know quite a discount then you get access to what he would teach you if you saw him face to face but not it without access to him you log in to a membership area and you get all his videos and stuff so that's basically the course in the price and a nutshell so I just like when you when I do these kind of courses reviews I try to try to give you bonuses that are congruent but that and always work in this in this case the bullet that the bonus is the most congruent for you guys is I had there's a hack that I know to earn 100% affiliate Commission's for free and you'll see why I'm saying that once you if you go through the course as it is now the you're gonna need a little bit of money to do it the way Anthony's doing it the way I'm showing you how to do it it's going to like to do it for free and it's an easier place to start than trying to start from if you have zero dollars so my advice to you again would be study YouTube channel start doing these types of reviews it can be affiliate marketing products it could be YouTube products I mean sorry it could be any sort of a product that has an affiliate side you get a little bit of money together and then you're gonna do what Anthony still I need you to do in this video so I I'm an SEO if you don't know what that means the ability to rank things on YouTube and Google and I have a course coming out at the end of August on the 27th so I'm giving away one free module of the course just to kind of get you guys learning a little bit more about the ranking process and things like that that's what I'm good at on the

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