How To Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing (10 Steps to Making Money Online with an Amazon Affiliate Site)

how to do Amazon affiliate marketing 10 steps to making money online with an Amazon affiliate site you've probably heard about how much money you can make online as an Amazon affiliate maybe even set up a site yourself tested it out and found after getting everything up and running only a few bucks in affiliate income came flowing in after a few months hi Jason from warrior marketers here and in this video you're going to learn 10 great tips to make the most from your Amazon affiliate marketing look I know how difficult affiliate marketing can be if not done right I've been there but this video will highlight 10 quick and easy tips to maximize your Amazon affiliate marketing efforts okay without further ado let's talk about affiliate marketing through Amazon based on real world experience here's the best way to really make money with an Amazon affiliate site and it'll only take a day to make the site the secret low cost low effort so how to build an Amazon affiliate site just building your Amazon affiliate site is one thing but it's an entirely different challenge to start bringing in the right traffic that will convert into product sales once they click through to Amazon because of that it's incredibly important to choose the right niche for your site straight from the get-go let's get to it 1 pick your niche you're going to be doing product reviews and recommendations so pick a topic that you enjoy and know something about if you can't stay passionate about the topic that will show and it also won't hold your interest choose a narrow enough niche to be distinctive 2 choose your domain name and hosting make it keyword rich not clever think how people will find your site in the search engines once you've picked your domain name you now have to register your domain name if you're not technically inclined at all you can register your domain wherever you set up your hosting but it isn't that difficult and it's generally best to have separate providers for domain name and hosting domain names are cheap around 10 dollars per year and I tend to use name cheap as far as hosting is concerned again shop around you only need a shared hosting account and these can be found for as little as $5 per month a2 hosting is a good place to start 3 install WordPress isn't WordPress a blog platform you say yes it is but it will give your site all the structure you need plus make it easy to quickly post new contents WordPress is also open source ie free easy to install and use and yet very powerful many hosts have a one step installation process for it or you can download it and follow their installation instructions 4 sex things up one of the great things about WordPress is the huge variety of templates available for it they can completely change the look and feel of your website there are free and premium plugins to choose from and feel free to experiment until you get the look and feel that you want 5 make use of categories most blog software allows you to create sub categories to help organize your entries this will help visitors narrow in even more specifically on their interests and anything that makes site navigation easier is a good thing 6 sign up as an Amazon associate affiliate only now are you actually going to go over to Amazon to sign up is simple and free just visit Amazon and click on the join Associates link at the bottom of the page your site should already have at least the basic setup done even if you don't have any content there yet as they'll review the site manually before approval 7 create your Amazon builder link bookmark and link this will make it easy to build the link with your Amazon affiliate ID built in log in to associate central look in the left navigation sidebar go to builder link and under static links find individual items click and drag this onto your links toolbar or favorites menu in your browser 8 build your first link go to Amazon and log in with your associates account find a product you want to review and use the site stripe this is the grey stripe at the top of the screen that you'll see when logged in as an associate to get your personalized link to the item decide whether you want text image or a combination and copy the embed code that is generated they also offer a variety of other for creating links and banners 9 blog your review now you need to write your product review on your blog and choose the appropriate categories for it you can write the review post in the visual tab once the review is written decide where you want to add your amazon link switch to the text tab and paste in your amazon link code once you have done this you can swap back to the visual tab to see if it looks ok and if it does hit publish 10 build out your Amazon affiliate site before you promote your site you want to have some substantial content there write several product reviews have at least 2 to 3 in each category that you've created you may also want to make categories for articles news and commentary about your topic the more content your site has the better bonus tips for making money online as an Amazon affiliate promoting your Amazon affiliate site the best free way to do this is to communicate with other bloggers writing about similar topics and to participate in online communities where your topic is discussed such as social media Facebook groups and forums to pick up some extra pennies sign up for Google Adsense it probably won't generate a lot of revenue but it's free to sign up and completely effortless to maintain set reasonable expectations for earnings you've only invested a little cash you're going to make 5% on most products that means that you need to sell $400 worth of stuff to make back an investment of say $20 to make $20 an hour what you review must generate $400 worth of purchases you get credit for other purchases that customers you send make while at Amazon besides just the product that you linked so it's not as hard as it may sound it won't make you rich overnight but it's not hard to be profitable and it builds over time I hope you found this video useful please like and leave a comment about whether you have or intend to start affiliate marketing with Amazon and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos helping you to grow your online business and wherever you are in the world have a great day

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