How to Disable and Hide a WooCommerce Shop in a WordPress Theme

Hello, this is Primož from ProteusThemes Today, I would like to show you how you can easily disable the shop and the WooCommerce plugin in any WordPress theme So, one question we've got asked quite a lot is: 'how can I disable the WooCommerce or the shop

that comes with premium themes?' For the start let's take a look at Adrenaline which has a Shop here Sometimes people don't want to have an eCommerce on their website and then ask if it's possible to disable it The answer is: YES It's actually very easy to disable the WooCommerce What you have to do is: when you're logged in you have to go to the admin

Then navigate to the Plugins and under the active plugins Find the plugin called WooCommerce And you can also remove all the plugins that also start with the WooCommerce and are WC related

For example, the WooCommerce Appointments Let's check these two and select here the deactivate bulk action and click on Apply OK, we've deactivated the plugin Let's check it out what happens If I go back to the front and click here to the Shop I will see that I'm redirected directly to the front page

What we have to do it that we want to remove that shop from the menu as well Let's go directly to the menus and let's find in the menu the Shop item Click here to expand it and click to remove After that, you have to save the menu After we've done that, let's go check back to the front page

And here we go, the shop is gone And that's all for today If you've learnt something new, don't forget to rate this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel Bye!

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