How to design a complete website in WordPress just in 10 minutes

Hello youtube today, I will show you how to design a complete website in WordPress just in ten minutes For this I have used xampp Because you can do all editing first and worst website later If you don't know how to install WordPress on xampp it was my previous video Link is given in the description Today We will be designing this kind of website So further a do let's move into the video Now our website looks like this So let's install our theme go to dashboard appearance themes Click on add new upload theme choose file Here is our theme click on open click on active to active theme Let's see how our website looks like now go to about 8 second theme Step one and install all recommended plugins After plugins installed go to step three and see the full documentation Here you will see the step by step method to customize this theme Now go to step 2 and click on import demo Click on install and active click on install demo click on OK it may take a bit of time Click on ok yes, we have successfully designed our website But there is something missing in contact form so let's fix this first go to dashboard plugins and installed plugins Here is our plugin free and simple compact form plugin click on setting copy this code Go to customize Homepage section contact section And paste the code here and click on publish to save changes Here is our beautiful contact form now now I will show you how to customize the scheme so click on customize go to default setting site identity you can change your tagline on site title from here and Check on display site title and tagline to display these titles Now go to header image and change your image from here now go to header setting and show search and header if you don't want this search then uncheck this box and click on publish to make change Now go to logo alignment you can align your logo either in left center or in right side from here Now go to homepage section slider if you don't want this control then click on No And if you don't want this pager click on No You also can change this get started text from here If you don't want this slider then click on No Now if you want to add more image on slider then go to new post Put your title here and description here select the category slider and set your image from here And if you want to change this titles then click here And click On edit post and you can change this text and click on update to save change Similarly if you want to change this about eight-second title and this description then go to dashboard pages All pages here is about eight second page and click on it and change it as you desire And if you want to make change on this categories then click on it click on edit post And make your change Similarly you can make change on all these sections Here you can see sidebars if you want to make some change in sidebar then go to dashboard appearance and widgets Here is our sidebars if you don't want this sidebar, then delete it And if you want meta before categories then just drag it above to add calendar on sidebar Click on calendar check on sidebar and click on add to widgets Let's see the change Now to make change in footer section go to customize and widgets Here is our footers you also can change sidebar from here If I don't want this useful pages then go to footer three, it's and footer three remove this Click on add widgets suppose I want to add categories If you want to make change in this social icons then go to customize Social icons put your links here Now if you want to change this footer text then watch my next video link is given in description below Thanks for watching my video

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