How To Create Infographics With Venngage

hi there in this video I want to show you how to create infographics using Venngage so this is the infographic I'm going to make and I made this one earlier so I'm just going to copy this now I normally use canva because I only make one or two infographics I don't make many so I've just been doing them for free I can use canva and then I just download some icons from iconfinder so if you are only making one or two then that's the way I would do it but I do think that Venngage make better infographics I like their designs better and I like their images and icons better so if you're making quite a lot of these then I think it's worth it the other difference with canva you can actually download the image whereas with Venngage you can only download a code that's if you're doing it for free if you're paying a fee a monthly fee then with vengage you can download the actual image as well and for all of these you can share them on social media so I will just look at the cost of this so for venngage for free you can only make 5 a month and as I said you can you can embed them you get code to embed them but you can't actually download the image to do that you do need to have one of these either premium or business you have to join and there's a graph here just saying the different things that you could get you get extra templates and extra images you can upload your own images and got different branding options there with the business and the export with the premium you can export to PNG and PDF and with the business you can do high-res export so make it bigger so those are the options if you pay for it if you want to make them for free then you can only make 5 in a month let's look at how to get some ideas for the infographic and I really think this is the best way I've tried different ways and and this is the way I go with so if I'm trying to do video marketing then I do a search on google for video marketing and then I click on the news so I'm using Google News and there's a big advantage with this so today is the 31st of October 2017 I'm actually in Thailand so this is Thailand date there but if I look at these October the 13th 18th 20th 19th 27th these are all within the last two weeks so you're getting up-to-date information in here up-to-date statistics or some up-to-date figures and things and also because these articles have only just come out nobody or probably nobody has done an infographic on them so you can be the first one in there to get an infographic so that's why I advise or I recommend using Google News for it and I look for the ones like this like five low-cost ways to do something five essentials 15 sorry essentials four myths or sometimes a how-to here's four budget basics so I look for those that it's easier to make an infographic if you can do one two three four steps or something or have some statistics let's go ahead and make the infographic then I'm going to use the data just straight from here because I don't really if I'm typing it in you're gonna sit around while I'm typing so I'm just gonna go ahead and copy the information that I used before but one thing that I would like to do is this design is a bit small this text seems cramped in here a little bit so I'm going to make this a bit bigger so when I start I'm just going to increase the size of this surround here let's go ahead then and I'll start a new one so I'll have to just sign in on there and I'll click here plus I do like these nice and bright some of these so click the plus sign here and on the left you've got different categories so you've got under infographics the arrow comes out and you can use informational type statistical with some figures a process so step one step two step three geographical some of these have maps a timeline so you got the year or the month that something happened and another example is comparison where here you're comparing six things sometimes comparing two things or a number of things those are the different types I'm gonna click up here and recommend it and I used this one here so I'm going to click create and it'll let me edit this so as I said that what I want to do is make this a bit bigger this outline black part so I'm just going to I've clicked on there and I'm just going to drag this a little bit to the left and a bit to the right looks about in the middle I think that's fine so I'm then going to copy so I think in this case because these are just the same I can delete all of this and delete this one as well just click on each element that's everything and then I can just copy this surround here so control-c control-v and it gives me a copy of it and I can drag it down and line it up with it now it's just told me there that on the Left I've got a red line there so it means that they're aligned on the left and I think there looks fine and I control V again to make another copy and again just align that on the left now as you can see here it's actually going below the bottom of the paper and what I can do then if I go over to page I can make this higher so let's just I'm gonna make it 2000 height and just click enter so I've got a long way down here I'm gonna move this out the way and just line these up maybe slightly less of a gap between them whoops wrong one let's undo that control z undoes it or you can use these undo buttons and redo buttons up here so I don't think it

maybe that tells me that they're no it doesn't tell me that this gap is the same as that so I've just got to use my judgement for that that does come up with a red line there but that's not it so it doesn't tell me some of these software do and some don't but it does tell me that I'm aligned on the left and that looks the same so I'm happy with that and then I'll be adding some more stuff at the bottom but let's go ahead and start adjusting this so I'm just going to go over here to get the text control C and put it in there I think I'd like that a little bit bigger let's just make that text a little bit bigger 32 maybe 34 let's move it up a little bit and this there's a red line there that just shows you you're in the middle that it's centered maybe it whoops I'm gonna select this sometimes hard to grab these okay that's it just wanna put that up a little bit let's put this line and I want to change the color of that to white I think although this has got blue in it I think that's okay I'll leave that as blue because I'm gonna keep this image so I'll leave that as blue in there like in the middle there and I need to change this text so I'm just gonna get that from the one that I did before control C so this is three low-cost ways to start video marketing and the article was actually five low-cost ways so this was just one an article I selected from here it was this one and I clicked on it so I'm going to use this and I'm not gonna pick five ways I'm going to pick just three ways so this one's screencast presentations do-it-yourself animation and using live video so I'm just picking the three so that's from the article let's go ahead and paste that three low-cost ways to start video marketing so I'm just going to make that a bit bigger let's say 26 maybe about 28 okay it's put it on two lines there but all I have to do is drag this to the left and the right and it'll put it on one line let's move that down slightly just to balance it and let's get that red line in the middle to show its center so I'm happy with that at the top and let's go down to here so the first heading is screencasts so ctrl C to copy that and double click and ctrl V now it's moved a little bit since last time because I made this outside bigger so I've just got to move it up I think that's okay and I might well make that a little bit bigger text 35 there let's make it 38 so that looks good and I really now need to copy that to these two so let's do that and align them let's get that done first so control make sure I'm selecting the box rather than the text control C control V and let's put that in line well it didn't come up with a doesn't actually tell me it's in line there it's not brought any that's lining up the end of them so that's okay there was a red line just came up there so that should be in line which it is and I'm gonna do ctrl V again and to paste another one make sure I select the box and again let's just that's in the center there I think I've got a last time I lined the back of them it's there somewhere okay it seems to know it's hard because I don't know what it's aligning with so I think that's aligning the center and then let's just move it down a bit to there It showed me the center so I think that's correct I've got three things in there I might have to let's put these headers in and I might have to make them smaller anyway let's just select that one and paste it there I've moved it anyway there so I think I moved it slightly when I pasted it hmm yeah it's just moving around a bit when I try and line it up so anyway that's okay do-it-yourself animation and the last one was live video okay so that worked I didn't have to move that I'll just checked that that's still the same year 38 that's the big one okay so I've done the headers for those let's do the text next I think so let's put the first lot of text in there just copy that all I've done there is put some information about screencasts and I've said effective yet inexpensive what I did I took some of the information from here but I also added my own because here they recommend ScreenFlow and I use Camtasia so I'm recommending Camtasia and also for screencasts I used to use OBS studio which was free so I've just put an idea that they can use that one as well so I've just put all that text in there now this text is a little bit small so I would like to make it bigger I don't think it'll fit in there at 18 I can make the Box a little bit bigger but it still doesn't fit let's try a 17 and it fits in at 17 so I'm happy about that that I've made that text bigger than the last time in this last one it was squashed in there quite a bit so that's better so what I'm going to do now I'm just going to select that text click the box on the outside control-c control-v to make a copy and I have to keep undoing ah okay what it's done is put that in the same box it didn't make a new box so I'm going to ctrl Z again it didn't actually copy the box it just copied the text inside so it's difficult sometimes it's hard to select the box rather than the text okay this time I selected the box and I copied it and in fact I'm gonna control V again no okay can't always do it it's always difficult with text you've got the box and you've got the text inside and if you're selecting the wrong one then you'll copy the text again inside the same box so I'm just going to try control V again and it did work this time so we can put that one down there so that's got the text in there let's just change the text so this second one control C and let's just put that in there the reason I copied it was so that I kept the font and the size and the size of the box and everything so that's okay so it's the same font the same font size and also this box is the same size let's go an do the last one and ctrl C and go here there's different ways of selecting this sometimes you could do like a double click will do a row and sometimes three clicks would do a paragraph but in this case it doesn't work so I'm on the second one that's control V there okay it looks good that's put the text there I need to move it up slightly just to balance it that's all the text done and I'll just quickly go through this text here do it yourselfer animation I've just talked about using an explainer video and the different software you can use and again I changed their one because I've got my own preferences about this they've said use animaker whereas I like to use explaindio so there I changed it and then this part here about live video I don't know much about it so I got the details from them and down here this is the source entrepreneurcom it's good to put that so I'm just going to control copy that and I'll put it down below here as a source and I'm gonna move that up just under here and then I'm gonna have something about my own website underneath that let's do the images now then so I want to use this image but in a different way we're talking about screencasts so I want to show a computer screen with this on it and then just a little picture of myself in the corner so we'll go over to icons and we can do a search for computer and let's just pick a computer screen this one's fine let's make it nice and big so it fits in there well I don't want it touching the edges so I'll make it slightly smaller than that and we've got that center line it's okay I'll move it down a little bit that's it got a little bit of a gap all around so that's fine in fact it doesn't look balanced let's just move it up a little bit and I want to put this inside at the moment this is underneath that so what I can do is up here you can move it up one space or you can move it to the top so that is to the top and then I'll just make that smaller to fit it in there so that's done that's I'll just move that down slightly I think you might be able to use the key to move it down here all right that's in the middle and I just want to do a little picture of myself there when I make the screencasts like it like with this video I have a picture of myself in the corner the webcam so I want to just do a search for face again under icons we're searching for face and this one will do looks like me well bit younger let's put that in the corner and if you can't move it you can use the keys the up and down keys and arrow keys I think I should be able to zoom in let's try control and move the mouse wheel and I just zoom in it makes it a bit easier I'm moving stuff so that's done I'm happy with that first picture it's about screencast and got some text about it so next one do-it-yourself animation and I think again I'll use a computer and just try and put some animation on the computer so let's just pick a different one let's have a look maybe I'll type in laptop just to have a different type of computer now this one will do let's make it nice and big let's just get that center line yep it's about the right size I think that fits in with that one I'll just move it down a little bit looks good and on this one I want to put some people I think because it's about animation so I'd like them kind of doing something so this one looks good make it slightly bigger and just lay that at the bottom it needs to go up a little bit I just user the keyboard to do that okay that looks good to yourself animation I think that fits in and the last one is live video so I think again we'll do a computer and let's find one that fits in with that I think this one fits okay it's kind of as though this is live video you're looking at your screen slightly smaller do these icons look right? I think it's okay let's just make sure that's in the middle and I just want another picture of me similar to this one so I'm just going to say face again well doesn't have to be me let's just use a different one let's use this one and put that in there a bit big just gonna use the keyboard keys again just to line it up alright I'm happy with that so got screencast do it yourself animation and live video we've got some text that goes with it underneath that we've just got the source let's just ctrl and zoom out and just see if it looks good I think that looks alright I'm happy with that and let's zoom back in again and I just want to put something at the bottom let's see what I did last time I just put here blogvisuals and then boost your website and marketing with videos and images so I'm gonna copy that text whoops control z there just undo it moved control C and over here I can go up to text and there are some different ways you can add text you can put kind of an icon thing around it you could do it like that or one of these but they don't really fit what I'm doing now so I'm just going to click on title and drag that across and I'm going to ctrl V to put this inside might want to make it a bit bigger what text was this this was paytone one maybe I want to make it match that let's do that paytone one and it's actually capitals wasn't it so blogvisuals com just make that wider so it fits and that just matches then with the text up here so it's good to do that make it a bit bigger wider let's put it in the middle actually that's aligned the whole thing I think rather than the texts so if I just put this text if I use this one to align this in the middle this text and then I line the box in the middle then that text will be in the middle so I'm just aligning I just used this Center rather than it was originally it was aligned on the left so I can get everything in the middle and then I'll do a subtitle and that subtitle can be this ctrl C add that text there let's bring this out and again I'm going to align it in the middle and let's make sure that's in the middle so I think about there will be ok I think that looks fine let's have a look I think it looks good probably needs another line under there let's try copying this one so control C control V to make a copy of it just so it kind of fits in let's make that in the middle just makes it a kind of separate section there I think it looks good on infographics to have it separated and then we can just bring these down a little bit it looks good I'm happy with that I'll just zoom out so I can see it looks okay okay we've got a problem here that this has gone over unless that's okay I'm not sure that it has or not no it hasn't okay it's just because I zoomed in if I use control zero it should set it back to the default size and that fits in there okay so it should be okay this I've got a bit of extra here so I can go to this page and let's just reduce the size 1900 to try it still too long 1800 doesn't seem to be adjusting it at the moment I'll check it's not taking anything from the top which it's not it has got smaller so let's try 1700 yeah okay it doesn't move it and a little bit too much still 1650 and I think that's okay there's that's balanced now I like it not too bad I'll just see how long that took so that took 27 minutes and that was it while I explained it to you as well so I think this can be done well under or can be done in under 30 minutes even getting the text from here and still should be able to make one in under 30 minutes that's good and let's just you don't need to save it because it saves as you go along what you can do now you can publish it this is for free if you've if you've paid for the subscription on here then you can download and then you'll be able to download it as a PNG but if you haven't then you can publish it here this publishes it on their website and you give it a name let's give it this name I think here copy that and let's publish it and give it that name so then if people are looking at their website they can actually download this so it's published that and what you get now you can because it's published on their website you can now embed this so if you take this code then you can copy that on your website and you'll put this infographic in your website and you've got things here you can make a border around it and footer and things like that so you've got a few choices but that's an embed code you can also share it here if you click these pinterest Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn so if I click on Twitter it just connects it to my Twitter account and I can then tweet it out or buffer it that's the service I use so I can then send out tweets at different times so that's done I can't actually download it because I haven't got an account so I can either do one of those share it or or publish it and embed it so that's the infographic using venngage and if you found that tutorial useful please give me a thumbs up here on YouTube my website is all about making images and videos to use on your website to make it more interesting and to use on your social media and marketing to boost your marketing so if that interests you please subscribe to my channel and if you've got any comments or questions please put them in the comments below especially if you've been using infographics if you've found a service that you think works well or is better than venngage or better than canva then please let me know in the comments below so thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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