How to Create Infographics: Using Only Free Tools

Hey guys! So before diving into today's video, let me drop some info about why infographics are just so damn effective Our brain processes visual information 60 times faster than it does text

People also remember 80% of what they see and do, only 20% of what they read, and then 10% of what they hear And infographics are 30 times more likely to be read by people than a simple text article The most effective infographics have great visuals, awesome structure, and will take their readers through a bit of a story or maybe an informational journey So in today's tutorial I'm going to be showing you how to use a free online tool to make this awesome infographic in less than 10 minutes! Let's do it So for this tutorial we're going to be using a tool that's found at Piktochart

com It's free for you to sign up and it's super easy to use So once you log in under the infographic tab over here you're going to find some free templates for you to use for your designs You can also find some pro templates, so you would have to upgrade to their paid account to be able to use these – but you can also click down here in the bottom left-hand corner on the 'inspire me' section and it's going to show you lots of different designs that other people have created using Piktochart If you're just looking for inspiration and then you can always start from scratch and try and replicate these awesome designs So we're just gonna jump back and what I'm going to do is just click on 'create a new infographic' so I can show you what it looks like when you start from scratch

So when you first begin you're just gonna have this blank template over here, so we wanna go ahead and select that and just click delete It's also this long, big canvas so we want to actually go ahead and drag that up – and we're gonna shrink it – so we're gonna be working with something called blocks So you can see over here you can clone a block or you can just add a new one Cloning a block means that it's going to replicate everything you do here with text and images whereas just adding a new one is going to bring over nothing except for the background colour which is white at the moment But what I want to do is, I want to start off by just putting in a new background colour so I'm just gonna go ahead and select my background colour here

And I want to add some text I could just use these categories up here but I'm gonna go ahead and use a pre-made one over here Now just double clicking into it and I'm going to go ahead and write our business name and this is going to be 'The Living to Roam Story', so we're going to be creating an infographic which is going to be about our five top destinations for 2017 So making that larger and I'm gonna snap that into place, you want to make sure that this is switched on as that's what's going to allow you to align elements on your page with other elements on the page If it's not selected then you're moving around freely but you actually want to be snapping into place so you know when you're centred

And I'm going to just go ahead and add a little bit more text over here So I want to just double-click into this like that, 2017, and change the font so it matches And I'm going to increase my font size over here as well Now what I want to do is I want to rotate this as it's gonna be just directly in the corner and as you hover over the rotate you can see it's telling you that if you hold down Shift as you're rotating it's going to allow you to move in increments of 15 degrees The reason that's important is because it's going to allow you to have different elements overlapping on top of each other about being rotated in the exact same way

So I'll show you what I mean by going over to graphics, I'm going to select a shape here, I am going to go ahead and make that white And I'm just gonna drag that into more of a rectangle and now if I twist it by holding down my Shift key, now it's just rotated it perfectly to the same degrees as my '2017', which is great Now I want to select the arrange icon over here and click send backwards so it's behind my numbers, and I'm just gonna use the arrows on my keyboard to shift it up And that looks good Now I could click into my text and maybe arrange the letters to be spread a little bit wider and centre that a little bit better – yeah that looks good! So now I want to go ahead and add a new block

This one's gonna have a bit of a different background here, so I'm going to select our blue, I'm going to go back to text and I'm going to select this frame over here, and snap that into the middle So I'm gonna go and just widen that a little bit So now we want this to say 'Our favourite destinations for the year' and I'm just gonna double-click down here And I'm gonna write 'So many adventures' Now in the middle here is where our interactive map is gonna go So I'm gonna head over to tools and click on 'maps' Now you could just select the countries over here or go by regions but I actually want to go ahead and select the whole world And I'm gonna change the colour

Now you could keep the border, but I'm actually going to choose not to in this case, and you could use this column or additional columns to add different values to each country – so when somebody hovers over it's going to display those different properties – but actually I want to go ahead and right-click and remove this column And I'm just gonna search by the top five countries that I want to display So I'm gonna go with Canada, and I'm gonna change the colour for it so we can see it better And Australia, Greece, Hungary and Vietnam Perfect! So you can definitely see them there and I'm going to go ahead and insert the map there

I'm just gonna move that over in the middle, and I'm gonna go ahead and add a new block Now these are gonna be slightly smaller, I'm gonna go ahead and drag that up And this one's gonna have a different background, we're gonna go back to our orange Right, so now we're gonna get a little bit funky with this and we're gonna go over to graphics and photo frame And I'm actually gonna use the letters of the countries overlaid with the photos that we took in that country to make this graphic really stand out

So we're gonna start over with Canada so we need a C I'm gonna go ahead and select my text to complete this graphic And I'm gonna select the correct font that we've been using throughout this infographic And where you actually place it is up to you but I'm gonna go with the centre And now we want to head over to 'uploads', I'm going to select the photo that we took in Canada I want to make sure my element is selected and drag and drop now if you double-click on it, it's going to allow you to edit the photos so that it makes more sense so you can actually see it in the C

You could actually stretch that out a little bit more so you can see us both That looks good – and now I'm just gonna go into some light-speed here so you don't have to see me do this four more times But I'm going to be using the exact same strategies, so let's do that! And you could then also spruce it up with some icons, so if you head on over to 'graphics', then you go to 'shapes and icons' you can actually search for icons or you can just scroll through them as well But I already know the ones that I'm gonna use so I'm just gonna go ahead and add those in So then all that's left to do is click on 'download'

And on the free version you can download PNG, and you can download medium or normal quality, and you can also download it as individual blocks – but I'm happy with downloading it as one long infographic And then when you open it up on your computer it'll look just like this And the only difference between the free and paid version is the fact that you'll have this white bar at the very bottom, telling you that it's been made with Piktochart Easiest way to do it is just to crop it right out And you can do this really really easily

Just like that And there's our beautiful, new infographic! So I hope you guys really enjoyed that mini tutorial And if you'd like to learn more about how you can improve your visual marketing or just your online presence overall Then make sure to check out the link in the description of the video for your access to our design school And if you like this video remember to like it, subscribe to our channel, and let me know what you thought in the comments

Thank you so much for watching and until next time, keep creating the life you love! <3

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