How to Create Infographics (The Really Easy and FREE Way!)

Hey there everybody Vickie Siculiano here from Say Wow Marketing

Today I'm going to show you how you can create your own awesome infographic using Canva, this great online design tool The first thing you want to do is to go to Canvacom Use Custom Dimensions Then you type in 70 by 3000 pixels and you click on design

Just to save time today so I can show you a heck of a lot in a little video, I already did that for this particular infographic So what I want to do is go to that infographic, which I have open right here This is a 70 by 3000 pixel template What you need to do in your infographic is to create a background color That's the first thing that I do

How you do that is to click on background and you choose your color Now the blue in this template is my background color so watch what happens when I choose another color OK, so everything that was blue turns green or whatever color that you select That's pretty much the background These yellow pieces are your sections and they are your shapes

Very simply See how I can move it out of the way You can make it as big as you want, as small as you want You search under Shapes, select the first shape and then you make your sections as big as you need them to be Just by dragging and selecting the dots on the sides of the shape

Now, for my shapes, I choose a transparency and I like to pick an 80% transparency OK, not just for my sections, but for all the individual pieces on the infographic, the visuals that I add on these pieces OK? So then make sure – let me take this away so it's not distracting – make sure that your fonts, you choose no more than 3 different fonts for the infographic so that it's not distracting You can do that by inserting your text and just changing the font very simply by clicking there You have quite a variety of fonts to choose from

Then you have your title, you have your sections, the individual sections I like to number Let me show you how I do my numbers Each of my numbers, my numbers on the sections, have a number with a particular font, but they also have a shape behind that number so that it pops You choose Shape and I choose a circle, you can choose whatever shape that you want They have quite a variety of shapes that you can choose from and then you select your color that you want behind it

OK, so let me move this back And I also did one for the heading at the top you'll see Just change this to yellow You can make it any color that you want That's the border and then the inside I'll choose this color – no I'll choose this color OK? So it's very simple to do All you have to know is that you have these different elements for the infographic that you put on there once you build your foundation

Your foundation is your 70 by 3000 pixel template, your background color, your sections which are shapes that you size to the dimensions that you need for whatever topic you're going to be discussing on this infographic I'm not telling you how to create the content for your infographic, I'm showing you how to design it today And then, at the end, one more thing that I want to show you, is your Call to Action What is it that you want people to do when they get to the end of your infographic? For myself, I wanted them to be able to grab the embed code at this particular link Now when you include a link on your infographic, if you drop down, you can insert a link right there and it will make it a hot link for you on your infographic

Now this infographic sits on my website at this blogpost: "Infographics : 10 Reasons You Should include Visual Content in Your Social Media" If you want, you can search for it write "infographic" and it will come up If you click on it, that's the full size, that's the 70 x 3000 template that I created in Canva Very simple to do I hope this video helped you

If you have any questions, please post them for me below this video I look forward to hearing from you Thanks for watching See you next time

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