How To Create An Amazing eCommerce Website with WordPress – 2017 | FREE Theme

Welcome welcome !! Hey, I am teaching you today how to make this amazing e-commerce website absolutely free with no knowledge of coding or anything required no experience nothing you can see it's a fruit websites all fruit 50% off of our fruit yummy or description it was $930 now it's just $

93 simply stunning we can click on this and see that we have a description of its we can added to the cart fruit yummy has been added to your carts and we can go ahead and scroll down it�s your product description and also this is a great feature of added what you may also like so if you gonna buy this we also want to know occurs them to buy something else in a similar product and companies like Amazon have started to do this if you go to Amazoncom and click any item so they gonna do this to us; so I am gonna go ahead and scroll down right here frequently bought together so basically if this is working for Amazon, the owner websites too alright lets go and scroll back again keep scrolling down and we have our divider right here this order drinks fuel disseminate things like flavor and content to your website you want to let them know what you're about to see about fruits and sort of flavor to our website and this is about us all fruits handpicked from Mexico you can see it looks very well and this is our highlight area we want our best products or products for sale on orders from Africa Kiwis from Mexico avocados from Berlin and lets go ahead and keep scrolling down and now we have our widgets area where we include our map our Facebook like box or subscriptions and our follow us and of course are header and we have over pages up here our home shop check out carts and go visit our shop page I can see you have all of our items listed right here and it looks amazing of course I have a lot of products out there because I was doing is for tutorial reasons but you can add thousands and thousands little bags of a lot of work but don't worry what's inside is done you get there okay great so it's going to get started first let�s go and over to host gator and we want to go to hostgatorcom and you want to go ahead and click on get started now alright great so we have three plans right now we have the hatchling plan the baby plan and the business plan I always recommend the baby plan because with the baby plan you get unlimited domains rather than just one domain so let's go ahead and click on sign up now alright so this is where you can enter in your domain so if it's delicious fruitscom or if it is the most amazing delicious fruitsevercom you can enter it here now I'm I have this ritual my videos, see if this is taken off I love Kyloren let's go ahead and see if this domain is taken not it's still available I made a few videos and it still available maybe we'll see how long this goes okay I love Kyloren alright now we want to go ahead and scroll down and let�s click on ilovekyloren

club and com well, now let�s go ahead and scroll down now we don't want privacy protections make sure to check these you want the baby plan and it's up to you wanna do month to month you want to pay every three months every six months it's strictly up to you for this video I'm just gonna do one month and here you can entering your username on the Hansolo99 and or security pin you gonna enter in a small password so if you have any issues or something you gonna call host gator give them that security pin this right here is your email you can enter in and you need to confirm it to you to get some very important documentation in their which includes a username and password for your cPanel and you can entering your first name your last name and over here on this side you can entering your credit card information and if used PayPal you can just click on PayPal and pay with PayPal on the next page so let's go ahead and keep scrolling down now for additional services I don't recommend any of these because a lot of the features were pressed to do by itself so it's a little bit unnecessary go ahead and uncheck the boxes just keep scrolling down and we�re coming to our total right here so you can see I added one too many right here okay let�s go ahead and check that over there okay so let�s go back down that we were and I have a better coupon code in this so you can see right here I have a coupon call called quick feb 30 the price here goes from 26 and it drops down quite a bit so that's the other way to save money and keep scrolling down and once you're done with all this information you go ahead and click on I have read and click on checkout and what you click on checkout will be brought to hold on to get there for you guys really quick that will allow our pass and everything is automatic simply amazing so once you put your checkout right here to be brought to this page it'll say congratulations welcome to host gator and you can be entered into the host gator family congratulations you are now part of the team part of the family and before we go to any of this stuff right here you want to check your email to send you your cPanel information So let�s go ahead and do that you go to your email this is mine and it'll either be from sales it'll be from no reply be from the low domain host gator whatever it's from go ahead and open it and you get an email sort of like this where I�ll say your username domain you purchased and the password so this is not your host gator account it's your basic cPanel account so now you have two passwords okay so once you're here to go ahead and click on this link and this will take you to your control panel and what you entered in this information username and your password so your username and your password then you can go ahead and click login alright great we successfully been login into the control panel so before we begin let's go ahead and take a look at our progress so we got hosting done got our domain done now we�re going to install WordPress and create our website sounds good right let�s go ahead and do that so let�s go on down right here you have a bunch of options I know little overwhelming don't worry it's nothing crazy it's it's all ads going scroll down keep scrolling now you see the software and services right here and it is quick install we gonna go ahead and click on quick install alright great so like this page want to go ahead and install WordPress this is basically what we use to create the website it's very simple anybody can use it no knowledge of coding go ahead and click on install WordPress and we want to go ahead and install WordPress for free these are all crazy we do want to do so let�s go ahead and install WordPress for free okay great now are at this section right here and we want to go ahead and click right here and we need to find the website were we registered and I have a lot as you can tell the grab Han Solo fan already here do not put anything else it's can install on Solocom � on to that and you don't want to do that will look awful to make sure this is blank entering your email your blog title Audi admin user there no I'm hansolo yeah there we go now gonna enter in your first name and your last name once you're finished click on install WordPress click on no thanks I'm a web designer I know they always do that okay great so right up here your install is complete click here to view your notifications and right here you can click the arrow and now it says your new username that�s hansolo03 and your password so this is for WordPress this is not for your cPanel this is not for host gator this is for logging in on your WordPress now words says admin area if you click on this and he goes to some random website or goes to some empty page just be patient and wait maybe wait one or two hours or even three hours because sometimes it take that long so I�m gonna go ahead and click on this alright welcome back I had to wait maybe an hour and a half to hours and it's done now we gonna enter in our username and our password from the previous page and let�s say you close that page so you don't know where it is you can go to your email and inside of your email you get an email like this from WordPress and I'll go ahead and tell you of your username and password okay let�s go ahead and enter that here, click on remember me and have my last past extension it's an amazing program I recommend everybody gets it saves all the password so you never ever have to member password anyways it's amazing okay before we begin let's take a look at our progress we've installed WordPress done congratulations so last we need to do is create our amazing website that we saw so first go to our users and this is go ahead and change that crazy password that we had one users and click on your user you want you can change the theme of this all the blue this time I think last time I did red I�m gonna do blue this time and once you're done let�s go ahead and scroll down scroll down and you see it says new password go ahead and click on generate password and there�s something enter in so I am gonna do hansolo99 and it considers a weak password that's fine confirm the user password and the number to go ahead and click on update profile so my passwords changed and my app last past was a member this could know they changed it sure why not okay great so once you�re done we need to do the most important thing but let's go visit her website first alright it looks ultimately boring and terrible let�s go ahead and change this let�s go ahead and change this let�s go back to our dashboard and under appearance want to go to themes and I spent hours looking for themes guide I really do my research and I always look for new talent I try to look for new people are creating new themes by going to latest however we�re going to install something that's very popular and very well known and I only want the best I always only want the best so under popular right here I want to go ahead install theme called the optimizer so the op did let�s go and see if just shows up like this the op 10 time the optimizer here it is right here sorry my Internet it's pretty slow today I don't know why so it's called optimizer you want install optimizer right here you guys can see optimizer and it's very high rated everyone's rating it has more than 100 reviews on its and let�s go ahead and click install and once you�re done that you want click on activate alright now let�s go ahead and take a look at our website so go back up here words as Howdy and click on visit site and now this is our new website and you can see it looks a little better but still has a lot of work to be done okay great now little research about this theme right here optimizer WordPress theme if you guys ever need some sort of help or anything with this the middle you can just go to WordPressorg and as you can see this has 20,000+ since active installs and it's very highly rated and if you ever need help if you want to change something because the thing was WordPress probably run some errors and is very frustrating when you do you know how to fix things so right hear you click on view support form and everybody right here has any issues or something they wanted done specifically in the how to change so this is where you need to go in case that happens however believe go there because I'm actually have to do everything so let's go ahead and go back to our website here in our first ever to do is read install some plug-ins now plug-ins or something or you add to your website and it gives it feature gives it content gives is something that usually doesn't have so right hear under plug-ins go to add new we�re gonna install few plug-ins so one is one of the most popular was gonna install and that this will allow us to sell things online is the Woo commerce the Woo commerce plug-in as you can see right here it has over 1 million active downloads so let�s go ahead and click on install now and want to activate this plug-in alright great so this is the starter this is basically introducing us to woo commerce so let's go ahead and follow through the steps this is optional however I do recommend to do this right now let's go to click on that let�s go so the woo commerce plug-in is going to install our shop page cart page are check out my account page for us that's fine let�s go ahead and let it do that so right hear the clip-on click on continue alright so where is your store based where are you selling things from I live in California Los Angeles-California and it comes up right here in California click on that which currency I want a dollar which weight if you want to do pounds grand ounces stick to pounds and units to be used for product dimensions in a meter millimeters I believe it is just inches and once you�re done click on continue so shipping tax we review the shipping products if yes want to charge tax or no tax this part is strictly up to you would however decide you run your business so up right here yes I'll be tardy sales tax and actually have a feature where you can click yes right here I live in California go to the rate of the actually its 9% now that they've updated this I don't know I really don't know if it is not present maybe you went down I do remember so you can do this if you'd like however right now let�s gonna put I'm to go ahead and uncheck this you can do this later in our plug-ins page so once you�re done click on continue and you have a PayPal email address I do and mines gonna to be Dr

Wilson03@e-mailcom this will enable it so we can make payments through PayPal once you�re done right here go ahead and click on continue and now wants us to create our first product okay go ahead put allow or no thanks basically woocommerce wants to collect data and usage information to help them it's strictly up to you, I am gonna put no thanks because this is a tutorial video it says it wants us to clear first product we�re not to do that yet you have to install some other plug-in so I want to go return to the WordPress dashboard alright great so now let�s go back to our plug-ins and let�s go click on add new alright right here we gonna enter Facebook like box you can see I do a lot of searches on it and I want to go ahead and install this one right here with the hundred thousand downloads install now once you�re done I am gonna activate the plug-in alright great so next install another one click on add new and this is our contact form seven and as you can see it has 1 million active installs this is basically what someone goes to your contact page it orders everything for you making it very easy for you and making everything look much better than it would be so once you done: click on install now and activate the plug-in okay great and if you are a twitter fan or if you want to do a no follow me on Twitter I recommend doing this plug-in so over here type in twitter box alright and there�s a lot of several ones you can do this one is actually by twitter itself so I rather do this one however doesn't look like it has good reviews over just to go ahead and against her own judgments for to go ahead and do this one instead install now you will regret later I don't know who I know you sooner too much so we'll see how that works, click on activate plug-in alright looks like we�re ready to go so let's go to our website right here and visit our sites and take a quick little synopsis of it is you can see now on the top right up here we have cart check out my account sample page and shop so we actually added something to our website already without even knowing it so first you want to do is want to go ahead and add in some products at the first thing to do so up here we gonna click on dashboard and over on this side under products want to click on add product that woocommerce is actually very helpful so goona go ahead and run us through everything pretty much so over here we gonna put our product name so I will sell kiwis the kiwis fruits next if you have a short little you want talk about it or something about your product you want to go ahead and put it over here for example sell furniture and it's leather or something like that or if you sell computers and it is a amazing i7 with a water cooler installed than you want to put that over here, so I am gonna go ahead and put in some dummy text like I always do so dummy text generator and I'm gonna go ahead put this in right here alright so next if you scroll down we have this product data right here we have simple product group product product external file product so we want to install a simple product and is your product virtual or as a downloadable in our case it's not cause we are selling fruit so I'm not gonna check marks those you do check mark those it's gonna shows a little different so you have different features on the left side uncheck it downloadable and you can go ahead and add your file to this spent some time to look over this information now you add your file right here if our euro I don't know what you're selling so I will go ahead and is not downloadable and I just have a basic regular product so right hear you enter in your number if you have a number for your store if you don't stop anything so let's just say our kiwis are originally five dollars however I want to sell them now for three dollars and you can actually set a sales schedule so right here you see schedule you can click on it and you can put the dates from for example I wanted on the sale to start on the 22nd and I wanted to end on the 23rd so basically would you start this on the 22nd this Dale is going to start it won't start before that so if your stated that the sum to look after okay but for now I'm just gonna go ahead and press cancel because I just want to give these prices right away now on the left side right here given these tabs right here so under inventory you gonna see if this in stock or not in stock if it's not out of stock is in stock to put in stock next we have our shipping so does this way how much you want to give your inches you want to give the width the heights all that information if you're selling something very small I wouldn't really put anything you're selling furniture you might want to enter this information in okay now linked products this is very important as I discussed in the video about Amazon selling what you may also want we gonna add that in here however we can add in a little later to have any products yet to upsell okay attributes right here already leave this blank we don�t want to add any custom product attributes advanced so this is purchased over right here and let�s say they buy something you gonna automatically sell this to them you are making is a hey congratulations on the product congrats and if you ever curious to know what these do you think Cecil arrow right here in arrow tell you enter an optional note to send the customer after purchase so after they buy it to get this little purchase note okay alright so now let�s go back to our general so it's under its originally five dollars but go ahead and sell it for three dollars and now another quick you want to mention if you put in nothing here if you just put in 00 then it just to say read more or it�s gonna say like this can act like it's a blog or post it�s not gonna act like an actual item okay so under products or description we gonna say the Kiwis are so delicious and amazing okay now we enter this in you want to set our product image want to be able to show people what this looks like so under set product image you click this and you go ahead and upload your file so basically the picture of the kiwi or whatever picture that you want to get uploaded I have a lot that already made that are already sort of for this so I am gonna go ahead and upload all of them you can enter your images just like this so right now as you can see very slowly we�re entering our product images that you want to take your own pictures when you do this because if you're selling something online and if this product in that image is not yours you could get a little slap on the wrist for I just would be safe and just make sure you take your own pictures for your own products in your own images you want to really take pictures from other websites and try to up sell them because then you're kind of stealing their products and I mean if you're selling something is kind of an issue but if you're not like to visit the blog and you know on related issues on a big deal alright so we uploaded our products and now we can see that I talked about Kiwis so I wanna upload this picture as the Kiwis so set product image alright so looks like twitter I want to eat this not really all right so looks like a ready to go I published my first item I am gonna go ahead and click on publish alright and now we can go ahead and close the quick I want to go ahead and click on preview changes all right so there is our first product congratulations we are on our way to sell budget items and make money as we can see right here product description I put the dummy text and then below that I talked with the Kiwis are so delicious and amazing it's important to know where where the font will show that I entered in the dummy text the beginning and at the shop on the product description okay and also since we made it on sale it says right here sale and you can pin it you can do twitter it whenever you wanted to and the five dollars is crossed out and now the three dollars a showing okay so that's our first product congratulations I want to make a total of six products for this tutorial just the sort of give the website content I know your website might have thousands or 10 or 20 I just got done with a furniture store and they had probably 1000 items so this took a lot of time so if you want to enter a new product click on this right here at product and our given another product to put in so you can see right now you just to go through in entering all of your products and make sure everything looks good so I am go ahead and just cherries on the go ahead and enter in some products right here to put three dollars on sale for one dollar delicious cherries okay I am gonna go ahead and set of the product image actually I am gonna do the raspberries let�s do raspberries okay and I am gonna publish this all right so I am gonna enter a new one so that was number two avocados and I am gonna say the three and one and delicious amazing Mexican avocado I mean are they from Mexico at even though I do I don't see the right here all rights so that�s number three add product again close this little plant okay lets go ahead and enter in Mexican fruits and lets go ahead and add the sand on sale first three now it's one dollar and the best in the product image of the make their delicious all right so when our number five at product and then enter this in this is probably the hardest part about bringing e-commerce is actually putting up your your product on the first time because it does get a little tedious and you have to do it's and it's sort of annoying but once you're done with it's it's it's very rewarding and think of auto corrects as we can see among the typing I know when the last one finally I think right yeah another last one so last one are oranges and I am gonna enter this on sale for this say hundred dollars and now it's over 10 what a deal right oranges are so good for you all right set product image publish this all right so we add in our products great I have six products to sell now so now it's like we�re ready to do some work I am gonna click on visit site and I want my product to be on the front page right here but I also wanted to be on our shopping page so we go to our shop right here I want them to be there too so as you can see we have six products now and it looks very good and they all on sale right here and you can simply purchase these by clicking add to cart add to cart done it's that simple add to cart add to cart add to cart we want to make it is easy and user-friendly as possible so I click on view cart now there you go all the products are in there you can see are mixed in fruit our kiwis our avocados and our super fruits and also we can add in coupons later and you just go to proceed to checkout before we do this I want to go back and I want to edit our front page and make you look amazing and beautiful so to do that really click on customize now guys this theme has a specific own style of customer it has its own little program that does it it's not like a basic program they've designed a specific one to work with it, I am gonna go ahead and no I don't want to start the tour I don't really have a choice you have to read through this don't worry we gonna just end the tour yeah so you want to go on our homepage now and now we see we have these options right now and just to go ahead and just scroll down the list we just going to go from the top to the bottom okay so let's go and get started now basic so we have our site layout and click on this one we wanna keep our full width I like the full width it looks good and professional basic style so the site background color we gonna leave out white or you can change it change it to purple that doesn�t look good and see that that's part of the backgrounds so one leave it is white sort of blend in looks better the site background image where I can use a background image here is where you have this slider here full width and would have just white text on your products now I fix background image we�re not gonna worry about that adding in a background image a site content text colors we can see we can sort of you know edit this how you want this it depends on your theme if you like a purple and yellow theme it depends on your website however I gonna leave this black I wanna make sure all my text is visible on this white background other text background I am gonna go ahead and leave this of a blue this is actually for your search right here all these little like the small little love marks right here other text element color I want to leave this black I want all my text black later on you gonna see that it's very difficult to see text when there whites would have white background or something like that okay so looks like we will finish this section now to go back just click on basic style right now we�re going to basic fonts now this is basically how you want your site to look with themed you wanted to bring so I'm selling a fruit store I have fruit store of selling products I wanted to sort of give it a cute theme you want to make it look more user-friendly and I think more women would be on the site than men, so I wanna make it sort of look cute and good so we gonna scroll down and I choose a fonts called the girl next-door this is my font for my for my website you can see it sort of it's it's cute it looks good okay and I listen want to change this to 20 pixels so you see that it's gone bigger now we can make it even bigger by typing a 30 it's really up to you how big you wanted to be I wanted 20 pixels all right now for our heading menu which is up here we gonna also change the font and I wanted the girl next-door all right and just change this to all subsets all and I want all of these in upper case yes I do so you guys can see now our menu has changed our fonts have all changed everywhere you look it's changed correct looks good all right so right here click on basic fonts and oursite identity a site icon so what is a site icon a site icon is something you see when you visit a website on the top left up here you see the subtle L on this browser up here and the W for WordPress that is your site icon so whatever you upload that was going to show someone visit your website okay so let's go ahead and select image and I would go ahead and choose my logo and it can give you a little place the crop you can see right here and as you can see on the right side it shows you a preview of what it can look like so want to look like a that okay crop image alright great done once you�re done here click on save and publish okay great so we've done our first section congratulations we�re getting very close to finishing this website I know it is look like it but trust ne we we�re getting there alright now let�s go to our header section headers are really old and outdated I don't like headers is like putting something above here it looks bad I don't know 1919 90 they did that is a big thing but I don't know I don't do it for website to really make it but we gonna click on header and we wanna leave this transparent the transparent had a cart now we can go ahead and show you what this looks like so I click on the white and green now so now it's all green I don't like the way the looks I will leave it as whites now for header background color you can actually change this too and it's not to show up on this page it�s gonna show up on other pages so for now go ahead and click on blue and I gonna show you the looks like right now, so I am gonna click on save and publish and now I am gonna go ahead and click on my account let�s go to a shop so you this header color right here that's what I added in this is the header right here so I added in a blue color cause I want my theme I want a sort of white and blue theme now I am gonna go back to our page by clicking on howdy and now let�s go ahead and keep working our way down this list so I am gonna click on header cause we finished this header section now right at site sites title and logo now for our menu right here howdy you gonna put the name of your website you gonna put whatever you want so I'm gonna enter in greatsfruitscom and for a tagline I am not gonna put anything I just want to see greatfruitscom that looks delicious right and for our family right here I want the girl next-door that's my font the one I decided to choose for anything I can see the fonts change drastically and I want to leave this is all and we want to change the size of this it's a little too small right so right here it's at 36 pixels let�s do 50,60,80 80 looks good that looks good now it's pretty big I like the way it looks site title color we�re wanna go ahead and leave this is a default or we can change this to white black see that we change that but I want to leave it as white okay all right good so now it's going to click on site title and logo again just close it now our menu right here our menu right here we can change that that the fonts of this right here sorry the size so you want to get bigger let� say we wanted 20 pixels to big 80s, terrible fee that you want to kind of a trial and error thing I really want to see okay 22 23 25 I am gonna go ahead and leave that's 20 and once you�re done here just to go ahead and click on save and publish now we are gonna go to our Front Page right here click on front page now we�re gonna do slider which is the landing page which attracts all the attention and that really determines a lot about your website also like your bounce rate everything like that so first we have our our image right here you want to go and change this image so right here you can click on change image and you want to make sure you get a big picture this one right here is 19 20 x 10 80 the good-sized picture you want to be very small if you look bad okay, go ahead and enter this picture in and click on choose image all right now you see the picture it's looks good and now the website looks good if you need help with pictures you can always go to on splash

com and this website is a website were people post amazing HD pictures for free and you can download them for free you can simply give them credit or not how you want to do it and up here you can type in food maybe you're selling something for food and as you can see right here we have some pictures of delicious food so this is something that you can do for your websites For the background Is this pizza I don�t know pizza I offered to get stuff here other than get some okay so that's a website that she was on splashcom all right go back to our website and I want to go ahead and edit this content right here I did a damn strong reliable no, go ahead and click on edit contents now I wanna change this I want to do healthy with it a little healthy I hope you will hear argument that good ahh it�s so boring healthy healthy delicious amazing all right and also right here see this is a little box right here that actually the image they gave us stock, I am gonna go ahead and take that off I don't really want that okay and once you�redone you put in a tagline right here something about your websites saying we know we are Here we go We think caps were not we have been selling fresh fruits from the deepest parts of self America since 2000 okay all right going to save and close and a slight text color if you want to change this text color you can do that but putting that's purple okay I am gonna go ahead and leave it as white now for button one and button two click on button one and now it says demos you can see it's not that is a demo for us we�re gonna go ahead and click on buy now we�re gonna make this our buy now button or we can do shop now I don't know what to shop now will be less aggressive right shop now for our button link we gonna come back to this once we make a product that you want to link to the basically the button link is when they click on this the going to go to our shop and they're gonna be able to shop okay now the button style you can changes to how you like it there's a lot of them they have so they have the flats the flat big hollow the rounded and the rounded big I like the rounded big I like the way this looks, go ahead and leave that like that's and yeah I think it looks good from button two I am not gonna have a button two I do want one I just want one button that they click on it to go to the shop right away start shopping I want to distract them I thought about doing about us or some like that it's there's no point to do that you're getting to distract your audience you want them to bye-bye bye-bye okay so right here under downloads just backspace and under the link backspace it too now it's gone now will have one button and you can sort of change this content in this box right here with as often as we scroll down's slider content box with you can see can sort of change you want to look this is going to leave it like that and all content box vertical position you want to change its want to move up we can see right here up like that's you bring it down like that okay and you can actually left side this you can center its however you like to create your business website okay so I think we�re done here click on save and publish now let�s go ahead and scroll up and click on slider FrontPage widgets now we�re gonna go ahead and add in a lot of content right here and we can make this look amazing so we�re gonna go ahead and click on FrontPage widgets and you see add a widget go and click there all right now you want to select post widget all right so it says our work we�re not gonna do it this is nothing I don�t recommend you that I work with those three things were to make this our product page so right here you want to type in all products 50% off summer sale so all products 50% off summer sale and is different layout you can choose actually one for they want you to buy their Pro theme we can make it look better just don't listen to them any money out on their other theme however they are this is amazing theme don�t give me wrong so right here just click on layout one post types click on this and now you see it says products woo commerce you gonna go ahead and click on that and now we can see that our products are now on this page right here this looks good we can go into layout four and that�s how layout 4 looks all right you know I am gonna leave it out layout four and I want to go ahead and get this nasty sidebar we have here we don�t need this sidebar it's it's it's taking up room for our products but before we do that let's keep going down number of posts I want six the title divider is this right here you see little diamond right here that is your title divider so if you want to change it also a little options right here they have a star and I think of the star no no no and those wines are ugly Chevron what�s that little chevron okay I think the I think this was a good I am gonna leave it like that it�s upto your preference I like the way that looks it looks good it looks clean okay we want this number post back on colored we gonna keep this white a post title section title color we�re gonna leave that like black and you can always like an old fiddle with these if you want to go ahead and look around if you want purple you can go ahead and decorate it however you want your website to look and remember a lot of these are gonna show up on other pages not necessarily the front page okay so post section background color I am gonna keep this as a white all right once we�re done here I am gonna click on save and publish and I am gonna click on post widget ops FrontPage widgets here we go all right so this are FrontPage now it looks like we've you know we've actually made some progress right here we have a description of our products we have the sales they can added to the cart our FrontPage however let's go ahead and get rid of this ugly sidebar showing okay let's do that so this theme is a little confusing and to get our dashboard to keep noticed there�s nothing up here oh my gosh it's actually down here which is dashboard trust me I spends probably 30-40 minutes trying to find the button I couldn't find it it was very frustrating okay so now we are going to appearance and we�re gonna go to widgets and this is our right sidebar right here these are the things that our showing up you want to go ahead and delete all of these all right so let�s go ahead and delete all these click this little arrow and click delete click the arrow click delete and you just can keep going down to get rid of all these are archives and categories you don�t really need this to our website website it doesn't look good our meta-go delete all right looks good it's all gone now let�s go ahead and check our website visit site all right it looks it starting to look really good all of a sudden you see that it looks amazing and we can add these to the carts we can buy it right now it's already in the cart just by clicking it you want to make it easy as possible for our traffic that's coming in we want to make it very easy and user-friendly we don't want to steer them off trust me it takes anything to scare somebody off the website all right so let�s going to keep scrolling down so let�s go ahead and add similar content right here so to do that we�re gonna go ahead back and click on customize all right so right here our FrontPage right here and we�re at FrontPage widgets now go ahead and add in another widget showing going to click on add a widget and let�s do the about widget is a small taste about us small you know education about us so now we see right here we have a new space right here and it�s say a little about the optimizer so we can go put a little about us and the most amazing fruits ever all right so we added that in and now our heading color you can change the color of this to whatever you'd like I�m gonna change it to blue and it changes to blue you know I�m gonna leave that it looks good the text color whatever text you want this I want to as a dark black I wanted easier to read on the eyes so I changed it to black If you want to add a background color you can do that I am gonna go ahead and give that a small shade let�s given a small gray shade like that there we go that looks good and you can scroll down we can add in the background image because we�re running the Pro version don't worry it's not a big deal and once you�re done here click on save and publish the quick reminder sorry forgot this you want to edit the content and click on edit content and now we see all this information right here so if you want to go ahead and talk about your company this is where you going to do it and you can also added an image here too so let�s say you want to added an image so I want to added out in the top no no I�m added in the bottom so let�s go and added right here so my little cursor right here click on add media and I want to go ahead and put in this fruit basket okay the fruit basket so there is the fruit basket click on save and close and as you can see right now we have the fruit basket up and if you want to change the size of this image we can do that to go back to edit content and click on the picture and you see it�s a little pencil right here this it�s says edit you wanna left click that all right so now we can go ahead and change the size of this right here so see this is medium full size thumbnail however you want the picture to look go full size make a little bit bigger full-size is usually big but for this was a small image so should be epic yet it it made a little bit bigger this because the image was small so once you�re done here you click on save and publish and let�s go ahead and close this now we want to go ahead and keep making more content so I wanna add something down here now click on add a widget and I want to enter into the advanced text widget you know what this is gonna do it's going to go ahead and give our website more color more flavor more to make it more beautiful okay right here we can edit the content to say something like free shipping you know all orders have free shipping and are amazing money back okay and if you click this Google talk thing stuff you can actually make this bigger to give you more options right here all these right here you can enter in a new character like something like these but I don�t want to enter these in and I can make this bigger right here by highlighting this and we see it is a paragraph I can do may be heading three there you go now the text is bigger I am gonna go save and close all right so now you see that it change a little bit and right here top and bottom padding this is the size so by making a bigger I am gonna make this bar much bigger move very big right all right so I am gonna go ahead and leave it back down I want to big all right so you got that you can change the text color right here to whatever you like maybe I am gonna change it to blue color that I have I think it looks good okay now I want to add in a background image because on this the dance widget I can add in the background image so to go ahead and click on select image and I am gonna enter in of this right here these delicious fruit okay great so I added in the image and remember you can make it bigger so if you really want people to you know if you want the picture you want to see that you can make it bigger this text color is not working out for me let�s change back to white all right so now that we've done that we've added our little area right now it sort of giving our website flavor and color and as you see we have nothing else to fill out� Go ahead and click on save and publish and we can go ahead and click on FrontPage widgets now one added another widget right here so let�s go back to FrontPage widget and that's go ahead and close this okay so now we�re at this part right here let�s click on add a widget and our block widget this is what I want to show people sort of like him highlighted highlighted you know images I want to make them by this right here I�m gonna put my fruit baskets right here sort of like a featured like oh look how good this looks okay so for block one you click on block one and that's this block right here okay so amazing amazing fruit basket block image we�re gonna go ahead and ignore that part right there I don�t want to enter the block image in because it looks bad for example I�ll show you, click on this right here and insert images I don�t like the way that looks I wanted to be in the content right here it's really up to you however I like it in the content I want to below the title so to do that I�m gonna close this and this and disappear and I want to go to edit contents and i can enter the imaging right here were here just like before I want to add the image and click on add media and I am gonna go ahead and put this in here and also want to go ahead and show you guys something else I want to be able to make this product linked to our store so how do I do that I'm going click on this image and put edit okay now you see this little thing that is linked to well I can go ahead and enter a custom URL so by clicking this image is can take them anywhere on the internet I want them to go to our shop so this go-get a URL so has a low-fat the communist anti-website again okay and I want to click on shop so up here this is the link to our shop so if I put that link in that image right there it's going to bring them to the shop would be even better is if I added that products and I directly link them to that product for example if I click on Mexican fruits now the link is changed products Mexican fruits I want them to be able to link exactly to this product so they can add to cart right away let's go ahead and do that over her was i right here so if i go ahead and put this in the url on the click on update now to save and close now the images you come up right here i like the way this looks better go enclose used have so our images right there it looks good now to click on save and publish in this go ahead and click on that image now, go back toward other website or the same one but since the time the editor and would go and scroll down and now we see her fruit basket here if i click on this it's going to take me to that same item i link to those going left click on that and there you go it's taking us executory linked so you want to have your products here and you want to link it to your shop so they click on it it'll take them exactly to the data cart now and that's the fastest way to make a sale was going to add something here now i'm to go and enter in okay so go ahead and close this box this box is good before we do that we connection retains the title color to make its blue and i want to go ahead blue rego and i want this always to be black want the text to be black and the backup color i like it white it makes it look more elegant and delicate i like the way it looks or we can go ahead and change it here it's certainly up to your preference it's up to your website and how you want to design it arts now change the backup color obviously i don't wear that looks i want to leave as white as white mixes were to look elegant and makes it look more professional and makes it look good so mcgowan tainted back to whites all right so a number click on save and publish now school moved to box number two so this is block number 11 go to block number two so going click on block number two anime type in amazing oranges and i would go to edit contents and this time i'm just gonna go ahead and put in orange from our shop insert into post and you can put them up you will like about this product you can say this is a furniture product you can see this is a computer product and type in description right here and was redone click on save and close now may go back to there was not terms are counsel

com and i would go to our shop page 19 oranges are here i'm to go ahead and click on his oranges now i have the link to the oranges right here, copy and paste this same link and now over here under amazing oranges, click on edit content again click on the picture click on edits now it is linked to rate here i want to go ahead and put a custom url and link them exactly to the oranges in the shop so this is what happened i may click on update save and close and click on save and publish them now to go back toward the website you have to go here under showing you as an example mcgowan scroll down scroll and scroll and going and i see amazing oranges right here if i click on this it's gonna take me to the shop and it can have the add to cart so right now i click on it i'm not oranges right now i can buy it boom done made the sale orders have added to the cart you want to sort of correlate your items on your front page to your shop because you want them to be able to make it very easy to buy the website it's very frustrating you go to website you want to buy something but you don't know where the checkout pages you don't know the shop is and i'll call the balance of cause and to leave your website you want that we want to make it very easy to click the picture you go to the car very simple right now is go ahead and do our number three were here so what's redone i hear you on edit the contents what we want to do is click on block number three and the best fruit basket ever are right our tunnel has changed one click on edit content or you want to do the select image if you like it above it it strictly up to you i like it like this i like the title and end of the product or hear them below it so it's good to edit contents and are here to enter no one at in the picture so fruit basket that looks good there you entered in the post save and close all rights now this is looking very good and remember you want to link this you want to go to edit contents you click on the item you go to edits now this link to you want to do the custom url and you need to find the url so you want to go back to the shop for example appear you have to go here is example and what you click on these products this right now is that you are well so i clicking at it'll take us to the page and there you go fruits and save and close so now changing it so we can go to our shop very easy okay congratulations were almost done click on save and publish now we do have one last section to add and it shook me up to you you want to add in that section a lot of people would just say this looks good i like website now looks amazing right it looks pretty good but i want to teach you how to add in a facebook like box and how to adding google maps in a twitter box all the goodies so before do that is go to our front page and were not to do a static page relieved as that now we want to go to our footer section our footer is this right here on the bottom part so that is a footer right there so under footer widgets one click on add new and want to go to other widgets this time you want to go to optimize it other widgets and a lot you can add in right now we want to add in our facebook like box and click that and the title so like us on facebook right or yeah like us like us there you go and you can enter your url i here and it should be a fan page website because if you go to facebookcom and you enter in your url for example this is my facebook right here if i enter in this right here it's gonna come up is invalid because this is a private profile that means people cannot go to your website you need to have as a fan page so for example i have a fan page right here there was an 03 so i can answer in this page to my my wordpress website so under this radiometer copy paste that and you can change the width and the height right here as well but i can do that so go ahead and just go totally scroll down okay looks good yet so going to come close and there is so now we see our facebook like box now i'm sure you're thinking why this is look really ugly it doesn't look good it doesn't look long and this is a new page i went to likes you into the budget faces right here if he will be 80 amazing it looks great okay so go back to this and scroll up and i see it says with an height you can adjust the height and width you're sonicated the 450 for the heights i want to make it look a little bit longer and what's am done i'm to go ahead and click on close and now you can see the height is longer now and we can sort of adjusted like this we can sort of see what's going on okay now looks good now i think it looks pretty decent and you can have like maybe like 50 lights and everyone liking is the fact that being interactive your shows that your you know you socialized the community looks better so next is go ahead and add something else in want to add the google maps in but i will pay for the plug-in is a plug-in for google maps in its 20 bucks and honestly it's not even that i have a better way to do this so under our widget section right here you click on add a widget and you go to other widgets and want to find the arbitrary text which could scroll down announces text right here one entering this so going click on this under title you can put visit us visit us and you can answer youtube videos here can enter in whatever you want over here it strictly up to you all for this video i probably know a lot of you to video the one customer that the so under visit us right here we have this content right here do not go over to google maps google mapscom and i live in los angeles so is going type in worship we were to be of this would have been pasadena pasadena city college sure our rights and i'm click on share and now we have the share link or embed map want to click on the embed map and see this link right here just to go ahead and copy this that's it just copy and paste it so now go back to our content and is paste that in there� go ahead and give us some time and i you can see our map is there now it's a little bacon box he doesn't look too good right let's go ahead and change that cc this code right here which is with 600 height 450 is going to change this with two maybe 400 all right and it's smaller this make a little bit small to make it to 50 that you are already doing code see that's that easy to know it's it's pretty much smaller it shows the direction of were at and they can see exactly where you are split going to leave that going click on save and publish illicit you have a youtube video of your store where you want to promote your products or where you want to do click on close to add that in right here click on add a widget and we also want to do the arbitrary text again so member you want to go to other widgets and scroll down and go to text right here look look at is go that's our title and for contents were to go get a youtube video now so i here is go to youtubecom and i'm to go to my channel or all this is my wrong my wrong one sorry to go get my video really quick our rights so ago and sign into youtube there is pc order in this effort here last past it auto fills everything it simply amazing i really recommend you want to go ahead and show you the program i use called last pass using a lot of my videos on the top right up here it's always good to say the last pass terminus password guys this saves you a lot of time and headaches and it will make your life 10 times easier because i know you guys have thousand's remember and you can't remember them all i cannot member the mall so what i do the uses program in auto fills and it saves everything that you put in so that's going to give you an example i'm going to run a website right here to make username and of snf or something and enter a password not to go to cook create account as you can see in the top right there should last pass remember this password if i click save the sites and go ahead and click on save right here now every time i come to this website last pass is going to auto fill all of my information for me so i never have to remember password again if i want to check the password i can go to my calendar and check it now is go to host gatorcom as you can see right here i'm to go ahead and have the syndicate host gator

com and click on customer portal and now you can see that it automatically remembers me it puts my information all i have to do is click on login i don't have to type anything i don't have to member anything it does it all for me it's an amazing program and i recommend everybody use it because i have it's really good that you want to go ahead and see your password that you put in go to click on last past sign and get a master account or master password which it does not say because this is your master control everything, go ahead and login right now and i can see all these pastors using everything right here it saves all of these password so i go to any one of these websites which i presume you previously have gone it's going to auto fill the information save it for me so i don't have to remember anything it's an amazing program guide i really recommend this program i use it said that is the only reason why i would never offer a program i did not use and if you see all my videos you've seen it come up on the top right side it'll save your life it'll make you like to easier and you can start for free it's not hard it's very very very simple and i recommend it to anybody alice go ahead and go to my gmail account which i have several gmail accounts as you can seriously login, go ahead and log out and all these are my accounts right here if i click on any one of these last past it auto filling this information for me i don't have to answer anything in it does automatic it's so amazing so that's all i want to show you guys if you want to vision last past i highly recommend it i'm actually putting a description of it in my videos if you go to the bottom right right here and you want to click on my affiliate link right there we can do that and like i said it's an amazing program and what you done you click on that to bring you to it'll bring you to a my my affiliate login page which if you click on it right here under my description can click on it and there you go you get a free trial and it's only like 10 bucks and no nine dollars a month guys in odyssey what he spent a month today the rhyolite was allegedly like $30 $30 like to have this to save your life until you got it's an amazing program i recommended just give it a try to do like it don't use it simple right very easy okay to go back to the video the quick okay some go inside and you have to worry about all the stuff and getting youtube video similar to my channel and added a new one right here morrow works websites however is to go ahead and grab this when i hear our eyes to how to make a free website no over here on the going click on share and this is better here i want to click on that now i hear him a copy and paste this code under contents i'm cynical head and copy paste and that's it done simple to now you see are videos there and if you want to adjust the height we can do that member before heights 315 it was for 50 before right for 50 all right so now there all 450 it looks good to have a video and if you're a store and you have a commercial you can go ahead and embed that and put it into the next going click on save and publish and this is go ahead and close this and close up to now the footer style going to leave all this blank because i like the way this looks i like the way that the brownies are to give it flavor but if you want to change this race here for a generic color this is great to begin attainted to white if you like to go to give some time to load her this right here all the other girls okay so the footer widget background color changes to white or black however you want to do it it's really your business so we continued to black maybe what's better for us to okay for title color being treated to black so now we see our tyler here are black and i like the looks okay on the click on save and publish you can adjust is to have you like it could come footer style and copyright area so right here is optimize wordpress theme you want to change that click on edit contents and you put in whatever you know copyright you have get into them right here you can put a picture in their heart you want to do is i'm cynical had put a picture i love pictures i put my logo and turn the post save and close and i like the color i like how it looks like that i surrender to my logo and it looks a guess it was good i you want to change it where you want to put in the back and the outlet only needed anyways isa which are done here for logo you can enter it anything you like to enter click on save and publish were almost done with almost reached the end of our website regulations the nature and go to our post and page in our post settings notes go and click on our scroll up our shop our rights to the router shop it was our shop looks good to have things on sale of hundred dollar mangoes another dollar is a dollar is about what you want to leave these all blank reyes ali comments like that's it looks good i will leave you all the same for post settings for page header settings page header background you can changes accordingly to whatever you like to be a maybe a grayish white guy okay with you at that for now and you change the font color to see wanted to white regal shop okay now we can go ahead and click on this and go to blog page settings want to leave is all the same blog page headings is is once also registered to go and ignore the section for contact us page don't worry about it will enter own contact page social share purity have a facebook we really need a social share we have our other widgets and you want internet twitter box 1 you can do that to oks list keeps going down post and page style now you want to go ahead and change these you can go ahead and change these the post title color to red leave as whites link color that's the clever links i like the widows look though i don't want to change those the site title widgets we don't have a side widget where we deleted it on the cider here we don't have it we don't want it looks ugly so that apply to any of us all this the font size doesn't apply we already deleted it we don't have it so go ahead and click on this categories were having categories will have an archive page okay click on save and publish now looks like were almost pretty much done cannot go to our miscellaneous section are social links if you have social links you can enter them in here but we oriented in our our youtube and facebook so i come to want to do that on overload a page with a bunch of social links we have it in every every footer actually so for example you go to the bottom of this page you can see every day we posted before on every page so it's something they can refer to every time you go to the page you know it's always a chance for like it's always a chance for them to look at your video rights was going scroll up custom code this is for if you want to change something with coding for example if i want to change the way of the height between these two that be in a custom css your web designer this is where you do it however that you watch this video you probably not so as you can go to their forms and check those out if you want to change something that, it's your website and other settings rehear the lightbox made the lightbox about that space when you click the image and it pops up right there we need this that looks amazing right there as you can see the looks really good thick yet is it real i don't know they look real okay so what are done close that and our menus cannot go back to our menu are here going click oncom we adjust this menu are here so add a menu we can enter in menu one create the menu and work and header navigation auto we don't okay so we need to go-ahead and create harmony with the quick i forgot we did make one so here's click on save and publish makes her this is unchecked now to our dashboard and under appearance rehear one look at menus so these are pages right here the left side however i want to contact us page and i don't want to sample page here so let's go over to pages right here these are the pages we currently have as of right now right so i'm to go ahead and delete this sample page and i want added a new page i want to edit a contact us page so right here under add new click on add new and a one enter in contact us right, go ahead and publish this now go to appearance and menus over here we go ahead and add all these in checkmark all digital boxes rehear and click on add to menu arise and we wanted to header navigation actually know will do that in the settings so much redundant going click on save menu now to go back to our websites and is going click on customize our rights and our rehear our menu section and add a menu or menu one so menu one and really go ahead and am houses look right here to contact us at the end rates contact us will looks good my account check out how you wanted to know assemblies on okay solomon do it like my accounts and shops of the like that's check out contact us okay click on our life we had the top level and then to school click on save publish so that i menu writer you can adjust it to you like it's however you wanted to look you can do that's and it will look amazing so just checkmark these two inclusive and publish all right so now you can see my accounts my cart my checkouts my shop and our contact us page remember our contact page is empty or have anything there you okay so it's going to take a look at the website really quick to see there's anything up we missed you go ahead and click the arrow on the bottom along very well however i want to go and introduce categories so what is a category when you create products it's gonna go to a specific category such as fruit or couches go ahead and does demonstrate this by making it so go to dashboard a great product categories visit to make your life a lot easier without the products now we want to go to categories are i smells go ahead and add in the category of an answer in mexican fruit and under slug really the parent you want this to be a subcategory description really this blink and going to type in her am sorry answer in add new product category ice remix can fruit no one to go ahead and enter in delicious no yummy fruit so yummy yummy fruit usually this is actually like this slug you become like that okay so now i have yummy fruit mexican fruit is going on one more without and rotten fruit is also bad products okay rod fruit i'm add that product category and okay so we have three categories right now now we need to go ahead and add some products in these categories is go over click to products rehear and we see her items right here and are not in any categories you want to go another minute categories so for oranges rehear now you see on this right side our product category show up going click on mexican fruit and yummy fruit and then click on update rights and now this is in a mexican fruit in a yummy food category it's not in the rod fruit category now going click on products again over here now you can see this is categories under mexican fruit and yummy fruit and is go to amazing super fruits, go put this under rotten fruits update and this is important because when you're craving a lot of products you might want them in different categories for their different things mexican fruit, go ahead and put these under all of them and i would keep going, make us want to hear whoops sorry products and explain why this is very important because when you when we yummy crater menu we can actually make a specific menu so they can just click on rotten fruit mexican fruit in the we brought to all these products is go ahead and give you an example appear click on the click on it and also to customize and this is good because this is axing an ad in a new part of a menu right here in the menus going click on this now have a menu one which he said going click on this and now we see we can add items right here go ahead and add items they see this product category right here this is what we posted this is what we just created now want to add these into our menu so summa contra websites and they say hey you know that's pretty cool i just want to go look at mexican fruit yummy fruit rotten fruit we miss add that in the menu so for now go ahead and delete these rehear just to show you guys how this looks, go ahead and added yummy fruits mexican fruit and rotten fruit now and go ahead click on save and publish all right so are many to change a little bit that's okay not a big deal we can fix this later going to close this are right so we see yummy fruit mexican fruit and ron fruit now correct some of click on yummy fruit niceties products rehear these are the products i checked under yummy fruit so every time i create a product and select yummy fruit it's gonna show up here let's go and click on mexican fruit the same thing i put these three products and those are gonna show under mexican fruit now for ron fruit thing leonard one all and and in this one that's right so i enter these products in the rotten fruit so every time i answer product i'm in a put into a category and is going to show on this page and this is considered a pager here so you can have pages and categories and this will make it so every time you make maybe 50 products you can categorize them but say you your furniture company you want to sell chairs tables or couches this is where you would create categories to sort of distinct where they go now one more thing i want to show you guys is up cells was go-ahead and click on our homepage grippers are, and i want click on the so thing right here in the bottom and what good are dashboard no one to show you what happens earlier in the video talked about how amazon does the up cells over to do with our products to hear products click on products going click on kiwifruit easier here he added in these products keep okay great so what are page now and we see go and scroll down and on his left side rehear you want to go ahead and click on link products so we have up cells and we have cross cells so what are those across ellis something where if they click on the kiwifruit's it's going to recommend other items such as our oranges that we put in open oranges and are mexican fruit now the cross cells of the little difference and i kind of don't recommend it because the cross sell is going to recommend items would rather check out screen or the cart screen no i don't recommend doing this because if they're already out the door to buy something and they're already going to the no check out and buy the products why confuse them with something else why go back and say hey you should also by this time i make them say hey maybe i should do this you will do this later and they're not going to buy it� go ahead and type it it anyways the cherries resonated raspberries okay so raspberries from entering raspberries for the cross so many going click on update now want to go to the store and find kiwifruit to go and visit the site is here categories appear good click on shop scroll down to our cuties to the kiwis are so delicious and amazing they look really good now as is rehear what you may also like this is what i added in i added in these two products as of cells so when they look at one product is going to recommend other products to them let's go and add this to the carts are this: view the cart and i have quite quite a bunch of items okay so i entered in see or hear kiwifruit's and being go ahead and go you close these other ones okay anyways sorry um i'm getting distracted so i typed in the kiwifruit and rumor we entered in raspberries well there are raspberries which may also be interested in it's up to you few want to do this like i said i personally don't recommend it however i am not a marketing genius so maybe i'm wrong and you can simply go down here in click add to cart and it will show up in the cardigan and you can have an upsell for this so let's say you buy this ill recommend something again so that's what a upsell any cross sell is and yeah that's pretty much it for up so the cross cells you get the picture it's a pretty self-explanatory so let's go back the cisco had to go scroll down this is already amazing as you congratulations you made a e-commerce website we can sell anything you want in one hour and you save a lot a lot of money to go to our carts you can see that without it there and proceed to check out and this is our checkout page survey looks very good there are two things that i'm going to tell you guys about e-commerce and we need to separate merchant accounts right now can only take payment to paypal however somewhat use a credit card will be can't do that yet we want to go ahead and find out how to do that in us or contact us page and reagan added a format here for them to fill out our rights was going out in the form first so to do that is so arrogant and we want to go toward dashboard okay is an hour here want to go to our plug-ins that we installed to resolve those plug-ins early in the video and yet we need to plug in so i hear click on install plug-ins contact form seven click on settings i said is our first contact form here when click on this ics code appear which is copied a short code and paste into your page what were gonna do right now one right click on this and click on copy basket or pages click on pages and click on contact us number one enter this in the text not the visual the text so that the visual in the text going click on text rehear and going copy paste that code into the text remember the texas will be the coat so now you click on update and i'll go ahead and view the page to make sure everything looks good great it worked your name your email subject and message once they fill this information out it's going to go to the email that was described to okay great now lastly the do is make sure that we can process these payments so how do we do that we need to get a merchant accounts right here going click on dashboard and i want to go to that plug-in so i hear plug-ins to install plug-ins and when you go to commerce going click on settings a ride so this is our blue commerce right here it is actually one of the tour is online about how to go through this is very simple you just go and read tvs like currency and how we wanted to look at your products to this or in the video we artie set up a lot of this for tax enable tax calculation i highly recommend doing it at the end of the page or just a click and the cost because the other tax in the front of the page and they see that they might leave so you want to do that so this is read entering your taxable information however he artie did all this check out yummy this page check out enable guest check out this good or you can make them register for an account it's really up to you and how you want to run your business terms and conditions if you have the terms and conditions you would create a page called terms and conditions and link to a page on their but we do have one so we don't need to put that in next to go to our shipping and right here you can see we have free delivery we have always enabled which is pretty basic we want all those under accounts want to go ahead and leave this blank this looks good all looks pretty standard go to emails and this is when someone buys something so this will buy something you get an email a new order i cancel order a phil order processing order you'll be notified when with the other and so will the customer a here is the great part about these of the e-commerce plug-in api and just leave that blank okay so and also to our checkout this is where were going to sign up for an account cc check options rehear simplify commerce going click on some of my commerce and you can sign up for a civil price commerce accounts right here in this will make it so you can take payments click on this and you'll have to go through this enter your first and last name your email address you have to get approved to get a merchant account no just cannot do it automatically the need to worry about things like charge items like that but this is really to go ahead and apply for a merchant account will approve you it's just a matter of time of you know of the terms and conditions your history etc like that so critical statements how would look you want deposited to go ahead and sign up for all this information right here and yeah that's pretty much it want to go and show you guys something else to so we made a website right now and it tosses virtually nothing and i want to show you guys shop a five this is a website where they tried to charge people a lot of money and have them pay for products they don't need so i hear go to pricing and look at this chart you guys $29 a month plus $40 just to have a basic website a pro version i don't even know what a pro version is you see how they charge for twitter pinterest we can or we can handle some of the plug-in it takes one second so by doing this we saved a lot of money with all the people shop a fireman at the page hundred $80 a month plus the retail fragment plus the credit card rates it's crazy it's absolutely crazy so we've made a full e-commerce website in probably one hour ahead and go back to our websites and you can see it looks amazing we successfully made its and i said click on the product it'll take us to the page we just added to the carts it's done all right's gone home and also you can check out my website darrell wilson

com my next video i will show you how to make a website that looks just like this if it ever loads and i went to the next phenomena habits can have a background here and it looks good and also my contact me also has a background image that this is amazing and you can go ahead and visit my channel on youtube which is probably how you found this at darrell wilson i'm really new however, getting up there i have been there for maybe a week two weeks use yeah i that's it congratulations on the new websites that all it took because of any questions feel free to contact me my meal rating, /;I��t � � � � � @ M k q � 7����� LO��� � � 2JSt��AJ�7V ���������������ֶ֖֨֨֨֨֨֨ֈֈz�z�z�z�z�z�z�zh�-CJOJQJ^JaJh�fwCJOJQJ^JaJ#*h';h�M�CJOJQJ^JaJh';CJOJQJ^JaJ#*h�h�M�CJOJQJ^JaJh�CJOJQJ^JaJh�M�CJOJQJ^JaJh��CJOJQJ^JaJh��CJOJQJ^JaJ0�7�d��1$7$8$H$�}��Nmv|���&G�#~������Qdo��@`lp��Ldow}���IO9Y_pq���������y~��Ht�������������������������������������������������������������������h�P7CJOJQJ^JaJhdoCJOJQJ^JaJh�[CJOJQJ^JaJh�-CJOJQJ^JaJh�M�CJOJQJ^JaJG����P�% 1 D w | � P!Y!�!�!�!�!""�"�"�#�#�#�#s$�$�$�$�$�$�$%1&5&g&�&�&-'E'S'(((P((�)�)�)�)i*�*�*�*�*!+*+a+h+k+%,I,W,b,�,�,�,+-/-6-������������������������������������������������������������h{z�CJOJQJ^JaJh3tCJOJQJ^JaJh^[�CJOJQJ^JaJh�M�CJOJQJ^JaJh�L�CJOJQJ^JaJH


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