How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts

Hi Guy's I am Shyam from Websitelearnerscom, Today we're going to see how to you can create a separate page for your blog posts Now, when you first launch your wordpress site, You might have noticed that, all of your blog posts are shown on the homepage of your website Today, we're going to see, How you can move those blog posts, from your homepage to a separatepage, like this So by putting your posts on a separate page you will be able to have, a well-designed homepage, like this Were you can put your own content Okay guys ! So let's get started First, let's take a look, at our website This is the default wordpress site, where we have, all our blog posts on the homepage now if you want to put these posts on a separate page We are first going to create a new page, called 'blog' Okay Let's go to 'new' and let's click 'page' Now we'll call this page as 'blog' and click 'publish' okay So now our new page has been created Let's see it, by clicking 'view page' And you can see that We have a new page called 'blog' and right now this page is empty okay Now if we go to our homepage You can see that, our blog posts are still here Now how do we bring, these posts, into the page, we just created? So to move these posts, we need to, "Change our homepage settings in wordpress" So to change our settings, let's go to our dashboard and then go to settings, And click 'reading', So here you can see that, in this setting our homepage, is set to display our 'latest posts' So instead of this, we need to change it to a static page So once we do that we can now select any page we want for our homepage and the posts page So since we just created a page, for our blog posts let's click here, and select 'blog', as our posts page, And once we select it, we can just click 'save' Okay, now if we go here you can see that we're on our blog page, right now and it was empty now if we click 'refresh' You can see that, all of our blog posts, appears on this page, So we have successfully moved our blog posts, into a separate page, called 'blog' But what about our homepage? Now if we go back to the settings, You can see that, we have not yet selected a page, for our homepage And, if we click here, you can see that we only have one page called 'blog' which we just created So this means, we need to create a new page, which can be set, as our homepage, So to create new page, let's go to this tab And Let's go to new again and then click 'page' we'll call the page as 'home', and here, you can enter any content, which you want to put in your homepage, I'm just going to type some sample text and everything you put here, is going to appear on your homepage, Okay So let's click 'publish' And we'll go back to the settings page and click 'refresh' And now if we click here, You can see, the new page, we just created So let's select it, to set it as our homepage And click 'save' Okay so our homepage settings have been saved Now let's look at our site, by clicking visit site And you can see that, the page which we created, appears as our homepage So we can say this is our homepage, by looking at the address here, We're on quicktechy

com, which is our homepage So you can see that we have our homepage and, if we go to blog we can see, our blog posts, Okay so let's go back to our homepage again Now, what if we don't want just text, on this homepage and instead of that, What if you want to have a better looking homepage, like this? Which has a much better design So if you want to build a page like this, you need to install a plugin called elementor Okay So let's go to part 2 of this tutorial Where we see, how you can design, your homepage, So to design the page, first we're going install, the elementor plugin So install it, let's go to our dashboard, let's go to 'plugins' and click 'add new' now let's search for plugin called 'elementor' and you will get this plugin, which say's "elementor page builder" So let's click 'install now' And then click 'activate' Okay so elementor is now installed, Next, let's see how you can design your homepage using elementor So to design our page, first let's go to our site, by clicking 'visit site' And you can see the old home page now let's click 'edit page' And you can see that, after installing elementor We got this new button called 'edit with elementor' so let's click that And now we're in the editing mode, were we can design our homepage, Now by default, we are only able to add content to this area But if you want to use the whole page we can tell elementor to use the full width, of our page, So to change that setting All you have to do is, go here, and then click 'settings' And then in the 'page layout' choose 'elementor full width' Now, this will allow you to use, the full width of your page You can see that, the usable area, has been expanded, to the whole page, So, now let's start designing our page, To design the page, you have two options, Let's look at the first option, which is using 'blocks' So to build your page, using blocks, all you have to do is click 'add template' Now Make sure you're on this tab here which says 'blocks', And, here you can see all the different types of 'sections', you can add to your site So 1st, I'm going to add this section I'm just going to click 'insert' And you can see that, the section has been added to our page , Okay, So next we'll add another section, We'll click add template And i'll choose this section And, it'll be added Okay So now we've added 2 sections So once you've added all the sections you want, you can now start entering our own content So to add your own content, Just select the text you want to change And then, start typing, your text So that's it The same way you can change any text you want Just select the text and then enter, your own text Once you're done, just go here, and then click 'update' to save all the changes, and then to view the page, just click this button here And you can see that, we have just created our homepage, so we have a unique homepage and we have our blog page, which has, all of our blog posts Okay so this is how, you can build your page, using blocks Next, let's see, the 2nd way, to build your page So to try it we'll go back to elementor and let's delete, the sections which we added, So we've deleted all the sections the 2nd way to build a page is by using 'pages' So to build your page, using pages, just click 'add template' And instead of blocks, let's go into 'pages' When you go to pages, you can see, a lot of ready-made designs, which you can use for your site So let's say you like this design, for your homepage, Just go here And click 'insert' And as soon as you click it! you will get that 'entire page' into your site So Now all we have to do, is just go to the places where we want to change the text select it And then enter, your own text That's it, so you have a perfectly designed page, which you can customize, as you wish So once you're done with all the changes, You can simply click 'update' And then to view the page, just click this button here, So that's it You can see how the site is looking now So this is our homepage and this our blog So that's it guy's This how you can create a separate page for your blog posts Now, If you don't see these pages on your menu You can watch this video To see, how you can create a menu in wordpress Next if you want to design your blog page you can do it with the pro version of elementor which is give in the link below this video So thanks for watching, i'll see you in the next video Babye 🙂

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