How To Choose A Great WordPress Theme for Your Website (2018)

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In this video we're going to talk about how to choose a great WordPress theme To begin with we need to define what you're looking for Now a WordPress theme is simply how your WordPress site looks, what the design is like So what do you want? Do you want a theme with lots of pictures or more text? Do you want something very configurable or very simple? Do you need support? Do you have a budget? Answering these kinds of questions can help narrow your search right from the very beginning and keep you from wasting time just wandering around looking at everything Now, that said, you don't have to have the answers to these

Go ahead and take your time and wander around Window-shop Look at everything Many of the things that we're going to look at in this video you can download and play with and then throw away with no cost So have no fears and let's go find you a great theme

Once you have some answers to these questions, we want to go looking at some places that have great themes One of the best places is right here at WordPressorg — we're under the themes section right here in the nav — and in here they have many, many themes available and you can sort them by Popular and Latest Another great place to find themes is under the commercial themes tab right here on this very same page Now, each of these icons is not a theme; it's a store that sells themes

And there are some advantages to buying themes that we'll talk about in a few minutes Another great place to find themes is called ThemeForest It's part of the Envato market ThemeForest has over 10,000 WordPress themes available for sale at a variety of prices These also come with support

There are some other great places to find themes and in the description for this video you'll find a link to an entire video just dedicated to those great places Once you've found a theme or two or five that you like, there are some things that you could do to help narrow down which theme it is you're looking for For one thing, look at other themes by the same author or store For example, if you find a theme on The Theme Foundry that you like take a look at some of their other offerings There's Oxford, but under themes you'll also find Watson and Bailey and Linen

What we're looking for here is consistent quality You don't have to like their other themes, but you want to know that this particular organization can reliably produce good quality stuff and if you like the look in general, then you're probably going to enjoy their product Next, try out the demo if there is one Right here we can view the Watson demo and now we're actually looking at the theme If we go back to WordPress

org, you can click on any one of these and there's a preview button and you can see what the theme looks like Next, try out support Read through past tickets Again, here on WordPressorg, on every theme there's a button "View support forum"

Now, the support on WordPressorg is all volunteer basis So some themes have great support and other themes just don't and that's at the discretion of the author or the community members who decide to take care of the theme so take a look If there are many, many answers then you know that chances are good that you'll get answers to your questions as well If it's a barren wasteland of unanswered questions, maybe support's not so great there

Read reviews about both the theme and the author or store If we go back here to this theme here on wordpressorg, you can see there's a ratings section and you can click on each of these numbers to read the ratings The fact that there are our great many five-star reviews is an indicator that this is a great theme, but the fact that there are some with one star or two star indicate that maybe there could be problems and if you click on that number, you can see the reviews And like all reviews on the Internet, they should all be taken with a grain of salt

Bad ones are usually written by somebody who's unhappy and great ones are usually written by somebody who's just deliriously happy It's a mixed bag But after reading the reviews of several themes, you'll start to get a handle on which ones are accurate and which ones aren't Lastly, try them out if you can All the themes on WordPress

org are free You can install them on your site and try them out And if you don't like it, delete it Many premium themes also have return policies Again, in the description of this video we'll make a link to another video that shows you how to install a theme so that you can try out these themes

Let's review real quick First, if you can, define what you're looking for This will help you save time and keep you from just wandering around trying everything On the other hand, there's some value in wandering around and trying everything You might see some things that you'd never anticipated

Next, go looking for your theme WordPressorg's free theme repository is great They also have a commercial theme shop listing that is also great And then there's also ThemeForest

There are others Check the description of this video for that link Once you find something you like, investigate Look at other themes by the same author or store See if they're consistently built

Try the demo, if there is one Poke around See if you can break it Try out support Read through past tickets

See if the support is good or poor or if the support staff communicate well or not That sort of thing Then read reviews about both the theme and the author or store And then, lastly, try them out if you can All the themes on

org are available for free and you can try them and most commercial themes do have a return policy The last thing I'd like to say is to be patient Picking a theme can be a very personal thing It's going to represent you and your site for a while Not forever

You can change your theme, but the theme you pick represents you so look around, try things, test things, and find something that feels right to you If you'd like to learn more about WordPress, check out WinningWPcom

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