How to check your WordPress website’s security

How to check your WordPress website's security is up to date It's important to run security updates to make sure your website runs smoothly and security If your contact form is hacked it can send out masses of spam which may blacklist your mail server, bringing down your email and website to The worse case scenario isn't just they you may lose your website but If you've had your website built by someone else you can check your website security two ways First go right click on a page and chose View Source Scroll down to where it says which version it is here This won't be necessarily be visible in your site This is WordPress 47

5, I can Google this and find out when this release came out This tells me the 475 was released on 16th May 2017 Which means the security on this development site is three months out of date The other way to check is to login and go to the Dashboard and there will be a message saying to update to the latest version (as of the making of this video) It's a good idea to run the updates as soon as you see this! But I can't emphasise this enough is to backup your website before running these security updates It very rarely happens but running the updates can cause errors, so make sure you can restore from the backup just in case

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