How to change any copyright text in any WordPress Theme

hello youtube today i will show you how to change copyright text in wordress themes specially free themes makes pretty much imposible to change the copyright text but don't worry after watching this video you will be able change copyright text in any wordpress theme so further a do let's move into the video so let's go to the dashboard And you should add a plugin the plugin is Real-Time Find and Replace so let's install this plugin now go to tools and here is plugin so first let's visit our website so now lets right click and go to the view page source let's copy this and press control F and you will see the text here is our text so let's copy this all with the code don't copy div click on add and paste it now let's go to post and add new in different tab suppose i want to replace with this text now go to text and copy this and pest it here click on update setting now just go to website and refress yes, we have made change sucessfully Now by any reasion if the footer text comes back then you should repeat same process this plugin is not only useful to replace the copyright text but it is useful for many other many other different reasion also thanks for watching my video please hit like and suscribe

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