How To Build An Email List Without A Website | Journey to $10k Ep. 30

what's going on guys Sebastian here and I want to welcome you guys to today's video in todays video we're gonna be talking about how you can build an email list without a website but before I go ahead and jump into that please make sure to go ahead and subscribe and don't forget to turn on the notification bell so that you will be the first to know whenever I upload a new video anyways let's go ahead and jump into today's video so building an email list is one of the most important things that you can do for your online business it doesn't matter whether you're doing affiliate marketing whether you're doing Amazon FBA Shopify you're doing drop shipping you know you have just any other type of business online having an email list is one of the best things you can do because it gives you the ability to send an email to target a group of people anytime you want as many times as you want of course you know you want to find that right balance of you know giving value and asking in return but you know usually an email is worth a dollar per person per month so if you have a thousand emails on your list you should be making you know around a thousand dollars per month with your email list now the leads that come in whenever people find you on YouTube and then they go ahead and they click on one of the links and your videos and they go on your website they read some of the stuff they like you and they go ahead and opt in or you know they find you on Google and you know through SEO they find an article that you wrote and they go ahead and read like five or six articles and then they decide to go ahead and opt in for your email list those leads are the best quality leads that you can get but I understand that sometimes you know you don't have a lot of time to go ahead and send content on your website and build that steady stream of traffic that comes through organic traffic so the best way that you can do that is to go ahead and buy ads now a lot of people know about Facebook ads and Google AdWords and YouTube ads and being ads but there's an even faster way and easier way to go ahead and build your email list without having to be a master at conversion rates and sending traffic and having to worry about cost per click and is that converting or is this not working or is everything set up perfectly you can go ahead and leverage somebody else's list that they've built you know around your niche and this is called solo ads solo ads are great because you're gay leverage and audience that somebody else has already built you know they put thousands of dollars into building their list they've been putting out content they've been building the relationship with the list and now all you have to do is go ahead and put your ad in front of their audience so say you have a weight loss offer right you want to go ahead and find somebody who has a list of ten twenty fifty thousand or even a hundred thousand people in the weight loss niche then you go to that person and you basically tell them hey I have an offer that I want to run up to your list then you basically just show them your offer show them that it's not spammy because you know these people if they built up their list the right way they don't want to promote spam products so they can easily tell you know but anyways you know they go ahead they send out an email and you know if you purchase a hundred clicks or two hundred clicks or even five hundred clicks they go ahead and deliver those clicks and you're able to track those through a click tracking software now of course over time you don't want to just solely rely on solo ads traffic you want to become good at conversions and driving traffic and creating your own list from paid ads but right now this is the easiest and quickest way to start you don't have to build a website you don't have to have any content and you can get started literally like within the next hour or two and start getting up dense and then start making sales all right so the only tools that you're gonna need are a landing page builder and the one that I recommend is click funnels but you know there's some some other ones out there that you guys could go ahead and check out and see if they work best for you and those are leadpages and builder all I haven't personally tried this out but I've heard some pretty good things so if they work best for you then all the merrier to you but you know click funnels works best for me and that's what I use for most of my businesses and for my solo ads I'm next you're gonna need an autoresponder now you're gonna need an autoresponder because this is the software that you're gonna use to collect emails and then send emails out and you know it's the heart of the business and without this you're not able to send any emails or collect emails so there's really no point if you don't have one of these and then the last thing that you need is click magic it's basically just a click tracking software so that you can see if these solo ad vendors are sending you the right amount of clicks usually if you find a pretty good solo ad vendor you won't have to worry about clicks because they usually send you like an extra ten to 15% so a lot of the times I've ordered a hundred of 200 clicks and they usually sent me an extra 15 to 30 clicks so that's really cool and it always gives you like an extra little boost in conversion so that's always really nice too so it is absolutely possible to go ahead and build an email list without a website or you know having a ton of content around it all you need is just a couple tools and it's a very lean business model and it's very very easy to set up and that's what I love and you know takes away all the friction for beginners so if you are beginner and you want to go ahead and start building your email list and keep it very lean and keep it very simple this is the way to go anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you liked about it what you didn't like make sure to go ahead and leave a like on the video if you did like it and make sure to go ahead and subscribe and comment down below anyways guys I'll see you in the next video

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