How to build an email list using totally free tools (Part 1 – A Free Email Autoresponder)

Hi, this is Amber from NinjaTricksnet and in this video I'm going to show you how to set up a free email autoresponder account so you can get started building your email list

This is actually the first of two videos that walk you through the process of starting your very first email list using totally free tools Before we get started, I want to let you know that you can access the full step-by-step instructions for both videos – together with a printable step-by-step guide to the whole process – over on ninjatricksnet Just click on the button now, or if you're on a mobile device – the link is there for you in the comments Alright

Lets get started First, over on ninjatricksnet we're going to click on the button that says "GO TO MAILCHIMP" Click on the button that says "Sign Up Free" Type in your email address and select a username (I use my email address as my username) Choose a password Your password will need to have one lower-case character, one uppercase character, one number, one special character and a minimum of 8 characters Each criteria gets greyed out once your password complies with it

Make sure you write your password down, and click on the button that says "create my account" Next, you need to go to your email so you can activate your MailChimp account In your email, you'll find a new message from MailChimp Client Services with the subject "Activate Your MailChimp Account" Open that email up and click on the button that says "Activate Account" It will then open a window where you need to prove that you're a human – click the box and follow the instructions that they give you When you're done, click on the 'confirm signup' button You'll need to fill out your details on the page

When you've filled out your details, click 'save and get started' Assuming you've filled out all of the information you've been asked for, you'll be taken to your MailChimp dashboard We're going to get started by creating your first email list Click on 'Create a List' then click 'Create List' Enter your list name (I use my website name), a default 'from' email address and 'from' name for the emails you'll be sending and wording for a reminder to people about why they're receiving the information from you Make sure you check that your contact detail is correct (and edit it NOW if it's not) and select whether you want to be notified whenever someone new signs up, or just get a daily summary email I like getting the daily summary Click save, and you're done

You now have a new email list that's ready for you to start adding some email addresses to The next step is to add a way for people to sign up to your email list on your website – and I'm going to be covering that process in the next video If you found this video helpful, I'd love you to give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you'll be among the first to see my new videos If you've used it to create your very first email list – be sure to leave me a quick comment below I love hearing about your successes and if you have any feedback or questions for me – be sure to leave them in a comment also

Don't forget, you can access the complete step by step instructions for the process covered in this video over on ninjatricksnet, as well as a guide that you can print out and use as you start your own email list It'll save you heaps of time That's it for today, I'll see you in the next video where I'll be showing you a free tool that'll start collecting email addresses for you in a matter of minutes

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