How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Business

hi there guys the manual here from empowerment teamorg and today I'm gonna be talking about how to build an affiliate marketing business yes I'm gonna go through you know what I would do again if I was to start out now in 2018 every marketing now as an affiliate marketing now for over five years so I understand this thing I understand what you should be doing if you're new to this to get started again from the beginning so I'm going to go through all of that but before that before I move on to that if you are new to this channel and you haven't been here before then firstly I just want to say welcome I want to say thank you for being here I will do appreciate your time appreciate the time you're going to take to watch this video if you're not already a subscriber to the channel then please take the time to subscribe there'll be a button below this video here where you can click on that button and there'll be a bell icon next or if you just click on that as well because then you'll get notified every time I plant a new video and I'm constantly regularly putting out new videos to try and help you to try and empower you that's why I call this the empowerment thing that's why I call this channel determine team trying to empower you and trying to help you to become a better marketer and to make some money online using the affiliate marketing so you know if you haven't done it already make sure you subscribe to the channel alright guys so let's move on then so I am gonna talk about affiliate marketing today and how you would get started however you start to build your affiliate marketing business what I do want to say is if when you start an affiliate marketing business what you mustn't do is run away for competition you actually want to go towards competition you want to find the products out there that people are raving about that people are really desperate to buy because that's where you want to show up because you know already that there's that there's people are buying this product now if you can show up by doing some sort of a review then you know you then get traffic you know if you're gonna do a video and you and you rank on Google or you do it up a blog article and you rank on Google then that article or that video will get you traffic or get you clicks and we'll get you cells you know you'll get you'll get cells on your affiliate link for those of you that don't know affiliate marketing is very very quickly basically you just selling other people's products yes somebody's giving you permission to sell their product and you get a commission it works for them because they get people market in it and it works for you because you're gonna make some money from doing it they give you what they call an affiliate link you'll have your own personalized link so that when you get people to click on that link and they buy the product via your link you then get your commission so when you make a video you do an article you'll have your link that you put under your video or in your article and when people click on it they then go over to whatever you're selling and if they buy it you then get a commission so that's basically affiliate marketing in the night show you know so but you do want to go after where the competition is and if you don't know what sort of needs to go into the three biggest niches are the weight loss yeah or there's the wealth make money or there's relationships and you know me in the opposite sex those are the three biggest niches so pick one of those and then find out the products or find out you know that the biggest talking points in that niche and then you want to get your videos up there you want to start reviewing the product so I'm gonna go through all of that I'm gonna take you over to the computer now and show you what I would do to get started we're gonna look at the weight loss niche so if you're in the weight loss news you can follow exactly what I do but it waits for all niches you just basically rather than putting weight loss in you change it for make money or whatever all well okay so to do that then I'm gonna give you a couple of examples of what I would do to get started how I would research things and how what sort of videos I've put up so to do all of that I'm gonna shoe gonna have to shoot over to the computer so guys let's go now either goes again so here we are over at the computer and we're actually on a site here now called offer vault this is probably where I'd get started if I was looking here at the weight loss niche so it's offer voltcom and in here they have all different types of products for all different types of niches and weight then including weight loss so in the search here I put in weight loss and I clicked on the search and then when I scrolled down I saw all the different types of products so this is how this is the first thing I would do because I want to find products that people are buying I could say that I want competition I want to find products that people are buying because that's the product I'm gonna put a video up I'm gonna reduce some research on the products I may even buy the product it depends how much the hell in-depth I want my review to be you know but even if I don't buy the product I'm gonna go to their site I'm gonna look it up I'm gonna learn everything I'm gonna find some testimonials I'm gonna watch some other videos I'm gonna know learn as much as I can about the product so that when I put my review video up it's a very in-depth review video what you don't want to do is do these kind of bait-and-switch things where people they find out about a product you know an innocence they just rubbish the product it's crap there's no good is that you know no good rubbish rubbish rubbish rubbish buy my product which is better you know no you don't want to do that if you want to do proper research you want to be honest you want to give value and if it's good you got to say yes this is a good product you know this is a good product but if you want to see my number one recommendation then I'll leave a link below for mine yeah so you know because of that honesty people will still click on your link they won't just think like some will some would be like you know what he's given this such a thumbs up I'm gonna go and buy this you know but some because of your honesty but because of how honest you are and the value you given that will still take the time to have a look at whatever you're selling so let's have a look here so there we've got here the new tree system where you can get a commission of one hundred and sixty-five dollars so that's not bad so whether it's a say you're selling that that go and have a look at it you'd click on it you look at this site but I found one on here and this one here Kuiti so when I clicked on that that brought me over to this and that just tells you about how much Commission you're gonna make on this one I think is $28 per cell the type of countries the things you can't do you know all the thing things you can sell it weird here banners etc and you can sell it with videos so you want to make sure you can sell it with video and with blog articles most of them you can how to build an affiliate marketing business sell blog articles make sure you have a good lookit like I said for research so I clicked on the for landing page which brought me to here this is their full page so if I was going to promote this korte I would look all I would really read all of this I'd read the whole site I'd read up about the benefits you know this is all the things I'm going to be talking about in the video the diet plan testimonials what other people are saying about it yeah and then what I would do because this is what people do here they could say they want to buy this called tea they'll go over to Google and they'll type in cool tea review this is where you're hoping for your article or for your video to show up so when you put a video out make a video and you upload it you're hoping that you know the more you do it you'll start to rank your your reviews will rank like this that this lady here they'll rank so you they'll click on your your own video they'll watch your video and then afterwards you know you say to them if you want to get cool tea click on the link below or if you're not promoting Corti you'll say you'll talk about cold tea you'll give the full review the the positives and the negatives if it's got any negatives then you give your opinion at the end you'd be honest then you'll say you know I'm not if you want to see what I promote you'll click on this link and it will take them to whatever you know you might even be promoting this and what was the other one nutri Nutrisystem now you might give a review on cool tea because people are searching for it and you want to be around what people are searching for and doing reviews or people are searching for another way to find out you know what people will search for I went over to here to Google I mean YouTube and in search I put lose weight products and I looked through all of them I'm just trying to find some products that people searching for and I found this video here top 5 weight loss pills 2017 when I clicked on this just gonna fast forward it a little bit here to the first one which she was talking about was Gus India Cambodia yeah it was it was actually in the description as well sometimes to save yourself time you can just quickly scroll through their description here and I found it down here number one cos in Cambodia so again like I said the first thing people will do they'll copy that they'll go over to Google and they'll stick it in the search which what I done Garcinia cambogia review I want to see how their videos ranking for this because you know if there's videos ranking for it this is one idea that I will then start putting a video up about this so I'll scroll down and I saw this lady's video so I clicked on this I just wanna see how many people are watching our video cuz he hit five hundred and sixty four thousand nine hundred and thirty you know five hundred sixty-four thousand views 980 no that's a lot of people so there must be some buzz around this so I'm thinking yes I'm gonna put up a video about this year if I was in the weight loss nation also I took the term and stuck it in YouTube Garcinia cambogia reviews just to see if there is other people look this one five days ago she already got one point five thousand views this one nine hundred and twenty nine thousand views for a week and this one's four years ago just a little bit older fifty one thousand views so people are searching for this product so I will then do some research I would watch these top three videos I'd learn about it be taking notes then you know I might go on and do some more research online and then I'll make my video make my video and upload it you will probably be ranking in these top even if you're ranking the top three to five you'll get some people find in your video clicking on it take you know and then you can sell either carte Garcia Cambodia or like I said selling anything else but you'd give a good review you want to give value that's your thing you want to give value and say you wanted to sell this you could go over to like Google and put in by Agassi or Cambodia which I did and I found it here on Amazon so you know if you'd use Amazon Associates you can sell anything on Amazon and I found it on Amazon for $8

99 so that's it you could sell that you know make a make I think you'd make a couple of dollars about three or four dollars I don't know from it but it's just so that those are some ideas how you would get started in your affiliate marketing business you want to get videos out there or get blog articles out there oh we're of the type of products that people are searching for where there's a bit of buzz and these are these are kind of a couple of ways that you can use to help you find out where the competition is and then put your videos up there the main thing like I said at the beginning don't be fighting a competition competition is good it means people are searching for it so so all you have to do now is to kind of rank in a in a product that people are searching for you'll get traffic you'll get sales right and guidance and I hope it all made sense if you have any questions at all please just leave a comment below this in the comments box and I'll be answering I'll answer it personally myself if you did get some value from this video then please give it give it a thumbs up you know take the time to give it a thumbs up so that encourages me just to put more videos up you know look out for my anymore videos subscribe to the channel if you haven't done already and till next time then guys take care and I'll speak to you soon all the best take how to build an affiliate marketing business

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