How To Build A Content Calendar – Content Marketing Calendar Planning

Building a content calendar from scratch is one thing that intimidates many marketers and business owners However, you can build a content calendar in three easy steps

One, identify your topics and audience Defining the different audience types will help you create content that speaks to the needs of that group Identify the best type of content for your consumers, and then use the content calendar to divide production across your team Two, take stock of your content assets If you have been in business for any length of time, then you have data and unused content that you can publish

You can use information like product sales, frequently asked questions and other information to direct your content Calendar Three, scheduled publish and promote content Once you have a few weeks of content produced, based on the above points, you can begin scheduling and publishing your content Be sure to include channels that matter to your business based on your goals and how your consumers consume content

Be sure to start working on your content calendar today and to see the benefits of this marketing tool!

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