How to Be the King or Queen of Any Niche | Affiliate Marketing Tips by @NoMoreBSReviews

One of the hardest things for new affiliate marketers to overcome is choosing their first niche It's easy to get caught up in all of the details of search volume, competing websites, backlink competition, and more

Dominating a niche used to boil down to who could build the largest amount of related backlinks to their website Search engine algorithms have changed drastically, and although links still play a role in search engine rankings, it really comes down to high quality content I wouldn't recommend competing for keywords like "make money online" or "how to lose weight" right out of the gate, but if you have a passion for something and there are other competitors in that space — don't get too caught up in the details If you can provide more helpful, higher quality content and you consistently update your website, as long as you stick with it you will eventually take the throne Quality + Content + Endurance = A successful affiliate marketing business

My name is Ian from NoMoreBSReviewscom and I'm doing my best to provide free, honest advice and training to make sure people like you never get ripped off again Until next time, stay safe out there and I'll talk to you soon

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