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You worked hard to create a great website, so it’s important to protect your site by regularly backing it up This video explains how

A back up is essentially a copy of your site from a specific point in time Website Builder 7 automatically backs up your site whenever you publish it or change the theme However, it’s also a good idea to manually backup your site on a regular basis To create a backup, open your site in Website Builder, click the 3-bar Manage Site icon, and then click Site Settings In the Site Settings window, click the Backup/Restore tab

The Backup/Restore tab displays a list of recent backups of your site In this example, there are three automatic backups and two manual backups To create a new back up, just click Create Backup and there it is Website Builder can hold only five manual backups at a time If you reach this limit, you can always create room for a new backup by deleting an existing manual backup

The automatic backups created when you publish or switch themes don’t count toward your limit of five You can edit the name of a manual backup by clicking the Edit icon It’s useful to preserve the backup date and time in case you need to restore your site to a specific version When you are done renaming the backup, click OK Your website is a critical part of your business

So each time you work on it, take a minute and back it up

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