How to Add Social Share Buttons to Your WordPress Website (WordPress Basics 30 of 33)

In this video I'm going to show you how to add social share buttons so you can get more traffic to your website Let's check it out

So one of the things you'll want to do when you're creating a blog post is you want the ability for people to share your content So on your blog post you'll want to add some social media share buttons on top of your blog post and at the very bottom I'm going to show you how to do that Let's go to our dashboard and I'm going to show you a really easy plugin that can install You'll want to go to the dashboard on the left hand side it says 'PLUGINS' and 'ADD NEW', click on 'ADD NEW'

You'll want to search for a plugin called 'Twitter Facebook Social Share' Click 'SEARCH PLUGINS' and there you go So the first one that shows up is 'Add Twitter, Facebook Like, Google plus one Social Share' go ahead and click 'INSTALL NOW' Click 'OK' and click 'ACTIVATE PLUGIN' Alright, so now that you have this really cool plugin, it's going to be on your 'SETTINGS' menu and you're going to find it, it's called 'TF SOCIAL SHARE'

You'll want to click on that and now you have the ability to edit some of these functions I want to keep the Facebook Like, I want Twitter and I definitely want Google PlusOne and LinkedIn These are my primary social media buttons You could keep Stumbleupon it's really up to you I like Pinterest over Stumbleupon, so I'm going to click Pinterest

I want to show these buttons on my post my archives I don't want them on my pages, it's really up to you if you want them on your pages and I'm going to leave everything else the same I do want the position above and below my post So I'm going to go ahead and leave that and at this case I'm going to go ahead and leave a flat border and I'm going to show the background color so it kind of stands out Once that's all set I'm going to go ahead and click 'SAVE CHANGES'

Now we're going to go inside into our blog and refresh and take a look at what it looks like Alright, so there you go Now you have your social media share buttons on the top and they're also displayed on the bottom So you can kind of play around with the settings to whatever your personal preference is The reason why this looks like this is because I'm logged into Facebook but if I were to log out you would basically see, I'm going to log out of Facebook, and click refresh you're going to see the Facebook like button

So there you go, so now you have your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest all ready to go so people can start sharing your content Alright, hope you guys enjoyed this quick tutorial you can play around with that and I'll see you guys in the next one

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