How to Add Random Header Images to Your WordPress Blog

Hello and welcome to WPBeginner In this video I'll walk you through how to add random header images to your WordPress blog

Today most WordPress themes come with built-in support to add header images so the first method actually deals with your theme most themes today come with built-in support for custom header images and having a custom header image totally changes the look and feel of your website So you'll want to head over to the backend of your WordPress dashboard and we want to look for the appearance customize area this theme is actually under header media yours may look a little bit different but you're basically looking for an area if I scroll down, to have a randomized suggested header area and right now this, this particular theme which is the built in 2017 theme that is shipped with wordpress right now it comes with the customized header support so we're going to add more images I'm going to select this one, you'll want to upload the images that you want to have for your website so you can have them and here we need to crop it now I have two I'm going to do one more, great now I have three to choose from and I've randomized the uploaded headers so it means any time somebody goes to the site one of those three images will be displayed Now I haven't changed anything yet I want to click the save and publish and that'll make it go live on my site

In fact if we right click here to open it up into a new tab I see that that one's showing and if we refresh it randomizes it just like that and as you can see each image just changes the feel of site the second method gives you a little bit more control over the images on each post or a page or an archive and you can choose which one to show on each of those pages or posts Now let's head back over to the dashboard so let's head over to our plugins area, click on the add new area and we want to type in WP display header and this is the plugin we want so let's click install now and we need to activate it Okay now that it's activated you can go into a post or a page to make the random header so I'm going to go to my about page let's click on edit and you want to scroll down until you see the header area You can say random show different images for each page you can pick the specific one or you can say no header image Now if you want to add more images here you'll still need to go into the appearance customize and wherever your header area is add more images there

So you'll always want to keep adding more images here to grow the number of images to display and now you've added random header images to your WordPress blog Did you learn something helpful from today's video? If so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel right now just click on the subscribe button right here and thanks for watching

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