How long should content be for Authority sites (Amazon Affiliate Niche Websites)

how long should you content be for your Amazon affiliate niche site there's a bunch of people out there recommending that minimum length of content should be like two thousand or five thousand or super long right it sounds overwhelming and what I'm going to talk about today is how you can publish the shortest amount possible while still hopefully rank in Google and have the ability to improve in the future and it's all about continuous improvement a project management idea I'm Doug Pennington I'm a project manager I'm a PMP project management professional so I've been taking ideas from the project management world and applying them to internet marketing so that's what we talk about here a lot on this channel if you're new by the way be sure to have a look at some of the other videos if you like what you see please subscribe today we're gonna talk about how long your content should be if you're new to Amazon affiliate marketing and Amazon affiliate niche sites and authority sites and all that stuff this will help you understand where you should focus your time and where you should make your investments if you're experienced keep watching too if you're a subscriber to the channel you probably know some of my ideas about continuous improvement already however you should get some good insights on how to save time in the future and how to sort of optimize your process so keep watching if you're experienced because I think you'll still get something out of it content really needs to be as long as it needs to be I know that's not a very good answer but usually complex questions have a complex answer or the answers it depends so how long should content be it depends but I'll give you some good guidelines and I'll tell you what I do and I've done this on multiple niche sites where publishing you know several hundred articles some of these sites are making over you know ten thousand dollars per month they're doing well so this is sort of a proven concept on my site and for other sites as well I've seen the same sort of strategies work very well first thing I want to cover is sort of shorter form content this is for new people to niche sites or people who are just starting to use the keyword golden ratio now the keyword golden ratio is something that I cover in another video I'll put a link to that in the description but in general it's a data-driven way to find very low competition keywords and it's a way that you can rank keywords usually without any backlinks so very powerful very interesting so be sure to check out that video if it's a new concept for you the keyword golden ratio is great to use for a new site because you could probably get traffic and rank your site without getting any backlinks it's super super powerful so here's the thing with the keyword golden ratio you should probably aim around a thousand words per post now that is shorter than what a lot of people will tell you to write but with a keyword golden ratio your content doesn't have to be as long oftentimes it's very specific or for a very specific type of searcher so you can be quite targeted and usually a thousand words can cover it for the keyword golden ratio when you publish about a thousand words and I'll tell you that I usually go from roughly 800 to 1,200 words so you give or take 200 words there it's typically enough to rank that you are all that post in Google saying the top 10 or so so a thousand words 4kg are compliant keyword usually it will rank and I'll publish it and then wait a couple months see what happens alright so that's sort of the first range keyword golden ratio longtail keywords about a thousand words the other type of content that we'll talk about is more competitive right so there's more searches per month that's probably going to be I'm just gonna say you know roughly a thousand searches per month up to three thousand five thousand ten thousand or more generally those are gonna take longer to rank and potentially you know those type keywords are gonna have longer form content so for me I like to aim for initially around two thousand to four thousand words I use the search volume that you can you know find using any keyword research tool I use the search volume to sort of guide me on how long it's going to be if it's you know search four thousand times per month I'll probably aim towards that two thousand word link if it's searched for about a thousand times per month I'll aim towards the lower side two thousand words or so then if it's say a five thousand or eight thousand searches per month I'll make the word count longer I'm for four thousand words or so then I publish it and I wait you'll notice in both scenarios but the keyword golden ratio about a thousand words and the more competitive terms where the searches are say a thousand on I'll publish the content and then wait after about two months I'll see you where these posts are ranking I'll go to a tool like the google search console which is free or SEMRush I'll put a link below it's a paid tool I'm an affiliate for them very powerful tool though you know I'll check to see what pages are ranking well and the keywords that they're ranking for so with that information I can go back and do this interesting thing of continuous improvement and that just means I'm gonna see what pages are ranking well and I'm gonna improve the ones that are doing pretty good but can do better so I'll look to see if a page is ranking you know one through ten or so like the first position up to the tenth position on the first page and then I'll make improvements I'll probably add more content right so if you're not sure how you can add content if you already have a post out there go check out the FAQ method and the RPM both of those are great ways to you know figure out what content you can add and it's an outlining method so you can spend a little time and then hire a writer to do the improvements for you or you could do it yourself so the outlining helps you think through it and helps you understand what you need to add as well and that's the secret continuous improvement now the flaw with making every post very long is it can be very expensive and you don't really understand like what's gaining traction so a viewer asked me a question a couple weeks ago and they said hey I'm paying you know sixty to a hundred dollars for every post its long-form the word count is pretty long it's high-quality I'm investing a whole lot into content because I heard that I should spend a lot on content high quality is the way to go it turns out they don't know if they're getting any ROI on that so they're investing a lot of money on content and they never know right they don't know upfront if they're gonna get a return at all and the method I just described where you're publishing the minim amount that you need to and then you could come back and improve it for me it just makes sense to go with something that is working and then make it better versus like just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks right at that point you're throwing very expensive spaghetti at the wall and you're not sure if it's even going to work you may end up with a whole bunch of spaghetti on the floor I don't know where I'm going with this analogy but I hope you followed it so the point is if you use the ideas of project management you can save money up front and then optimize later on once you have data if you don't have any data it's really hard to make decisions and if you publish just enough to get some data then you can optimize it and I hope that makes sense if you have questions about it let me know now here is the question of the day how long do you think content should be and I'd like to hear from people that do key word golden ratio type content and long-form content let me know how long your content is and any tips you may have for others about publishing content bonus question continuous improvement what do you think about it do you want to hear more about project management stuff and productivity as sort of how I manage things if so do let me know in the comments and if you could be specific I'll do a video about it so thanks for watching again I'm Doug Pennington and if you're still watching right now you probably like it if you're not a subscriber Hey subscribe these videos are great right you

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