How John Crestani Made $50,000 a Month With Affiliate Marketing

-What's up everyone! Today we're interviewing John Crestani, who is a master performance marketer affiliate marketer, whatever you want to call him he's great at what he does you're gonna learn a lot and with that being said we'll go ahead and sit down and get into it Hey everyone, so today we're gonna talk about how you can get started with affiliate marketing with my buddy here John Crestani so I think it might be helpful John for you to give everyone a little context on kind of who you are and your background with this affiliate marketer performance marketer a kind of thing

-Sure, so for me it started I was working at an ad agency actually when I got out of college I was a PPC analyst and I was just managing people's AdWords campaigns and I took on some of my own clients on the side and what happened is one of the clients I took on said okay we'll pay you your base rate but we also want to give you a percentage commissioned if you're advertising leads to increased business for us and I said okay I won't say no to that you know I was like oh you know usually I charge a percentage of spend and I was like okay and what ended up happening is that percentage commission ended up becoming 10,000 a month then 25,000 a month and $50,000 a month and I was only making you know five to ten thousand for my entire agency so over a few months I ended up delivering so well it just you know and then I said okay how do I do more of this and I learned it was called Affiliate Marketing and I'm just like okay I'm an affiliate marketer and I'm gonna choose my clients and I'm gonna work on a performance basis -I love it And so how do you get started with affiliate marketing? -You need to work out a performance deal with the company or you join an affiliate network I mean it could be as simple as you know you talk to a local chiropractor or dentist in your community and you say hey if I do some Facebook ads for you and you know you get new customers coming in with you know some discount code or some coupon you know give me 50 bucks or give me 100 bucks -Right And if you get a couple hundred then you're making a couple thousand bucks a month

-You get a couple hundred, yeah, you pack that location and you pack a couple other locations, so yeah, you have a business and it's a very easy, very simple arrangement or you could go to an affiliate network like Clickbank or you know even Amazon has affiliate programs Uber does Walmart does there's lots of options but basically you're just, you know, you're working on a performance-based season that's how you get started it's very simple -Alright, so if you enjoyed this video and you want to continue to get better at marketing make sure you leave a comment below let us know what you're gonna do about this video and make sure you subscribe to this channel and also subscribe to John Crestani's channel as well -Go check it out This guy is the master, definitely learn for this guy

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