How I’m Creating an Affiliate Army

– What's going on everyone, this is Steve Larsen, and this is Sales Funnel Radio Today we are gonna talk about how to create your own affiliate army

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(rock music) What's up guys? Hey, so one thing I wanna get out of the way real quick is in the last few episodes I know I've talked a lot about things that I was doing at Clickfunnels when I first started working there And the reason why is because what you'll notice that I'm doing, is I'm actually modeling the very things that I was doing over there, in my own company now, in my own business, right? And why? Because they work 'Kay and I had a hand in creating a lot of those things, and I've done it before so now, why not just do it again for my own, right? And so to tell the story though, real quick, I was just starting there, I'd been working there like three months, and I noticed Russell started doing this weird thing, he grabbed an iPad one day, and he sat down and he was figuring out how to mirror his iPad to his computer I was like that's kind of weird And then he would record his computer

And he was sitting there, he was writing out the script I think I was working on bio-hiking secrets at the time, or something like that Feels like about the right timeline (laughing) I think Anyway, so he was writing those things out, and I would kinda notice him, you know just over my shoulder, just watching what he was doing

And I was building stuff, putting these things together You know, anyway, it was cool and, he did this really cool presentation where he showed how to be an affiliate, and the power of being an affiliate Right, and if you guys know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about when we created affiliatebootcampcom and then something magical happened This was one of the things that was a catalyst for me that gave me confidence to actually teach the things that I was doing

He turned around and he said hey, do you wanna like make the videos for this? I was like are you serious? Yeah And like inside I was like (screaming) But on the outside I was like yeah, like but I didn't want him to know that, right So I was like oh my gosh, this is crazy, right? Holy crap Oh it's Russell Brunson, like I'm pretty sure lightening will strike me if I don't do a good job at this

Right (laughing) that's what was going through my head And I was I sat there and we started coming through the different topics, coming up with different topics and different ideas for what Affiliate Bootcamp training was going to be

Now I knew affiliatebootcampcom, he had used that in previous businesses and used different things, but the current version of it right now, at the recording of this video, alright I went through and I remember I stayed up super late multiple nights filming and re-filming, and filming and re-filming I don't know if he knows that I did that, but I did that so many time because I was so scared that it wasn't gonna be amazing, right And so I went and I'd film, and I'd re-film, film and re-film, back and forth, back and forth, and these are only like 15 minute videos teaching a single really cool strategy that was very powerful, but I wanted to deliver it well So I would stay up, I stayed up super, I remember I think he went out of town once

And the project was due soon, but I was probably over obsessing, but just 'cause I wanted to do a really good job Right, and so I was there really, really late This was well over two years ago now (laughing) I was there super, super late, like telling my wife like babe I gotta finish this thing, like yeah, I know, no, yeah I know, I'm doing the videos Right, I know, and she's like whoa that's crazy, like

So anyway, I was super excited about it And I filmed a bunch of these strategies and taught a lot of cool stuff And then I showed some of my own stuff that I had be doing to get affiliates at that time too And that's what a You know then Jon Parks came in with this amazing amazing job, right, teaching incredible Facebook strategies Right, and it was really fascinating the way it all came about, and a lot of people joined Clickfunnels because of that And so yesterday what I did, is I was going through and I have a Facebook group, if you guys don't know It's where I dump a lot of my strategy sessions

It's where I, it's kind of where I bring up a lot of things that I'm thinking of, throughout the day These podcast episodes are a little bit more I think through them heavily, and I make sure that they all are like

It feels a little bit more permanent (laughing) right? The Facebook group though, that's like what I'm doing on a daily basis pretty much And so if you want to, it's called the Science of Selling Online, and I'm sure there'll be a link somewhere, and you can go check it out And it's free, but it's where

Anyway, so what I did is I did a deep dive with what I wanna show you guys real quick With my group yesterday, and it was funny because half the people on the Facebook live, half of them that were on there told me that they were in Clickfunnels because of those videos, because the videos that I had done (laughing) They're like it was after seeing that strategy, that's when I decided to actually come in and grab this

I was like no way, it was a ton of people Lots of 'em on the Facebook live that said that And I was like that's crazy So, I wanna show you how to get your own affiliate army But I also wanna show you more of the strategy of why you should want your own affiliate army

And it's a little bit like where to start My brain's all over the place on this one I'm excited to go through this Number one, we need to talk about the Dream 100 And funny enough, I feel like there's this, almost like a

It's almost like when I say that people are like oh yeah, do the Dream 100 It's almost like this attitude that's turned out around about it Freakin' do it, it works 'kay

We just shipped out a whole bunch of packages yesterday to our Dream 100, again And it's gone really, really well It's super fun, really, really neat stuff So I, you have to know that I treat Dream 100 and affiliates different, 'kay While I might do a joint venture, right, I don't necessarily do a joint venture with an affiliate

But I'm seeking to do a joint venture with a Dream 100 Does that make sense? It's one of the major differences between the two Right, people can go out and they can promote my product I'm not necessarily going to They might not have a much of a following yet Right, it's not worth me getting on and doing a specific webinar with that person, and the few people that have on the webinar with me, right? Right, a Dream 100 person is an influencer They're a river owner, right, they own traffic They own eyeballs

And I can send and do a joint venture with them but that's different than how affiliates happen Does that make sense? For example, right when we were putting out the, let me get it, when we were getting the Expert Secrets book out the door, we spent a significant amount of time Dave Woodward did an amazing job putting together this cool campaign inviting people to promote, to promote, right, the Expert Secrets book

Who made that list, who made that list? Right, influencers Right, A and B list kind of, maybe even some C list that were influencers People who own traffic, people who already own a list That's Dream 100s style strategy All I wanna do with those people is I wanna get them on a joint venture, maybe like a webinar we can do together, something like that

Affiliates though are different What I do with affiliates is, with affiliates, I go and I create assets for the affiliates, to make it as painless as possible to promote my product What do I mean? If you guys want to, go log in to your Clickfunnel's account If you don't have one, you're crazy (laughing) There's free accounts like crazy, at salesfunnelbroker

com, go get your free funnels Yes, it's an affiliate link, 'kay, go get it though It is awesome If you go inside the back area in your own affiliate account, Remember when you get a Clickfunnels account, you're automatically an affiliate for Clickfunnels, right? Let's say I'm gonna go promote the Extra Secrets book If I go and I promote the Extra Secrets book, when I log into that page, I log in and there's a bunch of assets in there

Yes, there's my unique link that I should send people to, to give me an affiliate commission But as I scroll down, I start to see pre-written emails I start to see pre-done little image assets I start to see pre-done little video things I can use I see lots and lots and lots of pre-done assets just to promote that specific thing

That way, literally the affiliate, all they have to do is grab that asset, and just put their link in and press go, right (laughing) Or turn on the ad Or alright, it's super, super painless I don't wanna offend anybody when I say this, but stereotypically, affiliates are very lazy people, 'kay (laughing) meaning they have their own projects going on, right? And for me to actually get them to actually promote the thing that I'm doing, I have to do a lot of work, usually to remove the pain that they'll fear, that they'll feel when they start to do things like promote my product Does that make sense? So, just understand that

I'm talking about how to create your own affiliate army, I'm not talking about the Dream 100 That's a different strategy I'm gonna go different things with them I'm gonna treat them differently, I'm gonna massage and you know, court and date them, so slightly differently Actually very differently, then I'm actually going to an affiliate

And for affiliates it's a great way for them to make a whole bunch of cash quickly without actually a whole lotta fulfillment time on their side So just know that that there's the difference, Now that we've established the difference, that there is a difference, there's a huge difference in the way you treat them They're still promoting the different category, and usually different state, different positions that the person is in One has a following, one doesn't Alright, one has an existing success that's happened, one usually doesn't, and that's fine

Some people just wanna be full time affiliates, and that's great Now that we have that out of the way, table that for a second, this is only for affiliates, I'm not talking Dream 100 What I wanna do is I wanna do exactly what I pulled off training-wise for Affiliate Bootcamp I wanna make my own, and so what I did, it was a little while ago, I was standing in front of Russell in his office there with him and I was talking about some cool things I wanna go toss together And I was talking about campaigns, and I said one of the campaigns I wanna run, is I wanna do my own Affiliate Bootcamp

And he was smiling and he said, yeah that's actually super cool thing to do Because you train people how to actually sell for you Right, think with me real quick on this Affiliatebootcampcom, right, when I'm going through and I'm teaching those strategies, how to promote and actually get cash, right, which a lot of you have, which is amazing

Super cool What it's really doing is every example that I'm giving is actually a Clickfunnels product, alright (laughing) I'm teach It's free training, affiliatebootcampcom is free training Mine will be completely free as well It will be what I drive ads to, and I will definitely get money back and those ads were definitely gonna be profitable ads But what's funny is that every one of the examples that I'm giving is actually my own product

So I'm pseudo teaching them how to just promote me (laughing), alright? And that's cool, that's totally fine, like that's okay So what I'm doing is I started thinking through, like okay right, Affiliate Bootcamp goes through things like YouTube, right, it goes through things like podcasts It goes through things like how to use other people's content and blogs And while I'll still go through some of those strategies, I wanna add in some of those new things as well I'm gonna go in and I'll want to have, so here's my plan, here's my strategy

This is me being completely open, completely vulnerable, and I'm excited to invite you if you guys want to, it's free, but it's gonna be totally sick It's amazing, oh my gosh I wanna have in, how do you use Chatbots, for affiliate commissions? 'Cause there's a way and there's a free way How do you use things like offerwalls How do you use things like the strategy Todd Brown was talking about

Instagram, Facebook groups How do you actually use other strategies that have kind of come into play more heavily than were even existing even just two years ago I mean obviously Facebook groups were there But I'm saying how do you use even more stuff? So I have a habit of going really deep with stuff, sometimes it's kind of a negative (laughing) But that's what this is gonna be

So while I was thinking to myself, self, why don't I have other people who are already experts teach those things? And so what I've been doing is A lot of the people who are doing my YouTube, my Instagram, my Facebook groups, my blogs, my podcast stuff, right? The people I'm spending a lot of money for on a monthly basis to have around, what if I asked them to be the ones who do the training? And they'll just spend 10, 15 minutes teaching the strategy and how to promote, and how to actually be an affiliate You could use it for any product, but we'll use, we'll use our product strategically as the examples in there

And it's teaching people how to be affiliates for me Right (laughing), does that make sense? And it's one of the things And he was really excited about it

So there's like, it's gonna be, it'll drip out to you over 30 days and you can obviously speed up and go a lot faster, but it's something we're putting together now And we're actually putting out, it's planned for the end of June So I'm really, really, really, really excited about so It's called, if you wanna get on that there's a beta list There's a beta list and you can jump on the training, and you can jump on and actually do it kind of live with us

That's the plan so far anyways Go to affiliateoutragecom Affiliateoutragecom is where you can get on the waiting list, and it's what it's called

And there's a cool monkey there, it's like a gorilla, and he's got glasses on, and they're the Clickfunnels colors (laughing) So they're still using Clickfunnels stuff But what I wanna do is I wanna train, and do my own affiliate army Do my own affiliate strategy and teach people how to promote my stuff, 'cause it's freakin' awesome Right, and one of the campaigns I'm putting together is I wanna show people, watch this, 'kay

I have watched multiple people become wealthy with just one campaign One When I say campaign, I don't mean Facebook ads Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, those platforms are destroying the term campaign They're destroying it

That term is being lost Campaigns are not ads A campaign might include ads, but it's not a campaign Does that make sense, I know it doesn't make sense yet Follow me, 'kay

Doing something like a seven day launch That's a campaign Ads are included as part of that But an ad is not a campaign So what I started doing a little while ago, is I started thinking through all the strategies, that I've either been a part of or I've seen people pull off, where just the one campaign has made their product a lot of cash and a lot of sales

So I thought well, what if I got a whole bunch of 'em, and did all of them? (laughing) Right? If one's not amazing, six are, right (laughing) So what I did is I went through, we started putting together six different very unique campaigns Watch what I'm doing closely from about June through the end of October This has been in the plan, has been in the works for quite awhile But it is the campaign strategies, so it's not just ads

We're gonna scale ads, ads are gonna go crazy on it But there's six different campaign strategies that I'm using, that I've seen, been a part of, or done right, in other areas where it's made a lot of cash This, that 2 Comma Club award right there, that's the result of one campaign That's one campaign And so I wanna go through and show you guys how I've pulled all this stuff off

How I've actually done it Watch what I'm doing I'm gonna make my own affiliate army, and then I'm gonna do an affiliate contest Whoever, you know the top ten affiliates I want you guys to fly out for a day or two

We'll just do whatever you want We'll work on funnels together I'll help build your businesses, I'll help do whatever Alright and that's part of the gift I'm gonna give Right, alright, but where I did I learn that? Ah, the Expert Secrets book, right? That was part of the campaign of that launch

Right, there was a Dream 100 campaign There was also an affiliate campaign, alright, at the same time Campaigns are events, they're not ads Drives me nuts, I'm starting to get all itchy about it (laughing) Campaigns are not ads

Campaigns are a fence They're succinct events that are happening inside of a period of time They're things that you're doing to create pressure, and then release pressure towards your sales page, or towards your order page, right? Towards a little succinct time there So anyway, I am excited for all this stuff So watch what I'm doing here, that's what I'm doing, I'm creating an affiliate army, by teaching them how to be affiliates for anybody

I don't care if they come in, they don't promote my stuff They're on my list Right, and I'm gonna show them why promoting my stuff is really freakin' profitable And I give amazing affiliate commissions, and at the same time, I'm not gonna be the one to put it all together, I'm gonna crowd create it I'm gonna grab some of my most trusted people on my team, and have them go in with like these incredible skill sets that have taken them a long time to go make

And I'm gonna have them do little pieces of it What does that do? That scratches their back and mine at the same time, I'm totally cool with that, why would I not Right, I'm not a genius at YouTube I love it, but I'm not a genius at it Why would I teach that? Let's go have the person who is a genius teach that

Right, why don't I teach Instagram I love Instagram, Instagram's blowing up And it's been really, really fun, it's really, really cool We're at 11 and a half thousand followers now, which is really, really fun And

Anyway, gosh anyway super cool Why would I teach that? I'm not gonna teach that, that's kind of the guy that (mumbles) right? There was a principle that I learned when I was 20 Actually I was 21, I remember where I was standing

Where I realized that successful people I've noticed, they're not necessarily renaissance men, they don't act like a renaissance men They act like an orchestrator And they stand up and all they do is they put the pieces together That's it (laughing), they're contractors basically Just be better at what most contractors are

(laughing) Anyway, so I hope that that's helpful to you though, and watch the campaigns that I'm going to start launching and putting out and use them, follow them, right We're gonna do a seven day launch We're gonna do, we're gonna do all sorts of stuff We've got a really cool summit that we're gonna do that's coming up as well And it's all to promote the same product, but it's from different angles

Because some people are like I don't wanna be an affiliate But man, I'll check out that summit Right, I don't wanna do this, but man I'll come to the little two day event You know, a little masterminding Well, I don't wanna

Right, right, does that make sense and I've laced these all together, so watch very closely what's gonna happen, and it's one of the reasons why I know it's gonna do really well And 'cause the product is selling well, the offer's amazing, the story's incredible, the funnel's fantastic So now it's just time to promote

Let's scale those ads, which we're starting, and we're doing right now And it's working, and our SLO is selling, and it's liquidating ads costs, and we're Anyway, so it's exciting guys

And I just Anyway, thanks for following the journey, and that's where I'm taking the ship Again go to affiliateoutrage

com if you wanna be on that list, and watch that training, it's free Watch as I'm, how I'm unrolling it, it's very methodical I'm not just, it's not just (laughing) Anyway, we're gonna talk about a lotta cool stuff with that But if you have anything that you wish was in that training, man let me know, 'kay, let me know

Comment on the YouTube version of this video Put on there what you would love to have inside that training We're gonna go through Facebook ads, we're gonna go through different groups We're gonna talk about Instagram We're gonna talk about

We'll talk about all tons of different traffic platforms and how to use that to actually gain affiliate commissions for whatever you're promoting My hope is that you choose to promote my stuff, 'cause it's really good But that's the whole plan

And it's not all the plan but it's a snapshot, okay (laughing) And I will document even more as I'm doing along the way and you guys can follow it as we move forward So anyways, hope that's been helpful to you, as you start to think through what are the campaigns I'm actually using to promote myself? If it's just ads, like I love ads, I'm not ever gonna like But man, do a campaign Do something big, right? Right, do something real big, make an event out of it Right, seven day launch, that's another great version of it What's another one? (laughing) I don't wanna give all the secrets away Okay I'm not going to

Anyway, I'm excited about it though I'm excited for what's gonna happen here with this And watch what I'm doing, and feel free to follow along Again at affiliateoutragecom

It's a free program And I'm having a lot of really incredible experts come on in, who are frankly really expensive (laughing) to come on in, and teach some cool stuff to you guys So anyways, thanks so much and I'll talk to you guys later Bye (motivational music) Woo-hoo, hey thanks for listening

And hey, many don't know that I actually made my first money online as an affiliate marketer If you wanna know how I funded my entire company without using any of my own money ever, you can learn to do the same for free, at affiliateoutragecom (motivational music)

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