How I Make Up to $10000 a Month with CPA Marketing & Affiliate Marketing through Email

what's going on guys it's Brian from BG media innovation and today I'm gonna show you how I make money doing cpa marketing and affiliate marketing by basically just sending out a couple emails a day to some qualified leads that are basically targeted around that niche so if you're into that you know stay tuned because we're starting right now alright guys so now get into the exciting stuff we're just gonna hop right in and I'm gonna show you basically the process in a nutshell now I'm not gonna go into depth because I actually do have two courses on this that are both bestsellers on udemy which is where I keep the majority of my courses obviously because it generates a lot of traffic you can see that basically I capitalize on the traffic that udemy already has it's a great you know lead generator and it's a great passive business model I have a course on that too you know basically creating content and stuff like that check that out it's called content creation mastermind but that is not what we're here to talk about today today we're here to talk about the email and affiliate marketing combined in the CPA and affiliate marketing combined and I have both best-selling courses on udemy under this now you can get both of these in the description you don't don't mind the $200 price it's not $200 retail as always it's just $10 for you now enough of those plugs just wanted to kind of show you my credentials so that you just you know take it a little bit more seriously you don't just think I'm some dude that is you know pulling something out of a hat I don't know I don't even know what to say there but oh we're just gonna jump right in and show you how lucrative this can actually be if you know what you're doing so the first thing first we're gonna actually find you know a niche or an offer to basically target and then we're gonna find emails that surround that now you can do this on max bounty obviously I like max bounty it's one of my favorite cpa networks now you can do affiliate marketing or cpa marketing like i said i have a course on both they're slightly different but it's a similar mentality similar approach it just depends on how you different how you kind of approach the leads you know your conversion rates will be slightly different even though you know with affiliate marketing obviously your your conversion rates are gonna be lower but your profits gonna be higher and with cpa your conversion rates are gonna be much higher but clearly your profit is gonna be much lower so it's they balance out their different approach but there basically similar in that aspect today I'm gonna teach you cpa basically we're just in a nutshell what this is what I do with CPA is to find and acquire targeted leads and then email them and how I actually do that now smacks bounty is something that I'll be using in this I'll be link that in the description for you if you want to try max bounty out that's a that's an affiliate link but you know obviously I just get a small Commission for that it's not a big deal you can do any affiliate network you know maybe you're a member of peer fly maybe you're a member of pure flies obviously CPA you can do you know Clickbank you can do Amazon Associates there's millions of them you should simply Google them but I recommend max bounty it's probably the best one out there in my opinion now another thing that you're gonna need is G mass G mass is basically a an email software that allows you to send out unlimited practically they just really said anew what's it called a new software update that allows you to send out unlimited I haven't tried that yet so I don't want to stand behind that because I actually haven't used it myself yet but what you can do is you can scale up to you know per gmail account with an GMS is basically a plugin that you install on top of Gmail that allows you to send out multiple Gmail's and I'll show you really fast what I mean by this will take you to my gmail let me just move this mic out of the way one sec its new mics it's right in front of me it's kind of difficult to type alright there we go alright so here I am in my gmail now this is one of them I have multiple ones you'll see here that I have if I hit compose and I have like a bunch of different leads here there's a send button in the gmask button now i pay for GMS on my g suite account if you have a normal Gmail you can the limit is roughly 700 to 800 a day I recommend warming up to that and this is something that you're going to be using to send out your emails now if you have a G suite account throw the limit can be roughly 7,000 to 10,000 so the difference with Gmail and G suite is Gmail is you know just the normal based service whereas G suite is a paid service that you get more emails a day it's a little bit better and it only costs I believe 495 I think I paid 495 or mine don't quote me on that exact price but I have multiple G suite accounts and I have multiple G masses oh my G suite accounts and that allows me to basically send upwards of a hundred thousand emails a day if I want I don't always do this because while it is lucrative it takes a bunch of time to basically generate the emails the targeted leads and I love content creation so I've been doing that a lot but I still do this in my spare time when I want to make some extra money because while the conversion rates are low the power is in the numbers if I send out 100 emails a day just to give you a rough estimate or 100 emails a day while 100,000 emails a day and I go through all this stuff in my course in depth guys if I send about 100 email 100,000 emails a day and I even get a conversion rate of about 2% about them you know that's 2,000 people now let's say another 10% of those people that actually you know I convert and actually click my link actually purchased through the CPA offer or sign up for the CPA offer you do the math it's good money in a day it's very very easy and it doesn't take a lot of time like I said the course go into that in depth so that's gmass in a nutshell I'll actually put gmass in the description right next to Mac's bounty as well if you want to get that they're both linked in the course now another thing that you're gonna need for this so you need Matt's bounty or you need a CPA or affiliate network depending on which one you do another thing that you're gonna need is atomic email hunter now I'll link atomic email hunter in the description as well so many plugs in this video you know comment down below let me know how annoyed you are with the plugs oh but yes so I'll link you Tommy email them in the description but if you purchase either one of my courses atomic email comes free in the courses actually don't actually sorry no atomic email does not common in the CPA course it comes for free in the email and affiliate marketing course that basically you get the free unregistered version that's a cracked version and I'm gonna demonstrate that here for you I'm not gonna show you my my full version for the simple fact that it's running in the background right now and it's basically targeting the niche that I'm most profitable in and I don't want to share that for the simple fact that it creates competition lowers my margins you get the point but you can make a lot of money in any niche it just depends so the simple to basically put it simply all you do and there's a million different ways to use this and I go into them in the course you simply type in a keyword here sold – we I've made a bunch of videos on Amazon FBA let's type in Amazon FBA and we'll just let this run and you can see it runs and you can basically let this run overnight and it will generate emails for you overnight sometimes it pulls up depending on the keyword if it's a little bit more longtail sometimes it'll pull up you know a thousand sometimes it'll pull up you know thirty thousand it depends on a what the keyword is and how broad it is be you know the market for it and see how much and you can hear my computer going on the background now geez so much software and see you know how long you let it run obviously and so on and so forth so I'm gonna stop this and scrolling to demonstrate it for you so that you know my computer's running a bunch of software but you can literally let this run and it will just generate emails surrounded um you know it scans the internet on a bunch of different platforms for emails surrounding that actual keyword now a lot of them might be you know maybe a comment on a post maybe they've done this or that and I'm not gonna get into the specifics of it because I do that in depth in my courses but basically you're just gonna exceed your gonna scrape these these emails out and I'm just gonna pull up an email list randomly um I have a bunch of them let's do email lists and let's just pull up like passive email passive email passive income so you can see here that this is one that I didn't basically get finished with I need to basically go in and like vet all these emails and this is something I teach you in the course but let's say that for you know an example I wanted through and I vetted all these emails and I wanted to send 500 to all these leads right here basically what I do is I simply go into my gmass I put them all in the two field and what gmass does for you is you'll see when it loads here in a second when you send gmass out it doesn't basically send the e-mail all to all these people okay so at once basically instead of you know doing the BCC or the blind carbon copy or you know the carbon copy fields which can get your account banned which is something you do not want to do it basically sends out an individual email to all these people when you hit the gmask buttons so you're simply sending singular emails out that's what the gmask software does and that's why it's so vital it increases your conversion rates be it increases your read open rates and see increases your deliverability rates and all of that results in you more opens more reads more conversions and higher profit obviously for you now I just kind of wanted to go through that now clearly you need copy and then you need your affiliate link depending on this is passive income so like maybe we'd go in and find a passive income cpa link or you know maybe you were doing gaming it depends on what you want to search i'm not gonna go through the entire searches for you but basically you find an offer that's surrounded by a niche like this would be a survey so then maybe i would want to come into atomic email hunter and type in like online survey and see what that generated and then i would market that cpa link link in a good copy in sorry in good copy right here and then i'd simply paste the link in now a lot of people will do something else i go into the course little caveat I like to simply just put text like good copy that intrigues people and then the link there at the bottom and it just basically tell them what's in the link now a lot of people will talk talk you know bad about this they they're into you know basically putting HTML on their emails and looking you know really really high-tech with her emails but let me ask you a question when you get an email from a spammer what happens it's HTML nine times out of ten right or 99 times out of 100 you know that your brains trained that way now to basically see HTML email as bullshit well if you're not you know if you're basically sending just normal text and it's well-written and there's a simple link that's not disguised in there and to talk about this in the entirety in the course you know that's basically that looks like an email from your friend it looks like an email from a family member you're not thinking to too much and your guard is much less it sits down a lot more and that's you know one of the techniques that I use to increase conversions because if you think about it if you get an email from a friend if you get an email from a family member you're not seeing any HTML on that it's simple text it's friendly it's well-written and you know that's what that's what people want to see because 99 times out of 100 if someone's receiving an email that's from an unsolicited service like in this basic course that I'm talking about it's gonna be an email that is an HTML now if they get a text email they're gonna read it because they're not used to seeing that and that's just basically the the going over the the gist of it to give you guys you know a to basically go into and we'll stop this to you see literally in about a minute it generated 61 people now you have to vet these and I talked about how to do that in the course and how to actually extract these out of the free version but if you purchase the the paid version which was linked in the description you can literally just download them straight from here this is a great service you combine this with Gmail and you can make money basically sending out emails to qualified targeted leads with CPA in affiliate marketing guys it's that simple it's a secret I use it's it's basically a new-age method I learned this from a guy about a year ago put into action saw that it worked and you know ever since I've been teaching people how to do this it's great it's phenomenal but the power isn't in numbers guys so you're gonna need to scale up you're gonna need multiple accounts of you know gmass on Gmail's orgy Suites and you're gonna need atomic email on it now if you don't want to Tom email hunter there's a bunch of other waste to skin and basically get qualified targeted leads and I have a bunch of videos on them too I'll link them in the description maybe there's a hole I'll link the entire email marketing playlist so you can check that out but there's a bunch of videos in there that will basically let you manually crawl through Facebook manually crawl through search engines like Google and find targeted emails around the certain niche so I kind of just wanted to bring this overview to you guys because we've been getting a lot of email marketing questions you know am I still teaching an email marketing am I still doing email marketing I still do email marketing I still teach it it's a very very viable and very very profitable business model I just don't do it as much as I used to because I'm doing a lot of Amazon stuff and I'm also doing a lot of content creation stuff and making courses and content for you guys so I hope you guys enjoyed this I'd really appreciate it if you subscribe if you like this content you know feel free to hit that subscribe button we go we're pumping out daily videos that combine digital marketing and e-commerce and literally across that spectrum guys because if you can't drive customers and traffic to your products and sites you're not gonna make any money online it's that simple this is one of the methods I used to find customers and potential leads feel here free did she's almost choked on my words feel free to hit that subscribe button I'm a little excited today I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did please like the video obviously helps the channel grow comment and subscribe and I will see you

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